Cloverdale United Church Cemetery, St. Andrews, Manitoba

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Location: Cloverdale Road, St. Andrews, Manitoba, Canadamap
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This cemetery is located alongside Cloverdale United Church in the R.M. of St. Andrews, Manitoba.

The Community of Cloverdale

Cloverdale is a farming community just west of the city of Selkirk, Manitoba. If you search for it on a map, it shows up as a point at the intersection of Cloverdale Rd. and Pigeon Bluff Rd. That point is where you'll find Cloverdale United Church, and this cemetery.

Aside from farming, several common jobs can be spotted in the obituaries of many Cloverdale residents. Many of them worked for the Manitoba Rolling Mills, which opened in 1914 and was a major part of Selkirk's industry. Many also worked at the Selkirk Mental Health Centre, previously known as the Selkirk Hospital for the Insane, and before that the Manitoba Asylum for the Insane.


This cemetery was completely photographed by Lianne Lavoie on 30 July 2014. This is a complete transcription of those photos. Profile creation and research is still underway.

name born died age notes photo #
Anderson, Baby194619461
Anderson, Gordon Walter193219942
Anderson, Alice H.19041978"Beloved Wife & Mother"3
Anderson, Walter19021980"Beloved Husband & Father"4
Aime, Edith Cavell (née Clouston)1920-07-182009-09-19Sons named Ken, Doug, and Albert5
Moar, Wendy Gladys1953-051953-066
Moar, John Emmerson192219877
Clouston, Mary187919518
Clouston, James W.187719528
Smith, Frank James19131954Father9
Smith, Marjorie Evelyn19122005Mother9
Linklater, Claire Elaine1956-04-261956-05-14Daughter of Harold and Phylis10
Linklater, Harold L.1932-08-252003-06-19Married in 1953. Obituary11
Linklater, Phylis I.Still living11
Linklater, John Wm.1906198912
Linklater, Gladys V.1908198312
Linklater, C. Raymond19292002Obituary13
White, Dolly1900-03-293 weeksParents: J. and L.M. White14
White, Rexford1903-05-024 monthsParents: J. and L.M. White14
Simko, John18831958Father15
Simko, Anna18801960Mother16
Moar, Howard C. L.1927-12-051963-02-08"Beloved father"17
Clark, Alice Maud18891967Mother18
Linklater, Lawrence (Kenny)1910198219
Linklater, Noreen Mae (née Clark)19212012Obituary20
Linklater, Roberta Leslie "Bobbie"1959-01-061984-11-21Mother21
Linklater, Jesselyn Rae "Jess"1984-11-211984-11-21Only one date on stone, matching mother's death date, so mother and baby probably died in childbirth.21
Linklater, Harris1933-01-021993-10-0422
Linklater, Sarah1934-02-192006-01-15Obituary22
Wiens, Otto Jacob1924-02-092009-02-18AS/AB RCNVR23
Wiens, Clara Jean (née Linklater)1937-01-0823
Linklater, Thomas John Edward1931-04-0524
Linklater, G. Orton1912-06-081992-02-28Husband25
Linklater, Audrey L.1912-08-012007-11-16Wife. Obituary25
Massey, Julia1924198026
Massey, Willard Roy19141999Private, P.P.C.L.I.27
McRae, William W.1907-11-121988-05-29"Husband, father, & grandfather"28
McRae, Rachel E. M.1905-09-281991-01-10"Wife, mother, & grandmother"28
McRae, Florence1906-06-012000-12-1129
McRae, Duncan1897-10-181973-11-0530
Belak, Rosalia19062003"Beloved wife and mother"31
Belak, Matey19001970"Beloved husband and father"32
Linklater, Dolly R.1907198133
Linklater, Thomas M.1904196434
Moar, John R.1871196435
Moar, Margret J.1882196336
Moar, Donald1877196237
Gibson, Alan1907-10-02Can't read age on tombstone, but death record says he was 42.38
Gibson, William1835-11-091900-12-1939
Appleton, Edward R.1911197840
Appleton, Clara A.M.1911200440
Moar, Joseph A.1974-02-0456Sergeant, CDN Armoured Corps41
Moar, Martha Frieda1916-09-052007-01-29Obituary42
Moar, Lillian B.1884196343
Moar, Alexander F.1873195344
Grieve, Lawrence M.1909198045
Grieve, Ethel Ellen1893197046
Grieve, Horetta Margrete18801978"Mother"47
Grieve, George1914-03-3137 years, 7 months, 8 days48/49
Andrews, Harold Keith1936200850
Andrews, Vivien Johanna1939200850
Andrews, Harry19131993"Father"51
Andrews, Jeannette (Jessie)19171999"Mother"51
Andrews, Harry19131993Sergeant, R.C.E.52
Jenkins, Thomas William1858-05-171935-09-1853
Jenkins, Mary Jane1862194253
Jenkins, Mervin1896197854
Jenkins, Pearl1901198454
Jenkins, Tom1944-03-082004-06-20"Blacksmith & Craftsman"55
Jenkins, Nadine1939199856
Peel, Donald A.1935-02-17"153078 Private", "43rd Battn C.E.F.", "Wounded while serving in the Ypres Salient"57
Peel, Sarah Ann1849-03-251913-11-0558
Watson, William1929200359
Blair, Rose Taylor1893-03-091972-09-26"Wife of Robert B. Blair"60
Taylor, Jean Brass1856-11-261921-04-06"Wife of W.L. Taylor"61
Taylor, Wm. Lincoln1865-10-021940-08-1361
McRae, Annie W.1868195462
McRae, Malcolm1922-09-1360 years, 2 months63
Woodley, Hazel Edith1921-01-252164
Woodley, Percy1894195965
Sanders, Jane A.1877196866
Sanders, Alexander1867194867
Boyce, Helen E.1901-09-174 years, 9 months68/69
Thomson, William Newton1902-06-301961-06-2670
Thomson, Alma Elizabeth1914-03-091999-05-0170
Hoffman, August1895194571
Lillequist, Frank1902198872
Lillequist, Gladys1909198472
Stewart, Herbert G.19051959"Private, Sask L.I. C.E.F.", "L.P.F."73
Stewart, Lillian M.1925-08-081984-05-08"Mom"74
Stewart, Diane E.1941-04-102000-11-01"Daughter"74
Peel, Flora1884196975
Peel, William1884198375
Peel, Aubrey1921197876
Peel, K. Emily1922200576
Linklater, Lawrence (Larry)1946197877
Southern, Thomas1899197978
Southern, J. Margaret1904198779
Bjornson, Verlie M.1903198480
Bjornson, Sigurdur1902198480
Byron, Margaret Lorraine (née Bjornson)1929-11-252010-11-0381
Bjornson, H. George1931198982
Harriott, William Taylor19231985"Husband & Father"83
Harriott, Oddny "Audrey"19232007"Wife & Mother"83
Linklater, Thomas Alex1908-08-221988-10-0184
Linklater, Blanche Pauline1918-09-272000-07-29Obituary84
Linklater, Victoria19411994"Married July 7, 1962"85
Linklater, Keith Lee Roy19412009"Married July 7, 1962"85
Whyte, William (Bill)1937-11-022010-10-1686
Whyte, Gail1947-07-102013-10-1086
Poloski, Edward M.1936200587
Poloski, Andrew G.1940200488
Grieve, Glenn Clifford1962-12-252002-06-26"Living husband & best friend"89
Morrison, Robert1940-08-072009-08-1990
Morrison, Gail1941-04-14obituary90
Morrison, Howard1912-06-251998-02-1791
Morrison, Rosalind1911-02-101999-05-3191
Grieve, Melville1920199592
Grieve, Jean1919200592
Cox, Mary Louise1954-01-182001-08-12"Loving wife & mother"93
Peel, Elizabeth1919199094
Peel, Ross1914199094
Chernick, John1906198395
Schultz, Elaine (née McRae)1952-08-011998-04-1396
NcNish, Edward18751942"Daddy"97
Chernick, Mary1909199698
Grieve, Osborne1938193899
Grieve, Jean1909197099
Grieve, Osborne1905198199
Campbell, Jessie (Fraser)1881-05-041936-12-17100
Campbell, William C.1947-09-25101
Campbell, Alexander M. McGillvray1871-01-011958-01-30102
Morrison, Harriet (née Sanders)1871-09-011910-07-21"Wife of A.M. Morrison"103
Morrison, Angus M.18721952104
Morrison, Laurence19081918105
Clarke, Alma May19031997106
Kirton, Jeffrey Allen Wade1961-09-261986-05-11"Beloved son of Allen and Margo, beloved brother of Scott"107
Morrison, Mary Ann18891987108
Morrison, Roderick18831972109
Massey, Murray1904110
Morrison, Norman18341912111
Morrison, Isabella18401926112
Morrison, Donald18701956113
Linklater, George18841933"Father"114
Linklater, Ethel G.18851977"Mother"114
Linklater, Margary Gertrude19152000"Beloved daughter of George & Ethel", Obituary115
Murdoch, Horace M.19192002Obituary116
Murdoch, Bernice Ann19122008Obituary116
Linklater, John1958-02-2582117
Linklater, Katherine1927-05-2848117
Moar, Mary1912-05-0463"Wife of John Moar"118
Moar, J.1926-05-2885 years, 6 months119
Campbell, Alex H.120
Moar, Marion19121941121
Moar, Norman19051961122
Clouston, Annie1909-02-2335"Wife of Joseph J. Clouston"123
Clouston, Joseph1935-08-2663 years, 4 months, 16 days124
Clouston, William H.19071983125
Campbell, Malcolm J.19161942126
Doherty, William John1919-08-3118 years, 4 months"Son of W.H. and M. Doherty"127
Doherty, William18771938128
Doherty, Edward Grant1906-04-031916-04-19"Son of W.H. Y Mary Doherty"129
Doherty, Mary18611954130
Eames, Hugh Clarence1920-12-171921-09-10"Brother to Albert"131
Eames, Kathleen Elizabeth1943-05-101943-12-13"Daughter of Kathleen & Albert"131/133
Eames, Kathleen G. (née Flett)1919-09-302013-01-26131
Eames, Albert George "Cowboy"1922-07-201996-01-20131/132
Eames, Albert18851953134/135
Eames, Sadie18981972134
Clouston, John Henry18731963"Father"136
Clouston, Harriett Martha18811971"Mother"137
Clouston, Francis Wilfred19061978"Son and brother"138
Clouston, Joseph Albert1910-09-171980-10-08"Son and brother"139
Sprowl, Marten19471970"Wife Sandra & Daughter Crystal"140
Doherty, ?2006141
Craig, Linda1946142
Klagenberg, Rask Albert1937-08-141998-12-14"Born in Denmark", "Came to Canada May 1957"143
Klagenberg, Carol Elizabeth (née McRae)1940-12-272006-06-27"Born in Selkirk"143
Klagenberg, Kirk Patrick19752010144/145
Larstone, Jean1938-04-181999-08-23146
Clouston, Stewart1950-02-252003-10-27147
Clouston, Leslie1947-06-14148
Clouston, Thomas1915-10-151996-08-26149
Clouston, Margaret1925-10-272008-12-01149
Clouston, Christopher Gary1959-04-281971-10-1012"Son of John and Lenore"150
Clouston, Lenore E. (née Birston)19241996151
Clouston, John H.19191989151
Stewart, Wendy Ann (née Kirmer)1958-10-202009-06-07152
Chernick, William18771959153
Chernick, Suzan18671955153
Smith, Infant1957-08-211957-08-21"Daughter of Philip and Jean"154
Grieve, Roderick J.19391977"Loving husband & father"155
Grieve, Ernest19071966156
Grieve, Sarah19131975156
Grieve, Reginald18901951157
Dewar, Walter G.1899-10-161960-05-30"Beloved husband"158
Dewar, Jane Mary1903-07-271980-07-27"Beloved wife"159
Dewar, D.S. Stewart19242004"L.A.C.", "R.C.A.F."160
Doherty, Thomas J.1927-03-03"721770 Private", "16th Battn C.E.F."161
Doherty, John1842-09-211893-05-19162
Simons, Elizabeth Ann1900-01-1228 years, 7 months"Beloved wife of Edward G. Simons"163/164
Simons, Philip Guthrie1901-01-184 years, 8 months"their only child"163/165
Grieve, Donald Leslie1913-10-261971-10-08166
Grieve, Donald C. R.1875-111940-0465168
Grieve, Sarah18811972168
Linklater, Thomas M.1839-03-211907-04-11169
Linklater, Catherine (née Moore)18521927169
Lemm, Margaret E.18911954"Daughter"170
Linklater, Ellen Maude18841985171
Linklater, William18811955171
Fraser, John1834-01-091910-06-17172
Fraser, Janet1841-10-081920-03-31"Wife of John Fraser"173
Fraser, William1882-07-201905-09-08174
Fraser, Ester B.1875-10-101941-02-04175
Grieve, Thomas80 years, ? months, 15 days"Father"176
Grieve, Jane81 years, 9 months, 15 days"Mother"176
Grieve, Alexander1881-09-271906-02-21"Son of Thomas & Jane Grieve"177/178
Grieve, Sarah Jane1870-02-151919-10-28"Beloved daughter of Thomas & Jane Grieve"179
Gillies, Margaret (née Schofield)1914-09-111998-11-11180
Gillies, William18541949181
Gillies, James Reid18931974"C.A.S.C. 1914-1918"182
Dewar, William M.1936-12-2175183
Dewar, Elizabeth G.1946-01-0282184
Dewar, Robert Leslie19021965185
Dewar, Mary Stuart18881966186
McRae, Hunter1900-04-101989-01-24187
McRae, Hazel (née Dewar)1906-07-052002-06-23"Wife of Hunter McRae"188
McRae, James19271983189
Simard, H. Gordon19232001190
Simard, Margaret N.19262012190

Later Burials

At some point I hope to return to Cloverdale to photograph tombstones that have been added since my 2014 visit. In the meantime, when I come across obituaries that state that people were buried here after 2014, I'll list them here.

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