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If you are interested in helping out in Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire and not already a member of the England Project, please read the England Project Page to learn more about the project, what we do and how to join us.

Welcome to the Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire Team page

Team Leader: Michael Christmas

Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire Team Members: Cathy Crandall | Roger Davey | William Maher | Linda Rosendahl |Becky Johnson | Sue Boutle

Latest News

  • The Numbers table updated 24th February 2021.


The goal of the Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire Team is to make all Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire profiles the best that they can be. It is our desire to leave a lasting legacy of work for future generations and current researchers that can facilitate their quest for family history, and bring them one step closer to discovering the myriad of people it has taken for them to draw breath.

Quick Links: Cambridgeshire Category Page | Cambridgeshire Research Resources | Huntingdonshire Category Page | Huntingdonshire Research Resources | Regional and County Statistics Page

Topics In order to achieve our goals, there are a number of things we are currently working on in each respective county :



What to do

We handle the responsibility of improving the profiles of people from Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire along with several other tasks, which include:

  • Oversight of the Cambridgeshire Category and Huntingdonshire Category page's and ensure that they are consistent with the other England County pages.
    • This also includes the revision of our categories, adding correct categories and deleting incorrect or unnecessary categories as needed.
  • Monitor the Cambridgeshire Category and Huntingdonshire Category page's to ensure that all profiles are placed into the most accurate sub-category possible and not into any of the parent categories.
  • Continual updating of the maintenance templates on Cambridge and Huntingdon county profiles, including 'Unsourced' and 'Estimated Date' templates
  • Focusing on the improvement of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire profiles including sourcing, connecting, merging duplicates, correcting database errors, and writing biographies.
    • Creating profiles for prominent or notable Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire-based individuals and connect them up to the global WikiTree
    • Researching and updating profiles on WikiTree which are relevant to prominent Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire families
  • Discuss and collaborate together, including maintaining the Cambridgeshire Research Resources and Huntingdonshire Research Resources pages, adding and updating links as needed.

Team Member Specific Interests and what we're working on

Communication and Collaboration

If you want to work together .... go for it! You can communicate with everyone by posting to this page. Or you can message individual members. Remember we will largely be working in the context of profiles that are managed by other people. Always endeavour to discuss any major changes you may wish to make to a profile with the profile manager/s involved.

Team Challenges

We have a Challenge team Mighty Oaks connected to the England Project. Members of the England Counties teams are encouraged to join and participate from time to time in WikiTree challenges for England. It’s good fun, why not give it a try.

Research Resources

The Numbers

Cambridgeshire Statistics
Date Unsourced Unconnected Suggestions Unknowns
23 Feb 2021 1284↑ (+9) 2167↑ (+6) 2083↓ (-143) 349↓ (-1)
17 Feb 2021 1275↓ (-4) 2161↓ (-25) 2226↑ (+207) 350↓ (-1)
09 Feb 2021 1279↑ (+3) 2186↓ (-14) 2019↓ (-3) 351↓ (-1)
2 Feb 2021 1276↑ (+215) 2200↑ (+179) 2022↓ (-63) 352↑ (+23)

Huntingdonshire Statistics
Date Unsourced Unconnected Suggestions Unknowns
23 Feb 2021 255↑ (+2) 648↓ (-3) 987↓ (-56) 108↓ (-1)
17 Feb 2021 253↓ (-6) 651↑ (+1) 1043↑ (+95) 109 (0)
09 Feb 2021 259↓ (-4) 650↓ (-7) 948↓ (-4) 109 (0)
02 Feb 2021 263↑ (+39) 657↑ (+62) 952↑ (+23) 109↑ (+4)

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I hope you enjoyed the recent Connect-a-Thon

Details can be found here for future ‘Thons.

A link to the England Mighty Oaks team can be found above if you fancy getting involved in the next one.

posted by Michael Christmas
Please welcome Becky Johnson onto the team. Becky has just finished the Orphan Trail and will be graduated shortly.

Also well done all on getting the number of suggestions down by a large chunk this month. It’s a great achievement.

posted by Michael Christmas
Re Fran’s note on the boat race. Cambridge has always been my team of choice but since I have insider knowledge I can’t enter.

So anyone feeling up for a challenge, let’s get our team past the post first.

posted by Michael Christmas
Thank you all for your amazing effort, let’s keep it going!
posted by Michael Christmas
Hi All

From saturday, 1 February, we are running a month-long "Go Green" challenge.

This will be region vs. region, rather than counties, the winner will be the region with the largest drop in total numbers (sourcing + connecting + suggestions).

All the contributing county team members within the winning region will be given a sticker for their profiles :)

So if you fancy sourcing, connecting or correcting for our region comment below!

Here is a link to the regional data.

If you have any questions just ask :)

Note that you don’t need to sign up if you are already a member of this team. There's something for everyone to do, whether it be sourcing, connecting, or working on suggestions. Also, if you are concentrating on connecting, you may be able to find your county/region of choice on our largest branches page:

posted by Michael Christmas
edited by Michael Christmas
There seems to be inconsistency in categorising places in the ancient county of Huntingdonshire; some come under Huntingdonshire others under Cambridgeshire. I do have an aversion to putting Toseland under Cambridgeshire when until 1974 it was in Hunts! Or is it that the Cambridgeshire, Toseland category is only for profiles where all vital events are after 1974 and I should be creating a new category for Huntingdonshire Toseland? But that would mean two categories for the same parish, a recipe for disaster! "Confused" in France
posted by David Cooper