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Colne Valley Wills

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A list of links to profiles known to contain summarised Wills for villages in the Colne Valley, Essex.

Colne Engaine

Brackley Joseph 1665 -1740
Brown Isaac 1779-1834
Brown Isaac Baker 1786-1871
Brown James Boyer 1810-1845
Brown John 1699-1773
Crabb John c1575-1620
Crow Giles c1602-1689
Curlew John c1480-1529
Fynche John c1500-1550

Earls Colne

Robert Abbott (abt.1540-bef.1568)
Thomas Allen (abt.1568-1640)
Berry Mary c1530-1617
William Brand (bef.1576-bef.1662)
Thomas Bullock (1703-abt.1786)
Thomas Burton (abt.1525-1575)
Samuel Burton (bef.1570-1598)
Samuel Burton (abt.1584-bef.1637)
Robert Browne (abt.1620-bef.1652)
Bartholomew Church (abt.1520-bef.1585)
Robert Church DD (abt.1548-bef.1616)
Mary Church (bef.1610-1650)
Crow Robert c1565 -1640
Crow Robert 1598-1571
Day Anne c1605-1683
Day Edward c1605-1657
William Death (abt.1610-bef.1653)
William Death (abt.1668-bef.1707)
Green John c1510 - 1559
Robert Green (abt.1500-bef.1555)
Katherine (Unknown) Green (abt.1570-bef.1630)
Harlakenden Roger 1541-1603
Harlakenden Richard 1606-1677
Harlakenden William c1536-1605
Hatch Henry 1621-1690
Thomas Heckford (abt.1680-bef.1741)
Hurrell Mehetabell 1637-1661
Jolly Robert c1540 - 1587
Kettle Henry c1535 - 1593
Kettle John c1525 - 1555
Kettle John c1573 - 1625
Kettle John c1595-1639)
Josselin Ralph 1617-1683
Hatch Dorothy 1625-1700
Leffingwell Thomas c1520-1606
John May (abt.1688-bef.1738)
Nevell William 1590-1636
Newman Matthew 1690-1728
Newton John c1574-1621
Newton Samuel 1614-1688
Newton Francis c1638-1688
Newton Susanna c1655-1690
Newton John 1650-1717
Newton John 1685-1762
Newton Hannah 1694-1768
Pilgrim George 1570 - 1623)
Plampin (Bordman) Mary (abt.1680-1731)
Edmund Potter (abt.1602-bef.1668)
Richard Prentice (abt.1540-bef.1586)
Smith Elizabeth 1660-1715
Smith Thomas c1540-1600
Trasor John c1540 - 1594
Wale John c1699 - 1761
John Ward (abt.1515-bef.1569)
Edward Warren (bef.1651-1698)
Williamson (Wenden) Sarah (1712-1775)

Wakes Colne

Abbot John c1580-1638
Alcock John c1570-1608
Alcock Richard c1580-1651
Baker Agnes c1500-1576
Baker John c1485-1558
Baker John c1575-1624
Brett John c1600-1640
Brett John c1628-1702
Bridge Martha c1680-1730
Richard Bridge (abt.1590-abt.1671)
Bridge Richard 1640-1699
Bridge Richard 1682-1749
Samuel Burton c1635-1708
Samuel Burton c1686 - c1729
Cooke Annis c1555-1631
Cockerton John 1535–1589
Cockerton Robert 1572–1621
Cockerton Marvill c1620-c1690
Cooke Christopher c1550-1616
Cooke Henry c1550-1616
Dickman Thomas 1670-1732
Freeman John c1680-1730 Dedham
Keble John c1540-1607
Keble John c1585-1621
Keble John 1636-1710
Keble Margaret c1640-1611
Laye Elizabeth c1540-1618
London Samuel c1620-1692
Medow John c1490-1555
Newton Joane c1535-1572
Pare Richard 1605
Potter John c1570-1634
Potter John 1708-1736
Potter Elizabeth c1720-1775
Potter William c1645-1702
Quylter John c1540-1611
Sadler Edmund 1595-1651
Smyth John c1580-1621
Stephens William c1590-1634
Tiffin Jonathan c1680-1724
Turner Roger c1560-1628
Turner John 1610-1681
Turner William 1633 - 1701
Wenden Joseph 1653-1681
Wenden John 1623-1682
Wenden John 1648-1729
Wenden Nathaniel c1625-1665

White Colne

Crow John c1631-169
John Prentice (abt.1525-)
Henry Prentice (abt.1490-bef.1570)



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