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Chesapeake Colony Ships

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Companion space page for Category: Chesapeake Colony Ships. See also Category: Southern Colony Ships (for the Carolinas and Georgia) and Category: Jamestown Colony Ships (for ships which are also under that category).


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Chesapeake Colony Ships

Note: There are many ships with the same name that are not the same.

Ships may have made more than one voyage and even several in one year.

Chesapeake Bay area includes Jamestown, Virginia, Colony of Virginia, and Province of Maryland.

State Abbreviations:

  • Virginia (VA)
  • Maryland (MD)

Ships Under the Crown 1605-1609

RichardM. Henry ChallonsAug 1606 PlymouthVA
UnknownThomas HanhamOct 1606 PlymouthVA

Jamestown (Fleet) (3 ships below)
Susan ConstantChristopher NewportDec 1606 England,1607 Jamestown, VA
Godspeed, aka "Goodspeed"Bart. GosnoldDec 1606 England1607 Jamestown, VA
Discovery, aka "Discoverie"John RatcliffeDec 1606 England1607 Jamestown, VA
Mary & JohnRaleigh GilbertJun 1607 PlymouthMaine
Gift of GodGeorge Popham1607 PlymouthMaine
First Supply DPT: 18 Oct 1607 Gravesend, England ARRIVAL: 12 Jan 1608 Jamestown, VA
John and FrancisChristopher NewportOct 18, 1607 Gravesend, EnglandJan 12, 1608 Jamestown, VA
PhoenixFrancis NelsonOct 18, 1607 EnglandVA
Second Supply DPT: Aug 1608 England ARRIVAL: Oct 1608 Jamestown, VA
Mary MargaretChristopher NewportAug 1608Oct 1608 Jamestown, VA
Starr 1608-1611VA

Ships Under The Company 1609-1625

  • ....

Smythe Administration 1609-1619

The Third Supply was a flotilla of 9 ships, all intended for Jamestown, VA. Commanded by Admiral Sir George Somers.

Sea Venture, aka "Seaventure" or "Sea Adventure"Chr. Newport18 June 1609 London28 Jul 1609 Bermuda
DiamondJohn Ratcliffe18 Jun 1609 LondonAugt 1609 Jamestown, VA
FalconJohn Martin18 Jun 1609 LondonAugust 1609 Jamestown, VA
BlessingGabriel Archer18 Jun 18, 1609 LondonAug 1609 Jamestown, VA
UnitieCpt. Wood18 Jun 1609 LondonAug 1609 Jamestown, VA
LionCpt. Webb18 Jun 1609 LondonAug 1609 Jamestown, VA
SwallowCpt Moone18 Jun 1609 LondonAug 1609 Jamestown, VA
Virginia of the North ColonyCpt. Davis18 Jun 1609 Londonunknown Jamestown, VA
CatchMatthew Finch18 Jun 1609 LondonLost at sea

Hercules 1609-1618VA
Jonathan 1609
Mary Ann Margaret 1610
Swan 1610-1624 VA
DeliveranceChristopher Newport161030 May 1610 Jamestown, VA Built in Bermuda
PatienceChristopher Newport161030 May 1610 Jamestown, VA Built in Bermuda
Tryall 1610-1620VA
Godspeed 1610VA
Mary Ann 1610VA
Mary and James 1610VA
Noah 1610
Dainty Summer 1610VA 20 men
De La WarrSamuel Argall11 April 1610 Cowes, EnglandVA
Blessing of Plymouth Apr 11, 1610 Cowes, EnglandVA
Hercules of Rye Apr 11, 1610 Cowes, EnglandVA
John and Francis 1611
StarrChristopher NewportMay 1611 EnglandMay 22, 1611 VA
Prosperous May 1611 EnglandMay 22, 1611 VA
Elizabeth May 1611 EnglandMay 22, 1611 VA
HerculesCapt Adams1611 England1611 VA
TrialThomas GatesMay 1611 EnglandAug 30, 1611 VA
SarahThomas GatesMay 1611 EnglandAug 30, 1611 VA
SwanThomas GatesMay 1611 EnglandAug 30, 1611 VA
Sarah Constant of 1606 Mar 8, 1612Jun 1612 VA
UnknownThomas ButtonApril 1612 EnglandVA
John and Francis DPT: 1613
ElizabethCapt AdamsJan 1613 EnglandMay 24 1613 VA via Bermuda
ElizabethCapt AdamsOct 1613 EnglandFeb 1614 VA via Bermuda
Treasurer 1613-1618
John and Francis Nov 1614 EnglandVA
TreasurerSamuel ArgallFeb 1615 EnglandSummer 1615 VA
Flying Hart or Horse Summer 1615 EnglandSummer 1615 Jamestown VA
George 1616-1623VA
Susan Jul Aug 1616Oct 9, 1616 VA
Charles 1616-1633VA
Edwine 1616-1619 EnglandVA
George Apr 1617 England May 25 1617 VA
Providence 1616-1623VA ?
William & John 1616-1624VA
GeorgeSamuel ArgallApr 1617 Gravesend, EnglandVA
TreasurerSamuel Argall1617-1618VA
Falcon 1617-1620VA?
NeptuneHenry Spelman1618 England1618 VA
William & ThomasCapt MaggnerSep 1618 EnglandJan or Mar 1619 VA
Gift of God Early 1619 VA
Bona NovaHuddleston1618/1620 LondonVA
Diana 1618-1619 England abt Apr 1619 VA
Dutie 1618-1620VA ?
Gift 1618-1623VA ?
Mary Gold 1618-1622VA?

Ships Under Sandys-Southampton Administrations 1619-1625

SampsonJohn Ward1619 April 22, 1619 VA
GeorgeGeorge YardleyJan 29, 1619 EnglandApril 29, 1619 VA
UnknownChr. LawneMarch 1619 EnglandMay 27, 1619 VA
Trial EnglandJuly 5, 1619 VA
Margaret of BristolWoodleefeSep 1619 EnglandDec 4, 1619 Jamestown
Prosperous 1619VA?
Ellinor April 16,1619 VA
London Merchant 1619-1621VA?
Jonathan 1619VA?
Abigail 1620-1622VA
Bonadventure 1620-1622 VA?
Elizabeth 1620-1621VA?
Francis Bonaventure 1620VA?
Margaret & John 1620-1623
Temperance 1620-1621
Warwick 1620-1621
Supply Sep 1620 Plymouth, EnglandJan 1620/1 Barklay, VA
Jonathan 1620VA?
Abigaile 1621VA
Addam 1621VA?
Charles 1621 VA?
Concord 1621 VA?
Discovery 1621VA?
Elianor 1621VA?
Flying Hart 1621VA?
Sea Flower 1621
Marmaduke 1621-1622
Tyger 1621-1623
John and Francis 1622
Furtherance 1622VA?
James 1622 VA?
Margaret 1622 VA?
Mary Providence 1622 VA?
Hopewell 1622-1624VA?
Southampton 1622-1624
John and Francis 1623
Ambrose 1623VA?
Bonny Bessie 1623
Due Return 1623VA?
God's Gift 1623VA?
KatherineStratton1623 VA?
Prophet DanielPoole1623
Samuel 1623VA
Return 1623-1624
Delaware bef 1624
Unity bef 1624

Ships When Voyages Resumed by the Crown 1624-1627

Elizabeth 1624
Jacob 1624VA?
Zouch Phoenix 1624 Weymouth?Cape Anne
Bonny Bessie bef. 1626
Phoenix bef. 1626VA
Return bef. 1626VA
Peter and John 1626 LondonVA
PleasurePeters1628 Barnstable, EnglandVA
Gift (French)Mr. Brook1630Charlestown, VA
FriendshipPurst1631 Barnstable, EnglandVA
Ark and Dove 1634 England1634 Point Comfort/MD
Bonaventure (Merchant)Ricroft1634/5 LondonSt. Domingo/Virginia
ThomasTavener1635 LondonVA
AbrahamBarker1635London VA
AssuranceBromwell & Pewsie1635 LondonVA
DavidHogg1635 London VA
ExpeditionBlacker1635 LondonVA
GlobeBlackman1635 LondonVA
Thomas & JohnLambard06 Jan 1635London VA
Plain JoanBuckam15 May 1635 LondonVA
SpeedwellChappell26 May 1635 LondonVA
AmericaBarkerJun 1635 LondonVA
PhillipMorgan20 Jun 1635 LondonVA
AliceOrchardJul 1635 LondonVA
Merchant's HopeWestonJul 1635 LondonSt Domingo / VA
PaulBettsJul 1635 LondonVA
TransportWalkerJul 4, 1635London VA
PrimroseDouglassJul 1635 LondonVA
SafetyGauntAug 1635 LondonVA
GeorgeSeverne21 Aug 1635VA
ElizabethBrown01 Aug 1635London VA
ConstanceChampion24 Oct 1635 LondonVA
FriendshipBettsMar 1636 LondonVA
Tristram and JaneBloweApr 1637 LondonVA
Unity 22 Nov 1638 Cowes, Isle of WightMD


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it is cool that you added the Ship Batchelor but it doesn't fit the time period, does it? 1674 and what page in the #2 source, 580 did a search on ship, captain, date.. nothing found
posted by Carole Taylor
Well, clearly the ships listed are primarily for Virginia -- the first ships didn't arrive in Maryand until 1634. But if the Category is to cover the whole Chesapeake in the Southern Colonies period -- up until 1776, then it should cover Maryland arrivals as well.

But we'd need input from Southern Colonies leadership -- if a Maryland ship that sailed in 1674 doesn't belong in this Category, what category does it belong in? Also, the Category is not the Space Page. The Chesapeake Category could have a variety of space pages including a separate one for Maryland.

posted by Jack Day
you might also want to consult the Categorization Project - the ship categories were (are) a bit of a mess, with overlapping categories. I tried to straighten them out a bit, but then got sidetracked. A lot of the space pages (like this one) were created/orphaned by the Categorization Project by moving out text that had been on the Category page. The Category page includes text that gives scope would include a Maryland ship sailing in 1674:

"Following is an alphabetical listing of ships arriving in Maryland or Virginia prior to 1776. ..."

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
I agree it's the correct category. Obviously, we couldn't list every ship that sailed to Virginia or Maryland before 1776 on this page, which focuses on the early ships. However, any ship that sailed to Maryland or Virginia during the colonial period would fit the Category definition in my view.
posted by Scott McClain