Clann Choinnich (the Mackenzies)

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The following tags are used by Clan Mackenzie: MACKENZIE / MCKENZIE.
You don't have to be a team member to follow a TAG, anyone can. If you do want to follow us. Enter the MacKenzie tag here to receive all notifications related to the surname Mackenzie.


Greetings and a warm welcome to Clan Mackenzie

Clan Summary
Clan Chief John Ruaridh Grant Mackenzie, Baron Castlehaven, Baron MacLeod of Castle Leod, 5th Earl of Cromartie
Crest A mount in flames
Motto Luceo non uro - in English means - I shine, not burn.
Slogan/War Cry Tùlach Àrd
Region Kintail, Ross-shire / Ross and Cromarty
Seat Castle Leod, Strathpeffer - Mid Ross.
Historic Seat Eilean Donan Castle. Island of Donnán. Kyle of Lochalsh.
Plant Badge Variegated Holly.
Pipe Music
Gaelic name Maccoinneach [ˈkʰl̪ˠãũn̪ˠ ˈxɤɲɪç] pronounced machk coen-yeech
Recognised names Mac is gaelic for "son" (with "nic" for "daughter"). Mc & M' are recognised abbreviations for "Mac", therefore, "MacKenzie", "Mckenzie", "McKenzie", and "M'kenzie" are all correct examples of the name. Mackenzie (is preferred usage). We encourage uniformity when we can, the spelling recognized as "correct" is that used by the individual with the name.
Names associated with the clan
To see our History and Traditions, please click here: Clan Mackenzie: History and Traditions

Contact Us

If you find an error on this page or would like to join the greatest Team on Wikitree, then please leave a message in the comments section, or post about wanting to join Clan Mackenzie in G2G using the Mackenzie tag.

The Rigmarole


Our focus is to identify, improve and maintain profiles associated with the Lairds and Chiefs of Clan Mackenzie together with members bearing the name Mackenzie, their related families, their descendants, and those recognised as septs of Clan Mackenzie.
The team will work on any Mackenzie family that can trace their roots back to Scotland, regardless of where they've found themselves in the world.
Ensuring entries appearing on Wikitree are as accurate as possible.
To maintain and promote awareness and the study of Clan Mackenzie.

Clan Team

Clan Mackenzie Team
Team Leader TBD
Team Members Andrew Ross, Mark Sutherland-Fisher, Jayzen Bennetts, Rosemary Maclean, Harriet Burns
Any improvements you can make to the profiles of our Mackenzie ancestors are welcome.

Prerequisites and requirements

A warm thanks to everyone who wants to be part of this team.
All existing and would be members of Clan Mackenzie MUST be active members of the Scotland Project. To join the Scotland Project, Click Here
  • Recommended, but not required. Pre-1500 certified.

Choosing Profiles to work on

Initially we would like to focus much of our effort on existing profiles with inadequate sourcing or questionable relationships, and on profiles where the biography needs substantial improvement. Over time we would like to build up a list of profiles that need attention, using Maintenance Categories. Please help to identify them, and send details to the team leader.
Once you have developed and improved a profile, or while you are doing this, you may want to tackle other members of the family. It can be productive to work on a set of related people for whom some of the sources are the same.
Some members may want to work on a cadet family, or exclusively on Chiefs, Lairds, etc of Clan Mackenzie, or focus mainly on the Fighting men. If you have a specific focus, please tell the team leader.
To Do List
Garner more members.
Some Mackenzie profiles that need a little love.
Add [[Category:Scottish_Clan_Chiefs]] to profiles of current and historic Mackenzie Clan Chiefs.
Replace and remove Trib_s_Filing_Cabinet-48.png from profiles with the correct image Scotland_-_Clan_Tartans-91.jpg
Create a list of needed Mackenzie-related categories. Branches/Cadets. Titles. Septs. Maintenace tasks. * Obtain accurate complete list of Branches.
Clan Mackenzie History Background space requires additional research and editing.
Pre-1500 profiles. Most if not all the Mackenzie profiles need an overhaul. LNAB corrected. Biographies. Stickers. Background images. Sucession boxes where needed. Sources cleaned up / added.

Mundane Ongoing Tasks
Merge all duplicates into the final lowest profile ID number.
Add appropriate Mackenzie-related stickers to profiles.
Add [[Category:Clan Mackenzie]] to profiles bearing the name Mackenzie on Wikitree, where they can be traced back to Scotland.
Add maintenance categories to profiles that are orphaned, need research, need sources, etc. as needed. Allows profiles to be easily found through the maintenance categories.
Work through maintenance categories to improve existing profiles.
Clean biographies of Mackenzie profiles, removing GEDCOM junk, large copied-and-pasted blocks of text, etc.
Add Template:Succession to Lairds, Earl, etc
Locate disconnected Mackenzie profiles and connect them to the big tree.

Research Challenges - Unsolved Mysteries

These are for the more advanced genealogist or those looking for a serious challenge.
Lost Children of Clan Mackenzie
Of whom there is no trace
Where did I come from?

Potential Maintenance Categories

Mackenzie, Conflated Profile
Mackenize Family Brick Walls
Mackenzie, Incorrect LNAB
Mackenzie Lines That Need Work
Mackenzie, Need Adoption Template
Mackenize, Needs Attention
Mackenzie, Needs Biography
Mackenzie, Needs Birth Record
Mackenzie, Needs Burial Record
Mackenzie, Needs Connection
Mackenzie, Needs Church Records
Mackenzie, Needs Death Record
Mackenzie, Needs Footnotes
Mackenzie, Needs GEDCOM Cleanup
Mackenzie, Needs LNAB
Mackenzie, Needs Marriage Record
Mackenzie, Needs Merge Cleanup
Mackenzie, Needs Merging
Mackenzie, Needs More Records
Mackenzie, Needs Profiles Created
Mackenzie, Needs Research
Mackenzie, Needs Transcription
Mackenzie, Profile Improvement
Mackenzie, Profile Needs Review
Mackenize, Profiles With Incomplete Sourcing
Mackenize, Relationships Removed
Mackenzie, Serious Data Problems
Mackenzie, Uncertain Family
Mackenzie, Uncertain Existence
Mackenzie, Unlocated Profiles
Mackenzie, Uncertain Spouse
Mackenzie, Unsourced Profiles
Clan Mackenzie Septs
Clan Mackenzie Septs, Murchison
Changed Name to Mackenzie
Mackenzie Immigrants
Mackenize Immigrants to Australia
Mackenzie Immigrants to the United States
Mackenzie Intermarriage ~~ Research notes explain relationship.
Research From Paid Online Sources
Research From Offline Sources
Mackenzie of Kintail
Mackenze of Hilton
Mackenzie of Loggie
Mackenzie of Gairloch
Mackenzie of Shieldaig
Mackenzie of Meikle Allan
Mackenzie of Davochpollo


Direct Access to Profiles

Clan Branches

Clan Mackenzie Branches
Mackenze of Achilty Mackenzie of Allangrange Mackenzie of Applecross
Mackenzie of Ardloch Mackenzie of Ardross and Dundonnel Mackenzie of Ballone
Mackenzie of Kincraig - 1st

Belmaduthy; Berkely Square; Brae; Brea; Cleanwaters; Coul; Dailuaine; Darien; Davochmaluag; Delvine; Dolphinton; Dundonnel; Fairburn; Fawley Court and Farr; Findon and Mountgerald; Flowerburn; Gairloch; Glack; Glenbervie; Glen Muick; Groundwater; Gruinard; Highfield; Hilton; Kernsary; Kilcoy; Killichrist; Kincraig; Letterewe; Lochend; Loggie; Mornish; Mountgerald; Muirton and Meikle Scatwell; Seaforth; Ord; Pitlundie and Culbo; Portmore; Redcastle; Royston; Scatwell; Sliochd Alastair Chaim; Suddie; Tarbat; Torridon

Chiefs, Lairds and their families

Mackenzie Peerage / Non-Peerage
Earls of Cromatie Laird of Gairloch

Mackenzie Profiles

Uncertain [Family] relationships.
Unsourced [Profiles]

Generic Mackenzies

Suggestions [First 120] - [Mackenzie] [Mckenzie]
Known Unsourced Profiles - [Mackenzie] [Mckenzie]
Adopt - Mackenzie / Mckenzie profile.
Mackenzie / Mckenzie profiles that remain unconnected.


Individual Profile Pages

Team members need to adhere to the WikiTree Honour Code. [Team Guidelines]
  • Biographies should highlight the person's life, not their manner of death.
  • Appropriate sources are required.

Collaboration and Communication

While maintaining Mackenzie profiles you will come across other projects, including but not limited to:
! European Royals and Aristocrats
! Scotland Project WikiTree
! Notables
! Canada Project
It is recommended to communicate with other projects, before making changes to a profiles biography and adding or removing categories / stickers.

Scotland Project Hold Requests

Scotland Project routinely places holds on profiles that require research/attention. Profiles that currently have a Hold on them are:

Scottish Nobitility Project Holds

Roderick Mohr Mackenzie 1st of Redcastle | Team Member 2
Colonel Kenneth Mackenzie | Team Member 2

Project Mackenzie Holds

Florence "Finguala" Munro | Team Member 2

Genetic Genealogy


There is a Y-DNA project on FamilyTreeDNA for the surname Mackenzie. For more information about the Clan Mackenzie DNA Project, please contact one of the helpful project administrators at The Mackenzie Project: [Overview] page.
The WikiTree Clan Mackenzie Team has no association with this project..


These are the tests done by AncestryDNA and MyHeritage. These DNA tests can only take only ancestry back so far. They'll geneally take you back 6 to 8 generations on some lines, but not all.

Natural Children

New Space. Coming.

Contradictions and discrepancies

New Space. Coming.

Conflated Mackenzies

Monstrous Mackenzie Profiles

Spurious Mackenzie Pedigrees

Wall of Shame


△ Scottish Clans: FAQ
△ Scottish Clans: Attribution
△ WikiTree Scottish Clans Teams - Help Page
△ Clan Mackenzie: Coat of Arms & Crests
WikiTree Apps
Problems with members
Recommendations and best practices for creating and editing the text of a person profile
Estimating date / year of birth: Using "about" or "before"
Span Tags
Name Field Guidelines

Research Sources

Sources for Clan Mackenzie


These are the more useful items / stickers that are found else were on WikiTree. How to's

Estimated Dates

See Estimated Date Template.
Many of the early Mackenzie do not have primary sources for BMD dates. A reasonable or educated guess is required. The reasoning may be given in a brief statement under Research Notes.
How to:
{{Estimated Date}}
== Biography ==
{{Estimated Date}} assumes that the estimated date is a birth date. If it's a death or marriage date, or more than one date, enter one of the following:
{{Estimated Date|Death}}
{{Estimated Date|Marriage}}
{{Estimated Date|Birth and Death}}
{{Estimated Date|Birth and Marriage}}
{{Estimated Date|Death and Marriage}}
{{Estimated Date|Birth Death and Marriage}}

Clan Stickers

Template 1
The following sticker may be placed on modern profiles of those who claim allegiance to the Clan and on historical profiles of those bearing the Mackenzie surname, or any known variant spelling, where these has been no declaration of allegiance to another Clan.
... ... ... is a member of Clan Mackenzie.
{{ User Scottish Clan
| tartan = Scotland_-_Clan_Tartans-91.jpg
| clan = Clan Mackenzie
Template 2
The following sticker may be placed on profiles of Clan profile managers, researchers and anyone not belonging to Clan Mackenzie, but with an interest in the Clan due to an ancestral connection.
... ... ... has an interest in Clan Mackenzie, part of the Scottish Clans Project.
{{ User Interest Scottish Clan
|tartan = Scotland_-_Clan_Tartans-91.jpg
|clan = Clan Mackenzie

Sucession Navigation Boxes

Succesion Help or Technical Help
{{ Succession
|position1=3rd Baronet of Gairloch
|before1=[[Mackenzie-3115|Alexander Mackenzie]]
|after1=[[McKenzie-4295|Hector Mackenzie]]
3rd Baronet of Gairloch
Succeeded by
Hector Mackenzie
{{ Succession
|position1=3rd Baronet of Gairloch
|before1=[[Mackenzie-3115|Alexander Mackenzie]]
|after1=[[McKenzie-4295|Hector Mackenzie]]
3rd Baronet of Gairloch
Succeeded by
Hector Mackenzie


Scottish Clan Resource Page - Special Thanks to Billy Wallace for compiling most of these resources!!!
Special Thanks to these projects and teams. Various contents have been incorporated into this space.
Medieval Project - Germany - Choosing Profiles to work on

Scottish Clan Project Google Group

See: Google Community for a location for project members and others to comment or raise issues regarding the project. Our G2G location is the best place to post queries regarding research.

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