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Col McCallum Brisbane State High School

Privacy Level: Public (Green)
Date: 28 Jan 1929 to 31 Dec 1934
Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australiamap
Surname/tag: McCallum, Brisbane_State_High_School
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Details of Colin McCallum's time at Brisbane State High School covering academic, cultural, leadership and sporting activities.

1929 - 1st Year.

Academic. Student No. 2930, Admitted 28 Jan 1929 Completed High School Entrance: Arithmetic (109/150); Geography (83/100); English (97/150); Overall 72.2% [1]

Arts. School choir image P17 [2]

Rugby. Third XV image P28 "D" Grade.-As usual we fielded an "Under fifteen" team, but it was not very successful. Only one or two matches were won, and some were lost by very big margins indeed, namely against B.G.S. and C.E.G.S. McDonald was captain in this grade, but no one showed anything but a decided lack of knowledge of the finer points of the union game. In the former part of the season comment was passed on the varied "colour scheme" of the team, but we are glad to be able to say this fault was remedied before the end ·of the season. [3]

1930 – Sub-Junior.

Arts. Choir image P15 Annual Concert. Boys Choir. Performed “Sigh No More, Ladies”, “They Kissed, I Saw Them Do It”, and “After The Rain”.

Athletics . Boys athletics image P32 image P17

Cricket. Cricket C Team image P19. Did not field a B team

Rugby. Football B Team image P18 [4]

1931 – Junior 4.

Academic. Successful Senior and Junior Candidates 1931 image P4 [5] Achieved Minimum Pass in Junior Public Examination. English (B), Latin (C), French (B), Arithmetic (C), Algebra (A), Geometry (A), Physics (B), Chemistry (B), Geography (A), History (C) [6]

Athletics' . Athletics Representatives image, Colin in jacket P20 Starter in All Schools Events: high jump; broad jump. McCallum got up to 5’ in the high jump. “Blue” to McCallum [7] 26 Aug 1931 Annual Sports, Exhibition Grounds: Open Broad Jump McCallum 1st 18’5’’; Open High Jump McCallum 2nd [8]

Cricket. Second XI image P18. Five from six games were losses, one no show by IGS P19 [9]

Rugby. First XV image P16 [10]

Form Notes. On the sporting side we gained the highest number of points in athletics, winning the coveted shield. Points winners were...McCallum, our invaluable cricket...well represented by McCallum...As for football our form contributes to the school team more footballers than any other form and our class succeeded in winning the Inter Junior. McCallum...played for the “A” Team...On the scholastic side our form is above mediocrity....and McCallum are the hardest workers. P35 [11]

1932 – Sub-Senior 1. "Medical", undergoes appendidectomy, fractures left metacarpal[12]

Athletics. “The shield for inter-form competition was one by the Sub-Seniors.” McCallum attended the weekly runs at the Brisbane Cricket Ground. Starter in All Schools Event: broad jump. Jumped (high jump) well to clear 5’4” to just miss third place. “Blue” to McCallum Pp25-26

Cricket. Second XI image P20 Pp 22- 23: “McCallum, the Captain, will be a fair bowler when he learns to break the ball more. One of the Brothers at the last match could not help remarking how the boys obeyed their Captain on the field.” The Captain did not play in their one win, “You can think what you like about this!” Pp22-23

Rugby. First XV image P23, Pocket to McCallum.

Form Notes. We have our share of prominent footballers: McCallum, A. Grade; cricketers: McCallum, B. Grade Captain. “but perhaps the greatest event of the year is the Inter-School Athletic Sports. Representing this form in the High School team was McCallum, …entered for the Broad Jump (Open) and High Jump. In the latter, he got through the preliminary jump and obtained a place in the first five. In our own Inter-Form Athletic Sports, we, combined with S.S.2, carried off first place with 62 points.” P38 [13]

1933 – Senior 1.

Academic. Prefects image P44 [14] Senior and Junior Scholarships to Teachers’ Training College 1934 Image P4 Some of the successful Senior and Junior Examinees, 1933 image P6 Colin McCallum listed in: Examination Results, Senior Certificates P9 [15] Completed Senior Public Examination, Matriculated for Arts, Science. English (B), Latin (B), French (C), Maths A (B), Maths B (C), Physics (C) [16]

Arts. “Lady Gregory’s comedy of Irish Village life, “Spreading the News”, was well staged…, and the young performers well deserved the applause they received.” P12 Cast of “Spreading the News” image P13 [17]

Athletics. All Schools’ Athletic Team image P31 Combined Schools’ Carnival: “In the Open Broad Jump McCallum cleared 21 ft. 4 ins., and in the High Jump the same boy cleared 5 ft. 4 ins.” …”Our team for the All Schools was probably the strongest, as a team, that we have ever fielded, nine different boys contributing points to our score.” …”McCallum must come first in our comments. To jump 20 ft. 4 ins. in the Broad Jump, and then battle on up to 5 ft. 6 ¾ ins. in the High Jump – only to be beaten…, was wonderful; but those of us who knew Mac best, expected something of the kind. His best jump prior to the Sports was 5 ft. 4 ins., but Mac is the sort that rises to the occasion.” P31 Pocket to McCallum. “In the competition for the Inter-Form Cup at our own school sports, seniors appropriately won… The individual Open Champion went to C. Smith with J. Christensen and C. McCallum together very close behind.” P32 C. MacCallum image P33 [18] Annual Athletic Carnival, Good performances. Open Broad Jump McCaullum 1st, 21’2’’; Shot Putt McCallum 2nd; Open High Jump McCallum 1st 5’4’’ [19] Fair Standard. Both the girls’ and boys’ events had to be rushed off at the Exhibition Grounds before the hockey players took the field. Open 120 yards Hurdles McCallum 1st 21 ⅘ secs. (in addition to three other events) [20] McCallum In Form. “McCallum registered a fine performance at the annual sports of the Brisbane State High School yesterday, when he won the open broad jump at 21ft. 2 ins.,and the high jump with a leap of 5ft. 4ins.” [21] “That Queensland is rich in youthful athletic talent was amply demonstrated at the secondary schools’ sports last Saturday ... Graham’s tie for second with McCallum in the open high jump was splendid. They both have distinct possibilities in this direction. The latter did well to score second place with 20 feet 4 inches, in the broad jump.” [22] Mayne Harriers Lead in the Queensland Amateur Athletics Association’s inter-club contests for the Ambulance Cup. Pole Vault, Mayne Harriers v Great Public Schools, Col. McCallum tied for 2nd. [23]

Cricket. ”Horder has stuck to the unenviable job of skippering us…” P17 Cricket Team B image P20

Rugby. Football 1st XV image. Colour to McCallum. P21 “C. McCallum was most unfortunately out of the team for most of the season. His clean handling, straight running, and deadly tackling helped us to victory against Terrace and Ipswich.” P22

Form Notes. “we have footballers … McCallum. …McCallum … represented our school in Athletics P42 [24]


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