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Categorization Project Vision and Collaboration Team

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Welcome to the Categorization Project Vision and Collaboration Team Page!


Team Members

The Team Members of this Team are comprised of:

  • Project Liaisons appointed by every high level Project.
  • Project Liaisons from non high-level Projects
  • Additional members of the Categorization Project invited to join the team because of their commitment to Categorization, their broad perspective of how categorization affects WikiTree as a whole, and their experience with this Project. These are listed below. Also refer to the complete Categorization Members page to see what they have written about their specific interests.

Project Liaisons

Project Liaisons are members of other projects who are appointed as liaisons to work with Categorization to make sure communication is maintained between them and categorization. They are asked to be on the google groups email list so they can keep up with current discussion and bring new structure talks to the group.

For the current list of Project Liaisons, see our Project Liaisons Sheet: Link to Sheet.

Goals of the Vision and Collaboration Team

  • To communicate and consult with and beween Categorization Project Liaisons, in order to determine correct name and placement of project-related categories.
  • To provide review, advice and discussion on proposed changes or developments in project-associated category hierarchies.
  • To facilitate discussion in the G2G forum in regard to major changes in the established category heirarchy or the addition of new heirarchies/structures.

Process and Procedures for Creating New Categories and Category Structures

Everyone is encouraged to create new categories. The one caveat is that if a structure has not been discussed, then it should be before new categories are created. Often, the discussion is as simple as checking to see if something similar has already been created and can be mirrored. Other things take more time and thought. Discussion can be started in the [Google email group] or on G2G. Be sure to tag "categorization" if you're starting in G2G.

Once discussions within the Categorization group or on G2G have settled on something, the member who's handling the task should go to G2G to make an announcement of what's been discussed. This should be phrased as "Here's what we talked about; what do you think?" Make sure to use real profiles as examples so it's clear enough for everyone to understand and that any applicable tags are used so it grabs the attention of members who are interested.

Community members may want to discuss what's being proposed, or may not. Wait either one week after the initial post was created (if no one objects) or one week after the debates on the original post have concluded. Then another post needs to be created. It should be an announcement of the final plan, something like "Here's the finalized plan for what to do with X categories, if anyone has any alternative suggestions they should post here."

The "Here's the finalized plan" post has to stay up for one week without any major disagreement or debate, to allow for people who might have missed the other post to chime in. Then, after the week without debate has passed, an official announcement is posted on G2G about the rule change. This is left up for at least 2 full days, just in case something comes up at the last minute, before the process of changing the categories begins. If any changes need to be made to the help pages, one of the Categorization Project Leaders would make those changes once the process has begun.

This process takes some time, but categories are highly debated topics. To some this feels like a long time for especially if you're eager to fix an existing mess, but it gives enough time for all active members to chime in, and it accounts for people who might be on vacation or away from their computer for a few days so they don't get shut out. In total, it's longer than the amount of time given for unresponsive profile managers. In many cases the process would take longer than 2 weeks because of debates happening.

If there's a lengthy debate happening on G2G that doesn't look like it's going to resolve itself for a long time, the Categorization Project leadership may be called upon to make a decision so the process could continue, but this would only need to happen if it looks like no decision can be agreed upon otherwise.

The project member in charge of the task can keep track of the dates on the to-do chart. That way everyone else in the project can keep track of how far along in the process a task is, and how much time is left before the process is completed.

Note: Category pages should adhere to the WikiTree Style and Standards of no HTML/CSS, as discussed here.


Vision Tasks

  • To regularly review the top level categorization hierarchy to assure that it is intelligible and useful.
  • To identify, discuss and resolve policy issues that affect WikiTree categorization generally.
  • To identify ways that categorization can best assist the objectives of WikiTree members in doing genealogy

Collaboration Tasks

  • To assure that all high-level projects are actively represented by Project Liaisons
  • To invite representation by lower level projects

Project / Category To Do Grid

The To Do list is maintained on a Google Spreadsheet.


  • Leaders can see the recent changes to Category pages here. This allows Leaders to keep an eye on new categories being created, which leads to incorrect categories being found and fixed sooner rather than later.

  • Login to request to the join the Trusted List so that you can edit and add images.
  • Private Messages: Contact the Profile Managers privately: Natalie Trott and Steven Harris. (Best when privacy is an issue.)
  • Public Comments: Login to post. (Best for messages specifically directed to those editing this profile. Limit 20 per day.)
  • Public Q&A: These will appear above and in the Genealogist-to-Genealogist (G2G) Forum. (Best for anything directed to the wider genealogy community.)

On 31 Aug 2018 at 18:27 GMT David Wilson wrote:

Does anyone have time to look at the many profiles where the City of London was just removed from profiles? Perhaps, someone more familiar with the area and categorization project can at least get one geographical category on them.

On 25 Aug 2018 at 05:13 GMT Danielle Liard wrote:

hi all, there appears to be someone creating categories for Quebec that are not actual place names, for example: Category:Centre-du-Quebec Region,_Quebec

Don't know where this thing is on tree structure, but I am seeing things popping up in the category gizmo Ales gave us that are truly not correct.

On 28 Jun 2018 at 13:26 GMT Steven Harris wrote:

Process and Procedures for creating new categories would be better served as a Help page that can be referenced from any other applicable pages. From a design aspect, it makes it easier to maintain, and also ensures that the information is not overrun by other content on the page (making it harder to find and follow).

The "To Do" table would also be better served as a Google Doc spreadsheet as mentioned previously, making it easier to edit when needed (which should be a lot unless a project or task has stalled).