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The focus of this team's work is to identify, improve and maintain profiles associated with the Lairds and Chiefs of Clan Wood together with members bearing the name Wood, the related families and those recognised as septs of Clan Wood.

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Clan Chief: Joseph John Hugh Fawcett Wood of Largo, 20th Hereditary Chief of Clan Wood. Succeeded his father in 2017.

Crest: A ship under sail Proper.
Motto: Tutus in Undis (Safe amid the Waves)
Region: Lowland
District: Fife
Historic seat:Largo Castle

Image:Clan Tartans-151.jpg


Names associated

Vode. Voud, Vould, Wode, Wodes, Woid, Woode, Woods, Would

Clan Wood

Clan Wood is a Lowland Scottish clan from North Esk, Largo Bay and Angus in Scotland. The Clan has a current Chief, Joseph John Hugh Fawcett Wood of Largo, who matriculated the undifferenced Arms and Supporters of the first Chief of Clan Wood in the present line, Admiral Sir Andrew Wood of Largo in Fife. The Crest Badge for the Clan can be found on wikipedia and can be worn by a representative of the Clan.

There are two generally accepted origins of the name; a person that lived in or near a wood; and a person, a savage fighter, that modelled himself on Woden (Old English for Odin). To support the latter case, many of the prominent Wood families of eastern Scotland were known as Wod until well into the 17th Century. It is likely that there is no single source family that gave rise to all families of Wood.

Regardless of origin the modern Clan stems from the House of Wood of Largo (in Fife) founded in the 15th century by the renowned Scottish seaman, Admiral Sir Andrew Wood – “Scotland’s Nelson”. He was recognised as first Chief of the House, granted Arms, along with the Achievement of Arms possessing Supporters – two sailors holding the Shield upright - that indicate the high status of the representer’s hereditary chiefship. The Chief’s Latin motto is “Tutus in Undis” – Safe amid the Waves.

The Barony of Largo was conferred by James III in 1482, on Sir Andrew Wood, his naval commander, in recognition of his victories over the English. The estate of Largo was once the most extensive in the parish, with a mansion, Largo House, about a mile west of the church in Kirkton of Largo. The house, built in 1750, is now a ruin.

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