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Catherine de Baillon's ancestry

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Goals of Mini-Project

There are a couple goals that this project seeks to fulfill:

  • Cleanup of existing profiles: This includes merging away duplicates (there are many), changing LNABs as needed, and adding sources.
  • Adding additional ancestors: Catherine de Baillon has a very interesting pedigree. While there are many ancestors that can be added, there are a couple parts of her lineage that are of particular note:
    • Lineage to Jean Lhullier (200) and Jeanne de Vitry (201): While not royalty, these ancestors are the common ancestors of many royals. Living examples include Queen Elizabeth II and Felipe VI of Spain. The direct ascendance of these royals also needs to be worked on, which would likely be in close collaboration with the Euro Aristo project. Currently, the relevant royal lineages back to Lhullier and Vitry dead-end on WikiTree at Marie Sybille de Nassau-Saarbrücken and Christina Salm, respectively.
    • Lineage to Eudoxia Lascaris (7745): Eudoxia's pedigree is a very interesting one. Her father's side presents Catherine Baillon's quickest known path to royalty, in this case to the Byzantine Emperor Theodore II Doukas (Lascaris). Her mother's side also provides additional paths back to Charlemagne.

Note about Tables Below

The tables below are based in large part on the following work:

René Jetté, John P. Dulong, Roland-Yves Gagné, Gail F. Moreau, and Joseph A. Dubé. Table d'ascendance de Catherine Baillon: 12 générations. Montréal, Québec: Société généalogique canadienne-française, 2001.

Helpful Online Links

  • http://habitant.org/baillon/ This website has been administered by the same team whose research was published in the Table d'ascendance.
  • https://acgs.org/Download/ACGS_Baillon_1999.pdf The team cited above generously agreed to have the American Canadian Genealogical Society publicly host a previously published article that provides evidence of the direct lineage back to King Philippe II Auguste. A more recent article casts doubt on the specific lineage from the aforementioned to Charlemagne, but that need not concern us as other routes to Charlemagne from Philippe II are readily available. The article is free to read or download and is written in English.

Ancestral Tables by Generation (Not Yet Complete)

Génération I

Nr. ProfileTasks
1 Catherine de Baillon Merge with De_Baillon-8 DONE

Génération II

Nr. ProfileTasksWorking on
2 Alphonse de Baillon Only needs French bio now
3 Louise de Marle Needs French bio

Generation III

Nr. ProfileTasksWorking on
4 Adam de Baillon Done, French bio to be added Kyla H
5 Renée de Maillard Done, French bio to be aded
6 Mathurin de Marle Sourced, just needs French bio
7 Anne Bizet Done, still needs French bio

Generation IV

Nr. ProfileTasksWorking on
8 Adam de Baillon Done, French bio to be added
9 Jeanne de La Saussaye Done
10 Miles Nicolas de Maillard Done, French bio to be added
11 Marie de MorandCleaned up, source added
12 Waast de Marle Needs to be merged with De_Marle-7
13 Madeleine Le Sueur Done
14 Jean BizetGreg Lavoie
15 Marguerite ChabotGreg Lavoie

Génération V

Nr. ProfileTasksWorking on
16 Adam de Baillon unsourced
17 Philippe Vaultier orphaned, no sources, death date is implausible, Jetté et. al. says it's before 26 June 1551
18 Jean de la Saussaye unsourced
19 Jeanne de Morvilliers No sources, orphaned, likely needs LNAB changed
20 Jacques Maillard no sources
21 Bénigne Le Bouteillierunsourced, needs merge
24 Claude de MarleDone, bio to be added
25 Antoinette LhuillierUnsourced
26 Gabriel Le SueurUnsourced, LNAB needs to be changed
30 Antoine ChabotGreg Lavoie
31 Catherine Lombard or LombartUnsourcedGreg Lavoie

Génération VI

Nr. ProfileTasksWorking on
32 Michel Baillon Cleaned up, source added
33 Jeanne Le Seigneur Rassinot-1 adopted and merged her. Sources are available (Godbout, d'Hozier)
36 Oliver de la Saussaye Duplicate is set as father of Jeanne de La Saussaye rather than father!
37 Jeanne Péloquin Duplicate set as mother of the duplicate Jeanne de La Saussaye
38 Étienne de Morvillier no sources, orphaned, needs LNAB change
39 Marie Gaillardunsourced, orphaned
40 Vigor MaillardUnsourced, orphaned, needs LNAB change
41 Unknown
42 Jean Le BouteillerUnsourced
43 Marie de VenoisUnsourced, LNAB needs to be changed
48 Waast de MarleUnsourced, needs LNAB change
49 Jacqueline DupuisUnsourced
50 Jean Lhuillier or Luillier
51 Louise Lemaistre
52 Nicolas or Nicole Le Sueur
53 Marie Raoland or Roland
60 Jean Chabaud
61 Louise or Louisette de Berre
62 Jean Lombard or LombartunsourcedGreg Lavoie
63 Douce Vian or VienneUnsourcedGreg Lavoie

Génération VII

Nr. ProfileTasksWorking on
64 Mathurin BaillonHis father and grandparents on WikiTree are from d'Hozier, INCORRECT according to Godbout. - Update: Source added, father marked uncertain. Disconnect ?
66 Adam Le Seigneurunsourced, orphaned, WikiTree lists "Inconnue Leseigneur" as his wife - Sources available. Wife profile to be disconnected, she is unknown, profile is useless ?
72 Robert de la Saussaye
73 Perrette Le Chasseur
76 Jacques de Morvillier
77 Catherine de Nèzement
78 Jean Gaillard
79 Marguerite dite Jacqueline de Beauvillier or Beauvilliers
80 Guillaume Maillard
81 Isabeau de Hutenay
84 Guy II Le BouteillierUnsourced
85 Isabeau MorhierUnsourced, empty
96 Jean de Marle
97 Sybille Leblond
100 Imbert Lhullier or Luillier
101 Marguerite Braque or Bracque
104 Guillaume Le Sueur
105 Marguerite de Marle
106 Samson Raoland or Roland
107 Perrette Du Mont
120 Pierre Chabaud
121 Baptisine Lascaris de Vintimille
122 Honoré de Berre
123 Catherine Marchesan or Marquésan
124 Laurent Lombard or Lombart

Génération VIII

Nr. ProfileTasksWorking on
144 Olivier de la Saussaye
152 Jean de Morvillier
156 Mathurin Gaillard
157 Jeanne Calipeau or Calipaux
158 Philippot de Beauvillier or Beauvilliers
159 Gillette de Villebresme
168 Guy Le BouteillierPartially sourced
169 Catherine de GavreNeeds LNAB changed to Gavre. Family covered by Goethals for sources
170 Simon Morhier
171 Jeanne de Laigny
192 Jean de Marle
193 Gille or Gillette de Thiembronne
200 Jean Lhuillier or Luillier
201 Jeanne de Vitry
202 Germain Braque or Bracque
203 Catherine Des Landes
210 Germain de Marle
211 Charlotte Cotin
240 Mathieu Chabaud
242 Charles Lascaris de Mintiville
243 Jeannette Liti
244 Geoffroy de Berre
246 Mathieu Marchesan or Marquésan
247 Jeanne or Pierrette Blacas
248 Honoré Lombart or Lombard

Génération IX

Nr. ProfileTasksWorking on
316Alart de Beauvillier or Beauvilliers
317Jeanne Louelle
318de Villebresme
336Jean Le Bouteillier
337de Bréauté
338 Arnould VI de Gavre or GavreUnsourced
339 Isabelle Ghistelles or GistelUnsourced
340 Étienne Morhier
341 Gauchère Le Vernier or La Vernière
342 Étienne Morhier
343 Jeanne de Marigny
384 de Marle
386 Jean de Thiembronne
400 Jean Lhuillier or Luillier
402 Gilles de Vitry
403 Madeleine de la Croix
404 Bernard Braque or Bracque
405 Jeanne du Mont-Saint-Éloy
406 Pierre Des Landes
407 Nicole Barbery
420 Jean de Marle
421 Marguerite Vivien
480 Antoine Chabaud
484 Rainier Lascaris de Mintiville
485 Madeleine Grimaldi d'Antibes
486 Guillaume Liti
488 Geoffroy de Berre
492 Pierre Antoine Marchesan or Marquésan
494 Pierre Blacas

Génération X

Nr. ProfileTasksWorking on
968 Louis Lascaris de Vintimille
969 Tiburge Grimaldi de Beuil

Génération XI

Nr. ProfileTasksWorking on
1936 Guillaume Pierre II Lascaris de Vintimille

Génération XII

Nr. ProfileTasksWorking on
2712 Jean de Ghistelles or Gistelunsourced, empty profile
2713 Marguerite de Luxembourg
3872 Jean Lascaris de Vintimille

Génération XIII

Nr. ProfileTasksWorking on
7744 Guglielmo Pietro Lascaris di Ventimiglia
7745 Eudoxia Lascaris


On 15 Dec 2017 at 01:15 GMT Greg Lavoie wrote:

From footnote 33 on page 53 of Jetté 2001: La preuve du père et de la mère de Gabriel se trouve dans l'inventaire après décès de son père, en date du 2 juin 1545 : « inventaire après décès de Nicole Le Sueur, conseiller du roi au parlement, dressé à la requête de Jeanne Guillard, sa veuve, tutrice de Louise et Agnès Le Sueur, ses filles, et à celle de Thierry Dumont, seigneur d'Arcy-en-Multien, tuteur de Gabriel et Thibault Le Sueur, enfants du défunt et de Marie Raoland, sa première femme »

On 11 Dec 2017 at 21:39 GMT Kyla H wrote:

Hi, I've been trying to do work for Gabriel Le Sueur . Do we know for sure perhaps through Jette, 2001 that his father is Nicolas? I can't find anything confirming this connection, only that Guillaume was has father and Nicolas was his brother.

On 30 Nov 2017 at 06:29 GMT Isabelle Rassinot wrote:

Waast de Marle is an aristo, and the convention then is to eliminate the "de" from LNAB and the older the profile is the more it should be enforced - see Name Fields for European Aristocrats - it took me a while to get used to, but could not do it another way now.

On 30 Nov 2017 at 00:58 GMT Greg Lavoie wrote:

I believe that the merge direction for Waast de Marle should be Marle-10 into De_Marle-7-would be good to hear if others agree.

On 29 Nov 2017 at 07:20 GMT Isabelle Rassinot wrote:

I'm in the process of updating the tables. A lot of work has been done with sources and merges. All the profiles up to Catherine's great-grandparents are now clean.

On 23 Nov 2017 at 21:18 GMT Kyla H wrote:

Hey greg do you mind fixing the profile link for Antoinette LHuillier #25 It should be Lhuillier-14. Thank you!

On 2 Nov 2017 at 22:55 GMT Kyla H wrote:

I've done some work on De_Maillard-3. I worked on this one and not the other one because the other is project protected.

On 26 Oct 2017 at 18:16 GMT Kyla H wrote:

Hey. I've done what I could with #4 Baillon-3

Adam Baillon. If you want to add my name to the working on list. I will clean up the profile once the merge completes.

For some reason it's not showing all the information on the profile. but when I click edit it's there.