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Cateaux Wattel, Antwerp to Sydney, NSW 1854-55

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Date: 9 Dec 1854 to 9 Mar 1855
Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australiamap
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IMPORTANT UPDATE: A clear version of the passenger list is now available at FamilySearch. It was uploaded on 18 July 2022. The copy available at FamilySearch was apparently made from the original handwritten record which is in the custody of the Archives Department, Public Library of New South Wales and was microfilmed by the Genealogical Society, Salt Lake City, Utah in New South Wales in 1961. The digitised verson was made available at on 18 July 2022.[1] The copy available at is mostly unreadable.

The Cateaux Wattel (also recorded as Cateau Wattel, Catteaux Wattel, Catteaux Wattell in various media) was a Belgium built cargo ship named after her owner, Cateaux, Wattel & Co. She was built in Antwerp in 1854.

On 9 December 1854, she sailed from Antwerp carrying 430 German immigrants, mostly vine dressers and their families, bound for the Colony of New South Wales. She was under the command of Captain Louis Meyer, with Louis Delmer the first mate, Auguste Zimmerman, the second mate, and Antonie Muller, the ship's doctor. The crew were all Belgians. This was her first voyage and took only 90 days which reportedly pleased her owners.

Departure Date: Saturday 9 December 1854
Departure Port: Antwerp, Belgium, possibly originally from Hamburg
Arrival Date: Tuesday 9 Mar 1855 or Friday 12 Mar 1855[2]
Arrival Port: Sydney, Colony of New South Wales [2]

Note: Some records list her port of origin as Hamburgh in Germany and her arrival date as 12 March. Possibly she docked on 9 March but passengers remained on board until 12 March.

Newspaper Articles

Sydney Morning Herald, 12 March 1854, page 2:

"NOTICE - Parties expecting German Immigrants’ through the agency of Messrs. Kirchner and Company by the Cesar, Cateaux Wattel and Peru for this port, will please make the necessary arrangements for removal of the people within three days of arrival of the respective ships. HENRY HAMBURGER, German Immigration Office, 10, Lower George Street, Sydney."[3]

The Maitland Mercury and Hunter River General Advertiser (NSW : 1843 - 1893), 14 March, 1855 p. 2:

"Sydney News
(Abridged from the Herald and Empire.)
9. - Catteaux Wattell, Dutch ship, from Hamburgh December 9. Passengers - 430 German immigrants." [4]

Crew and Passengers

Crew List

Louis Delmer, 1st Mate, 27[5]

Passenger List

Transcription by Susan Stopford © 2022-2024 Susan Stopford

This is a work in progress. Please leave a comment below or send me a personal message if you spot an error in a list or know more. Thanks!

No WikiTree Profile Given Name Family Name Age Calling Native Place ParentsReligionRead or WriteRelatives in ColonyRemarks of Immigration Board
1 Michael Ackermann (1828-1904 Michael ACKERMANN 26 Vinedresser Budeneheim Michael & Eva mother living at Budenheim father deadRCBothNoneA. Holden of Paterson
2 Anna Maria (Krohmann) Ackermann (1828-1904)] Anna M ACKERMANN 26 [Budeneheim] John & Magdalena Krohman - living at BudenheimRCBothNone
3 John Ackermann (1853-abt.1937) John ACKERMANN 1 [Budenehim] Michael & Anna onboardRCNeitherNone
4 Michael Ackermann (1854-1888) Michael ACKERMANN Inft (Born on the Voyage) [Michael & Anna onboard]---
5 John ANTES 36 Farm Laborer Feudenheim Henry & Margaret mother living at Feudenheim father dead.RCBothNoneAlexander Berry - Shoalhaven
6 Catherine ANTES 35 [Feudenheim] Ludwig & Anna Lechbatter(?) Both dead?BothNone
7 George ANTES 8 [Feudenheim] John & Catherine onboard[same as mother]NeitherNone
8 John ANTES 4 [Feudenheim] John & Catherine onboard[same as mother]NeitherNone
9 Peter ANTES 2 [Feudenheim] Died on the Voyage [John & Catherine onboard][same as mother]
10 Christopher BACH 40 Vinedresser Neckarhausen Peter & Maria Both deadRCBothNoneAlexander Park. Paterson
11 Margaret BACH 34 Leutershausen(?) Andrew & Cath: Both deadRCBothNone
12 Anna M BACH 10 Neckarhausen Christopher & Margt.]RCBothNone
13 Susanna BACH 7 [Neckarhausen] [Christopher & Margt.]RCNeitherNone
14 Michael BACH 2 (Died on the Voyage) [assume Child of Chrisopher& Margt.]
15 Jacob BARBELER? 41 Vinedresser Neudorf Richard & Sophia Both deadRCBotha brother Adam living in Bourke St Surry HillsA. W. Scott. Hunter River
16 Maria BARBELER 37  ??? Lawrence & Eva Beringer(?) Both deadRCBothNone
17 Sophia BARBELER 17 Dom Serv Neudorf Jacob & Maria onboardRCBothNone
18 Valentine BARBELER 15 Vinedresser (Neudorf) [Jacob & Maria onboard]RCBothNone
19 Charles BARBELER 7 (Neudorf) [Jacob & Maria onboard]RCNeitherNone
20 Catherine BARBELER 5 (Neudorf) [Jacob & Maria onboard]RCNeitherNone
21 Fransiska Barbeler (1851-abt.1855) Fransiska BARBELER 2 (Died on the voyage) [Jacob & Maria onboard]
22 Paul BECKER 40 VinedresserBudenheim Paul & Cath Both deadRCBothNone
23 Catharina BECKER 44 MombachHenry & Cath Klein Both deadRCNeitherNone
24 Paul BECKER 9 Budenheim Paul & Catherina onboardRCBothNone
25 Sebastian BECKER 8 Budenheim Paul & Catherina onboardRCBothNone
26 John BECKHAUS 49 VinedresserErbach John & Cath Both deadRCBotha brother John Baptist living at Camden also a sisterJ. N. Oxley Camden
27 AnnaBECKHAUS 50[Erbach]Adam & Maria Emmelheins(?) Both deadRCBothNone
28Anna M BECKHAUS25Dom. Serv.[Erbach]John & Anna onboardRCBothNone
29JohnBECKHAUS22Vinedresser[Erbach]John & Anna onboardRCBothNone
30JacobBECKHAUS16Vinedresser[Erbach]John & Anna onboardRCBothNone
31ClaraBECKHAUS14[Erbach]John & Anna onboardRCBothNone
32JosephBECKHAUS10Twin of Josepha[Erbach]John & Anna onboardRCBothNone
33JosephaBECKHAUS10Twin of Joseph[Erbach]John & Anna onboardRCBothNone
34MariaBECKHAUS6[Erbach]John & Anna onboardRCNeitherNone
35BarbaraBECKHAUS4[Erbach]John & Anna onboardRCNeitherNone
36Franz Beckhaus (18231888)FranzBECKHAUS30VinedresserRudesheimJohn & Cath Both deadRCBotha brother John Baptist at Camden also a sisterJ. N. Oxley Camden
37Anna Maria Eleonore Fischer (1817-1887)EleanorBECKHAUS37[Rudesheim]Phillip & Agnes Fischer at RudesheimRCBothNone
38PhillipBECKHAUS13[Rudesheim]Franz & Eleanor onboardRCBothNone
39JohnBECKHAUS5[Rudesheim]Franz & Eleanor onboardRCNeitherNone
40AgnesBECKHAUS4[Rudesheim]Franz & Eleanor onboardRCNeitherNone
41GeorgeBECKHAUS3[Rudesheim]Franz & Eleanor onboardRCNeitherNone
42Jacob Beckhaus (1853-1930)JacobBECKHAUS1[Rudesheim]Franz & Eleanor onboardRCNeitherNone
43Venderlin [sic] (Actually: Wendelin)BIBO29VinedresserRauenthal?Franz & Rosalie living at Rauenthal?RCBotha relative Jacob Schimmel in SydneyW.N. Arnold Paterson
44EvaBIBO37ErbachJoseph & Margaret Pusch? Both deadRCBothNone
45 IdaBIBO1(Died on the Voyage)
46Heinrich Borig (abt.1817-1907) Heinrich BORIG 38 Vine Dresser Kiedorf? Caspar & Anna Maria father living RC Both None A.W. Scott, Ash Island
47Maria Katherina (Molitor) Borig (bef.1828-1875) Maria Catharina BORIG 34 Wife [Kiedorf?] Peter & Elizabeth Molitor, mother living RC Botha brother John Molitor residing in Sydney
Jacob Gaudron (abt.1818-bef.1900) JacobGAUDRON 37 Vine Dresser Oberheimbach Peter and Susannah mother living RC both noneGeorge Townsend, Paterson (but possibly went to Dangar's Neotsfield)
Theresa Appoloniae (Hien) Gaudron (1816-1879)Appolonia TGAUDRON 38 Wife [Oberheimbach] George and Appelonia Hien? both dead [RC] neither none
Johannes Gaudron (abt.1846-1935)Johan GAUDRON 9 Son [Oberheimbach] Onboard [RC] neither none
Jacob Gaudron (abt.1849-bef.1855)Jacob GAUDRON 6 (Died on voyage)
Susannah Gaudron (bef.1852-bef.1855)Susannah GAUDRON 3 (Died on voyage)
Johannes Kling (abt.1823-aft.1855) and/or John Peter Kling (abt.1818-1896)JohannesKLING32Vine DresserHeddesheimMother Catherine Kling living[Protestant]bothnoneA.W. Scott, Ash Island
ElisabethaKLING33(Died on Voyage)
CatherineKLING9daughter[Heddesheim]Father onboard Mother deadbothnonenone
PeterKLING5son[Heddesheim]Father onboard Mother deadneithernonenone
Anna MariaKLING3daughter[Heddesheim]Father onboard Mother deadneithernonenone

Others: (this information added by Jenny Johnston and sourced from "Lina Moffit")[6]

  • Bruckmann, Sebastian 29, vinedresser from (looks like) Kiederich; parents both dead (looks like) Phillip & Catherina brought out by A Scott, looks like Aslo Island
  • Bruckmann, Magdalena 27, wife; parents both dead - (looks like) Auton/Cluton & Catherina
  • Deger, Johannes 30, vinedresser from Kei----; parents Ludwig & Barbara brought out by John Taylor, Lochinvar
  • Deger, Catherine 21,wife
  • Demiwald (?), Jacon 36, vinedresser from Kei----; parents Rudolph and Magdalena brought out by W D Kelman, Kirktown?
  • Demiwald, Margaretta 27, wife; parents Justus and Elizabeth Gold, both dead with Jacob 3, Rudolphe 2
  • Diehm, Heinrich, Elizabethia, Christina, Elizabetha, Valentin & Andreas from Dertingen and Kembach, Wertheim, Germany brought out by A. Holden, Penshurst
  • Gruz, Johannes, 42, vinedresser from Voluzitea ?; parents Heinrich & ? both dead brought out by --- J. MacArthur; wife - Charita from Eicheubulet ? parents Valentino and Mary Anna both dead

German Families in the Shoalhaven

Alexander Berry Esq, employed the following people who were on the Cateaux Wattel.[7]

  • ANTES, Johan & family
  • ERBERT, Johan & family
  • LANE (R) & family
  • LAUFF, Johan & family
  • LOHBERT, Johan & family
  • MONTAG, A., and family
  • MULLER, Johan & Family
  • Heinrich Weigand (abt.1826-1887) (Henry) & family

Destruction by Fire (1860)

She was destroyed by fire in Sydney Harbour on 4 May 1860, while loading cargo at Botts' Wharf. The fire possibly started in bags of Kauri Gum but there were claims that the fire may have been deliberately lit by one of the crew. The flames quickly engulfed the vessel. With the assistance of the Steamer 'Rapid' & aid from the French Man-of-War, the burning ship was towed into the stream opposite Dawe's Battery where attempts were made to sink her. William Sass was committed for setting fire to the ship. According to one newspaper article, her hull and spars were sold on 11 May for £160. The remainder of the wreck is believed to sit in the Harbour.[8][9][10]


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I have a known ancestor and family that were aboard the Cateaux Wattel - I see in the 2001 link to Lina Moffat's transcription a family at the end Gruz, Johannes, with wife Charita - this seems similar to my ancestors - Johannes Doring, married to Charita accompanied by 6 children - Francesca 16, Theresa 12, Gottfried 9, Joseph 8, Anton 5 and Constantin 2. It does appear they were originally meant to head to the Macarthurs vines at Camden but stayed in Glebe for a period before moving to Terrible Vale station in New England employed by William Tydd Taylor.
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Hi Cara, Wonderful! Have you created Wikitree profiles for your ancestors yet? You can add the Cateaux Wattel as a category to their profiles.


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Hi Cara,

Johannes Doring and Charita are my great great grandparents, daughter Theresa my great grandmother. Cheers Cheryl Alldridge

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Hi Cheryl, I don't think any profiles have been created for Johannes Doring , his wife Charita or their daughter Theresa yet. You are welcome to created them, then add them to the Category: Cateaux Wattel, Arrived 12 Mar 1855. Send me a private message if you need any help doing that. Susan
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