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Colonial Virginia Pucketts

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Three Generations

Hester Elizabeth Garrett's Some Pucketts and their kin [1] gives the following lineage for three generations of John Pucketts in colonial Virginia:

  1. John Puckett, who died in 1677.
  2. John Puckett of Bristol Parish, Henrico County, who left a will dated "twofth" May 1716 - names wife Elizabeth (and their unborn child); sons John, Joseph, Timothy, and Abraham; daughter Martha, wife of Richard Puckett; daughter Elizabeth; daughter Ann; daughter Sarah. Witnesses: Jno. Granger, Rich'd Womack.[2]
  3. John Puckett of Chesterfiled County, who left a will dated 26 April 1764 (a duplicate profile had a death date of 9 July 1765 - perhaps the proven date?) - his will names sons Daniel, Shippe Allen, Stephen, Druery; cousin Sarah Westbrook (unmarried). Witnesses: Peter Ashbrooke, John Walthall, Mary Westbrook.

Note: As of 11 November 2021, #3 is attached as son of Richard Joel Puckett Sr. (1684-1720), not John Puckett II (abt.1655-abt.1716), who has his own son John - John Puckett Jr (abt.1675-aft.1716). Hence the need for this research page, "Colonial Virginia Pucketts".

Lots of John Pucketts

As with most large colonial Virginia families, sorting out all those with the same name can be a challenge (the many siblings over several generations tended to name their children after their parents and their siblings). Official records attempted to identify adults in the same parish with the same name by using Jr/Sr and sometimes the elder and the younger (normally just Jr/Sr if only two to be distinguished). Note that the use of Jr/Sr in official records was only to show the relative ages of the two people - they were not necessarily father/son, or even men. I have seen Jr/Sr applied to aunt/niece.

The earliest John Puckett known to be in Virginia is represented by the profile Puckett-171: John Puckett Sr. (abt.1620-1677).
Son of John Puckett-171, based on records, appears to be the John Puckett represented by the profile Puckett-182: John Puckett II (abt.1655-abt.1716). The will of John Puckett of Bristol Parish, Henrico County, dated 12 May 1716 and probated in 1 June 1719, is currently attached to his profile. Considering the witnesses - Jno Granger Jno Pucket & Rich'd Womack[3] - it could be. Or it could be a cousin's. The records show the siblings of John's son John (Puckett-182) to include Mary, wife of Richard Womack in 1679 and married to neighbor John Granger by 1692. Records for Mary Granger include the 1692 suit of "Abra. Womeck... complaining that the Orphans of his brother Richard Womeck under ye tuition of John Granger... their psent. Guardian... [and] Mary ye wife of ye sd. Granger, & mother of ye sd. Children" (his complaint was that the Womeck orphans were not being properly cared for).
Unfortunately, the children of Richard and Mary (Puckett) Womack are not named in the records excerpted on Mary's profile, but it is likely that the Richard Womack who witnessed the 1716 will was one of them - represented by Womack-427: Richard Womack (1674-bef.1723).
Speculation about John Pucketts, when it was thought that a John Puckett witnessed the 1716 will of John Puckett (see this transcription/abstract - just the two witnesses, Granger & Womack):
the witness Jno. Puckett was the John Puckett who married Judith Kirby - represented by Puckett-404: John Puckett (abt.1696-1764) and/or Puckett-2421: John Puckett (abt.1692-1764)[4]
Some additional confusion, with merged profiles that maybe shouldn't have been (Puckett-182: John Puckett II (abt.1655-abt.1716) was merged with Puckett-1801, which is the profile that the 1716 will was originally attributed to and might have been someone other than the son of Puckett-171).
Puckett-1802 is attached as son of Puckett-182, and the text for Puckett-1802 appears to say he is the oldest son named in the 1716 will of John (saying it's Puckett-1801's will, which clicks through to Puckett-182 now, after a merge, but looking at changes... I think that the 1716 will is not the will of Puckett-182 who married Elizabeth Allen in 1691. By all accounts though, John Puckett-182, son of John Puckett-171, was living with his sister and married late - in 1691, to Elizabeth Allen (implying no earlier marriages - e.g., no first wife named Judith Treble). It may be that the John with the 1716 will is from the "DNA proven" separate Puckett line in colonial Virginia, which is supported by daughter Martha Puckett named in the will being wife of Richard Puckett. ~ Noland-165 21:01, 12 October 2021 (UTC)

John m Kirby

John Puckett-522 (1673-1764) seems unusually long lived for a colonist, so it is likely that one of the dates is wrong, if not both (death date of 28 April 1764 matches both Puckett-404, born 1696, and Puckett-2421, born 1692). Two of the three profiles are attached as husband of Judith Kirby:
  • Puckett-404 m Kirby-531, 1718 in Bristol Parish, Henrico, Virginia; children: Daniel Puckett, Shippy Allen Puckett, Stephen Puckett and Drury Puckett Sr.
  • Puckett-2421 m Kirby-5121, son William Puckett (1747-1833)
    • William m Pheby Perdue on 1 Mar 1788 in in Chesterfield, VA (Phoebe's profile, Perdue-679, says she died in Powhatan County, VA in 1860, so a census record might be found for her; daughter "Rebacca Spence" has a FindAGrave memorial,[5] citing the 1844 will of Burwell Spence (citation lists children named in will, including an Isham and a Drury). The profile for their daughter Sarah "Sally" (Puckett) Frasure cites an 1850 census.[6]
Judith Kirby 1699–28 April 1765[7]
  • Kirby-531: Judith (Kirby) Puckett]] (c1696-1764)
  • Kirby-5121: Judith (Kirby) Puckett (abt.1699-abt.1765)
FamilySearch has Judith's death as 28 April 1765 and her husband John Puckett (son of John Puckett and Elizabeth Allen) with a will dated 28 April 1764.[8]

Children of John & Judith

The Bristol Parish Register (1720-1789) includes several children of John and Judith Pucket/t[9] (capitalization corrected, punctuation added, and abbreviations in the transcription spelled out in the following list):
  • Wm son of John & Judith Puckett born 15th September last, baptized 17th December 1720 (page 349)
  • Phebe daughter of John & Judith Puckett bom 11th January, baptized March 5th 1720-1 (page 349)
  • Joel son of John & Judith Pucket born 11th November last, baptized 7th March 1723-4 (page 350)
  • Sheppyallin Son of Jno and Judith pucket born 8th November 1725 (page 350)
  • Stephen Son of John and Judith Pucket Born 17th October 1728, baptized November 10 (page 351)
  • Phebe daughter of John and Judith Pucket Born 2d January 1728 (page 351) [note: I found no entry of death or burial of the Phebe born in January 1720/21]
  • Drury Son of John & Judith Pucket Born 25th January 1733, baptized 12th February (page 353)
I'm wondering if there are too John and Judith Pucketts - the two Phebes supports that idea. And if "September last" for William means September 1720, I think that would make him brother of the Phebe born in 1728.


From Bristol Parish Register:[10]
  • Wm son of John & Judith Puckett born 15th sept last bapt 17th decem: 1720
  • Phebe dau: of John & Judith puckett bom 11th Jan' bapt March 5th 1720-1
  • Rich son of Rich: & Martha puckett bom 7th March 1718-19.
  • Ephraim son of Womack & Mable Pucket bom 24th Jan' last bap't April 10th 1721.
  • Lewis son of Wm & Mary Puckett born 9th Jan' 1722-3 bapt May 5th 1723.
  • Joel son of John & Judith Pucket born nth Nov: last bap' 7th March 1723-4.
  • Isham son of Womack & Mable Puckett born 14th octob' last bap' Aprill 23th 1724.
  • Sheppyallin Son of Jno and Judith pucket born 8th Novm 1725.
  • Eliza D of Wm and Mary pucket bom 19th feb 1725.
  • Stephen Son of John and Judith Pucket Born 17th octbr 1728 Bapt Nov 10.
  • Phebe D of John and Judith Pucket Born 2d Janr 1728.
  • Ephraim son of Wm and frances Pucket Born 2d March Bap' 30th June 1729.
  • Drury Son of John & Judith Pucket Born 25th Janr 1733 Bapt 12th febr.

Puckett Lineages

This should probably be a separate space page, but for now I've adopted this profile to be the "collector" of de-tangling information.
Based on DNA research (see Puckett-171#DNA Information), there are two unrelated Puckett families in colonial Virginia. I think that maybe where they converge is with the marriage of Martha Puckett, son of John with the 1716/1719 will, who names her as his daughter and that she is married to Richard Puckett. This would put Richard in the "other" Puckett line.
Looking at Martha's tree, we have
  1. Puckett-171 (c1620-1677) - John, father of
  2. Puckett-182 (c1655-c1716) - John, father of
  3. Martha ... where we hit a snag. Two profiles are attached - Puckett-602 & Puckett-1806 - neither born after 1791 (when John is believed to have married, as his first wife, Elizabeth Allen).
Which puts Martha and her father John, with the 1716 will, in the "other" Puckett line.
Looking at Richard's tree (as connected in WikiTree, 12 October 2021):
  1. Puckett-171 (c1620-1677) - John, father of
  2. Puckett-173 (c1655-c1723) - William, father of
  3. Puckett-518 (1684-1720) - Richard, married Martha (Puckett-602), born 1684

Conclusion: It is likely that two profiles were merged that shouldn't have been, conflating the John Puckett, son of John Puckett-171 who married for the first time late in life, to Elizabeth Allen (in 1691), with the John Puckett who left a will dated 1716 naming many children, including a daughter Martha who married Richard Puckett.

Profiles for John as of 12 October 2021

Henrico County / pre-1750
  • Puckett-171: John Puckett Sr. (abt 1620 England - 1 Aug 1677, Henrico County)
  • Puckett-182: John Puckett II (abt Jun 1655, Henrico - abt 12 May 1716)
  • Puckett-522: John Puckett (1673, Henrico - 28 Apr 1764) - death date matches Puckett-404 and Puckett-2421 (set in a rejected match with Puckett-515 & merges proposed for Puckett-404, Puckett-2421, & Puckett-522 on 12 October 2021)
  • Puckett-1802: John Puckett Jr (abt 1675, Henrico County - aft 12 May 1716)
  • Puckett-600: Abraham John Puckett Sr. (1683 Henrico - aft 1 Oct 1735)
  • Puckett-515: John Puckett (1686, Henrico - 9 July 1765) - set in a rejected match with Puckett-522 on 12 October 2021
  • Puckett-2421: John Puckett (abt 1692, Henrico - 28 Apr 1764) - married Kirby (merge proposed 12 Oct. 2021 with Puckett-404)
  • Puckett-404: John Puckett (abt.1696, Henrico County - 28 Apr 1764) - "Shoemaker", son of Richard & Martha; married Judith Kirby.[11]
  • Puckett-1140: John Puckett (1719, Richmond, Henrico Co - 1806)
  • Puckett-2295: Jonathan Puckett (abt 1720 - abt 1797)
  • Puckett-2682: John Puckett (abt 1734 Preston and Sutton Poyntz, Dorset, England, - Apr 1817) - included because of Dorset G2G question
  • Puckett-277: John Puckett (abt 1742, Henrico - abt 1792)

Wills & Administrations

Henrico County - Index to Wills and Administrations (1655-1800)[12]
  • John Pucket/Puckett (1677)
  • John Puckett, Sr. (1719)
  • William Puckett (1719)
  • Abraham Pucket (1735)
  • Elizabeth Puckett (1735)
  • Richard Pucket (1737)
1712 will (probated 1715) of Thomas Puckett is the will Thomas, third son of John (d 1677) and husband of Mary Womack: "In will dated Mar. 4, 1712, proved Oct. 3, 1715 Thomas Puckett leaves property to son William Puckett (Cl4). (Henrico Deeds 1714-18, p. 48). This William married Mabel Walthall. He was dead by 1720 as Mabel marries Womack Puckett that year."[13]
  • Gee adds a note about Frances, daughter of this Thomas: "See will of Thomas Womack on page 2. Think she married John Clyborne. See settlement of his estate Henrico Co. Book 1710-14, p. 199."[13] The Claiborne Society also suggests that Puckett was the maiden name of Frances, wife of John Clyborn, Jr. (1682-1712), son of John and Mary Sheppey Clyborn.[14]
1716 will (probated 1719) of John Puckett Sr of Henrico County[15]
1764 will (dated 26 April 1764) of John Puckett of Chesterfield County; no mention of wife; sons Daniel, Shippe Allen, Stephen, Druery; cousin Sarah Westbrook (unmarried). Witnesses: Peter Ashbrooke, John Walthall, Mary Westbrook[16]
Chesterfield County - Index to Wills and Administrations, 1712-1812 (partial)[17]
  • Pucket 1762, 1773, 1774, 1776, 1777, 1780
  • Pucket, Abram 1752, 1753, 1754
  • Pucket, Brazure 1774-1775
  • Pucket, Joseph 1750
  • Pucket, Joseph 1762
  • Pucket, Sarah 1750
  • Puckett, John 1765
  • Puckett, John 1772
  • Puckett, John 1806, 1807
  • Puckett, Mark 1784
  • Puckett, Mark 1790
  • Puckett, Nathan ?
  • Puckett, Rachel 1749-1750
  • Puckett, Shippy 1780
  • Puckett, Susanna 1757
  • Puckett, Thomas 1781
  • Puckett, Thomas 1783
  • Puckett, Thomas 1787, 1789
  • Puckett, Timothy Allen 1776
  • Puckett, Wiliam 1803
  • Puckett, Wommack 1802

Land Notes

Additional notes when trying to determine who the John Puckett witness was for the 1716 will (it was his will, not witnessed by him - presentation formatting[15] is easily misread; transcriptions list just Granger and Womack as witnesses): need to see if a beneficiary can be a witness & what age a witness can be (I believe 16 for a girl, maybe 18 for a boy? under 21 was an infant in colonial times and land could not be bought/sold by infants, although it could be inherited by them... one of the profiles brought this up,[18] that it was unusual for land to be left to daughters).
John Puckett's 1716 will[15] leaves "all my lands" to be divided among his four sons (John, Joseph, Timothy, & Abraham) after his wife Elizabeth dies. If the will is for Puckett-182, his wife is Eliza Allen (married 1690/1), whose profile shows that she died in 1691 (obviously, this should be "after" 1691 - "license granted 18 March 1691", Geo. Worsham, Security).[19] She is probably the Elizabeth Puckett listed in "Henrico County - Index to Wills and Administrations (1655-1800)" with a 1735 date.[12]
From Nugent's Cavaliers & Pioneers, Volume Three: 1695-1732, page 23:
  • "John Puckett, 257 acs.; Henrico Co; adj. Richard Womecke; down the Spring Bottom; to Mr. William Baugh, &c.; 15 Oct. 1698, p. 168. Part of 757 acs. granted to William Pockett & Thomas Pockett, 20 Nov. 1682, deserted & now granted by order, &c. Trans. of 6 pers: Thomas Peterson, Wm. Nicholas, Mary Nicholas, Hen. Drewry, Peter Morgan, Robt. Dolby."[20]
    • The profile for William Baugh (abt.1610-1687) lists a lot of land transactions, including "1/27/1665, “Mr. Wm. Baugh on Perristoyle Cr.”, in the patent of Jno Pocket. (S) C&P, 1934, PB5, P549."[21]

Location Notes

John Puckett's 500 acres, granted in 1665, was in Bristol Parish, Henrico County.
  • Henrico was one of the original Shires (1634) and was Henricus Incorporation before that.[22][23]
    • Henrico Parish (1611) - "the original shire & parish. (often called Varina Parish 1680-1714)". It served Henrico County until after 1785.[24]
    • Bristol Parish, formed in 1643, served Henrico County until 1735.[24]
    • Dale Parish was formed in 1735: "When Dale Parish was formed in 1735, it included that part of Bristol Parish in Henrico Co". Dale Parish served Henrico County to 1749 and Chesterfield County to aft 1785.[24]
  • Chesterfield County was formed in 1749, from Henrico County.[23]
  • Richmond, Henrico County, refers to the city of Richmond, which is today the independent city of Richmond and is surrounded by Chesterfield and Henrico Counties.[25]
  • Lunenburg is incorrectly given by some online trees as the death location of John (c1677) - he lived in Bristol Parish, Henrico County.
    • Lunenburg today is an unincorporated, census-designated place,[26] and is the county seat of
    • Lunenburg County, which was created from Brunswick County in 1746.[27]
    • Lunenburg Parish was created in 1732 (from North Farnham Parish) and served Richmond County to after 1785.[24] Henrico County and Lunenburg County do not share a border, although the westernmost part of Lunenburg County's northern border - in 1746 - was at one time part of the southern border of Henrico County (1634-1728, when Goochland County was formed).[23]
  • Richmond County, formed in 1692, is miles away from Henrico County (to the northeast).[23][28] It is nowhere near the Independent City of Richmond.[25]

Dorset Roots

See these G2G discussions:
Notes & queries for Somerset and Dorset[29]
From index to SDNQ (po-pz):
  • Puckett, Anne, Ruth, Thos., Wm. v27, p63
  • Puckett, H. L. v27, p63
From vol. 27, Google Book (limited search, but p 63 partially in view):
  • "John Puckett of Virginia. The following is an extract from the Virginia Land Grants VII, 200: "757 acres to Wm. Puckett and Thos. Puckett 20 Nov. 1682, in County of Henrico, 500 acres being above Mr. Wm. Baugh, North Side Appomatox River, being patent by John Puckett 27 Jan. 1665, and by will and testament given to sons Wm. and Thos. Puckett, 257 acres being residue adjoining Richard Womeck, Wm. Baugh, and John Puckett's patent, due for transportation of 6 persons (Jane White, Alice..."
From SDNQ v8 p269:
  • Puckett, Thomas (entry shows him as one of 12 members of a jury in Portisham/Portysham in 1557/8 - if I'm reading it right).


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    • Martha Puckett (1684-1719), born 1684 Henrico County; died 1719 Henrico County, Virginia
    • "John was born about 1692. He passed away in 1764."
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