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Chebacco Parish, Massachusetts One Place Study

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Date: 1677 to 1819
Location: Essex, Essex County, Massachusetts Bay Colonymap
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Chebacco Parish, Massachusetts One Place Study

This profile is part of the Chebacco Parish, Massachusetts One Place Study.
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Chebacco Parish was a parish within the town of Ipswich in the Massachusetts Bay Colony (after 1691, the Province of Massachusetts Bay).

Continent: North America
Country: United States
State/Province: Massachusetts
County: Essex
GPS Coordinates: 42.631944, -70.783333
Elevation: 4.0 m or 13.1 feet


Chebacco Parish formed in 1677, when a group of dissidents in part of the town of Ipswich hired a new minister for themselves and began their efforts to secede from the church of Ipswich.

During their struggle for independence, they developed a separate, multi-generational communal identity, centered around the Chebacco Parish Church and recognized even by outsiders, who might say someone was from Chebacco, rather than from Ipswich. They finally managed to attain their independence from Ipswich in 1819, when the parish was incorporated as the town of Essex, Massachusetts.

This category includes profiles for people who, during the period 1677 to 1819, were identified with Chebacco Parish, as:

  • Part of the rebellion which formed the Chebacco Parish Church in and after 1677;
  • Specifically identified as being "from Chebacco;"
  • Recorded by the Chebacco Parish Church as born, baptized, married, died, or buried;
  • A resident of the area known as Chebacco Parish.

The designation, "Chebacco Parish," therefore refers to the Chebacco Parish Church, which was the initial hub of the community, then to the community which formed around that church and, finally, to the physical area of Ipswich where that community was located. Thus, when part of the congregation of the Chebacco Parish Church later split off to form a separate congregation (the Fourth Church), both would be considered "of Chebacco."

Note: Someone who owned property in Chebacco Parish but did not live there or worship there would probably not be considered part of this One Place Study. Someone who regularly did business in the parish but did not otherwise interact with the community would need to be considered individually, and included or excluded based on other factors.



Important individuals

1634 (Pre-founding - need to research these three individuals)
1725 - 1749
  • Rev. Theophilus Pickering; Became the second minister of Chebacco Church.
  • Rev. Ebenezer Cleaveland (brother of John Cleaveland); Became minister in Separated Church for first six months of The Fourth Church in Ipswich.
1747 - 1799
1750 - 1766
1799 - 1807
1809 - 1813
  • Rev. Thomas Holt, minister at Second Church in Ipswich
  • Rev. Robert Crowell, minister at Second Church in Ipswich


To-Do List

  • Identify someone interested in Burnham who can review this book. (Not available on-line) From John Burnham of Chebacco Parish 1616-1694 to Luther Clinton Burnham of Fruitland, New Mexico 1835-1914 : genealogies and histories of some descendants: includes genealogy from other surnames including - Andrews, Varney, Proctor, Hibbard, Murdock, Bowen, Throop, Davison, Hitchcock, Wells, Vol. 2.
  • Research to determine if Choate-255 (Susanna Choate) is the daughter of Choate-417 (Stephen Choate) and Low-1176 (Mary Low).
  • Connect missing important individuals to WikiTree
  • Review, create profiles, and connect as appropriate those in the Chebacco Parish Church graveyard (later known as the Old Essex Cemetery)

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