Claggan Presbyterian cemetery inscriptions

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Claggan Presbyterian cemetery inscriptions

This page attempts to associate WikiTree profiles with headstones at the Claggan Presbyterian Churchyard.

It uses the numbering system here: Transcription of burials -- thanks to Northern Ireland Family History Society for doing this transcription.

Profiles in the transcription

IdentifierPeople mentionedNotes
Bayne 4
Elizabeth (Nerrie) Bayne (1879-1948)
Thomas Bayne (d. 20 Jan 1957)
Emily (d. 1929 age 2)
Florence (d. 1919 age 3mo)
Annie Martha (d. 1985 age 73)
William John (d. 1986 age 71)
James (d. 1998 age ?3)
Bell 5
Fred Bell (1890-1970)
Martha Jane Donaldson (Shirlow) Bell (1907-1996)
Derrywinnin (Tullyniskan)
Bell 7
Mary Ann (Shirlow) Bell (1837-1894)
James Bell (abt.1834-1903) (buried in USA)
Bell 8
Robert Bell (1878-1941)
Mary (Lees) Bell (1888-1993)
Ellen Bell (1919-1991) (their daughter)
Bell 9
William Bell (abt.1814-1898)
Rachel (Dougle) Bell (abt.1837-1917)


Black 5
Joseph Black (abt.1844-1924)
Elizabeth Black (abt.1851-1926) (wife)
Joseph Black (1878-1941) (son)
Mary Elizabeth Black (1885-1972) (daughter)
Bradford 1
Ramsay Bradford (abt.1843-1901)
Elizabeth (Reid) Bradford (abt.1845-1922)
(daughter) Mary Bradford (1875-1899)
(son) Robert Bradford (1871-1893)
(son) John Ramsay Bradford (1884-1960)
(John's wife) Sarah Elizabeth
(their children) James Alfred
Margaret Adamson
Margaret Elizabeth
(Bradford) Marshall 1
William Bradford (1868-1903)
Sarah Jane (Crooks) Compton (1882-1977) (note incorrect death age transcription)
Bradford 2
James Bradford (1877-1955)
Margaret Forrest Barker (abt.1877-1971)
Bradwen-Jones 1
William Wynne Bradwen-Jones (abt.1894-1983)
(his father) Captain William James Bradwen-Jones (abt.1854-1909)
(his wife) Dorothea Kathleen (Crooks) Bradwen-Jones (1901-)
(his wife's father) Alexander Crooks (1870-1943)
(his wife's mother) Anna Rose (Graham) Crooks (bef.1878-1960)
Browne 1
Robert Brown (1865-)
Mary (Watson) Brown (abt.1862-1927)
Thomas Wesley Brown (abt.1900-1913)
John Alexander Browne (d. 2?.5.1886)
George Browne d. 7.3.1905
Claggan, Derryloran
Campton 2
Annie Campton (abt.1842-1900)
Campton 3
Samuel Campton (abt.1851-1929)
Campton 5
William Harkley Campton (1913-1998)
Campton 5
James Campton (1920-1998)
Campton 3
Samuel (d. 3 Jun 1929)
Anne Jane (Purvis) Campton (abt.1848-1932) (not on the transcription, but her news clipping says she was buried with her husband).
Clagan, Lissan
Campton 4
Samuel Golden Campton (abt.1852-1929)
Margaret Campton (abt.1850-)
(their son) Andrew Goulden Campton (1890-1910)
(their son) Richard Samuel Campton (1893-1961)
Crooks 1
Robert Crooks (abt.1803-1866)
Esther (Unknown) Crooks (abt.1803-1895)
Crooks 2
James Crooks (abt.1828-1915)
Mary Ann (Bell) Crooks (abt.1832-1906)
(son) Joseph Crooks (1875-1877)
(dau) Rachel Crooks (1868-1883)
(son) Robert Crooks (abt.1855-1888)
(granddau) Florence Eveyln (Crooks) Smyth (1904-1927)
Baby of Florence, died same day
Crooks 3

Might be Archie Crooks and May Hogg, both died 1994.

Crooks 6
Robert Crooks (1918-2001)
Crooks 7
George Herbert Crooks (1897-1988)
Hazel A (McClatchey) Crooks (abt.1915-abt.1981)
Crooks 8
Thomas John Crooks (abt.1887-1972)
Sarah Jane (Wylie) Crooks (abt.1891-1979)
Smyth Crooks (1922-1984)
Crooks 10
Sarah Ann (Creighton) Crooks (1879-1918)
David Crooks (1873-1960) (bur. England)
(son of the above) George Crooks (1917-1997)
(David's brother) Richard Crooks (1879-1970) (bur. NZ)
(Richard's 1st wife) Mary Jane (Shirlow) Crooks (1880-1909)
(Richard's 2nd wife) Sarah (Lennox) Crooks (1886-1924)
(dau) Margaret Crooks (1910-1911)
Crooks 11
William Crooks Jr (1873-1950)
Annie Collins Weir (1886-1964)
Crooks 13
William Crooks (abt.1838-1903)
Esther Crooks (abt.1840-1919)
(son) David Crooks (1865-1880) (note incorrect death date on transcription)
(son) James Crooks (abt.1862-1880)
(son) Robert Crooks (1870-1890)
(daughter) Mary Jane Crooks (abt.1861-1954)
Crooks 14
Robert Crooks (1823-1901)
Mary (Unknown) Crooks (abt.1820-1893)
David Crooks (abt.1846-abt.1872)
James Crooks (abt.1853-1901)
Mary Crooks (abt.1847-1908)
Erected by Robert Crooks (abt.1862-), and sibings Martha, Jane and Eliza.
Dale 1
illegible, probably Thomas Dale (abt.1808-1887)
Margaret (Unknown) Dale (abt.1814-1904)
Robert Thomas Dale (abt.1860-1927) (age 67 on civil registration, 68 on headstone)
Annie (Sampson) Dale (abt.1857-abt.1926)
Mabuoy House
Dale 2
Thomas James Dale (1890-)
? ? Boyd
Donaghy 2
John Donaghy (abt.1841-abt.1919)
Charlotte (McGarvey) Donaghy (abt.1840-1914)
John Thomas Donaghy (abt.1874-1957)
Mabuoy, Unagh
Harkley 1
Smyth Hartley (abt.1795-1885)
Margaret (Unknown) Hartley (-1881)
Harkness 2
Alfred Benjamin Harkness (1921-abt.1992)
Harkness 3
Mervyn Cooper Harkness (abt.1911-1988)
Ida Georgina (Unknown) Harkness (abt.1921-2000)
Harkness 5
James Harkness (1869-1955)
Rachel (Black) Harkness (abt.1880-1960)
John Stewart Harkness (1914-1993)
Thomas Fleming Harkness (1905-abt.1995)
Harkness 6
Joseph Harkness (1901-1973)
Dorothy Evelyn (Campton) Harkness (1906-1986)
Trevor Winston Harkness (abt.1948-1985)
Jean Harkness (abt. 1940-2009)
Henry 1
Thomas John Henry (1916-2005)
Irene (Unknown) Henry (abt.1930-2002)
Henry 2
David Henry (1872-1932)
Sarah Jane (Leacock) Henry (1886-1962)
David James Henry (bef.1932-1995)
Bell 6 (Lees)
William Lees (1893-1965)
Mary Lees (d 28 Jan 1961 age 82(?).
Olive Lees d 24 Jan 1982 age 54.
Lees 2 (Lees/Wilson)
William Lees (abt.1851-1911)
Margaret Jane (Wilson) Lees (abt.1851-abt.1949)
Harkness 8 (Martin)
William John Martin (1898-1957)
Iris Winifred (Shaw) Martin (1911-2000)
Samuel d.1945
Marks 1
Hugh Marks (1876-1950)
Martin 1
William Martin (abt.1829-1875)
Mary (Harkness) Martin (bef.1838-1894)
James Martin (abt.1864-1938)
Sarah Margaret (Weir) Martin (1876-abt.1960)
Maxwell 1
Martha Maxwell (1881-1965)
Maxwell 2
Eliza (Sampson) Maxwell (1837-1909)
Maria Maxwell (1867-1867)
Sarah Maxwell (1876-) (year not transcribed)
Jennie "dies June 1867" - not sure who this is
William Robert Maxwell (1871-1918)
Robert Maxwell (abt.1838-1923)
Susan Maxwell (1868-1959)

(several transcription errors here)

Maxwell 3
James Maxwell (1847-1916)
Hugh Maxwell (1877-1906), died accidentally in Scotland
Mary Ann (Shaw) Maxwell (abt.1850-1923)
John Maxwell (1892-1937), died Belfast
William Maxwell (1894-1952), died Montreal
Alexander Maxwell (1873-1954)
Margaret (Macdonald) Maxwell (abt.1874-1938)
Robert Maxwell (1910-1920)
Dunmore et al.
Stirrup 1 (Maxwell)
William James Maxwell (1914-1997)
Anne Eleanor (Marks) Maxwell (1912-1995)
Mitchell 2
Thomas Mitchell (1882-1969)
Mary Ann Eliza (Crooks) Mitchell (1889-1976)
David Mitchell (1914-1964) (their son)
William Hartley Mitchell (1910-1970) (their son)
Thomas John Mitchell (1911-1987) (their son)
Ellen Mitchell (1913-1974) (their daughter)
Mary Elizabeth (Shepherd) Mitchell (1919-1966) (their daughter-in-law)
Mitchell 4
David Mitchell (abt.1856-1933)
Annie (Glasgow) Mitchell (abt.1863-abt.1927) (his wife)
Alexander Mitchell (1883-1884) (their son, died in infancy)
Annie Caroline (Mitchell) Shirlow (1890-1910) (their daughter)
Samuel Mitchell (1895-1962) (their son)
Mary (Crooks) Mitchell (-1984) (Samuel's wife)
Nelson 1
William Nelson (abt.1823-1902)
Mary Jane (Unknown) Nelson (abt.1824-abt.1907)
Knockadoo (ex. Antrim)
Nerrie 1
Esther (Crooks) Nerrie (1867-1943)
Otterson 1
William Otterson (1911-1976)
Dorothy (Unknown) Otterson (abt.1917-1994)
Reid 1
James Reid (abt.1824-1893)
Jane (Black) Reid (abt.1821-1902)
Agnes Reid (abt.1847-1913)
Amelia Reid (abt.1859-1881)
Mary Jane (Reid) McCrea (1851-1911)
Margaret Reid (abt.1849-1925)
Joseph Reid (bef.1861-1861)
Sarah S Reid (abt.1855-1932)
William John Reid (abt.1855-1938)
Elizabeth Reid (abt.1852-1933)
Martha (Reid) Thomas (bef.1864-1939)
Sampson 1
Arthur Sampson (abt.1804-1882)
Nancy (Unknown) Sampson (abt.1809-1896), his wife
Robert Sampson (abt.1850-1879)
James Sampson (abt.1851-1918)
Susan (Sampson) Boone (abt.1844-1932)
Shaw 1
Nancy (Crooks) Shaw (1867-1946) - note incorrect age at death
Weir 1
Henry Alfred Weir (1914-1980)
his wife Elizabeth, d. 23 May 1993 age 75.
Wylie 1
John Wylie (abt.1793-1875)
Sarah (Unknown) Wylie (abt.1799-1885)
William John Wylie (abt.1835-1913)
Wylie 3
Jane (Glendinning) Wylie (abt.1799-1877)
Elizabeth Wylie (abt.1827-1892), Jane's daughter
Isabella Wylie (abt.1835-1885), Jane's daughter

Other headstones not in the transcription

See photos attached to this Space.


Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM SAMPSON of Ballybriest who departed this life February 20th 1863 aged 23 years.

Profiles not in the transcription

The following profiles have citations as being in the cemetery (mostly from obituaries in the Mid-Ulster Mail), but do not seem to be in the transcription:

Other burials

Rootsireland has one more burial that wasn't in the NIFHS transcription:

  • A76 Ann Bell died 10 May 1870 age 59. The matching civil record (via RI) gives her was farmer's wife of Dunmore, informed by Robert Bell, Dunmore. (Note - it mis-transcribes Dunmore as Dunman).

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