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There is a perception among some researchers that this family group may descend from John PHAIRE, the youngest son of Col Robert PHAIRE, the "Regicide." WELPLY's evidence (see previous blog-page) does, in my view, rather tend to rule this possibility out; and date evidence from Limerick records now appears to provide evidence of some conflation, or generational inaccuracy, in my own early and speculative constructions of it. Some of the following details can be found on the George D. SPEER pedigree on ancestry.com. More useful material comes from recent searches on-line (Limerick Chronicle items; some Limerick M.I.s); but much of it fits in with pedigree details already laid out by Barbara A. PHAYRE in her very well researched book entitled "Cromwell's Legacy: The PHAYRE Family in Ireland," Sandford Publishing, 2001, at Chapter 9, pp. 62 et seq - to which publication the reader is recommended, and copies of which may still be available by contacting Barbara at her roger@rphayre.freeserve.co.uk e-mail address (if still valid). It would appear that SPEER's notes correspond well with Barbara PHAYRE's constructions.

Barbara PHAYRE does subscribe to the theory that the Limerick PHAYRES, the Slaters and the Tilers, were descendants of Col Robert PHAIRE by his youngest son John PHAIRE's marriage in 1699 to Mary WHITBY (see above). I am not so sure. There does not appear to be any hard evidence of it, and what circumstantial evidence that might be construable in support of it (there is a quantity - disposal of interests in the Enniscorthy Iron-works to explain lack of will mentions; naming of descendants Alice perhaps for Alice PEIRCE, for two examples) does not seem, to my eyes, sufficient to overcome obstacles raised by WELPLY in his 1920s paper, particularly in relation to lack of mentions in wills. I may be wrong, but I suspect that WELPLY, having had the access that he did to the numerous P.R.O. records that were destroyed in 1922, would have uniquely been in a position to see the only evidence that will have at any time existed to "prove" that connection, but he did not report seeing any. One record that would be relevant, if a full transcript was ever made of it, would be John PHAIR's marital status as recorded on the License Bond for his 1753 marriage to Margaret CONDON - if a bachelor, then the suggestion that it was a 2nd marriage after Alice PEIRCE's death would, I believe, be untenable - but if a widower, then I would happily recant! I believe that it was customary for the Marriage Licenses (for which the Bonds were recorded) to identify the marital status of both parties, if not obligatory under the rules of the Consistorial (or Diocesan) Courts which issued them. It might also be of interest to discover the identity and whereabouts of the Wat GREEN mentioned by Alexander Herbert PHAIRE in his letter of October 1741, where he noted that "...my brother Jack is so troublesome to Wat GREEN and his wife (tho' they think he is almost gon') that they threaten to bring him hereand leave him at the door."

WELPLY did not suggest that the FAIR family associated with Kinsale since ca 1601 had any connections in Limerick; he did suggest that they were the likely source of the origins of Richard PHAIRE or FAIRE (1739-1805), R.N., who married in 1765 (M.L.B., Dioc of Cork and Ross), Eleanor SCREECH (and by her was an ancestor of John Chessell BUCKLER, F.S.A.). It is not impossible, of course, that if, as WELPY suggests, the Limerick PHAYREs or PHAYERs do not connect with the Regicide, then they may also have derived instead from that family as well. I am reluctant to cite the use of the name Richard as being circumstantial evidence of any possible connection.

At the risk of causing unintended offence, I propose the following "alternate" pedigree, which is perhaps, at present, more of a collection of pedigree notes looking for a proven tree in which to find a home.

John PHAYRE; Slater; of Kilmallock, 1716, when he and Thomas PHAYRE, also a Slater in Kilmallock, appear to have taken legal action against David MONCASHELL concerning the 1715 lease of lands at Gaultume [Barbara PHAYRE, "Cromwell's Legacy," Op. Cit, p. 62]; probably therefore of age in 1715, and if so, born in or before 1694, 5 years before John PHAIRE's 1699 marriage to Mary WHITBY. I suspect that further evidence of this family may be found in the Deeds Registry in Henrietta Street, Dublin, where, commencing in 1708, all land transactions in Ireland were required by law to be registered; of which deeds "copy" Memorials were created; and which Memorials are publicly viewable in the Registry upstairs Memorials rooms. This particular 1715 lease may even state the relationship between John and Thomas (although the chances are probably more likely that it will not); but I suspect they were more likely to have been brothers, rather than a father and son - if both were joint lease grantees, then both will need to have been of age, and if father and son, then the father will therefore have to have been born closer to ca 1670 - but it is possible that a son could have been named as a child, usually with an age recorded, if he was one of the "lives" for the term of the lease.

There is no available evidence to suggest that either of these Slaters of Kilmallock were married or had issue. But I suspect one or other may have, and if so, are (a) likely contender(s) for the ancestors of the following Limerick PHAYERs. But it is evident that none of these events can be readily accommodated within the presently "accepted" pedigree of Col Robert PHAIRE, "Regicide."

John PHAIR, probably born in or before 1720, perhaps as early as 1700; Slater of Cork; died at Cork, 4 July 1761 as the result of a fall from a scaffold; his will, dated 8 July 1761, named his wife Mary PHAIR (which is not Margaret, although this may have been a clerical error), and mentions a child of his daughter, and two sons, none identified by name, but neither son probably yet of age, as they were not named as executors; issue:

1. (daughter); probably born before 1741; probably married; issue: a. (child), b in or before 1761.

1. (son), perhaps born after 1740; living 1761.

2. (son), perhaps born after 1740; living 1761. Perhaps this or the elder son was the Joseph PHAYRE of Cork, aged 19 when he visited his kinsman Joseph PHAYER in Kilfinane (see next) in December 1762, and was informed of the contents of Charles LAND's will [Barbara PHAYRE, "Cromwell's Legacy," p. 66].

Joseph PHAYRE (born 1726, if age at death is accurately recorded on the M.I. - I note that this date does just pre-date Jack PHAIRE Junior's 1727 marriage to Alice PEIRCE); Slater in Kilfinane, County Limerick, April 1763, when involved in legal wranglings over the will of a kinsman, Charles LAND of Ardavellan - his mother was evidently an aunt of Joseph's mother - and his sister was identified in the will as Alley PHEAYRE [Barbara PHAYRE, "Cromwell's Legacy," p.65]; Joseph died on 7 December 1801, aged 75, and was buried in Kilmallock Churchyard, with a monument erected by his son Charles; he married in January 1753 (M.L.B., Diocese of Cork and Ross), Mary GILBERT (born ca 1735); she died 14 July 1801, aged 65, and buried at Kilmallock [M.I.]; issue, said to have also included [J] below:

1. Thomas PHAYER, born ca 1755-56; died 30 May 1799, aged 43, and buried in the family plot, Kilmallock [M.I.].

2. Charles PHAYER; living 1801 when he erected a monument on his parents grave in Kilmallock Churchyard.

Alice BOLSTER (formerly PHAYER) was buried at Kilmallock, 1 June 1811, aged 66, and buried there with her seven children who predeceased her, a monument erected by her "affectionate" son Joseph [see Nick REDDAN's "Kilmallock old memorial inscriptions for the Collegiate Church" on his www.members.iinet.au web-site] - which age would preclude her from being a daughter of Joseph and Mary. However, Barbara PHAYRE ["Cromwell's Legacy"] records her age at death instead as 36, which does admit to the possibility of her being a part of this family.

Thomas PHAYER, born about 1796; died 15 August 1844, aged 47, and buried Kilmallock Churchyard; married Johanna (possibly FOX - she erected his monument in Kilmallock); issue: 1. Joseph PHAYER, born ca 1841; died 18 September 1866, aged 25, and buried in his father's plot at Kilmallock.

John PHAIR, born about 1797; died at Kilmallock, June quarter 1881, aged 83 [Volume 5, page 252].

[J] Richard PHAYER (born about 1775 if age at burial is correctly recorded on the M.I.); Occupier of 21 acres in Carrigareely Townland, Parish of Cahirconlish, County Limerick, ca 1830, Tithe Applotment Books, and rated at £1 13s Impropriate and 19s 4d Vicarage (probably occupied by Rev Richard COX - perhaps of the 1834 Cork MLB with Ann PHAIR?); of Cahirconlish, Barony of Clanwilliam, County Limerick (Diocese of Emly); Farmer at Caherconlish, 1847; probably died before March 1848; married Catherine (probably also a PHAYER - born July 1778 - and if so, probably his cousin); she died "...at the residence of her son-in-law, Hide Park, Cahirconlish, ...relict of the late Richard PHAYER, Esq," on 16 February 1875, her remains buried on 18 February "... in the family vault at Cahirnarry" [Limerick Chronicle, 18 Feb]; issue:
1. Mary PHAYER, baptised at St John's, Limerick, 8 November 1805.
2. Joseph PHAYER, baptised at St John's, Limerick, 31 July 1807; emigrated to America, 1848; as Joseph D. PHAYER, died at Midway, Madison County, Illinois, 4 May 1870, and buried St Patrick's Cemetery, Godfrey, Madison County [Findagrave Memorial #74030940]; married at Troy, N.Y., 1849, Mary MURPHY (born County Wexford, 20 September 1824 - probably sister of John MURPHY born 5 May 1821, and Johanna MURPHY born 14 April 1827); she died at Upper Alton, 30 April 1898; issue:
a. Mary Ann PHAYER, born Troy, N.Y., 14 April 1850; died at Alton, Madison County, Illinois, 18 January 1906; married William Harold Clay STREEPER; issue:
i. Richard Henry STREEPER, born 1882; died 1903.
ii. (infant), born and died 1883.
iii. Katie M. STREEPER, born 1888; died 1901.
b. Richard Benedict PHAYER, born Madison County, Illinois, 2 April 1854; died at Downs, Osborne County, Kansas, 6 February 1935; married firstly, Ellen McKENZIE (died 1887, aged 32) and secondly Bridget MAHON; issue:
i. Mary E. PHAYER, born 1884; died 1976.
ii. Richard Benedict PHAYER Junior, born 1902; died 1936..
c. Catherine Jane PHAYER, born Upper Alton, Madison County, 2 January 1858; died at Venice, Madison County, Illinois, 2 September 1896; married John WALTER; issue:
i. Joseph C. PHAYER, born 1888; died 1892.
ii. Josephine PHAYER, born ca 1889; aged 6 when her mother died.
iii. Johnnie W. PHAYRE, born 1890; died 1891.
iv. Willie PHAYRE, born ca 1892; aged 3 when his mother died.
v. MAry PHAYER, born 1895; aged 13 mos when her mother died.
d. Charles Thomas PHAYER, born Alton, 22 March 1860; Constable in Venice; died Venice, 2 April 1903; married Margaret BUSHELL (1868-1908); issue:
i. Katherine T. PHAYER, born 1891; died 1975; married Michael Philip NESTER.
ii. Mary Gertrude PHAYER, born 1892; died 1970; married Daniel Joseph HALLISSEY.
iii. Charles Julian PHAYER, born 1895; died 1930.
iv. Clifford W. PHAYER, born 1897; died 1951; married Ethel L. ENOS.
e. John Joseph PHAYER, born Upper Alton, 18 December 1860; left Alton ca 1891 to join the Frisco Railroad Coy at Chaffee and Arcadia, Missouri; transferred to Denver ca 1924; died at Denver, Colorado, 1 March 1932; married ca 1891, Hannah EVANS of Bethalto; issue;
i. William Joseph PHAYER, born and died at St Louis, Missouri, 1893.
ii. Mary Ann PHAYER, born 1894; died 1933; married Christopher Lewis PRATT.
iii. Emma Clementine PHAYER, born St Louis, 189(5); died Denver, Colorado, 1928; married Laurence LYONS.
iv. John Joseph PHAYER, born Arcadia, Missouri, 1897; died 1992; married Elsie Ann SCHNEIDER.
v. Earl William PHAYER, born Arcadia, 1900; died St Louis, 1922.
vi. Charles Richard PHAYER, born Arcadia, 1903; died 1997; married firstly, Opal NELSON; he married secondly LaVerne TUCKER.
vii. Winifred Agnes PHAYER, born Arcadia, 1905; died at Denver, Colorado, 1951.
f. Susan Johanna PHAYER, born Alton, 14 February 1863 or 1864; died at Los Angeles, 15 December 1947; married at Alton, 29 August 1887, John Patrick ROACH (born Limerick, Ireland, 1866); he died at L.A.,1939; issue 11 children, including:
i. John Joseph ROACH, born 1894.
g. Elizabeth PHAYER, born Upper Alton,15 January 1866; died at Clayton, Missouri, 11 December 1959; married Richard HEATH (died 1949); issue:
i. John HEATH, born 1902; died 1920
3. William PHAYER, baptised at St John's, Limerick, 10 April 1810. See [K] next.
4. Susannah PHAYER, born ca 1812; died 1897; married John HEAVENER, with issue.
5. Charles PHAYER, born ca 1819; probably died at Meelick, County Clare, 25 July 1879, and Registered at Limerick, September quarter 1879, aged 60 [Volume 5, page 242]; probate granted to Edward PHAYER of George Street, Limerick, Gent; said to have married Margaret POWER, with issue.
6. Jane PHAYER, born caaboutsue included (with details from Barbara PHAYRE's pedigree in her "Cromwell's Legacy"):
a. Margaret Crawford MILLER, born 23 March 1849; married in Dublin, 23 October 1872, her cousin, William PHAYER, and emigrated to Australia [see below].
b. Catherine Jane MILLER, born 7 June 1850; died Cape Town, 1935; married Richard Freeman CARMICHAEL.
c. Jessie MILLER, born 6 July 1852; died young.
d. Isabella Jessie MILLER, born 2 November 1856 (sic - perhaps in error for 1854?); died 1912.
e. Duncan Taylor MILLER, born 4 July 1856; died 1928.
f. Richard MILLER, born 1 February 1858; Midshipman, R.N.; drowned in 1874, off the coast of West Africa, 1874 (Ashanti War)
g. William Phayer MILLER, b 19 September 1859; emigrated to Australia; his wife Annie Louisa MILLER died at Geelong, 26 February 1917, mother of Louie (Mrs G.C. BROMELL), Behan and Frank.
7. Richard PHAYER, born ca 1823; Coach builder; married Margaret MULCAHY; issue included:
a. Richard PHAYER, born 13 August 1861; died on 9 October 1943; married on 4 February 1888, Bridget MAHONY (1864-1949); issue included:
i. Mary Ellen PHAYER, born 22 February 1889; married firstly, John O'CONNELL (died at Ypres, 1917); she married secondly, Thomas ROCHE.
iv. Michael Conleth PHAYER, born Limerick, 12 April 1895; emigrated to Queensland; Saddler, Kuder's Hotel, Barcaldine, Kennedy Division, 1937; enlisted in the 2nd A.I.F., at Brisbane, next-of-kin Ellen ROACH; died in Qld, 1960 #C2588, born Limerick, aged 65 (parents not recorded).
8. Thomas PHAYER, born ca 1825; Coach builder.
9. Catherine PHAYER, born ca 1827; aged 20, of Caherconlish, when married at Dromkeen, County Limerick, 28 October 1847, to Richard KEAYS of Grange (son of William KEAYS, Farmer), witnessed William KEAYS and N.L. PHAYER.

[K] William PHAYER; Coachbuilder, 58 O'Connell Street, Limerick; J.P.; resided at India Villa, Corbally, County Limerick; living 1861; had a family vault in St Munchin's, Limerick; married at St Michael's, Limerick, 20 November 1837, Ellen (or Eleanor) Lloyd MYLES; she died at 58 George Street, Limerick, 24 July 1879, aged 61; issue (with some details from Barbara PHAYRE's pedigree in her "Cromwell's Legacy"):
1. Richard Miles PHAYER, baptised at St Michael's, Limerick, 21 October 1838; emigrated to Australia; "eldest son" when he died at Ballan, 14 September 1881, aged 41 [Argus, Thursday 15 September]; probably married Mary PROUDFOOT alias KAVANAGH; she possibly died at Ballarat, 1893 #12913, aged 53 (parents Laurence KAVANAGH and Mary MURRAY or MURPHY).
2. Ellen Elizabeth PHAYER, baptised at St Michael's, Limerick, 17 November 1839; died in London, 1919; as Elizabeth, married at Parteen Church, 25 June 1857, Dr Edward Canny RYALL, H.M.'s 86th Regiment [Limerick Chronicle]; he died in July 1880; issue:
a. Edward Canny RYALL, born Queen's County, 1865; died London, 1934.
b. William Phayer RYALL, born Isle of Wight, 1867.
c. Charles RYALL, born Isle of Wight, 1870.
d. Alice Maude May RYALL, born Kilkee, County Clare, 1872.
e. Kathleen Ethel RYALL, born 1874.
3. Catherine (Kate) Jane PHAYER, born ca 1841; 2nd daughter; married firstly, St Patrick's, Clare, 29 April 1861, Robert CRUISE; he died at Hartstronge Street, Limerick, 11 March 1862; she married secondly, at St Thomas's C.of I., Dublin, 18 June 1867, Albert John BEARDSHAW.
4. Anna Maria PHAYER, born 13 January 1843; as the 3rd daughter, married at St George's Cathedral, Cape Town, 27 December 1866, R. A. ZEEDERBERGH, Esq, M.D., eldest son of R.A. ZEEDERBERGH, Merchant in Cape Town [Limerick Chronicle].
5. William PHAYER, born Limerick, 30 April 1844; went to Australia, probably arriving in Melbourne in December 1872 on the ship "Marpesia" with wife Margaret; settled at Foster, Gippsland, Vic; died at Foster, Vic, 23 July 1896 #5970, aged 52 (parents named).

Image: The PHAYER plot in Foster Cemetery.

William married in Dublin, 23 October 1872, his cousin Margaret Crawford MILLER; she died at the residence of her daughter (Mrs Jessie CHEATLE), 90 Molesworth Street, North Melbourne, on 13 September 1940 #9309, aged 91 (parents Richard and Jane MILLER); issue:

a. William Richard PHAYER, born Foster, Vic, 1874; died at Dandenong, 3 August 1945, aged 71, late of Dunblane Road, Noble Park; married 1902 #2509, Violet TWITE; she died at Brunswick, May 1935 #3671 (parents George TWITE and Jane WARREN); issue:
i. Dorothy (Doris) Margaret Isabella PHAYER, born Vic, 1903 #3297; married SMITH.
b. Alice Maude PHAYER, born Vic ca 1876; died Foster, 1877 #1448, aged 1, and buried in the family plot in foster Cemetery [M.I.].
c. Edward Charles PHAYER, born Foster, 1878; died Fitzroy, Vic, 23 June 1936 #6311, aged 58; married 1909 #5215, Margaret Isabella Mary SCOTT; she died at Box Hill, Vic, 1954 #6994 (parents Isaac St SCOTT and Mary Ann FLINN); issue:
i. Edward PHAYER.
ii. Kathleen PHAYER.
iii. Dulcie PHAYER.
iv. Ronald PHAYER.
d. Richard Carmichael PHAYER, born Foster, 1881; died at Foster, 1888 #9476, and buried in the family plot at Foster Cemetery [M.I.].
e. Margaret Beatrice PHAYER, born Foster, 1883, a twin; died 1901 #1711, aged 17.
f. Mary Ethel PHAYRE, born Foster, 1883, the other twin; died 1966; died at Cambrian Hill, Vic, 1966 #25591, aged 85 (parents named); married Vic, 1905 #3254, Joseph Francis ANDERSON; issue:
i. James Shields ANDERSON, born Carlton, 1905 #9106; died Preston, Vic, 1960 #34982, aged 55 (parents named).

:::: ii. Reginald Francis ANDERSON, born Toorak, Vic, 1909 #6830; died Crel, Vic, 1979 #18322, aged 70 (parents named).

g. Kathleen Jane PHAYER, born Foster, 1886; died at Foster, 1899 #5785, aged 12 (parents named).
h. Vivian Charles, born Foster, 1886; died 1958; of Yea, when married on 14 January 1915 #1324, to Henrietta Joan RAMSAY [Toora and Welshpool --- and South Gippsland Observer, Fri 5 Feb].
j. Jessie PHAYER, born ca 1890; at 90 Molesworth Street, North Melbourne, 1937 to 1954; died at Kew, Vic, 1962 #21985, aged 71 (parents named); married ca 1935, Simeon CHEATLE; he died at 90 Molesworth Street, North Melbourne, 25 October 1945 (parents Simeon CHEATLE Senior and Elizabeth Ann MUDGE).
k. Eileen PHAYER, born ca 1895; living September 1940; died Vic, 1986, aged 91; married Loftus Algie STEWART, with issue.
m. Dorothea PHAYER, born ca 1902; unmarried, with mother, 1915; died at Dandenong, 1949 #18355, aged 46 (parents named).
6. Henrietta PHAYER, born 16 April 1847; probably died at Kilkenny, December quarter 1920, aged 73 [Volume 3, page 289]; 4th daughter, married at St Paul's, Cork, November 1870, Edward DUNPHY of Cork; they were at Quarrylands, Rural Kilkenny, 1901 Census, both aged 54, with three children; ditto 1911, aged 63, with daughter, married 40 years with twelve children surviving from thirteen born; issue:
a. (child), born Kilkenny, 8 October 1871.
b. (child), born Kilkenny, 18 December 1872.
c. Edward Garnett DUNPHY, born Kilkenny, 23 Mqr 1874.
d. Charles William Phayre DUNPHY; died at Mount Sion, Kilkenny, 27 January 1876, an infant. Perhaps one of (a) or (b)?
e. Christina DUNPHY, born County Kilkenny, ca 1878; aged 13, with parents, 1901 Census.
f. Frederick DUNPHY, born Kilkenny, 13 September 1879.
g. Victor DUNPHY, born County Kilkenny, ca 1882; aged 18, with parents, 1901 Census.
h. Eileen DUNPHY, born County Kilkenny, ca 1884; aged 26, with parents, 1911 Census.
j. Henry DUNPHY, born County Kilkenny, ca 1886; aged 14, with parents, 1901 Census.
7. Rebecca PHAYER, born 25 October 1848; died at Indiaville, 8 February 1862, aged 13.
8. Thomas PHAYER, born 17 April 1850; emigrated to Victoria; at Echuca, 1881, a Steam-boat hand on the vessel "Tyro" under Capt HANSEN (engaged on it in 1880), when he gave evidence in a slander trial brought on by a passenger against HANSEN; eventually settled in Mildura, as a Carter; entered his "cottage garden" at Orange Avenue in the Mildura Garden Competition, December 1890; his house in Orange Avenue caught fire in December 1909, destroying the interior and contents; married at Wentworth, N.S.W., 1885 #7409, Isabella HUSSEY; she died at South Melbourne, 1928 #2852, aged 63 (parents Henry HUSSEY and Sarah ASHWORTH); issue:

::: a. Flor. Mary PHAYER, born Vic, 1891 #25682.

::: b. William Henry PHAYER, born Vic, 1893 #5963; enlisted in the A.I.F., 9 August 1915, aged 22 yrs 8 mos, Coach Driver; Served in France with the 6th Infantry Battalion; wounded in France, 25 July 1916; returned to Australia, 4 May 1917, on H.M.A.T. Runic, and discharged on 13 August 1917; Farmer at Caldermeade, 1931; Farmer, Lang Lang, 1936; Farmer, Koo-Wee-Rup, 1949; at 1 Hemming Street, Dandenong, 1963; he died at Dandenong, 1964 #16456, aged 71 (parents named); probably married Alice Hilda (she was with him, Home Duties, 1931-1963); possible issue:

i. John Charles PHAIRE, born Melbourne, 17 May 1918; enlisted in the 2nd A.I.F., in the field in Qld, next-of-kin Alice PHAYER.
c. Charles Ashworth PHAYER, born Vic, 1895 #14408; enlisted in the A.I.F., 14 October 1914, aged 19, Horse driver; embarked in Melbourne, 13 April 1915, on H.M.A.T. Wiltshire; and served with the 4th Regt, 9th Light Horse, at Gallipoli (May to November 1915); returned to Australia from Suez, January 1916 and discharged June 1916; Member of the Melbourne Harbour Trust, 1939; wide experience in the Milk Industry; Managing Director of the Longwarry Butter Factory Coy; Office Bearer, Victorian Branch, United Country Party; died at his residence, 199 Lennox Street, Richmond, 24 August 1948 #9311, aged 53, and cremated at Fawkner Crematorium, 26 August (Methodist); married Vic, 1916 #5614, Catherine Theresa McHUGH; issue five sons and two daughters surviving, including:
i. Reginald Ashworth PHAYER, born Whittlesea, Vic, 14 January 1917; enlisted in the 2nd A.I.F. at Warrugul, next-of-kin Charles PHAYER, SN V42241; at 24 Bridge Street, Noble Park, 1963, with probable wife Clara Iris.
d. Ellen PHAYER, born Vic, 1897 #13045.
e. Reginald Myles PHAYER, born Vic, 1898 #20759; Private, A.I.F., enlisted at Mildura, 2 May 1916, Shop Assistant, aged 18 yrs 1 mo; embarked at Melbourne, 16 August 1916, on the R.M.S. Orontes; served with 38th Infantry Battalion, Western Front; killed-in-action at Messines, Belgium, 7 or 9 June 1917, aged 18 years and 10 months.
f. Thomas Vivian PHAYER, born Vic, 1901 #13037; died Fran., Vic, 1978 #10463, aged 77 (parents named).
g. Nora PHAYRE, born Vic, 1903 #27494; as Noreen Louise DAKIS, died at Mildura, 1980 #25001, aged 77 (parents named).
h. Keith PHAYER, born Vic, 1906 #12527; died aged 1 day.
9. Susannah PHAYER, born 2 September 1851; probate granted 30 July 1888; married in 1880, Arthur BEECHWOOD [Barbara PHAYRE's pedigree]; issue included:

::: a. Arthur William BEECHWOOD, born Dublin, 29 December 1880.

10. Alice Maude (Mary) PHAYER, born 11 October 1852; "...younger daughter" when she died at her father's residence, India Villa, Corbally, 11 December 1871, aged 19 [Limerick Chronicle, 12 Dec].
11. Charles PHAYER, b ca 1855; died at Corbally, 29 December 1874 [Barbara PHAYRE's pedigree].
12. Edward Canny PHAYER, born at Corbally, 3 June 1858 [Limerick Chronicle]; went to South Africa; died at Orange Free State, 9 November 1882.

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