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Collins Family Research Notes

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This profile is part of the Collins Update Jan 2024 Name Study.


An Effort has been made to update/split individual information from the Contemporary Profiles frequently containing co-mingled data on the various "Joseph's, Richards, etc. (see individual profiles for more detailed information). See Also Collins Family Research Notes Research notes from final bio consolidated information. May need copy/paste to individual profiles after merges completed

  • The Intent for each Final Bio is for it to be about 1 single person -- their Immediate Family and their Life Events; containing notes re discrepancy/and or soft links and has the presumed correct family attachments (w/extra (dup) info removed. Also it is intended that comments and sources apply to the particular individual.

No original source records have been located/re-researched to confirm birth or marriage records. It appears that some erroneous information may have been published, and perhaps republished/reported, making the “actual facts” obscure. There is a great deal of conflicting information surrounding the Collins Family of Essex VA– Many Source-to-Source discrepancies; co-mingling, Lack of records; conflicting family stories; number of Collin’s with the same names, Generation-to-Generation, etc. Probate, Wills, and Land are considered the "defining separation" for individuals. and included at individual profiles as located.

In other Words - Same Sources = Same Result. The base comparison document is The Collins Book'', by Richard A Pruitt (RAP); publication date Unknown. in conjunction with books by Herbert Ridgeway Colllins (HRC) the most "reliable sources" for Identification of individuals. (Will/Probate/Land/Bibles, etc)

  • Recent research availability has helped to solidify some of the mis-information; Researchers are encouraged to reverify (and add source) information; making adjustments to profiles as necessary.

Current Cumulative Progress Report

Update - January 2024 -March The Base Books for Original Sources (+ individual knowledge/research equals the most current and up-to-date Wiki Profiles) (Least dups/most merges - basically what you see is what you get unless proven wrong by DNA, more records, or further research. Updates at each individual profile.

This profile is part of the Collins Update Jan 2024 Name Study.
Added sticker update to reflect 2024 for those with in-depth re- research completed in 2024
Circumstantial proof of James Sr 1688-1766 as father. of Joseph Collins 1718/Marchbanks ((J1-J6 family unit) and James/Gillington as brothers

Collins research page updated to reflect cumulative changes - information https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Category:Collins_Family_Clean_Up_Effort_2021%2C_Collins_Name_Study

Supposedly (Collins-8726|James (b abt. 1690 - abt. 1766) had son Joseph Collins-8726 (1718) m Lucy Marchbanks. (If this statement is correct, presumed paternal line w/b son of James born ca 1688-1690 m Unknowns/Moore - Unknown parents born about 1665-1674 Most likely the son of (unproven Thomas Collins (1647) & Mary Moss. Thomas son of William (1615). progress on father for 1668 James Son of Thomas Collins 1647 in Isle Of Wight Co., VA and Anne Elizabeth (Moss). Thomas (1647) son of William Collins (abt. 1615 - 1687) DNA Pending to Prove/Disprove

[FAG comment * from Collins DNA genealogist, John Collins Our Joseph Collins ( and Lucy Marchbanks) was born ca 1718. He was the son of James born ca 1690 ( not Joseph Jr 1768 ...some even have 1678) and son of John b ca 1641 (not 1741?) , son of Richard b1617 (this part is right)]] See individual profiles for most recent updates as of 2024 re-research. birth of 1690 adjusted to 1688 may be error.

Multiple Tabithas (20 Matches for Tabitha Collins b VA) Co mingled - Same names used Generation to Generation. m Multiple Elisha Pruitts - + m multiple Hurts.

  • (6 RAP ) TABITHA COLLINS (PRUITT) (d 1821 KY) ( (- dau. of Joseph Collins and Lucy Marchbanks 1752 Halifax Co.,VA; Probable parent error as KY Histories indicate s/b daughter of Gillington – vs Marchbanks (J1-J6 family unit) --Need cites or DNA sub section for clarification or proof or disprove of parents [Common Ancestor] (The 1800 Shelby Co. Tax List recorded Elisha on Aug. 29, 1800. On Oct. 17, 1804, Elisha Prewitt and wife Tabitha, sold 200 acres on Jessamine Creek, Jessamine Co., KY to Thomas Shanklin (Jessamine Deed Bk B, p. 37).

Moss-6441|Mary Elizaveth (Moss) Bio Expand to include Unproven name variations; i.e., Anne Elizabeth Collins formerly Moss aka Wild, Wylde [uncertain]; presumed parents Phillp de Wild and Elizabeth Sarah Coulgate (unproven) (11 sources https://www.familysearch.org/tree/person/details/L5LJ-8Z5

  • Note: Pre-1700 needs to include viewable sources such as Boddie; Cavaliers & Pioneers; Chalkey, etc., otherwise likely disconnects due to unproven -
2024 Re-Review of HRC Caroline county - Looks like he has co-mingled early generations of Collins Family. While some of the sources appear accurate - does not actually fit the Wiki separated profiles. Careful re-review / analysis is required at Wiki level. Assume wiki is most correct - prove/disprove from existing Wiki profile.
  • HRC comingle

Shaybo https://shaybo-therisingtide.blogspot.com/2011/08/descendants-of-john-collins-1569.html re Descendants of John Collins 1569 Maidstone England has been revised; less confusing; now more in line with Wiki (Vaiden structures)

Collins-4351 This Profile Represents John Collins II (1590-1692); of Surry, Virginia (Lawnes Creek Parish) - Updated - HRC co mingle Generations in Caroline Likey 1st Generation to arrive was (Brothers to Collins-1800 Joseph m Catherine (Robertson/Robinson) or Oliver ????) Caroline Estimated Children Births 1663 -1748 - Arrival after 1734 - to 1748/1750.

      • end 2024

July Update Email 8/15/2021 Edwards-7481 13:51, 21 August 2021 (UTC) Although it does not seem like it, some progress has been made on the merges. All Richards currently merged and updated All Josephs currently merged and updated (Estimated dates and locations have been entered for all that were "shown missing" Collins research page updated to reflect changes https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Category:Collins_Family_Clean_Up_Effort_2021%2C_Collins_Name_Study (The main Category page contains links to the profiles that have been merged/updated and are grouped under the Category link for easy access)

Re Joseph and Susannah Lewis - both profiles are updated with current research notes re Lewis Families. This group appears to be the "Most Common Ancestor Group" All (11) children are correctly attached and all merges proposed / 6 dups still pending (w/Aug due dates) These will require merge/cleanup (TBD)

I Am having some difficulty with "John" Oldest Son as it relates to Parent John (John Collins (1710-1785), and Cook sisters; sons Edward and James seem to be in OK shape, but am having problem w/marriages for the Oldest Son John (There are Multiple Catherines involved) (Those born in VA = 68 matches) and they need sorting out. Any specific info you have will be helpful.

(1) John (1670 -1740) m Catherine Crutcher (presumed son of John Collins and Eleanore Oliver

(2) JOHN COLLINS (1754-1820) m Catherine Fain ( son of EDWARD/Jane Jones) was born Abt. 1754 in Orange County, Virginia, and died Aft. 1820 in Jefferson County, Tennesee. He married CATHERINE FAIN Abt. 1781. She was born Abt. 1767 in Patrick County, Virginia, and died Aft. 1804 in Shenandoah County, Virginia

(3) I Think 9502 (lowest LNAB) represents the correct profile for the son; following are particulars: Collins-9502 John (1728-1797) m Catherine (Unknown - LNAB unproven - possibly another Crutcher /or Critcher= FAG Bio* (Parents Unknown) (The Critcher name is found under research that included a bible record for his daughter Mary m Mathias Moyer) (Mathias b. abt 1779 Va. and died April 1812 in Jefferson County, Tennessee married on May 23, 1797 Mary Polly Collins, daughter of John and Catherine Critcher Collins. Polly was born on September 8, 1779 and died January 26, 1850. Mathias was about 33 years old at the time of his death. When he died his estate was in a mess. from Moyer Bible Records https://www.familytreecircles.com/jacob-moyer-the-immigrant-11375.html likely the eldest child = 1728/1730's in Orange Co., Virginia Marriage Estimate 1740-1745 Catherine (1728-1797) (Parents Unknown) [Sptsy Record m before 1765] Would seem likely he was m 2X Death Estimate 1765 VA vs 1797 Jefferson Co TN No probate located to prove or disprove Identified Children Estimated births s/b about 1740 to 1780's (son Henry Pleasant m Rebecca Pearce; son Henry says was Orphan by 1797-14 age = b 1783) son Francis m Margaret Williams (1793) sister Mary (Polly) m 2X - 1st Mathias Moyer m 1797-16=age 1781 then 2nd Andrew Gass (served 1812 with her brothers) (Children supported by History of the Lower Shenandoah Valley", pg. 63 his sons were "Henry and Francis" (mistake in Pruitt as they are shown as sons of John/Cook); the other (John) married a woman named Catherine. Catherine's husband died in 1765 in Virginia (Spotsylvania Co. - This reference appears to be for the son of John/Cook); thus would infer Catherine died in 1797 (Spouse lst name supported by Date: Nov 22, 1763 Location: Spotsylvania Co., VA Record ID: 44694 Description: Grantor Book Page: F Property: Tract of land. Remarks: John Collins and Catharine, his wife, of Spts. Co., to thomas Roy of same Co. £12 curr. Tract of land in Spts. Co. 1 Apr 1765.

Nearly every family had a John, so I suspect the John's are going to take quite a while to sort out.


Re Progress Update - August - November 2021 (summary) Running Commentary (by Names - Refer to Collins Research (Freespace for complete updated list of John LNAB's info -- https://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Space:Collins_Family_Research_Notes&action=edit and

Many thanks to everyone for your efforts. Special thanks to the group who worked on the Edward m Jane Jones Family! Best to everyone as the New Year approaches. -- Hope this finds you all Happy, Healthy and Wise.

Still a few holes, but all in all, The bulk of The John's look to be in pretty good shape with most of the duplicates now merged ; bios cleaned up; dates/locations assigned, etc.

  • The Maidstone Kent England Collins Group is pretty much complete now with attachments in place and w/sources included.
  • The most notable John over the last month or so seems to be the West Virginia Collins Family -- (Hacker's Creek; Calhoun County) Collins-243 John Collins 1750 Frederick County, Virginia - to abt 1835 m Hannah (Cozad) son of John Collins Sr. and Elizabeth Jane (Major) - Quite a lot of co-mingling/mis-attachments on the children (especially those of George and Isaac Sanson Collins. These have been separated w/sources; Correct parents listed/or linked; Bios cleaned up and discrepancies noted on individual profiles; etc.

If anyone has "time" the profiles under the cleanup category could be re-reviewed/re-proofed for errors and any adjustments/corrections/Category assisgnments made direct to the profiles. (or whatever else you feel is necessary) See the Freespace HOW TO's and Guideline Info for things to check on during Final Review Clean Up Process as well as info contained in https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Collins_Family -- if any specific issues (not explained) that you need help on G2G or the Wiki Help Files are good sources for additional help (or send a broadcast email to the Collins Cleanup group)

Dec 2021

Progress Update December Re-review Missing Dates and locations/ Dup Profiles and Generation 0 Suggestions

  • (1) Earliest Collins Collins-10181|Alice (Collins) le Scott (abt. 1314) re-review date/locations thru 1699

Table sort on Birth date https://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Special:Surname&s=COLLINS&cln=0&order=dobup&secondary_order=&layout=table&u= Basic Template Info for Bio Profile Represents Collins (aka ) son of

Birth Estimate
Marriage Estimate (son/daughter of
Death Estimate
Location Estimate
Identified Children Estimated Births

Contemporary Cornelius Collins locations differ Zenia, Green county, Ohio vs Warren County/Champaign, Ohio) Cornelius Collins (1772 Morris, New Jersey - 21 Jan 1830 Warren County, Ohio) m Elenore Richards

[[Collins-11425 Cornelius (1790 - 1830) m Nancy Keith]]] Miami Co; Champaign, Ohio


Collins-573 John Collins ( Collings/Collinger) bef. 1628 - aft. 1646) Marriage Estimate 1633 Joan Unknown (presumed Joanna John (1601–1695) (their daughter Mary Collins (1646 - 1725) m 3X aka 1st Elwell 2nd Cooke and 3rd Davis) (John b England - m Joane Unknown - presumed immigrant abt 1640 to Colonies - Settled in Salem, Massachusetts in 1643 and moved to Gloucester. Unknown-538357| Jone (Johns, James, etc)

Jan 2022

Re-review Missing Dates and locations/ Dup Profiles and Generation 0 Suggestions

  • (re-review date/locations 1700 -thru 1725

Collins-3738 |Abraham Jordan Collins m Ann (Williams) Likely no Middle Name "Jordon" presumed son of Abraham Collins (1648) and Martha Lacey 1666 Reportedly 10-12 - Children Estimated Birth 1702-1750 (Pre merge notes - Double Check and Clear Suggestion Report / sources vs re Date/Location Tree-to-Tree copy errors - add links for identified children (final cleanup issues/Mentor Assist for PM Deborah Adles)

Collins-6983 Hannah Collins (1740) m Joshua Buckley-1035 Lowest LNAB = Parents Unknown; Indication Hannah was native of Newtown near Winchester, VA (Merges Pending) Location Estimate Pocahontas, Virginia (now WVA) (All Dates Estimated - 5 identified Children

Southern Colonies

First Name Summaries

Cornelius Collins

Contemporary Collins-11425 Cornelius (1790 - 1830) m Nancy Keith (son of Unknown vs Hannah Cozad died Zenia, Green county, Ohio vs Warren County/Champaign, Ohio) may be Cozad grandson vs child) (sons Samuel Henry Collins and George W Collins (1820-1821 "United States Census, 1860", database with images, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:MCGH-861 : 18 February 2021), Samuel Collins (1824) in entry for Nancy Collins, 1860.


Collins-20306 Cornelius Murray Collins abt 1700 Ireland - abt 1774 ; m Mary Speer (Spear) - Son of Unknown = (Son David m Dorcas Neel (1778–1874); managed by Catherine Watkins Autosomal DNA Autosomal DNA

Collins-11269 Samuel Cornelius Collins 1753 Scotland - 18 Apr 1825 m Charity Johnson (presumed son of William Samuel Collins (1718–1795) and Grace Hamilton (1723–1813) 1718–1795 managed by Andrew LeRoy Autosomal DNA Autosomal DNA

Collins-29759 Cornelius Collins 18 Feb 1770 County Kerry, Ireland - 10 Aug 1870 m Unknown / Parents Unknown (died Rath, County Cork, Ireland) managed by Charles Means Autosomal DNA Autosomal DNA (son Jeremiah m Hanora Russell)

Collins-11403 Cornelius Collins 1772 Mount Olive, Morris County, New Jersey - m Eleanore Richards Son of John Collins and Hannah Cozad) managed by S Randolph ancestors Autosomal DNA Autosomal DNA

Collins-18736 Cornelius Collins 1780 Ireland - 26 Jan 1857 m son of managed by Charles Barrett Autosomal DNA Autosomal DNA

Cullen-173 Cornelius Cullen 1782 Killinkere, County Cavan, Ireland - 30 May 1858 Privacy Level: Open (White) Cullen-173 edit managed by Vikki Watson ancestors Autosomal DNA Autosomal DNA

Collins-22850 Cornelius Collins abt 1782 Drumudy (Drinagh, West Carbery, Cork) - bef 1882

Collins-21565 Cornelius Collins 1790 County Cork, Ireland - 01 Jul 1902

Collins-11425 Cornelius Collins 26 Jan 1790 Morris, New Jersey - 21 Jan 1830 m Nancy Keith son of Unknown vs John Collins and Hannah Cozad) ((Cornelius / Keith) Possible Grandson vs Son.) managed by Kathleen Murphy ancestors Autosomal DNA Autosomal DNA

Collins-23851 Cornelius Collins 11 Apr 1801 Ireland - 16 Jan 1881 m Margaret Crowley (West Albany, Wabasha, Minnesota,-- son of Unknown -- https://www.familysearch.org/tree/person/details/G3MG-GLP)


Does not look like there will be dup problems here. (only 3 listed). You can go ahead and  Just  add Base Template (to show we already touched it  and looked for dups) and then work direct  to profiles as listed,  adding additional information plus sources.

  • Collins-25948 Bartlett Collins abt 1755 Spotsylvania Co VA, United States - Sep 1823 managed by Raymond Nichols (Son of Thomas Collins and Susannah Bartlett) m  Elizabeth Alsop
  • Collins-24112 Bartlett Collins abt 1783 Fayette, Kentucky, United States - 26 Feb 1831managed by Stephanie (Angela Notes) Son of Bartlett Collins and Elizabeth Alsop
  • Collins-14613 Bartlett Collins 03 Jan 1795 Beaver Creek, Kershaw, South Carolina - abt 1865  managed by Jackie Bennett son of Reuben Collins of Kershaw Co., South Carolina and  Monica Duren, originally of Loudoun Co., Virginia.


1840 Maj/Lt S. A. Collins (September 11 1840 Pulaski Co., Ind married to Hannah Eamheart May 7, 1864 children — Effie, Arthur and Alva ) p 630 The History Miami county, Ohio by H Beers & Co 1880


Will Be a Problem - See Several (84 Matches for james collins) each needs review

  • Collins-1483 James m Gillington (Need Parents) This not son of Joseph/Lewis This s/b ok for Lowest LNAB
  • Collins-1805 - Total Rewrite needed on this one s/b son of Joseph/Lewis m Elizabeth Wylie -- need to detach and merge into the Gillington profiles (detach and move children)
  • see other Lowest LNABs James Collins-1483 (1712) VA s/o James Collins-1805 (1715) s/o James Collins-1820 (1715) s/o James Collins-15760 (1715) died 1804 in North Carolina


Matches for Joseph Collins

The earliest Joseph in VA - Collins-1800 Joseph Collins (1667 - 1748) m Catherine Robertson

  • Collins-8726 Joseph Collins abt 1718 Caroline County, Colony of Virginia, British Colonial America - 10 Apr 1804 1718 - 1804 m Lucy Marchbanks
  • Joseph Collins abt 1748 Amelia, Colony of Virginia - aft 1832 Bourbon, Kentucky m Nellie Culver (Collins-8726|son of Joseph Collins and Lucy Marchbanks)

Probate May be son Joseph Collins d 1831 Woodford KY vs d. Burbon KY "Kentucky Probate Records, 1727-1990," database with images, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QS7-99DL-N9QM-L?cc=1875188&wc=37R1-FM3%3A173854201%2C1561689302 : 27 March 2015), Woodford > Will records, 1827-1838, Vol. H-K > image 580 of 838; county courthouses, Kentucky. Kentucky Probate Records, 1727-1990 Woodford Will records, 1827-1838, Vol. H-K Joseph. Collins Oct 11 1831 (James Sullivan Administrator)

  • Collins-2793 Joseph Collins abt 1755 Spotsylvania, Spotsylvania, Virginia - 24 Sep 1847 m Anne Marie (Martin)
  • Collins-8659 Joseph Collins 16 Sep 1772 Halifax, Virginia - abt 1772 m unknown
  • Collins-30286 Joseph Collins abt 1776 Virginia, United States - abt Nov 1835 m Unknown
  • Collins-30079 Joseph Collins 07 Nov 1784 Virginia, United States - bef 1850 m Patsey (McAllister)
  • Collins-18873 Joseph Hickman Collins abt 12 Sep 1871 Middle Road, Shenandoah, Virginia -
  • Collins-8332 Joseph M. Collins 05 Oct 1873 Marion County, West Virginia, USA -
  • Collins-17338 Joe Collins 1883 West Virginia - Privacy Level:
  • Collins-27681 Joseph Nathan Collins 16 Aug 1885 Patrick, Virginia, United States - 11 Oct 1940
  • Collins-26088 Joseph Cecil Collins 13 Jan 1909 Independence, Grayson, Virginia, United States - 31 Jan 1987



  • Collins-1484 John Collins (1641-1695) m Eleanor Oliver and Mary Wyatt (son of William Collins and Ann King
  • Collins-3514 John Collins (1670-1695) m Catherine Crutcher (son of John Collins and Eleanor Oliver ((son, John Collins, Jr., predeceased him --John, Jr., died at his father's home prior to Feb. 10, 1695)
  • Collins-7008 John Collins Sr. 1690 Nansemond, VA - 1752 NC m Martha Dempsey (son of William Collins and Elizabeth Macktyer
  • Collins-3549 John Collins 1696 Henrico Virginia - 1752 Elizabeth Odom (son of Thomas Collins and Anne Elizabeth Moss)

*Collins-1804 John Collins SR 1710-1793 1710 Essex, Virginia - 08 Dec 1793 m Cook Sisters (son of Joseph Collins and Susannah Lewis

  • Collins-15762 John Collins 1710 Isle of Wight, Virginia - 1765 m UNKNOWN (son of Joseph Collins and Catherine (Robertson)

*Collins-13472 John Collins (1725 K&Q-1797 Caroline Co m Mary Carr (son of William and Ann Unknown of Caroline Co) (Caroline Co presumes Ann King; but possibly may be a Contemporary Collins-5623|Ann m William (1601) vs the Collins-853 Ann King m William (b 1615)

Needs Updating (7 Merges Pending as of 11/28/2001

Collins-575 -- Pre Merge Note -- Delete when completed - Connection Error Edwards-7481 21:58, 18 August 2021 (UTC) Nancy Garland m Thomas NOT John

  • Collins-14480 John Collins 1729 St George Parish, Spotsylvania, Virginia Colony - 1804 Alabama Thomas Collins Jr.
Error - should not be Son of John Collins and Ann Cook OR Collins-9127 Merge to lowest (IOriginal error IGI) Ann vs Susannah Cook Ala vs TN or NC (dup counties)
  • Collins-9127 John Collins abt 1740 Orange, Virginia - abt 1816 Fayette, Kentucky m Jemima Bowen ; s/b Collins-3514 -- John (A2 b 1670) m Catherine Crutcher {Pruitt] (- wife Jemima, with their family, came to Kentucky about 1787 or 1788 Letter to Marvel Snead dated March 31, 1981 from John M Willhite Ft. Myers, FL.; (DAR supports LNAB Bowen)
      • Speculation***

Edwards-7481 08:24, 16 October 2021 (UTC) Note - still problem w/1695 death - may not be will for this John (or birth error on (sons) Richard (recheck/research) Collins-1815 and Collins-9127 John Name variations (sons date info appears stable - parent attachment does not - Need Resolution Parent birth s/b Generally 1700-1725 ) See Collins Family Research Notes The son of Joseph / Catherine Robinson -- Frequently confused with that of Joseph/Susannah Lewis -- b is same year Collins-15762 John 1710 m Unknown -- This may be actual parent for *Collins-9127 John Collins m Jemima Bowen vs Collins-3514 (may have m a duplicate Crutcher?

spouse parent discrepancy/marriage

Most likely Crutcher-140 dau of Thomas (Drysdale Parish, Caroline, Virginia) vs

Contemporary Crutcher-30 dau of Henry m Howerton

(Error Unlikely Croucher-229) presumed dau of William Crutcher (1722-died 1752 Richmond Co VA). m Ann (Anne Unknown /or Sarah Brown (parents Unknown) -- Contempory (younger Croucher-238 Katherine m Thomas Brannan) (Chapman, Blanche Adams; Abstracted and compiled by Blanche Adams Chapman p7 V1 Wills and administrations of Isle of Wight County, Virginia, 1647-1800
  • Collins-24993 John Henderson Collins 10 Sep 1748 Amelia, Virginia - 17 Jun 1836 m Judith (Word) son of James Collins and Elizabeth (Girlington)
  • Collins-243 a John Collins 1750 Frederick County, Virginia - abt 1835 Hannah (Cozad) son of John Collins Sr. and Elizabeth Jane (Major) Merges Pending

Collins-243 Main Source X-Refs - Family Traces to presumed John Collins (1682) m Mary Smith of likely Antrim Ireland Family arrival about 1745 (Possibly 1st PA then Virginia); Early Settlers of Hacker's Creek West Virginia; Mostly found in West Virginia

NOTE Children regularly have same names -- generation to generation -- with few records available to support; See individual profiles for updated source information -- *The Most Problematic -- Profile Represents HEZEKIAH Collins m  Roanna Jane Maze ((Parent Discrepancy - (presumed son of Isaac Sanson Collins and Rachael Cunningham 'vs (s/b originally reported as son of George Collins and Mary Polly Owen(s)

Cullins-131 John Cullins Allman et al to update this (Edward/Jones) group of children 10 Feb 1758 Winchester, Frederick, Virginia - 15 Sep 1837 Rebecca Jane (Beatty) Not a son of Edward Collins Sr. and Jane Jones/ Parents for John UNKNOWN https://www.familysearch.org/tree/person/sources/LKG9-3TS

  • Collins-11521 John Collins bef 1760 Virginia d Jefferson Co, TN UNKNOWN
  • Collins-28065 John Collins Sr. 1760 Albemarle, Virginia - 1840 Sarah (Hinton) son of Thomas Collins Sr. and Susanna (Wyatt)
  • Collins-14961 John Collins Sr. 1765 Bath, Virginia - 01 Jan 1835 Hannah (Ewing)
  • Collins-10972 John Collins abt 1770 Virginia - Father of Jesse L
  • Collins Mary (Romack) / Mary A. Daniels
  • Collins-5697 John A Collins abt 1772 Culpeper, Colony of Virginia - 28 Feb 1846 Mourning (Willhoite) son of John Collins and Jemima (Bowen)
  • Collins-13670 John Collins abt 1772 Virginia Beach, Princess Anne County, Virginia - aft 08 Oct 1846 Charlotte (Wortham) son of William Collins and Sarah (Butler)
  • Collins-30066 John H. Collins Jr. 20 Jun 1776 Halifax, Virginia - aft 1840 Lockey (Jones) / Wilmuth (Seamore) son of John Henderson Collins and Judith (Word)
  • Collins-8052 John Collins abt 1781 Orange County, Virginia - abt 1830 Missouri Frances (Kirtley) (presumed son of William Collins (1747) and Jane Blakey) (a daughter Sarah (Collins) Warmoth
  • Collins-12800 John Collins 1782 Virginia - aft 1860 Louisana Mahaley (Sehorn) son of Edward Collins Jr. and Ann Collins
  • Collins-28374 John Fain Collins 18 Mar 1782 Shenandoah, Virginia, United States - abt 1860 Alabama Father of Catherine Blair (Collins) Ray
  • Cullins-148 John Cullins 31 Oct 1791 Frederick, Virginia, United States - 13 Aug 1857 Dorcas (Meredith)

John Cullins and Rebecca Jane (Beatty) Collins-14960 anaged by Marcie Miller John Collins Jr 1794 Bath, Virginia - 02 Feb 1873 Christina (Soliday) John Collins Sr. and Hannah (Ewing)

  • Collins-8288 John Thomas Collins 18 Aug 1797 Grayson, Virginia, USA - 17 Apr 1880 Rutha (Back) / Elizabeth (Bell) son of Jonathan Collins II and [mother unknown]
  • Collins-18307 John F. Collins abt 1798 Washington, Virginia, United States - 1882 Emaline Jane (Gobble) son of Rhesa Collins and Mary (Brooke)
  • Collins-20959 John Jeremiah Collins 06 Aug 1798 Hampshire, Virginia, United States - 02 Jun 1871 Sara Ann (Haynes)
  • Collins-17034 John Wesley Collins 22 Sep 1799 Hampshire County, West Virginia, USA - 1869 Mary Ann Collins son of Pratt Collins and Elizabeth Hall William W. Collins m Catharine Francis Bartlett

1800 +

  • Collins-4834 John D Collins 1807 Virginia, United States - m Nancy (Peery) son of Unknown
  • Hollins-74 John Martin Hollins abt 1810 Louisa County , Virginia, United States - abt 1860 m Rebecca V (Talley) son of Unknown
  • Collins-22003 John Collins 1813 Virginia, United States - m Martha (Moore) son of Charles Collins and Mary (McCarty)
  • Cullen-2212 John Brennon Cullen 06 Dec 1814 Richmond, Virginia, United States - 28 Sep 1899 m Winifred Hall (McCarty) son of Unknown
  • Collins-27086 John Christian Collins 03 Apr 1815 Nellysford, Nelson, Virginia, United States - 1870 m Casandra Jane Plunkett son of Unknown
  • Collison-954 John H Collison 1823 Virginia, United States - m Unknown Step/son of Sheldon Clark ? Pocahontas county VA
  • Collins-30111 John Adams Collins 12 Apr 1824 Halifax, Virginia, United States - 02 Sep 1892 m Mary Clement (Smith) son of William Collins and Dolly (Stone)
  • Collins-3551 John D. Collins 12 Dec 1824 Virginia, USA - 04 Jun 1915 Elizabeth Jane (Modesitt) /Mary Belle (Wilson) son of Isaac Sanson Collins and Rachel (Cunningham)
  • Collins-5062 John William Collins 12 Jul 1825 Patrick County, Virginia, USA - abt 1875 NC m Unknown son of William P. Collins Martha Patsy (Snell) or Martha (Nunn) (William son of Thomas Collins Sr. and Susanna Wyatt Stokes, North Carolina) Census Sources Need to verify children attachments

1830 +

  • Collins-24595 John Cummin Collins 16 Feb 1831 Grayson, Virginia, United States - 07 Nov 1915 m Carolyn Woodruff son of Mahlon Collins and Euphemia (Hayes)
  • Collins-27266 John Overton Collins 1833 Virginia, United States - m Catherine Scruggs son of Zachariah Collins and Mary Ann Lowry
  • Collins-6373 John G. Collins abt 01 Jan 1835 Virginia, USA - 13 May 1863 m Isabellah Jeraline Ellison son of Nimrod R. Collins and Sarah Ann Clore
  • Collins-16523 John W. Collins abt 1838 Pittsylvania, Virginia, United States - bef 1920 son of David H Collins and [mother unknown]
  • Collins-3232 John Collins 1842 Virginia, United States - 1918 m Nancy (Barry) Dean son of Sarah Alma Collins m Benjamin Franklin Lowder
  • Collins-3296 John W C Collins abt 1842 Halifax, Virginia, United States - m Mary Mary Aylett (Lewis) son of Father: Thos. Mother: Mary
  • Collins-18670 John C Collins abt Sep 1842 Virginia, USA - abt 07 Jul 1898 m Mary (Slone) son of Archibald Collins and Laura A. Collins
  • Collins-8348 John Collins abt 1843 Russell or Tazewell, Virginia, United States - bef 1895 West Virginia m (? Mollie Unknown) son of William Collins and Mary (Mullins) Ref https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:MX4M-Q5B
  • Collins-19569 John Andrew Jackson Collins 11 May 1843 Tazewell, Virginia, United States - 31 Mar 1923 m Nancy Ann (Woods) son of Edward J. Collins [uncertain] and Anna (Justice)
  • Collins-5161 John Henry Collins Feb 1846 Floyd, Virginia, United States - 1904 m Catherine (Poff) son of Thomas Collins and Elizabeth (Booth)
  • Collins-339 John B Collins abt 1848 West Virginia, United States - abt 1923 m Helen Alice Cain son of Felix Washington Collins 1826–1882 and Lovina Tharpe 1826–1896
  • Collins-17988 Christopher Jonathan Collins abt 1849 Virginia, United States - aft 1900 m Cynthia (Montgomery) son of William Collins and Macha (Cunningham)
  • Collins-22525 John William H Collins 1854 Virginia, m Unknown - son of Samuel V Collins and Margaret Hayes or Celia Weimer. (Samuel V son of Charles and Mary of Pocahontas, Virginia) Ref: https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:M41G-CV2
  • Collins-19174 John Collins abt 1855 Virginia - aft 1870 son of Allen P. Collins and Phoebe Elizabeth (Sexton)
  • Collins-22548 John Riley Collins 1858 Virginia, United States - son of William Hutchinson Collins and Sarah (Varner)

Caroline County Research

Add open/closing Brackets {{ or {{ Will fit within these categories [[Category: Isle of Wight County, Virginia Colony [[Category: Spotsylvania County, Virginia [[Category: Virginia Colonists == {{US Southern Colonist Sticker|Virginia ==

Confusion and co-mingling in Caroline Co John 1590 - 1686 m Will of Apr 8 1686 Caroline Co - several mis attachments at William (1615) https://archive.org/details/historygenealogy00coll_0/page/142/mode/2up?q=john+collins named sons Thomas, Josiah, daughters Cary, Peggy, and Jenny m 3X; Elizabeth Unknown, Elizabeth Caufield and Margaret Weeks https://archive.org/details/historygenealogy00coll_0/page/143/mode/1up?q=john+collins m Weeks???

Confusion in children due to estimated births - Reportedly

  • (First to arrive Caroline Co [[Collins-27810|James Collins (Son of [[William Collins and Ann (King) Murray) m Unknown - [May have m to Caroline Co with presumed brothers arriving after 1734 - to 1748 --
  • Collins-6482 William (spouse Martha Crutchfield) and
  • Thomas (spouse Ann);
  • John m Mary Carr (? or Mary Weeks) (had holdings) not a resident until after 1766

Parental Info (Caroline Co presumes Collins-853|William (1615]]) m Ann King; but possibly may be a Contemporary Ann m William (1601)

  • Collins-4351 John (1590-1686) children named in John's Will of 1686 Caroline County attached as children of William (1615 - 1687) Isle of Wright Collins-853 (Co-mingled) (Will of 1686 named sons Thomas, [[Collins-435|Josiah, daughters Cary, [[Collins-22593 Peggy, and [[Collins-4352|Jenny --- m 3X; Elizabeth Unknown, Elizabeth Caufield and Margaret Weeks son of John Collins Sr. (1569) and Margaret Unknown (Inherited Title 1644-Keeper of the Gaol Maidstone Kent England))
William Collins(1615) and Ann (King) Murray) m Unknown (Reportedly 5 Identified Children Estimated Births 1640-1650) Named in Ann King Probate - John Collins, dau Ann Collins, Dau Martha Murray, dau Mary Murray) ::: Collins-1484|John Collins m Eleanor Oliver and Mary Wyatt, son of William Collins and Ann King ::: Collins-4339 Ann Collins presumed m Sacre-1|James (Sacre) Sacry (1790 - 1840) ::: Collins-6482 William m Martha Crutchfield ::: Collins-4356 Thomas m Anne Elizabeth (Moss (unproven) and Mary Wyatt) ::: Collins-27810| James (1645) d Halifax ((unproven) likely Collins-13002 James m Julia E. Moore


(9 Virginia Born Richards - in Date Order) Collins-7852 Richard Collins (1725-1784) represents Richard Collins of " Horsepen Creek" Charlotte Co VA' Caroline Co VA (Rappanock) VA 1725–1787 m Mary A Isbell Madison 1743 (wife's father, Roger Madison presumed son of [Family of William of Charlotte v Spts (unproven) ] married about 1772 in Charlotte, Virginia; died intestate (No Will) : Underlying Child Collins-7851 m Pleasant Haley (match to this Richard by Karen) Profile manager: Karen Wood Collins-27961 :: "Virginia Marriages, 1785-1940", database, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:XRCT-NJ8 : 29 January 2020), Sarah Collins in entry for Pleasant Haley, 1789. Collins-1826 Richard Collins (1730- aft 1810) Madison, KY) m Sarah Unknown, (prob Gatewood) Birth Estimate 1730 Spotsylvania VA (Possibly as early as 1725) Marriage Estimate between 1746-1750 Spotsylvania VA Madison KY (Silver Creek, Madison, KY
(Boonsborough/Viney Creek Muddy Creek/Silver Creek KY)
presumed parents - Collins-343 Thomas and 1st spouse Joyeux-18 |possibly Joyeux]] (died 1784 (bros Thomas Collins-343/ William Collins-344 / Joyeux and Collins-1826 Richard (Madison KY)
Children Estimated Births 1746-1797 (prob Spts VA several went to KY about 1790
- 1 Identified Child - (Margaret m Robinson (Robinson-13138 & Collins-9176) (from Probate) & children to get plugged in on Father's profile (to be attached)

Death Estimate after 1810 (census/before 1820 census) (believed to be the brother of Thomas Collins who died 1820 Muddy Creek, Madison, KY) Mgr Karen

Collins-1815 Richard Collins (22 Mar 1737- abt 01 May 1816) '*Richard Collins Scott Co. KY m Sarah Gatewood]] Richard (1737-1816) m Sarah Gatewood (Mgr Chet Snow/Angela) presumed Parent John m Crutcher vs John m Cook (unless Multiple Marriages determined) Birth Estimate 22 Mar 1737 Spotsv Marriage Estimate 1753-1757 Spotsv [[Gatewood-425|Sarah Gatewood (1743-1816) (dau Henry Gatewood and Ann Crittendon Webb) Children Birth Estimates 1753-1783 Death Estimate 1 May 1816 in Scott Co KY

Parents JB or TB and Sarah (no spouse)

SEE THIS EMAIL FOR AMY - some think a dau of Richard - grandaughter of Joseph/Lewis https://mail.yahoo.com/b/folders/2/messages/AHnplIRtwAxNYNz7aATeGOJevhU?.src=ym&reason=myc&folderType=SENT&showImages=true&offset=0

  • Collins-27961Richard Collins (abt. 1725 - 1784) Son of Thomas Collins and [mother unknown] Husband of Mary Isbell (Madison) Father of Catherine (Collins) Hamlett
  • Established Profile in Place - Collins-27961 Richard m Mary Isbell Madison (Profile manager: Karen Wood) == Horse Pen Creek, Charlotte, Virginia

Still need to identify the parents for this one. still looking for parents of the Richard Collins, d. 1784 in Charlotte Co VA, Married Mary Isbell Madison About 1760. I know he had at least 6 daughters, almost all of whom were married after his death, and Mary M. Collins (widow) signed consent for marriage. He may well have had earlier children, sons, I simply do not know and with the records of Caroline County being so sparse, its almost impossible to nail them down. (Email Update Apr 24 2002 - Karen Wood re son Thomas m Catherine Loggins abt 1807)


Note: Several children appear to be mis attached per will record of Thomas Collins

Collins-4356 Thomas m Anne Elizabeth (Moss (unproven) and Mary Wyatt)

s/b children of Thomas Collins-4356 vs William and Ann King

Unknown Specific Cites Not Located

Unknown Profiles - Additional Research Notes - Not Applicable (Hold for further Research TBD - Add digital Cite Link when Found)

TBD - MOVE TO https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Collins_Family_Research_Notes Collins Research NOT Applicable this John Peter Collins Collins-13423 of Halifax connected this family

'Peter Collins' came in the Adam in 1621, listed on the muster of WARISCOYACK, Va. taken 7 Feb. 1625 '17th CENTURY ISLE OF WIGHT'
16 Feb 1623, A Peter and Thomas Collins were among 33 persons shown on CENSUS - Author of 'DELOACH FAMILIES' states that John and Eleanor Oliver Collins returned to England.
First recorded in ISLE of W IGHT 1665, (17C - 543) 30 April 1670 JURY - ISLE of WIGHT, Va / JOHN STILES JURY, LANDESCHEAT 200AC "/ RICHARD GROSS " " " "

Unknown John - May refer to John m Mary Wyatt Collins-20560

John gave Daughter 1750 acres in ISLE of WIGHT soon after marriage 6 October 1694, Bridget Lewis VS Jno Collins Sr 400$ tobacco, care for COLLINS wife, PG 51 (BEATEN BY COLLINS), wife, Mary

TImeline Graphics

Events in history: 1752: Benjamin Franklin proved during a storm in June 1752, with his famous kite flight, that lighting and electricity were the same thing. 1752: The Gregorian Calendar became effective on September 14, 1752. The previous day was September 2, 1752. This change added 12 days to previous dates. It corrected the error in the calendar. In addition, the previous leap year rule was modified (that rule made any year that is divisible by 4 a leap year, except those years divisible by 100). Under the new calendar, the previous leap year rule would continue except that years divisible by 400 would now be leap years. In addition, the first day of the year was changed from March 25th to January 1st. Therefore, anyone born before March 25th had 1 year added to their birth date, and everyone had 12 days added.

County Formations - Colonial Virginia
ISLE OF WIGHT CO. VA Formed 1634, original Shire
Surry County
City of Newport News
James River
North arrow
West arrow Isle of Wight County, Virginia East arrow East
South arrow
Southampton County and
City of Franklin
City of Suffolk
Middlesex formed 1673 from Lancaster;
ESSEX CO. VA - Formed 1692 from Old Rappahannock;
Southampton formed 1749 from Isle of Wight, Nansemond
King George County
Westmoreland County
Richmond County
North arrow
Caroline County
West arrow Essex County, Virginia East arrow East
South arrow
King and Queen County
Middlesex County
SPOTSYLVANIA formed 1720-1 from Essex, King & Queen, King William;
Orange County
Culpeper County
Stafford County and
City of Fredericksburg
North arrow
Orange County
West arrow Spotsylvania County, Virginia East arrow East
South arrow
Louisa County
Hanover County
Caroline County
CAROLINE CO. VA Formed 1727- 8 formed 1727-8 from Essex, King & Queen, King : ; (See also Lancaster Co. Formed 1651 from Northumberland York;
In the present (2001), St. George Parish is in the city of Fredericksburg (no county). Founded in 1714, St George Parish served Essex and Spotsylvania counties
Stafford County
King George County
Essex County
North arrow
Spotsylvania County
West arrow Caroline County, Virginia East arrow East
King and Queen County
South arrow
Hanover County
King William County


Things that are common on the VA people (under the Source Section  (with ref name tags) are: "Links are provided for reference and convenience only (and are considered unreliable/unproven unless sources are contained within). (Generic Disclaimer + ref name tags)

"The Collins Book - Thomas (b1707) pg 4 #A62 son of #A6]</ref>

  • <ref name=TBD>: [1] Needs Verif</ref>
  • <ref name=REV>[2] Southern Campaigns Revolutionary War Pension Statements] & Rosters </ref>
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2
  2. Records between Richard and Sarah Gatewood and Richard of Warren Co have been mixed up. Confusion is they both owned land in Warren Co KY and some of Richard and Sarah's children married in Warren Co KY

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