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Categorization - Maintenance Team

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Welcome to the Maintenance Team, aka "The Category Doctors"!

Coordinator: Doug McCallum

The Categorization Maintenance Team is divided into topical sub-Teams that focus on specific category suggestions and errors. Most of these teams are topical, but Regional Teams may be established when needed. This gives you the option of getting involved in an area that best suits you and your experience level.



Content Maintenance Team : Team Leader: Amy Gilpin

Cemeteries Maintenance Team : Team Leader: vacant

ONS Maintenance Team : Team Leader: vacant

OPS Maintenance Team : Team Leader: vacant

Name Maintenance Team : Team Leader: vacant

Structure Maintenance Team : Team Leader: Isabelle Rassinot


  • To maintain categories by correcting errors in category names.
  • To maintain categories by correcting errors in hierarchy placement.
  • To communicate and consult with Categorization Project Liaisons/Project members when necessary, in order to determine correct name and placement of project-related categories.


  • Maintain Wanted Categories
  • Find Parent Categories for Uncategorized Categories
  • Review WT+ Category Errors category errors

Description of the Maintenance Categories

1. Wanted Categories (also called Red Categories)
See: Wanted Categories.
When a manager first enters a new category on a profile and saves the profile, the category appears as red. If the manager then completes the category set up and saves the new category page it shows as green.
Red Categories are listed as Wanted Categories. The list should be reviewed by members of the categorization project on a regular basis, if possible the category should be set up. This may require working with the profile manager and/or the relevant project. The best practice is to ask if you have any doubts about proper parent categories.
If it is not possible to proceed with category set-up and the category continues to be red, leave it in the Wanted Categories. Instructions about how to maintain these categories are outlined below.
2. Uncategorized Categories
See: Uncategorized Categories
When a category is saved and no parent category is entered the category goes to the Uncategorized Category list. These can be either new categories or old ones where the parent category was removed. If naming conventions are changed, all of the old category names go to this list. Many categories in the list are simple typos or format errors, ie, town name and parish or county name in reverse order as an example. Some have had the content removed and are intended to be deleted, but the deletion process was not followed.
Review of the Uncategorized list is required because they appear as green categories on profiles. Managers often do not realize they are uncategorized. The list should be reviewed by members of the categorization project on a regular basis. If appropriate, the category set-up should be completed by assigned parent category/categories. Instructions about how to maintain these categories are outlined below.
3. DBE Category Suggestions
Aleš provides us with a list of suggestions (or errors) related to categories. It can be found here. The suggestions that need to be addressed begin with an "8", but the suggestions that begin with '9" are simply lists and need no action. This list is updated daily.
4. Pending Categories
There is a long list of Pending Categories they are all under Category: Maintenance Categories These categories will almost always have profiles in them. The correct category parent name has not been determined after making a reasonable effort. Categories should be added to the pending category that best fits, the goal being that when project members are looking for categories they will most likely find them. The correct parent name should be resolved jointly with the relevant project or by independent research by a member of the categorization project.
This message should be added to profiles:
Warning – categories are not set up
Please review categories.
See: [https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/153762/have-you-seen-the-message-warning-categories-are-not-set-up G2G_Question]

To Do

Tasks are maintained on Google Docs Spreadsheet.

Google Tracking Sheet

How to Work the Uncategorized and Wanted Lists

The goal of reviewing the uncategorized and wanted lists is to complete the proper set up for the correct category for each profile. When the category is properly set up it will disappear from these lists and appear in the proper parent category. Note: If the profile is not open, a message should be left in the public comments on the profile page.
Category names in the list fall into major groups –
1. The name is correct, but the parent category has not been entered.
Action: Set Up. The category should be set up by adding the proper parent category. (Note: This is a common error in setting up cemetery categories. It may be necessary to add a town location for new cemeteries as well.)
2: The name is incorrect
Action: Delete. Remove all content from category page and type {{Delete Category}} at the top. Save the page. See: Deleting Categories.
3. The name is incorrect, and there are profiles attached.
Action: Rename. The correct name should be determined and:
If the correct category already exists, it should be renamed to correct category name. Remove category content and add {{Rename Category|<Correct Category Name>}} at the top of the Category page. EditBot will rename the category and delete the incorrect category. See: Rename a Category. Note that the category will be renamed and that this will occur on all profiles attached to the category, without regard to privacy level.
if the correct category does not yet exist, create the correct category name, set it up with parent category/categories, then follow the instructions to rename the incorrect category. Note that Editbot cannot rename a category if the correct category name is red. The category must be set up.
4. The name is wrong and It is clearly a misspelling or a typo, or there is evidence that the manager created the category and then realized it was incorrect.
Action: Delete. Remove any other content from the Category page and add {{Delete Category}} at the top of the Category page. See: Deleting Categories.

Category Problem Reports on WikiTree+

The Categorization project maintains category names and category structure (or heirarchy). Errors are in a list included in the Data Doctors Project, and are part of the Database Suggestions. The list is here: Category Suggestions.


  • Categorization Project Page: link.
  • Categorization Project Liaisons page: link.
  • Leaders can see the recent changes to Category pages here. This allows us to keep an eye on new categories being created, which leads to incorrect categories being found and fixed sooner rather than later.
  • Categorization Help Page: link
  • Category Errors Freespace Page: link

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