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Glover park Bell

1000 AD-1500 AD Moundbuilders established settlements on the Chattahoochee River and Nicknack Creek.[1]
Dec 3, 1832 Georgia general Assembly created Cobb with 8 other counties from the huge Cherokee "county" territory. The land was NW of the Chattahoochee River which the state absorbed when he Cherokee were moved to Oklahoma on the Trail of Tears. This land was assigned to settlers via the 1832 lottery. Cobb county was named for Thomas Willis Cobb, a United States representative and senator from Georgia. This became the 81st county. [2]

1836 Georgia acquired land for the Western & Atlantic Railroad.. [2]The Most wealth was inn the towns of Cobb County.[3]
1838 -Springville was incorporated in the land of Cherokee Indians. Settlers had come here to search for gold, find a little gold at Lost Mountain and Brownsville Road. The Cherokee were forced off their land to be taken to Indian Territory west of the Mississippi River.[4]

Cobb County 1846

1845 - First trains ran from Marietta and Marthasville (now known as Atlanta.[2]
1850's-1860's Marietta was a popular resort community. People escaped to here to escape the yellow fever. It was near the Western and Atlantic Railway with a sanitarium and hotels for summer visitors arriving to enjoy its cooler healthier climate compared to that of southern Georgia and South Carolina coastline.[3][2]

1859 -Springville was renamed Powder Springs. The 7 springs in the town has high amount of 26 minerals which has transformed the sand to a black color, i.e. the first name was Gunpowder Springs. [4]
1860 - Cobb County had major targets enticing General Sherman to attack them. Examples were Roswell Mill and Marietta Paper Mill which were two of the largest mills. Roswell Mill had 231 women and 155 men employees. The Marietta Paper Mill was called a "rag" mill with 20 employees producing quality paper from cotton.. [1]

June 20 1864 Civil War skirmish at Lattermore's Mills, which accompanied the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain during General Sherman's Atlanta campaign.. Some slaves left the plantations and joined Sherman's army to gain freedom. [4]


Union Trenches, Kennesaw

1862-65 - Confederate troops were trained in Big Shanty (Kennesaw) where the Andrews Raid occurred.[2][3]

April 12, 1862 Union raiders seized control of General, a Confederate train pulled by the , a locomotive headed north from Big Shanty (present-day Kennesaw, in Cobb County) toward Chattanooga, Tennessee, and the Union lines. This was called the Great Locomotive Chase. [2][3]
Series of battles 1862.[2]

May 25, 1862 Battle of New Hope Church[2]
May 27, 1862 Battle of Pickett's Mill[2]
Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park.
July, 1862 -Battle of Marietta[2]
Early July, 1862 - Battle of Noonday Creek[2]
June 1, 1864- The Union army entered Cobb county from the west, and moved to the northern end of the county- to Kennesaw mountain. During the Battles, after Gilgal Church, Johnston's line was north-south. [1][3]
June 27, 1864 - Battle of Kennesaw Mountain was the only Confederate victory. Even with a victory, the Union circled around the Confederates.Gen. Sherman tried to circle around Kennesaw. .But Hooker's XX Corp and Schofield's Army of the Oohio struck Hood's Corps south Kennesaw Mountain near Powder Springs. Battle of Kolbs farm a technical Union victory, which forced Sherman to attack Kennesaw Mountain, that he had planned to avoid. He was defeated. [1] [3]
Battle of Kennesaw Mountain.
Oct 28, 1862 Battle of Allatoona Pass as Sherman was starting his march through Georgia. The Union burned houses, raided, confiscated crops or burned the remainder of the crops.[2]

With its location in the upper Piedmont, Cobb Couny did not have large plantations.. Instead smaller farms began. The county's main wealth was in the towns. [3]

1888 Cobb County courthouse was built.[2]

1890-1920 Cotton farming was the highest in production. Then prices dropped due to the depression, and the Boll Weevil destroyed much cotton. Price dropped to o9 1/2 cents/pound. The county stopped growing the cotton, but continued milling it. [2]
1915 Leo Frank, a supervisor for an Atlanta pencil factory was convicted of murdering a worker, (13 year old) Mary Phagan. Frank was kidnapped from his jail cells, and lynched at Frey's Gin (2 miles E of Marietta). [2][3]

Prior to 1932 Roswell industrial center was part of Cobb county.[3]

1942 Marietta Army Airfield was founded.. Bell Aircraft started its Marietta plant to manufacture B-29 bombers Following the War the Airfield and the Bomber manufacturing plant were closed.[2][3]

128th Fighter Squadron.

1952-55 The US Air Force acquired the Airfield and renamed the base to be Dobbins AFB. The plant was renamed and run by Lockheed. During both the Korean and Vietnam wars Lockheed-Marietta was the primary manufacturer of military transport planes such as the C-130 and the C-5 Galaxy. Cobb County, the link between local prosperity and the federal defense spending created a culture of national security and conservatism.[2][3]

1960- Cobb County courthouse (ca 1888) was demolished which brought another law to prevent counties from doing this without a referendum.[2]

1960s and 1970s Atlanta was growing, Cobb county changed from rural to surburban. There was white citizens moving away from the city of Atlanta. By 1970- the majority of the population was African American. Some new citizens became white-collar workers. The county was the home of Lester Maddox ( a segregationist and Georgia governor).[2]
1975 Cobb voters elected John Birch Society leader Larry McDonald to Congress, who opposed desegregation busing .[2]
1983- McDonald requested for investigations into alleged plots by the Rockefellers and the Soviet Union. McDonald was on Korean Air Lines Flight 007, which was shot down by a Soviet fighter jet over restricted airspace. I-75 through the county is now named for him.[2]

1990 Republican Congressmen Newt Gingrich became Representative of a new district centered around Cobb County. [2]
1993 county commissioners condemned homosexuality and cut off funding for the arts after complaints about a community theater. Gay rights organizations protested..[2]
Metro- Atlanta

1994 For the first time in 50 years, Republicans were the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives. Gingrich became Speaker of the House, and Cobb County entered national spotlight. [2]
1996 The Summer Olympics removed the events from Cobb County, Georgia, such as the Olympic Torch Relay. The county inns, motels were filled during the 2 month event. [2]

1990s and 2000s, Cobb's demographics changed. Middle class African Americans, Russian, Bosnian, Chinese, Indian, Brazilian, Mexican and Central American immigrants moved to suburbs located in S and SW Cobb County. [2] 2003 - over 27,000 businesses, including The Home Depot and Lockheed Martin, operated in Cobb County.
2010 African-American Democrat David Scott was elected to Georgia's 13th congressional district. [2]

Adjacent counties

  • Cherokee County – north
  • Fulton County – southeast
  • Douglas County – southwest
  • Paulding County – west
  • Bartow County – northwest

Government Offices

  • Cobb County is governed by a five-member board of commissioners, with legislative and executive authority. The chairman of the board is elected county-wide. 4 Commissioners are from single member districts. This board hires a county manager.
  • County residents elect a sheriff, district attorney, probate court judge, clerk of superior court, clerk of the state court, state court solicitor, chief magistrate judge (who then appoints other magistrate court judges), superior court judges, state court judges, tax commissioner, surveyor, and a seven-member board of education. In addition to the county sheriff, Cobb County has a separate police department under the authority of the Board of Commissioners. The sheriff oversees the jail, to which everyone arrested under state law is taken.
Cobb Co. Courthouse
  • Each city has a separate police department, answerable to its governing council. Marietta, Smyrna, and Austell have separate fire departments, with the Cobb County Fire Department being the authority having jurisdiction over Kennesaw, Acworth, Powder Springs, and unincorporated areas. Cobb 911 covers unincorporated areas and the cities of Marietta and Powder Springs. Kennesaw and Acworth jointly operate a small 911 call center (PSAP) upstairs in Kennesaw city hall, dispatching the police departments in both cities, and forwarding fire calls to Cobb. Austell and Smyrna operate their own separate 911 systems.
Cobb co. Courthouse, current


Cobb County like, many suburban counties across the nation, has traditionally voted Republican, and even voted for Ronald Reagan over Georgia native son Jimmy Carter in his reelection bid. Before 2016 election, the county had not voted for a Democrat since Carter ran in 1976.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton won Cobb along with nearby Gwinnett County, with a vote (48%).


Cobb County is Georgia's 3rd most populated county.
Cobb County is a suburban county in the U.S. state of Georgia.
Largest city is Marietta.
Sweat Mountain: northeast portion, along the border with Cherokee County, and is the metro area's major antenna farm
Blackjack Mountain: a low ridge between central and east Cobb[citation needed]
Kennesaw Mountain: the highest point in the county and in the entire suburban area of metro Atlanta, located in the north-northwest between Kennesaw and Marietta
Little Kennesaw Mountain: an offshoot of Knees
Lost Mountain: in western Cobb
Pine Mountain: west-northwest of Kennesaw Mountain, between Kennesaw and Due West
Brushy Mountain: near Kennesaw Mountain, just southeast of Barrett Parkway at Cobb Parkway
Vinings Mountain or Mount Wilkinson: overlooks the town of Vinings

Protected areas

  • Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park
  • Chattahoochee River National Recreation area East_Palisades

Cobb County Historical Profiles

Profiles by David Gray


"There is no info for 2000 census.... In 2010 there were 688,078 people in the county with a population of 2,026.4 people/sq. mi.The racial makeup of the county was 62.2% white, 25.0% black or African American, 4.5% Asian, 0.3% American Indian, 0.1% Pacific islander, 5.3% from other races, and 2.7% from two or more races. Those of Hispanic or Latino origin made up 12.3% of the population.[28] In terms of ancestry, 10.4% were German, 10.0% were English, 9.3% were Irish, and 8.6% were American. The median income for a household in the county was $65,522 and the median income for a family was $78,920. Males had a median income of $55,200 versus $43,367 for females. The per capita income for the county was $33,110. About 7.6% of families and 10.6% of the population were below the poverty line, including 14.5% of those under age 18 and 7.2% of those age 65 or over.[5]

The county retails potable water to much of the county, and wholesales it to various cities

  • Cumberland District, an edge city, has over 24,000,000 square feet (2,200,000 m2) of office space. As of 2017, Major League Baseball's Atlanta Braves play in Cumberland.
  • As of the 2015, the population was 741,334 making it Georgia's third-most populous county. Its county seat
  • U.S. Census Bureau ranks Cobb County as the most-educated in Georgia and 12th of US counties
  • It has ranked among the top 100 wealthiest counties in the United States.
  • In October 2017 Cobb was ranked as the "Least Obese County in Georgia
  • 4% statewide sales tax, Cobb County levies an additional 2% for special projects, each 1% There is tax on food. This year the tax increased to 6%.


  • Cobb County School District (serves all county locations except the city of Marietta)
  • Marietta City Schools (serves city of Marietta locations)
  • Private schools
  • Cumberland Christian Academy, Austell (K-12)
  • Dominion Christian Schools, Marietta (Middle School-12)
  • Midway Covenant Christian School, Powder Springs (preK-12)
  • Mount Paran Christian School, Kennesaw (preK-12)
  • North Cobb Christian School, Kennesaw (K-12)
  • Shreiner Academy, Marietta (preK-8)
  • The Walker School, Marietta (preK-12)
  • Whitefield Academy, Mableton (preK-12)
    • Colleges and universities
    • Chattahoochee Technical College
    • Life University
Kennessaw State University, Earth studies.
    • Kennesaw State University

Airports - 1) Cobb County Airport at McCollum Field

2) Dobbins Air Reserve Base (where the U.S. President usually arrives when visiting Atlanta)
Interstate 20Interstate 75Interstate 285Georgia State Rte 5 Connector
Interstate 575US U.S. Rte 41US U.S. Rte 78US U.S. Rte 278Georgia State Rte 6 Business
Georgia State Rte 3Georgia State Rte 5Georgia State Rte 8Georgia State Rte 401 (unsigned des.- I-75)
Georgia State Rte 6 SpurGeorgia State Rte 92Georgia State Rte 139Georgia State Rte 402 (unsigned des.- I-20)
Georgia Loop State Rte 120 Alt.Georgia State Rte 6Georgia State Rte 120Georgia State Rt 407 (unsigned des. - I-285)
Georgia State Rte 280Georgia Rte 6Georgia State Rte 360 Georgia State Rte 417 (unsigned des. -I-575)



County Resources

  • Chattahoochee River National Recreation area East_Palisades
  • Kennesaw MountainNational Battlefield Park
  • Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre J Glover
Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre J Glover.
  • Glover_Park_Bell
  • Lee Rhyant, African American, Lee Rhyant, was general manager of the county's largest Lockheed Martin.
  • David Hankers 1st African American county manager, 1993., supervising 4,600 employees
  • Betty L Siegel 1st woman for president of Kennesaw State University, 1981.
  • Lisa A. Rossbacher- president of Southern Polytechnic State University, 1998,
  • Sam Olens 2002 first Jewish person elected to chair the Cobb County Commission.


1840 --- 7,539 —
1850 --- 13,843 83.6%
1860 --- 14,242 2.9%
1870 --- 13,814 −3.0%
1880 --- 20,748 50.2%
1890 --- 22,286 7.4%
1900 --- 24,664 10.7%
1910 --- 28,397 15.1%
1920 --- 30,437 7.2%
1930 --- 35,408 16.3%
1940 --- 38,272 8.1%
1950 --- 61,830 61.6%
1960 --- 114,174 84.7%
1970 --- 196,793 72.4%
1980 --- 297,718 51.3%
1990 --- 447,745 50.4%
2000 --- 607,751 35.7%
2010 --- 688,078 13.2%
Est. 2016 --- 748,150



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