Church of All Saints. Knapwell

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This page is used by the Cambridgeshire Cemeteries Team to track their progress in documenting the final resting place of people buried in cemeteries across the state.

Photograph Grave number Name Transcription
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-1.jpg 1 Eliza Banks PEACE In loving memory of Eliza Banks. Died Oct 30th 1934, Aged 71 years. Saviour in thy gracious keeping, leave we here thy servant sleeping
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-2.jpg 2 Winifred Chandler In memory of Winifred Chandler 1896 - 1984
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-3.jpg 3 Ida May Shaw Ida May Shaw Died 23rd Oct 2000 Aged 91 years
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-4.jpg 4 James Herbert Elmer In loving memory James Herbert Elmer, the beloved child of William and Mary Elmer of Knapwell Wood who died 23rd September 1875. Aged 6 years and 5 months. He is not dead ...?...For when with rapture wild, In our embrace we will enfold them, He will not be a child.
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-6.jpg 5 Ian Donald Gardner Ian Donald Gardner 1955 - 2005
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-7.jpg 6 Lucy Elmer In remembrance of Lucy, the beloved wife of John Elmer of Knapwell, Cambs, who departed this life Sept 18th 1876. Aged 33 years. 'Her sun has gone down while it is yet day.' Also four of their unborn children who died in their infancy.
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-8.jpg 7 Joan Banks In loving memory of Joan Banks 1912 - 2002
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-9.jpg 8 Matthew Stuart Hickling In memory of Matthew Stuart Hickling, brother of Katie. Born 11th August 1966. Died 3rd February 1990. Now at peace.
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-10.jpg 9 Katherine Mary Hickling In memory of Katherine Mary Hickling 'Katie' of New Inn Farm Knapwell. Born 23rd February 1969. Died 25th June 1980
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-11.jpg 10 Henry & Walter Gurney Henry Walter Gurner 1903- 1994. Constance Irene Gurner 1903 - 2005
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-12.jpg 11 Joyce Majorie I'anson In loving memory pf a devoted mother Joyce Majorie I'anson. Born 25th April 1920. Died 22nd February 1998
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-13.jpg 12 In loving memory In loving memory
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-14.jpg 13 John Richard Abraham In loving memory of John Richard Abraham. Born 13th May 1934. Died 4th April 1996 RIP
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-15.jpg 14 William Bellamy To the memory of William Bellamy Born 21st October 1800 and died 7th January 1844
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-16.jpg 15 Sidney James Richard In loving memory of Sidney James Richards, Cold Harbour Farm, Knapwell and Clayfield, Hilton. 11th Marc 1916 - 15th July 2002
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-17.jpg 16 Phaedra Coney In loving memory of Phaedra Coney. 20th July 1963 - 22nd January 2016 Happy, smiling, always content, loved and respected wherever she went, Always so thoughtful, loving and kind, A beautiful memory she left behind.
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-18.jpg 17 Catherine Wayman In memory of Catherine Wayman who died February 28th 1866. Aged 89 years.
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-19.jpg 18 John Wayman In memory of John Wayman who died the 27th June 1833 Aged 55 years.
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-20.jpg 19 Thomas Wayman Sacred to the memory of Thomas Wayman who departed this life Jan 30th 1846Aged 37 years
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-21.jpg 20 Joseph Mitchell In loving memory of my dear husband Joseph Mitchell who entered into rest 31st October 1902. Aged 68 years. Peace perfect peace
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-22.jpg 21a Thomas Goodley In ever loving memory of Thomas Goodley who died 14th April 1905 Aged 69 years
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-23.jpg 21b Mary Goodley Mary Goodley, wife of Thomas Goodley. Died 14th Dec 1916. Aged 79 years
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-24.jpg 21c Mabel Coates Mabel Coates, daughter of Thomas & Mary Goodley, wife of David W Coates. Died 5th January 1961 Aged 82 years.
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-25.jpg 22 Isabella Thompson In loving memory of Isabella Thompson, wife of John William Thompson who died April 22nd 1894. Aged 40 years.Also of Kathleen Marie, infant daughter of the above RIP
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-56.jpg 23 John Robert Hobart In loving memory of John Robert Hobart. Born in Yaxley Hunts, Born -August 29th 1883 - Died March 15th 1888
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-26.jpg 24 Hilda Kate Glynn In loving memory of my dear wife Hilda Kate Glynn who passed peacefully away on 23rd November 1958 in her 48th year. At peace.
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-27.jpg 25 Harriett Gronland In loving memory of our dear mother Harriett Gronland who passed peacefully away 25th Sept 1956 in her 76th Year
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-28.jpg 26 William & Lizzie Leeland In loving memory of a beloved husband and father William Leeland who died 18th November 1937 Aged 56 years. Also his wife Lizzie Anne Reunited 25th October 1957

Aged 72 years. Rest in peace .

75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-29.jpg 27 A cross Nothing
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-30.jpg 28 Charles Victor Rolt In loving memory of Charles Victor Rolt died 19th Oct 1957 Aged 71 years Resting,
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-31.jpg 29 Emma Jane Chandler In loving memory of Emma Jane Chandler who passed away March 14th 1964 Aged 80 years.
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-32.jpg 30 Annie Bath Bye Annie Bath Bye - Died January 22nd 1948 - Aged 44 years
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-57.jpg 31 Harry Harradene In memory of Harry Harradence
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-57.jpg 32 Arthur Utteridge In memory of Arthur Utteridge
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-33.jpg 33 Thomas Chapman In loving memory of our beloved wife of Thomas Chapman. Died May 12th 1926. in his 83rd year. Thy will be done
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-34.jpg 34 Emma Chapman In loving memory of Emma Chapman, beloved wife of Thomas Chapman. Died 29th May 1925 Aged 78 years. Peace perfect peace.
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-35.jpg 35 Winifred, Frederick & Emma Thompson In ever loving memory of our beloved daughter Winifred Thompson who fell asleep March 4th 1944 at the age of 46 years. Rest in Peace Also of my dear husband, Frederick Thompson who died June 20th 1963 aged 92 years. Also our beloved mother Emma Thompson who died May 2nd 1972 Aged 98 years
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-36.jpg 36 A cross No writing
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-37.jpg 37 Another cross no writing
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-38.jpg 38 Private Arthur George Johnson Private Arthur George Johnson 8449 In remembrance Age 21 23/10/1915 1st Bn Bedford Regiment Son of John and Mary Jane Johnson f 29 Elm Cottage, Knapwell Cambrs
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-39.jpg 39 Private Henry Bowles Private Henry Bowles 10874 In remembrance Age 21 20/04/1916 3rd BN Bedfordshire Regiment. Son of Mr and Mrs Bowles of 9 Cottage Knapwell. Born at Fenstanton
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-40.jpg 40 Unknown No visible writing
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-41.jpg 41 Unknown No visible writing
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-42.jpg 42 Unknown No visible writing
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-43.jpg 43 Laura & Francis Hodson In the memory of a beloved husband and father Francis William Hodson Born 1855 Died 1932 Resting where no shadow falls In perfect peace he waits us all. Also Laura Alice Hodson Died June 7th 1935 Aged 63 years. There is a link death cannot sever Love and remembrance live with us forever
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-44.jpg 44 William Martin In memory of William Martin who died in March 1869 in his 81st year
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-45.jpg 45 Rod Wayman In memory of Rod Wayman ... not sure at all
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-46.jpg 46 Emma & Herbert Eyre In loving memory of Emma Amelia, the dearly beloved wife of Herbert Eyre who passed away Nov 14th 1918 Aged 54 years. 'I will never leave thee or forsake thee.' Also her husband Herbert Eyre who died suddenly July 24th 1925 Aged 59 years. In the midst of life we are in death' Peace perfect peace.'
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-47.jpg 47 Not Known Not Legible
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-48.jpg 48 Alice Whitehead In memory of Alice Whitehead 1799
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-51.jpg 49 John Whitehead In memory of John Whitehead who died April 10th 1822
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-52.jpg 50 William Whitehead William Whitehead who died February 1817
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-54.jpg 51 In loving remembrance n loving remembrance
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-58.jpg 52 Eliza Flinders In memory of Eliza Flinders daughter of Samuel S Felix (Flix) Whitehead, who died May 7th 1828 aged 12
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-59.jpg 53 Samuel Whitehead In memory of Samuel Whitehead who departed this life November 20th 1853. Aged 71 years
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-60.jpg 54 Elizabeth Whitehead In memory of Elizabeth Whitehead who departed this life March 21st 1822 Aged 79 years
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-61.jpg 55 Mary Whitehead In memory of Mary Whitehead who departed this life March 21st 1866. Aged 80 years.
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-62.jpg 56 Sarah Whitehead In memory of Sarah Whitehead , daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Whitehead, who died January 19th 1871 Aged 54 years
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-63.jpg 57 Not Known Not known
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-64.jpg 58 Not known Nothing
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-71.jpg 59 Edith Oldroyd In loving memory of Edith, the daughter of William and Charlotte Oldroyd who died March 18th 1874 Aged 17 months
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-66.jpg 60 Not known Not known
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-67.jpg 61 Richard Wreford 'Thy will be done.' Richard John Grant Wreford 18th August 1927 - 29th June 1998. Beloved husband, father, grandfather and brother.
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-69.jpg Church A Elizabeth, John and Elizabeth Smith In memory of Elizabeth , the wife of John Smith who died November 9th 1798, Aged 61 years. Born at Elsford in Worcester Also John Smith who died April 16th 1822 Aged 82 years. Also of Elizabeth, wife of the above who died February 13th 1829 Aged 71 years. ...of Morton in Marsh in Gloucestershire... round the world, round and round, ...
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-70.jpg Church B Ellen Cozen Here Liythy body of Ellen. y truly loving and beloved wife of John Cozen of Elswort
75px-Church_of_All_Saints_Knapwell-72.jpg Church C Rev Martin & Frances Mayson Beneath this stone lies the remains of Reverend Martin Mayson, 23 years rector of this parish who died August 5th 1856 Aged 57 years. Also near this spot lie the remains of Charlotte Frances A A Mayson , daughter of the above abd Frances Amelia his wife, who died August 9th 1843 Aged 1 year and 11 months
Photograph Grave number Name Transcription

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