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Categorization - Project Liaisons

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Welcome to the Categorization Liaisons Portal!

Leaders: Isabelle Martin and Natalie Trott

What is a Categorization Liaison?

Category Liaisons are members of the Categorization Project who are appointed by Project Leader(s) and act as a representative of their parent project. The role of a Liaison is typically filled by Project Leaders, Project Coordinators or Team Leaders; however, any member may be appointed by the project's leadership.

Once a Liaison has been appointed to the Categorization Project, the Liaison will be given the Categorization Badge and will be listed on this page. The Liaison will be responsible for ensuring that communication is maintained between their parent project and the Categorization Project. This commitment means routinely monitoring the the Categorization Google Group discussions for any topics, proposals or discussions that may be of interest to their project, and relaying that information back and forth to their parent project and the Categorization Project.

Other members of this Team will include members of the Categorization Project who have been invited to join because of their commitment to and understanding of Categorization guidelines, their broad perspective of how categorization affects WikiTree as a whole, and their prior experience with this Project.


Liaisons will regularly:

  • communicate and consult with other Liaisons and the Categorization Project in order to determine correct naming and placement of project-related categories;
  • provide review, advice and discussion on proposed changes or developments in project-associated category hierarchies;
  • facilitate discussion in the G2G forum in regard to major changes in the established category hierarchy or the addition of new hierarchies/structures;
  • review the categorization hierarchy to assure that it is intelligible and useful;
  • identify, discuss and help to resolve policy issues that affect general categorization; and
  • identify ways that categorization can best assist the objectives of WikiTree members in doing genealogy.

Current Liaisons

In process - please contact your Project's Leader(s) for more information...

Note: The following designations in the Liaison(s) column describes the roles of the member for their applicable parent project / sub-project.

  • (PL) = Project Leader
  • (PC) = Project Coordinator
  • (TL) = Team Leader
  • (T) = WikiTree Team

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Project / Sub-project Liaison(s)
1776 SJ Baty
Acadians Stephanie Mandarino
Adoption Angels Emma MacBeath
Africa Emma MacBeath
Ambassadors Eowyn Langholf (T)
Arborists Sarah Rojas
Australia Margaret Haining (PC)
Bahamas Peter Roberts (PL)
US Black Heritage Emma MacBeath
Canada Doug McCallum (TL)
Cemeterist Pip Sheppard (PL)
Steven Harris
Connectors Abby Glann (T)
Data Doctors Aleš Trtnik (PL)
Disproven Existence SJ Baty
Denmark See: Nordic
DNA Eowyn Langholf
Dutch Roots
Early Scandinavia Maggie Andersson
European Aristocrats
Finland See: Nordic
First Peoples Dormant Project
France Isabelle Martin (PL)
Germany Kylie Haese
Global Community Outreach Dormant Project
Global Project Steven Harris
The Great War Nat Trott
Greeters Debi Hoag
Deb Durham
Holocaust Gaile Connolly (PC)
Huguenot Migration
India Eowyn Langholf
Indonesia Eowyn Langholf
Integrators (G2G) Eowyn Langholf
David Selman
Ireland Amy Gilpin (PL)
Italian Roots
Jewish Roots
Language Volunteers Eowyn Langholf
Latin America
LDS Eowyn Langholf
Jamie Nelson
Louisiana Families Stephanie Ward (PC)
Magna Carta Liz Shifflett (PL)
Michael Cayley (PL)
Mayflower Anne B (PL)
Military and War Nat Trott
Multimedia Part of the Ambassadors Project
Native Americans
New Netherland Settlers Ellen Smith (PL)
New Zealand Eowyn Langholf
Nordic Amy Gilpin (PL), Maggie Andersson
Norway See: Nordic
Notables Scott Fulkerson
One Name Studies Amy Gilpin (PL)
One Place Studies
Poland Maggie N. (PL)
Profile Improvement Isabelle Rassinot (PL)
Puerto Rico Karen Lowe (PL)
Puritan Great Migration S Willson (PL)
Quakers 1550-present Isabelle Rassinot (PL)
Québécois Danielle Liard (PC)
Rangers Eowyn Langholf
Religion Eowyn Langholf
Scotland Amy Gilpin
Slavic Roots
South Africa
Style Committee Dormant Committee
Sweden See: Nordic
Templates Steven Harris
United States
US Black Heritage Emma MacBeath
US Presidents
US Southern Colonies Liz Shifflett (PL)
Ken Spratlin
WikiTree Apps Jamie Nelson
Wales Stuart Awbrey
Steve Bartlett
William Penn and Early Pennsylvania Settlers SJ Baty (TL)
Disasters Mary Richardson


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Please change US Southern Colonies to just Spratiln-29 (TL).
posted by Ken Spratlin
edited by Ken Spratlin
Please add Weatherall-96 (me) for Jewish Roots & Holocaust. Thanks!
Please add Sonczalla-1 (myself) for the Poland Project (which includes the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria Project)).

Thanks!! Skye

Project Coordinator: Poland Project, Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria

posted by Skye Sonczalla
Please add I. Caruso for the Italy Project and myself for One Place Studies

Thanks! Azure Rae

Project Leader: Italy & One Place Studies

posted by Azure Robinson
Hi, I'm new for the Italy Project. Please add me as "I. Caruso", thank you.
posted by I. Caruso
Hi! I was looking for a contact & realized the US Southern Colonies Project's liaisons need an update - the names are the same, but they should be flipped: Ken is TL for the project's Categories Team & I am no longer on the US Southern Colonies Project's leadership team (so the "(PL)" needs to be removed... but keep it for the Magna Carta Project).


posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
I can serve for the Puerto Rico project
posted by Karen Lowe
You can add me as Liaison for US Black Heritage. Emma
All done. Thanks, Emma.


posted by Natalie (Durbin) Trott
Please update the entry for Southern Colonies. It was revived in the Spring of 2020. While our categorization team is currently without a Team Leader, the two team *members* Jack Day and Lynden Rodriguez are both also members of the Categorization project. I've asked them if they want to be named liaisons. In addition, Liz S is providing unofficial support to US So Co co-leaders David D and myself as we turn our attention to the project categorization issues in the project. (We just learned that a former member vandalized a set of project categories sometime last year.)
posted by Jillaine Smith
Jack Day has confirmed is willingness to be liaison to US Southern Colonies.
posted by Jillaine Smith
Looks like we're missing 1776 Project and Disproven Existence - I can be marked for both.
posted by SJ Baty
You can add my name as liason for the Acadian Project as well, thanks!
posted by Stephanie Ward
I am one of the Project Leaders for the Magna Carta Project. Could you please add me as a second liaison for the Project, in addition to Liz Shiflett. Thanks. Michael Cayley (Cayley-55)
posted by Michael Cayley
Many thanks for seeing to this!
posted by Michael Cayley

The Scotland Project Leaders have agreed that I should be their liaison. I am a Program Co-ordinator on that project and a member of the Categorization Project. Could you add me to the list, please?

posted by Peter Cameron
Hi, I've been appointed by the Louisiana Families Project, and I've got the badge. Just need to be added to the chart, thanks!
posted by Stephanie Ward