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Bachman Valley Voters, 1873

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Location: Westminster, Carroll, Maryland, United Statesmap
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This profile is part of the Bachman Valley, Maryland One Place Study.

Published in the Democratic Advocate, Westminster Maryland, 11 October 1873, page 1. If the same name appears more than once, there were probably two or more people with the same name.

John AbbottJohn Abbott
John J AbbottJohn J. Abbott
Dallas AlbaughDallas Albaugh
Edward AlbaughEdward Albaugh
John T AlbaughJohn Thomas Albaugh
Joshua A AlbaughJoshua A. Albaugh
George AmentGeorge Ament
William AmspacherOnly one I could find lived across the border in Shrewsbury in 1860.
William P AnthonyCan't find
James A. ApoldHave never seen this surname in the area!
Richard ArmacostRichard Armacost]]
John C ArmstrongJohn C. Armstrong
Nimrod ArmstrongNimrod Armstrong
Samuel J AsperSamuel Josiah Asper
David BachmanDavid Bachman
Edward BachmanEdwin L. Bachman
J A BahnJohn Adam Bahn
Peter BaileyPeter Bailey
Frederick BallaufF. Ballauf was born 1825 in Germany and is found in the 1860-1870 Carroll County census.
Jacob P BaltozerJacob B Baltozer
Beniah BankertBeniah Bankert
George BankertGeorge O. Bankert
Joseph BankertJoseph Bankert
John J BarleyJohn Joseph Barley
William BarleyWilliam Curtis Barley
William H BarleyWilliam H. Barley
John H BarnhartJohn Henry Barnhart
Solomon BarnsSolomon Barnes
Jacob F BarwagerJacob Frederick Berwager
Jacob BaublitsJacob Boblitz]]
Benjamin BauchmanBenjamin Baughman
Jacob BauchmanJacob Baughman
Noah BauchmanSon of Jacob G Buchman, who came from Bayern Germany
William H BauchmanWilliam H. Bachman
William BaumWilliam Baum
Samuel BaumgardnerSamuel Peter Baumgardner (there was another Samuel of the same age in the same area.
L P BaumgartnerLevi Perry Baumgardner
Benjamin F BawsleyBenjamin Bosley
Edmon W BawsleyEdmund Bosley
James BawsleyJames Bosley
Martin H BechtelMartin Bechtel
Abdial W BeckerAbdil Becker b 1827
Abdil B BeckerAbdil Becker b 1844
Ephraim W BeckerEphraim Becker
George L BelchnerGeorge was b 1843 in Maryland, son of John Leonard Belchner
John L BelchnerJohn Leonard Belchner b 1824 in Germany
Henry E BeltzHenry E. Beltz MD
John BentzJohn Bentz (probably)
Henry BerghimerHenry Christian Bergheimer]]
Edward BerwagerEdward Berwager
Frederick J BerwagerJacob Frederick Berwager]]
John BerwagerJohn Berwager
George BerweagarGeorge Berwager
Godfrey BerwegerGottfried Berweger
Benjamin BixlerBenjamin Bixler
David BixlerDavid L Bixler
David M BixlerDavid Bixler b 1797
George BixlerGeorge Bixler
George A Bixler
George of G BixlerGeorge Bixler b 1833
Henry BixlerHenry S Bixler
Jacob BixlerJacob Bixler b 1804
Jonathan BixlerJonathan Bixler
Josephus P BixlerJoseph P Bixler
Peter BixlerPeter H Bixler
Peter of B BixlerPeter Bixler
Uriah BixlerUriah Bixler
George H BlakeslerI don't think this is really a surname
David BlockPossibly Dr David S Block whose wife Rena S Block divorced him in 1927, saying they had been married in 1921. Otherwise, cannot find one.
Daniel BollingerDaniel Hershey Bollinger
Emanuel BollingerEmanuel Bollinger
William BollingerWilliam J. Bollinger
Henry BooseHenry Boose
Casper BordnerCan't find one old enough to be voting in 1873
Jacob W BoringJacob W Boring
John M BoringJohn Murray Boring
Mordecai C BoringMordecai C. Boring
Gotleib BorngenCan't find
John W BosleyJohn Ensor Bosley (maybe not right)
Thomas BosleyThomas Cole Bosley
Daniel BowmanDaniel Bowman
Franklin BowmanFranklin Harvey Bowman
Jacob BowmanJacob Bowman
John BowmanJohn D. Bowman
Andrew L BowserAndrew L Bowser
Benjamin BowserBenjamin Bowser Jr
Charles BrilhartCharles Brilhart
Isaac BrilhartIsaac Brilhart
John BrilhartJohn Brilhart
David K BrownDavid Keefer Algire Brown
John A BrownJohn A. Brown
Jacob Jr BuchmanBorn 1850 in Maryland, his parents came over from Prussia
C T BuckinghamCharles Theodore Buckingham
Elias BuckinghamElias Buckingham
J W BuckinghamJohn Wesley Buckingham
J W F BurgoonJohn Burgoon
Augustus BurngenNot sure this is actually a correct name
George BurnsGeorge Burns
Daniel CaltriderDaniel Caltrider
Jacob CampbellJacob Campbell
John CarlJohn F. Carl
Nicholas CarnsCan't find
Charles CashBorn 1832 in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Paul ChicordCan't find
John A CokerI found a John Charles Coker but not a John A. Coker
Cravin S ColeCraven Cole
John C CooperCan't find
Samuel N Copper1820-1902, shoemaker, wife Eleanor Carlisle deserted him leaving 2 children
Emanuel CoxEmanuel Cox]]
Alex L CramerAlexander Lehmann Cramer
Solomon CramerSolomon Cramer
James CressDr James Cress had an apothecary store.
Leonard CritzerBorn in Bavaria c. 1823
Christian H CrouseChristian Henry Crouse was executor of the estate of his father John Kraus in 1887. John and his wife came over from Germany. Christian changed his last name to conform to the name commonly found in the area.
Edwin H CrouseEdwin Henry Crouse
Aaron CrumrineAaron Crumrine
Cornelius CrumrineCornelius Crumrine
Edward CrumrineAlthough Edwin Crumrine was sometimes called Edward, this seems to prove there was a second person named Edward Crumrine, but hard to untangle.,
Edwin J CrumrineEdwin J Crumrine
Franklin CrumrineFranklin T. Crumrine
John C CrumrineJohn C Crumrine
William W CrumrineWilliam Crumrine
John C Dannerb. 1825 in Germany, died 1912 in Manchester
Christopher DeetsChristopher Dietz
Jacob N DehoffJacob N. Dehoff
John W DehoffJohn Wesley Dehoff
Samuel DevilblissSamuel Devilbiss
Andrew DiceAndrew Dice
Henry DiceHenry Dice
John DienstBorn 1835 North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
John C DietsJohn C Dietz
Michael DietzMichael Dietz
F A DiffinbaughI can't find any Diffenbaugh with a first name starting with F
Peter DollPeter M. Dull
Edalphas R EbaughAdophus Reese Ebaugh
Elias EbaughElias Ebaugh
George Ebersoldb 1813 in York County to George Ebersole Sr who died the year Jr was born. He had a wife Susannah and a daughter Catharine.
William J EisenbrawWilliam Eisenbrey
John EmmelHe died in 1888 in Manchester
David EvansMiller, born 1794. He lived with Michael Sullivan and his wife Sarah, and Sarah Sullivan was executor of his estate. He was involved with a dispute over land left by George Warner.
Charles H EverhartCharles Horatio Everhart
G W J EverhartGeorge Washington Everhart]] b 1835
George EverhartGeorge Philip Everhart
George W EverhartGeorge Washington Everhart b 1800
John EverhartJohn Everhart b 1802
Samuel EverhartSamuel P Everhart b 1832
William T EverhartWilliam Tell Everhart b 1852
Abdiel FairAbdiel Fair
Henry L FairHenry Luther Fair
Jacob FairJacob Z. Fehr
John C FairJohn Calvin Fair
William FairWilliam B Fair
William M FairProbably son of William B Fair, above
H M FalkenselneHenry M Malkenstein
Rufus FeeserRufus Feeser
Baltzer FinsterBalster Finster
Jesse FinsterJesse Finster
Ephraim FirmanEphraim Friman
Jacob A FisherJacob Fisher
Jacob M FolkCan't find
John FolkerdCan't find
Christian FollmarChristian Follmer
Peter H FowblePeter Fowble
Daniel C FrankDaniel Coltrider Frank
George K FrankGeorge Kelbaugh Frank
George W FrankGeorge Washington Frank
John FrankJohn Frank b 1809
John P FrankJohn Price Frank
John W FrankJohn Wesley Frank
T W FrankThomas Wesley Coltrider Frank
Thornton FrankThornton Theodore Frank
Conrad FrankforterConrad Frankforter
D C FrankforterDaniel C. Frankforter
Joseph FranzCan't find
Adam FridingerAdam Fridinger
Edward H FridingerEdward H Fridinger
Josephus FridingerJosephus Fridinger
John H FrockJohn Frock
Edward FuhrmanEdward W. Fuhrman
Eli FuhrmanElias Fuhrman
George FuhrmanGeorge Fuhrman
Henry H FuhrmanHenry H Fuhrman
Jeremiah M FuhrmanJeremiah Fuhrman
Stephen FuhrmanStephen Fuhrman
Uriah FuhrmanUrias Fuhrman
John FultzJohn Fultz
Edward S GanettCan't find
Jesse GansCan't find
Charles J W GanterCharles J W Ganter
Edmund A GanterEdmund Adam Gonter
David GarretDavid Garrett
E G Garret
Henry GarretHenry Garrett
Edward W GarrettEdward Garrett
Elias W GarrettElias Garrett
Emanuel GarrettEmanuel Garrett
Jacob K GarrichJacob Klein Gerberich
Samuel W GavichSamuel W Garwick
Michael GebhardMichael Gephardt b 1815 in Germany
Peter GeerhartPeter Gearhart
Charles A Geigerb c. 1833 in Germany. There is also a Charles Geiger born in Maryland
Israel GeimanIsrael Geiman
John GeimanJohn Geiman
John Jr GeimanJohn Geiman
Noah GeimanNoah Geiman
Peter J GeimanPeter J Geiman
Daniel GerrettDaniel Garrett
Henry GettierHenry Guetter
John E GettierJohn Edward Gettier
John M GettierJohn Michael Gettier
Michael GettierMichael Gettier
Peter Jr GettierPeter D. Gettier
Sylvester J GettierSylvester Gettier
George J GinderThree George Ginder/Ginter all born in Germany
George GinterThree George Ginder/Ginter all born in Germany
Henry GlaseHenry Glace
Leonard J Grafb 1820 Germany
Simon J GrammerSimon J. Grammer
Henry Grassb 1817 Germany
James W GreenholtJames W. Greenholt
Abraham GreiderAbraham Crider
Ernst Grobb 1835 Germany
Emanuel GrogEmanuel Grogg
Jesse GroggJesse Grogg
George GrossGeorge Gross
William N GrossWilliam Nelson Grosse
John T GrosseJohn T Grosse
Charles GroveCharles Kroh Grove
D A GroveCan't find
Daniel GroveCan't find
George GroveGeorge Grove
Henry GroveHenry Grove
Martin GroveMartin Grove
William K GroveWilliam Kroh Grove
Lawrence GugalLawrence Gogel b 1816 Bavaria
John E Gumbertb 1817 Germany
George GummelGeorge Gummel
Christian A GunterChristian A Gunter
John HainesJohn T Haines
Gabriel Hammerb 1825 in Bavaria
James K HammittJames Robert Hammett
Reuben H HanesReuben Henry Hanes
David HannDavid Hahn (maybe)
Jesse A HannJesse Albert Hann
Samuel HannSamuel Wesley Hann
M Jr HarchenanProbably Martin D Harchenhorn 1848-1897, son of Martin below
Martin HarchenanMartin Harchenhorn b 1815 in Bavaria
George W HareGeorge Washington Hare
Henry B HareHenry B Hare
Jesse HareJesse Hare
John M HareJohn H Hare (maybe)
John HarrisJohn M Harris
Boltus HartiensteinNot found
Francis HartmanSon of Philip Hartman b 1817 in Bavaria
John P Haxb 1824 Germany
Adam HenryAdam L Henry
George L HenryGeorge L Henry
William L HenryWilliam Henry
John E HerpstJohn Herbst
John H HilkerJohn Henry Hilker
John L HinkleJohn L. Hinkle
Adam HiveleyAdam Hively
Charles HiveleyCharles Hively
David HiveleyDavid Hively
William HiveleyWilliam Hively
Andrew B HoffAndrew B. Hoff
Levi B HoffLevi B. Hoff
Solomon HoffSolomon Hoff
David H HoffackerDavid Hoffacker
George W HoffackerGeorge Washington Hoffacker
Jacob HoffackerJacob Hoffacker
Samuel H HoffackerSamuel Hoffman Hoffacker
Aaron HoffmanAaron Hoffman
Jacob HoffmanJacob Hoffman
Leonard Hoffmanb 1820 Bavaria
William H HoffmanBrother of Aaron above, son of William a Reisterstown hotel keeper
Richard L HoffmeireRichard L. Hoffmeier
Rinehart HoofnagleThe father b 1811 in Prussia. The son b 1849 in Prussia.
Oliver J HooverOliver Jonathan Hoover
Jacob C HorchJacob C Horick
John P HorchJohn P Horick
Lysater HorchLysander Horick
Sylvester E HorchSylvester E Horich
Hezekiah JordanHezekiah Jordan
John A HosefeldJohn A Hosfeld
Andrew HosfeldAndrew Hosfeld
George A HosfeldGeorge Adam Hosfeld
John HosfeldJohn Hosfeld
Edward J HouckEdward J Houck
George HouckGeorge Houck b 1802
George A HouckGeorge A Houck
Henry P HouckHenry Houck b 1792
Jacob H HouckJacob H Houck
Peter HouckPeter Houck
William H HouckWilliam Houck
Cyrus J HullCyrus Joseph Hull
Eli HullElias Hull
Leander F HullLeander Francis Hull
Charles HuntCharles Henry Hunt
Frederick C HuntCharles Frederick Hunt
Frederick Isenhoodb 1818 Germany
Jacob Jacobsa laborer born 1820 in PA or MD, found in the 1870 and 1880 census alone.
Joseph H JamesJoseph Henry James
C L JohnsonNot enough information?
David JonesCan't find just one
James L Jonesb 1836 Adams, PA, died 1875 in Carroll County
George KaltriderGeorge Thomas Caltrider
Daniel KaufmanCan't find. A Mrs Daniel Kauffman was, in Westminster, b 1799 and living in Feb 1880
William KealerWilliam H. Kealer b 5 Oct 1827 d 30 March 1907
Harman Keckb 1813 Germany
Harmon P KeckHerman Philip Keck b 1826 Hesse Darmstadt died April 1902 in Westminster
Henry Y KeenyHenry Yount Keeny
John KellerJohn Keller
James KelleyJames H Kelly or James Kelly
Lamark H. KelleyLamar Hooker Kelly
Joseph KerchnerJoseph Kerchner
Jacob S KerlingerJacob Simon Kerlinger
William H KerlingerWilliam H. Kerlinger
Sylvester KexelSylvester Wesley Kexel
Christian KexilChristian Kexel
Frederick Kieselb 1822 Bavaria, wife Catharine
Charles KloeflerCharles Kleffler b 1831 Germany
Daniel KnellerDaniel Kneller
William G KnellerWilliam Godfrey Kneller
William Knoteb 1820 Prussia
J. Frederick Koernerb 1818 Saxony
James J KolerJames Jackson Koller
Theodore J KoppTheodore J. Kopp
Edward T KrantzEdward Tell Krantz
George S KrantzGeorge Samuel Krantz
John J KrantzJohn Krantz
Henry KrantzHenry Krantz
Jacob KranzerThere was a Jacob Krentzer b 1843 in Civil War Draft Registrations Records, otherwise not found.
Gustavus A KrausGustavus Adolphus Kraus
John KrausJohn H Kraus
Edward KriderEdward Kreidler
Peter KridlerPeter Kreidler
C KritzendollerCan't find
William KritzerWilliam Kreitzer
John KrohJohn N. Kroh
John L KroteCan't find
Reuben KuhnReuben Kuhns
Conrad Lambertb 1822 Prussia
Daniel S LamottDaniel Lammott
John H LamottJohn Henry Lammott Jr
John LandesMaybe John Landis
William LandesWilliam Fehr Landis
William M LathanFound only in a Civil War registration list, b 1819 Delaware
William LaurangerWilliam Lauranger]] (Loringer)
Daniel S LawsonDaniel S. Lawson
George S LawsonGeorge S. Lawson
John T LawsonJohn Thomas Lawson
Martin L LawsonMartin Luther Lawson
Simon LeahySimon H. Leahy
John F LedermanSon of Laurence Lederman of Bavaria, musician. He was a barber. Moved to Indiana around 1880.
Adam LeeseAdam Leese
David LeeseDavid Leese
George LeeseGeorge Leese b 1800
Henry LeeseHenry Leese
Israel LeeseIsrael Leese
Jesse LeeseJesse Leese
John LeeseJohn Emanuel Leese
William LeeseWilliam Leese
William of George LeeseWilliam J. G. Leese
Nicholas LeipholdCould not find
Lewis D LeiseLewis Daniel Leese
Aaron LeisterAaron Leister
Jacob LeisterCould be Jacob Leister b 1835 or Jacob Leister b 1802 or Jacob Daniel Leister b 1840
Jesse L LeisterJesse Luther Leister
Zephaniah LeisterZephaniah Leister
Henry LeutbeckerProbably the son of C. Leutbecker, small time impresario of Baltimore, but I find no notice of him.
Samuel LilleySamuel Lilly
Samuel L LilleySamuel L. Lilly
Benjamin LippeyBenjamin Lippy
David LippeyDavid Lippy
Edmund LippeyEdmund Lippy
Emanuel LippeyProbably actually Emanuel Leppo
Joseph LippeyJoseph Henry Lippy
Lewis B LippeyLewis Benjamin Lippy
Oliver LippeyOliver Lippy
Samuel LippeyJacob Samuel Lippy
Sylvanus LippeySylvanus Lippy
John ListJohn List
John D LoatsJohn David Loats
John W LochnerJohn Lockner]]
J T F Lookabaughmaybe John Lucabaugh
Lewis LootsLewis Loats
Lewis H LotsLewis H. Loats
Peter C LuchabaghPeter Cornelius Lucabaugh
P C LuchabaughPeter Lucabaugh b 1790
Adam LuckabaughAdam Lucabaugh
H W LuckabaughHenry W. Lucabaugh
Henry LuckabaughHenry Lucabaugh
Peter LuckabaughPeter W Lucabaugh b 1829
W F LuckabaughWilliam F. Luckenbach
John J LynardJohn Jacob Lynard
Adam MarkelAdam Markel
Elias MarkelElias Markel
William MarkelWilliam Merkel
John MarshJohn Marsh
Jacob T MartinI haven't found a "T." One Jacob Martin is a Reverend.
Jacob H MasemoreJacob H Masemore
John F Masemoremaybe John S Masemore, father of Jacob J
H E MasenhimerHenry Edmon Masenheimer
Thomas M MasleyCan't find
George MassamoreGeorge Massamore
Henry L MassamoreHenry L. Massamore
Edward H MathiasEdward Henry Mathias
Elias H MathiasElias H. Mathias
Henry Mathias1803-1877, died in Westminster, cannot connect him to anybody yet
Jacob L MathiasJacob L. Mathias
Jeremiah MathiasJeremiah Mathias
Josephus MathiasJosephus Mathias
Samuel MathiasSamuel Mathias
Charles W MatlerCan't find
Henry L MatlerCan't find
Henry MatterHenry Motter
James MecaleyJames A. McCauley
Joseph MecaleyJoseph McCauley
Jacob MenchaJacob Manchey
Lewis F MenchaLudwig F. Mancha
V D MenchaValentine D. Manchey
William MenchaWilliam Manchey or William Mancha
Henry MichalisProbably father of Henry D Michaelis 1879-1926
Aaron MillerAaron Miller
Cornelius MillerCornelius Miller
George P MillerHe married Helen Elizabeth Colton in Philadelphia in 1898 and died in Baltimore in 1919.
Henry Miller
Henry H MillerHenry Hoffacker Miller b 1817
Henry H Miller
Jacob N Miller
Jacob of M Miller
John Miller
Joseph B Miller
Lewis W Miller
Samuel Miller
Samuel B Miller
William Miller
William H Miller
Edward MinchaEdward D. Manchey
Henry MinterHenry Minter
William MinterWilliam L. Minter
Christian MonathJohann Christian Monath
William H MorelandA shoemaker b 1829, committed suicide by rat poison 2 June 1889
Alexandria MuntzAlexander K. Mantz, d 4 Jan 1892 in Baltimore, wife Sophia Bier, no children
Washington MusselmanGeorge Washington Musselman
Abdial MyersAbdiel Myers
Amos MyersAmos Myers
Edward B Myers1845-1900, parentage undetermine.
Eli MyersEli Runkle Myers
John MyersJohn Myers b 1828
John W Myers
O H L Myers
David E MyrleyDavid Myerly
Elias MyrleyElias Myerly
John W NaceJohn William Nace
Ludwig NeibergallJohn and Charles found, but no Ludwig
Daniel Nenningerb 1812 in Germany
William L NottWilliam Henry Lamott Nott
David J NullDavid Israel Null
George W NullGeorge William Null
Samuel F NullSamuel Forest Null
David OrendorfDavid Orendorff
Edward OslerEdward Oursler
W. S. PainterWilliam S. Painter
David PalmerDavid Palmer
David PanabakerDavid Pennabaker
George P PanabakerGeorge Peter Pennabaker
Benjamin PetermanBenjamin Peterman
Ferdinand PetermanFerdinand Peterman
George PfeifferGeorge E. Pfeiffer
Andrew PfiefferAndrew Pfeiffer
John F PfiefferJohn Frederick Pfeiffer
Charles PiesottCan't find
Andrew J PlowmanAndrew Jackson Plowman
John T PlowmanJohn Thomas Plowman
Nicholas PlowmanNicholas Plowman
Jacob PowlBy this spelling, seems likely he is related to Nathaniel, below
Nathaniel PowlNathaniel Powell
Joseph PriceJoseph Griffith Price
Samuel PriceSamuel Price
Cyrus V RavenstineCyrus Van Rabenstine
Elias RavenstineElias Rabenstine
Henry ReagleHenry B Reagel b 1826
Jacob ReagleJacob Reagle b 1816
David ReaverDavid Reaver b 1832
David ReaverThere was a David Reaver b 1854 to a John Reaver of the same age as the one just below, but with a mother Catherine. Confusion.
John H ReaverJohn Reaver
Frederick ReddingFrederick Redding
John ReddingJohn Redding
Lewis ReddingLewis Redding
Augustus RedingAugustus Redding
A Manassa ReedManassa Reed
John F ReedJohn Reed
Andrew J ReeseAndrew Jackson Reese
Daniel ReeseDaniel Reese
John ReidPossibly Reverend John A. Reid b 1850, a black clergyman born in Virginia who was living with his family in Westminster, Carroll County in 1880
John ReshJohn Resh
Albin J P RhodesAlbion Roth aka Rhodes
James RhodesJames Roth aka Rhodes
Levi J RhodesLevi Jacob Roth aka Rhodes
W E F RhodesWilloughby Eli Franklin Roth aka Rhodes
Daniel RinehartDaniel Rinehart
George RinehartGeorge Rinehart
Henry RinehartHenry Rinehart
Michael RitterMichael Ritter
George RobinsonGeorge W. Robinson
William H RohrbaughWilliam Henry Rohrbach
G J RoseCan't find
Philip RoserPhilip Roser
Christian Jr RoyerChristian Royer Jr
David RubyDavid Daniel Ruby
John RubyJohn Ruby
Joseph RubyJoseph Ruby
Christopher RuppChristopher Rupp
Jacob RuppJacob Rupp
John RuppBorn 1810 in Germany, died 1884
John RuppThis could be John Y Rupp b 1848, son of Christopher above, but there are other possibilities.
Joseph RyleyJoseph Riley
Emanuel SampsonCan't find. Simpson?
Nicholas SandrockB 1828 Germany, emigrated 1856, died 1906 in Clarion, Pennsylvania
George SaubleGeorge Menchel Saubel or George T Saubel
Ruben SchafferReuben Shaffer
George J ScheafferGeorge Shaffer
Charles SchefferCharles Schaeffer
John K SchmidtCan't find
Francis SeifriedBorn in Bavaria 1808
Andrew SeitzAndrew Seitz
Edward G SellersEdward G Sellers
Emanuel SellersEmanuel Sellers
Jacob SellersJacob Sellers
Jacob B SellersJacob Benjamin Sellers
James M SellersJames M. Sellers
John SellersJohn Sellers
John M SellersJohn Sellers b 1826 Germany or son of James M.
Noah W SellersNoah Sellers
Peter SellersPeter Sellers
Samuel SellersSamuel Sellers
David S ShafferDavid S Shaffer
Edward S ShafferHe had a wife Jerusha E. but no further information available at this point
Emanuel ShafferEmanuel Shaffer
George W ShafferCan't find
Henry F ShafferHenry F Shaffer
J H Shafferpossibly John J Shaffer
Jacob ShafferJacob Shaffer
Jacob F ShafferJacob F. Shaffer
Jacob K Shafferdied in 1876, administrator was Jacob Wink
Jacob R ShafferCan't find
John F ShafferJohn F Shaffer
Jonas B ShafferJonas B. Shaffer
Martin ShafferMartin Shaffer there was also a Martin T Shaffer, possibly different
Noah ShafferNoah Schaffer
Samuel Shaffer1809-1877, lived his whole life in Carroll County, no wife has been found
Samuel ShafferCould only find one Samuel Shaffer
Simon ShafferSimon Shaffer
William ShafferWilliam Jeremiah Shaffer
William L ShafferWilliam Lewis Shaffer
Joseph Sr ShanabrookAlso Schonebruck or Shanabrough, 1795-1872 would be the most senior, but he died blind in an almshouse. His son Abraham Joseph was b 1826.
John SharerJohn Shearer b 1805
John D SharerJohn Daniel Shearer
Jacob SharrerJacob Shearer b 1799
Jacob of J SharrerJacob F Shearer
Ephraim ShearerEphraim Shearer
Jacob B ShefferCan't find other than in this list
Henry A ShermanHenry Kuhn Sherman (couldn't find middle initial A.)
Jesse ShermanJesse Sherman b 1819
John H ShoupJohn Schup born Prussia
Adam ShowerAdam Shower
George ShowerGeorge Shower b 1805
George A ShowerGeorge Adam Shower
George T ShowerGeorge Theodore Shower
Theodore A ShowerTheodore Shower
William H ShowerWilliam Henry Shower
Jacob ShowersJacob Shower
Ephraim A ShueEphraim A. Shue
Hezekiah P ShultzHezekiah P Shultz
Jesse ShultzJesse Schultz
John W ShultzA traveling salesman b 1842 Maryland found in 1870 census. Married in 1880
David ShulzDavid Schultz
Israel Z ShumanIsrael Z Shuman
Jacob B ShumanSeen nowhere except in this voter list
Peter S SiasPeter S Sies
Noah SiesNoah Sies
Richard L SimpersRichard Simpers
George SittCan't find.
John SmithJohn Schmidt born in Bayern
Joseph SmithBorn 1848 in England
Leonard H SmithLeonard H. Smith
William SmithToo many to choose from
David A SniderDavid A. Snyder
Henry SniderHenry Snyder
J W SniderJohn Wesley Snyder
Jacob SniderJacob Snyder
Lewis F Sniderb 1822 in Germany to parents from Germany
Samuel SniderSamuel Snyder
William H SniderWilliam Henry Snyder
Abraham SnyderAbraham R Snyder
George M SprigelGeorge M Sprigel b 1808 in Germany.
George M SprigelHis son b 1842 in Germany
Elias StagnerElias Stegner
Peter StagnerPeter Stegner
William StagnerWilliam Stegner
john H Stangleb 1816 in Germany, or his son. (Stengel)
Jeremiah StansburryJeremiah Stansbury
George Z StansburyCould only find George C. Stansbury
J A StansburyJoshua Alfred Stansbury
Jacob H StansburyJacob H. Stansbury
John StansburyJohn Thomas Stansbury
Joshua StansburyJoshua W Stansbury
David N StarnerDavid N Starner
Edmund H StarnerEdmund Henry Sterner
Jacob StarnerJacob Starner b 1820
Jacob StarnerJacob Daniel Sterner b 1809
Henry SteffieHenry Steffy b 1795
William H SteffieWilliam H Steffy
George SteffonGeorge Stephan b 1806 Germany
John SteffonStephen b 1793 Germany
John E StepenCould not find. Another Stephen/Stephan?
George Stewardb 1812 Ireland
Andrew StonesiferdAndrew Stonesifer
Edmond StonesiferdCan't find. Perhaps Edward?
George T StonesiferdGeorge Thomas Stonesifer
William L StonesiferdWilliam Lewis Stonesifer
Sebastian Stophelb 1826 in Germany
C Jeremiah StormsJeremiah Storm b 1845
David StremmelDavid Stremmel
Henry B StrevigHenry B. Strevig
John R StrevigJohn Rohrbach Strevig
William L StubbinsWilliam Martin Stubbins in Baltimore is the only one found
John StumpJohn A. Stump
Leonard StumpLeonard Stump
Peter StumpPeter Stump
John SueckSneck?
David B SulavinDavid Sullivan
Edward J SulavinEdward T Sullivan
Francis H SulavinFrancis Sullivan
Noah SulavinNoah Sullivan
Uriah B SulavinUriah Sullivan
Henry SwartzHenry Swartz
William SwenkWilliam Swenk
John TalmanJohn Thurston Talman was found at newspapers.com but no further information
Harman A TarstoCan't find
Lewis Thomasb 1816 Hesse Darmstadt
John F TiauferCan't find
Francis TragresserFound only at newspapers.com selling land
Ephraim TraseyEphraim Tracey
John W TraseyJohn Warnel Tracey
Theodore TraseyTheodore Tracy
William L TraseyWilliam L. Tracey
Richard TriehCan't find
Abraham TroneAbraham Trone
George TrumpGeorge Trump
John T TrumpJohn T Trump
Luther TrumpLuther Trump
David B UtzDavid Boldney Utz
Elias F UtzElias F Utz
George UtzGeorge Utz
George A UtzGeorge A. Utz
Jauhu UtzJehu B Utz
Jonas A UtzJonas A Utz
Peter L UtzPeter Utz b 1796 (might be another)
Uriah UtzUriah Utz
David Sr UtzDavid Utz b 1815
George WagnerThe elder George F Wagner died in 1872, the younger was too young. Hmm.
Benjamin F WakerBenjamin Franklin Walker
Daniel WakerDaniel Walker
Emanuel WakerEmanuel Walker
John W WakerJohn W Walker
William WalterWilliam Walter
Abraham WamplerAbraham Wampler
William WamplerWilliam Wampler
William Wanderlyb 1834, he was a harness maker, seems never to have married, son of Jacob
Eli WareheimEli Wareheim
Ephraim WareheimEphraim Warehime
George WareheimGeorge William Warehime b 1790
George R WareheimGeorge Warehime b 1810
Henry S WareheimHenry S Warehime or Henry Strevig Wareheim
Nelson WareheimNelson Edward Wareheim
Philip WareheimPhillip Wareheim
R F B WareheimNot enough information
John Z WarehimThree were found, none with Z for a middle initial
E W WarnerEphraim Warner or Emanuel Warner
Eli WarnerEli Fair Werner
Francis WarnerFrancis Warner
George WarnerGeorge Washington Warner
George L WarnerGeorge Lewis Warner
Henry WarnerHenry Fair Warner
Jacob WarnerJacob Z. Warner
Jesse WarnerJesse Warner
John N WarnerJohn N. Warner
Nicholas Warnerb 1798 Germany
Charles C WeaverCharles Weaver
David WeaverDavid Weaver
Freemont WeaverFremont Weaver (Freeman)
George WeaverGeorge Weaver b 1800
Greenbury W WeaverGreenbury Weaver
John WeaverJohn Weaver]]
Michael Weaverb 1812 Germany
William Weaverpossibly William Henry Weaver but there are several others
John F B WeaverJohn Frederick Bachman Weaver
John Weigelb 1823 Germany
Joseph WeimerJoseph Weimert
John L WeisCan't find
Abdel R WentzAbdiel R. Wentz
Cornelius WentzCornelius Wentz b 1825 or Cornelius Wentz b 1827
John WentzJohannes Wentz b 1796
John V WentzJohn Valentine Wentz
Phanuel WentzPhanuel Wentz
Sylvester WentzSylvester Wentz
Samuel WerheimeSamuel S Wareheim b 1834 or Samuel J. Wareheim b 1815 (Warehime)
Jonas WernerJonas Fair Warner
William H WertsWilliam Henry Wertz
John L WertzJohn L. Wertz
Peter C WertzPeter C. Wertz
William WhirePossibly William Wear/Ware, a tuller, b 1826, who lived with his mother Elizabeth for decades.
Alex WhiteleatherAlexander Whiteleather
Michael M WilhelmMichael W Wilhelm
Amos WilliamsAmos Williams
Henry WilliamsHenry Williams
Abraham WilsonAbraham Wilson
Joseph WilsonJoseph Wilson
Michael WilsonMichael Wilson
Robert WilsonRobert Lee Wilson
William B WilsonWilliam B. Wilson
Henry WineMaybe Henry W. Wine
Jacob WinkJacob Wink
John WinkJohn Wink
Jacob WiondJacob Wiond
Emanuel A WitlerEmanuel A. Witter
Samuel WitlerSamuel Witter
Calvin WoleryCalvin Woolery
Ferdinand WolfFerdinand Washington Wolf
William A WolfWilliam Augustus Wolf
A H M Wolfgang
Jacob WolfgangJacob Wolfgang
Jarred WolfgangJarrett Wolfgang
Jesse WortzJesse Wertz
David Wyant1806-1887, "sexton of the Lutheran Church in Manchester for many years."
Abdil YinglingAbdiel Yingling
Daniel YinglingDaniel Yingling
Elias H YinglingElias Yingling
George YinglingGeorge C Yingling b 1794
George Jr YinglingGeorge Shriver Yingling or George W. Yingling
Henry YinglingHenry Yingling b 1852
Henry YinglingHenry Yingling b 1820
J F YinglingHe had brothers Joseph and Edward and was alive in 1905
Jeremiah YinglingJeremiah Yingling b 1820 or Jeremiah Yingling b 1852
John H YinglingJohn Henry Yingling
John K YinglingJohn Yingling b 1785
John T YinglingJohn Thomas Yingling
Samuel YinglingSamuel Yingling
William YinglingWilliam Yingling b 1825
William H YinglingWilliam Henry Yingling
Daniel YoccheCan't find
Jacob L YostBorn 1805 in Germany
John YoungJohn H. Young
David W YoungDavid Milton Young
Frederic YoustFrederick Yost
Lewis YoustLewis Yost
Philip J YoustPhilip J Yost
Philip J Jr YoustA Philip J Yoost died in 1902 in York PA but had land in Carroll.
Philip Sr YoustPhilip P Yost
Valentine YoustValentine Yost
Henry N ZachoCan't find
Emanuel ZeppEmanuel Zepp b 1833
George F ZeppGeorge Zepp b 1834
George Sr ZeppGeorge Zepp b 1798
George W ZeppGeorge Washington Zepp
Henry ZeppHenry Zepp b 1824
Ira B ZeppIra B Zepp
Samuel ZeppSamuel Zepp b 1821
Samuel Urias ZeppSamuel Uriah Zepp
William ZeppWilliam Zepp b 1844
William ZeppWilliam G Zepp b 1816
William S ZeppWilliam S Zepp b 1847
George D ZimmermanOnly George Y. Zimmerman was found
Henry ZimmermanHenry Zimmerman
J K ZimmermanJohn K. Zimmerman
Jacob Zimmerman Jacob Zimmerman but could also be Jacob M Zimmerman b 1834, who never married, given a big funeral in 1888

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