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Cindy Hanrahan To-Do List

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Name Birth Notes
Allsen, Alveda (Ring) 1884-05-06 to-do
Andersson, Jonas 1753-05-07 to-do
Baldauf, Marjorie Mary 1930-00-00 to-do
Baldauf, Bertha Jean 1931-00-00 to-do
Baldauf, Daniel Eugene 1935-00-00 to-do
Baldauf, Josemay Elsie 1938-00-00 to-do
Bard, Adelia Josephine (Ring) 1894-02-27 to-do
Borcher, Henry 1880-00-00 to-do
Borcher, Walter H 1905-08-29 to-do
Borcher, Marvin William 1908-10-05 to-do
Borcher, Herbert 1904-00-00 to-do
Borcher, Viola Marie 1911-00-00 to-do
Borcher, Clarence 1914-07-02 to-do
Borcher, Elsie Marie (Parks) 1913-12-03 to-do
Bredemeier, Edwin Herman 1909-00-00 to-do
Buckham, Barbara Jean (Olson) 1926-00-00 to-do
Busby, Angela Anne (Sandahl) 1927-06-28 to-do
Byrne, Charles 1830-00-00 to-do
Carson, Patrick Law 1762-00-00 to-do
Carson, Margaret (O'Donoghough) 1766-00-00 to-do
Carson, Maria Engracia 1858-09-30 to-do
Carson, Anna Francisca 1860-08-05 to-do
Carson, Ellen Victoria 1863-00-00 to-do
Carson, George Henry 1865-10-26 to-do
Carson, Edward Albert 1869-07-06 to-do
Carson, Joseph Noel 1875-06-24 to-do
Carson, William 1791-00-00 to-do
Carson, Thomas 1807-03-03 to-do
Carson, John P 1826-00-00 to-do
Carson, Henry Cady 1835-12-08 to-do
Cordes, Henrick 1825-02-18 to-do
Cordes, Hermann 1858-11-01 to-do
Cordes, Elsie Katherine (Zwicky) 1890-06-28 to-do
Cordes, Leroy Henry 1914-07-18 to-do
Cordes, Carroll Gene 1923-06-06 to-do
Dixon, Lloyd M 1916-00-00 to-do
Dixon, Merlin I 1917-08-05 to-do
Dixon, Frances K 1922-08-17 to-do
Eaton, Priscilla Maxine (Sandahl) 1920-07-04 to-do
Engelken, Diedrich 1762-00-00 to-do
Engelken, Johann Cordt 1795-09-10 to-do
Engelken, Friedrich 1797-10-23 to-do
Engelken, Ernst Diederich Gottfried 1800-09-24 to-do
Engelken, Justus Hermann 1803-03-30 to-do
Engelken, Johann 1805-10-14 to-do
Engelken, Conrad 1811-07-30 to-do
Engelken, Justus 1746-00-00 to-do
Engelken, Anna Catharina (Hops) 1742-03-02 to-do
Fischer, William 1835-00-00 to-do
Fischer, Heinrich 1837-05-10 to-do
Fischer, William August 1915-00-00 to-do
Fischer, Helen 1918-00-00 to-do
Fischer, Dorothy 1919-00-00 to-do
Focht, Edna Ruth (Persons) 1880-03-22 to-do
Fuller, John Boyd 1895-01-13 to-do
Hamann, Magdalena Maria (Moeller) 1859-00-00 to-do
Hanrahan, Unlisted to-do
Hanrahan, John Charles 1906-01-29 to-do
Hanrahan, Ruth M (Brown) 1940-00-00 to-do
Hanrahan, Daniel 1830-00-00 to-do
Hanrahan, Bridget (Burke) 1830-00-00 to-do
Heitshusen, Alma Helena (Meyer) 1904-08-23 to-do
Holsten, Gesche 1833-10-18 to-do
Holsten, Hermann 1835-10-18 to-do
Holsten, Johann Hinrich 1844-10-11 to-do
Holsten, Johann Conrad 1846-07-21 to-do
Holsten, Maria 1849-03-08 to-do
Holsten, Anna Catharina 1851-02-24 to-do
Hugelman, Vivienne Elaine (Sandahl) 1916-08-03 to-do
Hypse, Ernest Emanuel 1885-05-04 to-do
Inman, Margaret Annette (Hypse) 1914-00-00 to-do
Jensen, Emma Katherine (Moeller) 1882-00-00 to-do
Johannesdotter, Maria 1855-12-17 to-do
Johannesson, Anders Johan John 1858-05-17 to-do
Johnson, Selma Olivia (Nelson) 1869-04-27 to-do
Johnson, Anna Viola 1895-03-05 to-do
Johnson, Oliver Laurence 1898-06-00 to-do
Johnson, Arvid Eldor Nathaniel 1904-04-04 to-do
Johnson, Ida 1871-06-21 to-do
Johnson, Emma Josephine 1874-08-11 to-do
Jonsdotter, Lisa Kasja 1792-04-17 to-do
Jonsson, Zachris 1785-06-17 to-do
Jonsson, Petrus 1779-11-12 to-do
Kipp, Adelbert Romain 1896-12-05 to-do
Kipp, Sharon Lee 1932-09-02 to-do
Knieriem, Sophia Margaret (Cordes) 1885-12-16 to-do
Knieriem, Arthur Joseph 1885-10-10 to-do
Knieriem, Erwin H 1907-06-28 to-do
Lahmann, Gladys Margarethe (Hilbers) 1912-09-18 to-do
Lamberty, Marcella (Cordes) 1921-03-26 to-do
Lamberty, Raymond 1921-00-00 to-do
Lee, Lorraine Mae (Walberg) 1923-11-22 to-do
Lindstrom, Melinda Charlotte (Ring) 1891-12-01 to-do
Lindstrom, Reuben L 1889-00-00 to-do
Lindstrom, Albert Leonard 1921-08-08 to-do
Liston, Alice (Meyer) 1907-03-08 to-do
Malmberg, Arvid Nathaneal 1887-00-00 to-do
McGinn, Charles 1861-00-00 to-do
Mensching, Caroline C (Fischer) 1887-09-22 to-do
Mensching, George Frank 1877-00-00 to-do
Meyer, Anna (Garms) 1807-04-23 to-do
Meyer, Johann Heinrich 1829-09-27 to-do
Meyer, Johann Hermann 1833-09-25 to-do
Meyer, Anna Christine 1844-03-25 to-do
Meyer, Anna Maria 1799-11-09 to-do
Meyer, Henriette Margarete 1802-03-01 to-do
Meyer, Johann Hinrich 1808-07-21 to-do
Meyer, Johann 1811-07-18 to-do
Meyer, Gesche Margaretha 1814-02-06 to-do
Meyer, Doris Gesine Margarete 1817-04-13 to-do
Meyer, Heinrich Christopher 1855-12-20 to-do
Meyer, Meta J 1884-07-21 to-do
Meyer, Anna 1885-07-28 to-do
Meyer, George Henry 1887-07-27 to-do
Meyer, Mary (Hilbers) 1871-06-04 to-do
Meyer, Johann Diedrich 1893-02-27 to-do
Meyer, Arthur Christopher 1902-04-09 to-do
Meyer, Henry Martin 1905-10-03 to-do
Meyer, Emil George 1911-10-16 to-do

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