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Welcome to Clan Colville

Clan Colville Team
Team Leader Joelle Colville-Hanson
Team Members

Clan Chief: Charles Mark Townsend Colville, 5th Vicount Colville of Culross. Chief of Clan Colville. Succeeded his father in 2010.
Motto: Oblier ne puis (I cannot forget)
Region: Ayrshire
Historic Seat: Kinnaird
Crest: A hind’s head couped at the neck

Team Goals

The focus of this team's work is to identify, improve and maintain profiles associated with the Lairds and Chiefs of Clan Colville together with members bearing the name Colville, the related families and those recognised as septs of Clan Colville.

Team To Do List

This list will be developed by the Team. If you are working on a specific task, please list it here:

  • promoting the entries of those bearing the name Colville on Wikitree.
  • ensuring entries appearing on Wikitree are as accurate as possible, correcting mistakes once spotted.
  • encouraging interest in and study of Clan Colville.

Clan History

Origins of the Clan

The name Colville is probably of Norman origins. Colleville-sur-Mer was a farm owned by a Viking settler in Normandy in the Middle Ages. When the Normans invaded England Gilbert de Colleville was given lands in England. Clan Colville in Scotland and the Barony de Colville, of Castle Bytham in England came from this family. [1]

The first recorded Colville in Scotland was Phillip de Colville. He was a hostage sent for the release of William the Lion under the Treaty of Falaise. Phillip was also granted the baronies of Oxnam and Hecton in Roxburghshire as well as lands in Ayrshire.[2]

Colville Clan Map

The traditional seat for Clan Colville was in Kinnard where they built a castle. In 1449 Sir Richard Colville killed John Auchinleck and in retribution Clan Douglas attacked and took over the castle.

After that the Colvilles moved their seat and settled at Culcross House.

Lowland vs. Highland Clans

Clan Colville is a lowland clan. Lowland clans seem to have functioned differently than highland clans. When you read about the history of highland clans you learn how they made alliances, fought and functioned corporately as a clan. When you research Clan Colville you will come up with individuals. This is common to most lowland clans.

The Norman origins of the Colvilles as opposed to the more kinship based Gaelic culture also probably plays into why Colvilles do not resemble a traditional highland clan.

Lords Colville of Culross (1604)

Barons Colville of Culross (1885)

  • Charles John Colville, 1st Baron Colville of Culross (1885–1903) (elevated to Viscount Colville of Culross in 1902)

Viscounts Colville of Culross (1902)

The heir presumptive is the present holder's brother the Hon. Richmond James Innys Colville (b. 1961)

Allied Clans

Rival Clans

Clan Douglas


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