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Comings with presence in California

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Reference list of names that keep surfacing

Everett L (Lewis) Comings: 1869-1936, wife Charlotte Blackmore, Santa Cruz connection, later Seattle: Comings-383. Everett L (Louis) Comings, his son: Comings-385

Everett S (Sherman) Comings, he of the lengthy resume, wife #1 Mary Addie Hutchinson, wife #2 Mabel Hayes: Comings-113

George Ralph Comings, wife Edna Aleen Fanger, daughter Mary Benita Hables: Comings-337

Robert Sherman (Bob) Comings in San Bernardino, mother Cecilia (state hospitals), father Herbert Sherman Comings, wife Ollie Mae: Comings-118


Sisters Jane A. ("Jennie"), Amy L, Edith and Grace Comings (Comings-375)
San Mateo, bay area

Miss Annie Comings of Cuddeback made a short visit to Hydesville, per the Humboldt Times, Volume LX, Number 31, 4 February 1903. [1]

Arthur T Comings (1941-2015) Comings-373
Died in Fairfax, Marin
Raised in San Diego; parents both died in San Diego
According to obituary he was part of the art scene in Berkeley in the 1970s. Has a living son, daughter, and a sister in Santa Cruz.

C Comings from San Francisco checked into the Pacific Hotel in San Jose in 1882. [2]

C Comings had an unclaimed letter in the San Jose post office in January 1890. [3]

Miss Clara Comings is listed as a guest at a party in Lodi in 1918. [4]

Cooper Comings was a juror in the Hagenow murder trial in May 1889, SF. No further mention online of such a person. (Nickname? The C Comings listed above?) [5]

Corrie Comings is mentioned as a member of a student committee at Oakland Technical High School in 1929. [6]

Mrs. E. B. Comings was the victim of a robbery at her home in San Francisco (Chestnut Street between Hyde and Larkin) in 1900. Nothing further can be found on such a person. [7]

A Mrs. Earl Comings was a guest at a bridge club luncheon in San Anselmo in 1928. Familysearch census records find two men named Earl Comings but impossible to determine whether either of these is the man in question. [8]

A Mrs. Ella Comings of SF was elected as a director of the SF Archdiocese Council of Catholic Women in 1928. This is likely not Miss Ella F Comings (Comings-29) as she lived in Minnesota with her sister at that time. [9]

Edith Comings graduated from Everett Grammar School (San Francisco) in 1904. [10]

"Ely Comings ranch" purchased by Mr. Crocker, residence partly burned in 1877 (Sonoma Democrat) [11] Sonoma County connection

E. S. Comings of Forestville mentioned in newspaper in 1912 [12]. A Google search on that name and location reveals a MISS E.S. Comings, i.e. this is s a woman [13]. Sonoma County connection

Etireene Comings mentioned in Santa Rosa Press Democrat 8 Nov 1914, "Advertised letters." Could not find a single thing elsewhere with this name, unless it's the E. S. Comings just above. [14] Sonoma County connection

F Comings of San Francisco checked into a hotel somewhere in LA in Nov 1903. [15]

Frank Comings, policeman, arrested 3 men in a SF hotel for an illegal blackjack game. SF Call, Dec 1914. [16]

"Policeman Comings" (same one as above?) fished a man out of the bay who jumped for a ferry and missed. March 1915. [17]

Frank J Comings ran for assembly 2nd district in Humbolt in 1918 [18]

Fred Comings/Cumings, member of Parlor Native Sons, 1911, Healdsburg [19] Sonoma County connection

G Comings checked into the Baldwin Hotel in SF in June 1884. [20]

George Ralph Comings (1871-1934) Comings-337
Died in Raymond, Madera
Daughter graduated from Stanford in electrical engineering in 1932; she died in San Diego

George Comings was elected treasurer of the Barbers' Association in Sacramento in June 1891. [21]

Mrs. H Comings, Hannah (Odermatt) Comings, is mentioned in the death notice of her sister Theresa Dailey, wife of William R. Dailey, San Francisco Call, Volume 72, Number 107, 15 September 1892 [22], and again in the death notice of her mother, San Francisco Call, Volume 73, Number 149, 28 April 1893 [23] She has a sparse Familysearch profile that does not mention her husband's name. Isaac mentions no one named Odermatt. There is no Ancestry profile. Theresa's siblings were Mrs. H Comings, Mrs. C. Hefner, and Frank, Louis, Joe and Paul Odermatt. Their parents were F. A. and Kathrina Odermatt. Theresa was a SF native and died age 27 years, 5 months and 21 days.

Harris Comings and George Lynch in Amador newspaper item (1911): [24]

Irving Comings - mentioned in 1920 Colusa Daily Sun. No further info can be found. [25]

Mr. J. Comings, "enterprising farmer and thresher, has sold his ranch to a party in San Francisco. It has a medical spring and is to be fitted up as a resort for invalids." Sonoma Democrat, Volume XX, Number 23, 31 March 1877 [26]Sonoma County connection

J A Comings appointed to Stanford faculty in chemistry, 1904 [27]

J A Comings was on the senior ball committee for Stanford senior week in 1905. [28]

J B Cumings, Bay area, mentioned in 1885 here; could find no other info on him.

Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Comings were at the Stockton Hotel in SF in January 1911. No further info found. [29]

J H Comings, VP of the Howard Social Club in SF, mentioned in Daily Alta California 5 Oct 1867. Nothing further could be found on him. [30]

J H Comings won a prize in a National Guard shooting competition in May 1868. [31]

J H Comings went to Sacramento and returned the same day, in the (Oroville) Weekly Butte Record, Volume 31, Number 51, 3 October 1885 [32]

J H Comings of Chico arrived at the Lick House (hotel) in San Francisco in September 1896. [33]

J M Comings listed on the January (1872) term of grand jurors, representing Washington Townshp. Russian River Flag, Volume IV, number 7, 28 December 1871. [34] Sonoma County connection

Mrs J W Comings had an unclaimed letter according to the Madera Mercury in 1916 [35]

James W Comings, principal of Geyserville High School in 1965, Healdsburg Tribune 28 Oct 1965. Not found in 1950 US Census. [36] Sonoma County connection

Mrs. James Comings mentioned in Healdsburg Tribune, 1965 Geyserville Grange H.E.C. card party, held Aug 19, 1965. Wife of James W? No info found. [37]

James R Comings divorced from Carolyn S Martin in Nov 1974 in Monterey California, U.S., Divorce Index, 1966-1984

Jennie Comings was chosen to serve as a high school chemistry, German and history teacher in Oroville or Marysville in 1906. [38]

Job Comings - mining claims in coast range, 1886 [39]

John H Comings (any relation to J H above?) is listed in multiple SF city directories between 1861 and 1880; in 1861 his occupation was laborer. In a later directory he is listed as a clerk to Charles L. Dingley (flour and lumber business). Another John H Comings is listed as a pupil at the Trinidad public school in 1897. [40]

Joseph R Comings, embalmer, mentioned in San Jose Mercury-news, August 1907 [41]

L V Comings of Pacific Motor Boat mentioned in Sausalito News, January 1915 [42]. Not found in 1900, 1910 or 1920 US Census. However, the online archives of Pacific Motor Boat Magazine for 1915-1916 show many instances of A V, A F, A T, L t and L I Comings. Mostly A V.

Lawrence Comings had a letter in the Iowa City (in Placer County, CA, now called Iowa Hill) in October 1855. [43]

Lillian (Lunt) Comings (1861-1933) Lunt-784
Husband: Comings-377 He died in 1926 in San Mateo; she died about 1933 in San Francisco.
Something in the SJ Mercury in 1899: [44]

M T Comings suspected of neglect of duty at an almshouse, SF 1902 [45] No further info about any M T Comings could be found.

Mrs. M T Comings of San Diego had relatives in Johnstown and worried that they might have died in the 1889 flood. [46] See just above re lack of any further information.

Martin Comings (no profile yet), found in 1920 US Census in Alameda.

Miss Mamie and Miss Minnie Comings listed as guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Turner, 1881, Merced Star newspaper. Cannot find a Mamie Comings, and unable to determine whether Minnie is Comings-287, who was about 12 years old in 1881. [47]

Dr. N. Comings, dentist in south bay area, 1922 [48]

Robert Comings taught an art class on "Ritual" at the SF Jewish Community Center in 1970 [49]. Possibly Comings-374 whose wife is an artist but cannot tell for certain.

"Bob" Comings had an item on exhibit at Santa Rosa Junior College art gallery in 1999. [50] Could be Comings-374 but cannot be certain.

An S H Comings had a sermon piece in the Marin Journal, Volume 36, Number 48, 4 February 1897. Not able to determine his identity. [51]

Thomas E Comings had a letter waiting at the Colusa post office in 1873. [52]

Trician Comings in the Santa Cruz Sentinel re driving versus biking, 2004. This person is referred to with male pronouns. Comings-373 had a SISTER named Trician Comings who according to Intelius is 75 years old in 2022, on Facebook clearly a female, lives in Santa Cruz. Did the newspaper use the wrong pronouns? Did Trician have a son with the same name? Was there surgery? [53] Trician also appears with no pronouns in a list of people in 2004 who opposed Measure J. [54]

W B Comings mentioned in Daily Alta California (SF), 18 January 1875, elected officers of the Mercantile Library. Comings-62 is William Burton Comings who was 5 years old in 1875. [55]

W F Comings was selected as a trial juror in 1877 in Nevada County. [56]

Mrs. Will Comings [57] February 7, 1966, Dry Creek Farm Bureau women's group, reported from Healdsburg in 1966. Not the wife of Comings-187 as his son confirmed he knew of no other Comings in Sonoma County. Another item in the Healdsburg Tribune 3 February 1966 re the same women's group, hostess for dessert Mrs. Will Comings. [58]

"Wm S Comings" born 1869, Tennessee, 1920 Census living in Fowler, Fresno, CA. No profile as of 12/12/21.

Zoe Comings of Watsonville was listed on the Cabrillo College honor roll in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, Volume 136, Number 308, 7 November 1993[59]. Google search shows a Zoe Comings, jewelry artist in Austin, Texas. Intelius says she is age 48 (in 2022) and the daughter of Robert W Comings (Comings-374) and Linda MacDonald.

"Birge & Comings" bragged about the amenities of the Phoenix Hotel. Sacramento Daily Union, Volume 1, Number 73, 11 June 1851 The same ad ran several days in a row. [60]

A "Mr. Comings" is cited in an item from the Sacramento Transcript, Volume 3, Number 24, 26 April 1851, concerning "Indian difficulties." [61]

A Comings with no first name listed is mentioned as a fruit dealer at the Great Fruit Market in San Francisco, California Farmer and Journal of Useful Sciences, Volume 17, Number 20, 8 August 1862. [62]

A "Miss Comings" was on the faculty of Live Oak High School, Morgan Hill, according to the San Jose Mercury News, Volume LXXI, Number 84, 22 Sep 1906. [63]

A "Miss Comings" resigned from a high school teaching position (in Oroville?) according to the Marysville Daily Appeal, 8 January 1907. [64]

"Birge & Comings" advertised the Phoenix Hotel in Sacramento in May 1851. [65]


Arthur Comings was listed as one of the "young people" at a party in Los Angeles at the home Miss Fay Springer in 1900. [66] He was an usher in a wedding in 1901. [67] He was at a Halloween party in 1901. [68] He was also present at a party at the home of of Mrs. E. L. Comings in 1906. [69] Arthur H Comings and Mrs. M H Comings of Los Angeles attended an outdoor concert series in San Diego in 1910. [70]

Bessie and Mattie Comings were guests at the Rest-A-While in 1912. [71]

"Buster" Comings, student at Coronado High School, mentioned in 1951 newspaper article [72]

Colin L Comings mentioned in Los Angeles Herald, Volume XXXIII, Number 190, 9 April 1911, in an article titled "CHICAGO MEN OF MONEY WILL RESIDE IN CALIFORNIA Beauty and Fertility of Ramona Acres Recognized" [73] Perhaps he is the father of Mary Comings listed below as residing in Ramona.

David E Comings, MD PROBABLY LIVING age 87 according to Intelius
Son of Edward Walter Comings (Comings-380)
1940 US Census, age 5 [74] newspaper article 1970
Dr. David Comings mentioned in 1987 newspaper item[75], another in 1988 [76]

E D Comings married Marion Whiteley at Coronado in June 1949. One attendant was Helen Burdette. [77] Mrs. Edward Comings was matron of honor for Helen Burdette at a Coronado wedding in 1949. [78] No amount of searching could find any information whatsoever on either of them.

E S Comings, artist (via Google, plus newspaper ad, 1893, Los Angeles, portraits and photographs. PROBABLY Everett Sherman Comings (Comings-113). He has quite the biography. Three other ads are found in this search result.

Mrs. E. T. Comings helped with a YWCA Halloween party in October 1903. [79]

Mrs. Edward Comings was matron of honor at a Coronado wedding in 1949. (Any relation to E D Comings above?) [80]

Fannie S Comings "of Santa Barbara" is mentioned in an article here; need to relook it up when images are restored. (San Mateo, June 1924.

Mrs. Fred Comings was chairwoman of the San Diego Women's Club Valerian Section in June 1963. [81]

G. Comings played third base in the Young Boyle Heights Stars in 1893. [82]

Glen Comings recommended attendance at a tennis tournament in October 1980. [83]

H W Comings of Los Angeles, 1892 (Comings-315??) [84]

J H Comings became deputy commander of San Diego Garrison No. 99, regular Army and Navy union in 1893 [85] Nothing further found.

J M Comings from Corning, Iowa, stayed at the Hotel Del Coronado in 1889 [86] Google coughs up J M Comings, MD, aka "professor." As of 04-23-22, no further info could be found on this person but he appears to have lived in New York.

James R Comings, DOB 2 March 1979, residence in Palm Springs per U.S., Public Records Index, 1950-1993, Volume 2 [87] Same person found residing in Jonesboro, GA in 1991, per U.S., Public Records Index, 1950-1993, Volume 1 [88] Same person found in U.S., Index to Public Records, 1994-2019 [89] listed as James Ray Comings Jr.

John Richard Comings of LA, age 18, arrested for forced entry to commercial building. [90]

Loisa Comings and Leo Janko got a marriage license in 1914 in the LA area. [91]

Marie Comings was a guest at the home of someone in Rialto in 1918. [92]

Mark David Comings, 1963-2010. Father Bruce, mother Joanne. Obit [93]

Mary E. Comings of Ramona, San Diego County, took third place in the high school division of the statewide spelling bee held at the Sacramento state fair on September 1, 1928. [94] [95] Perhaps Colin Comings (above) was her father.

Mrs. Mary H. Comings, Galpin Shakespeare Club, Los Angeles, 1907 [96] and [97] Mrs. M H Comings in the Badger Club, 1913. [98] Could be Hutchinson-7758 (Mary Hutchinson Comings) as she appears to have lived in LA at the time.

Mrs. Mary T. Comings died at age 40 in San Diego in June 1884. No amount of searching could turn up any other information about her. [99]

A Miss Mary Comings was a hostess at the annual social event of the Lyric Club (Los Angeles Herald, Volume 35, Number 266, 24 June 1908). [100]

Rhoda W Comings is listed among the legal notices in a 1920 newspaper from Calexico. Nothing further can be found for anyone by that name in that part of the country, in that timeframe. [101]

Mr. and Mrs. W C Comings were guests at the Westlake Card Club gathering in November 1900. [102]

- - - - - Some names in a California 1910-1920 search result [103]

- - - - - No first name listed:

"Mrs. Comings" attended a tea party, according to the (Santa Barbara) Morning Press, Volume 43, Number 204, 23 April 1915. [104]

Baptists of three counties convene, an item in the Morning Press, Volume 45, Number 30, 6 October 1916, mentions "Dr. Comings," pastor of the First Baptist Church of Pasadena. [105]

A "Mr. Comings" is on a list of letters remaining in the Los Angeles post office as of April 18, 1881. [106]

Mrs. A. W. Leadbetter and her sister "Miss Comings" traveled from Portland to Santa Barbara in November 1915, planning to join "Miss Leadbetter" at the family home. [107] Mrs. Frederick W. Leadbetter gave a party at her Santa Barbara home in June 1916; "Miss Comings" is on the guest list, as well as Mrs. A. M. Leadbetter (Annie Matilda Comings Leadbetter, widowed). [108] No A. W. Leadbetter can be found; would guess this is meant to be F. W. Mrs. Leadbetter was most likely Carrie Pittock. The only "nearby" (in the family tree) "Miss Comings" is Fannie Stone Comings, who was F. W.'s aunt; thus if it is indeed this "Miss Comings," she was Mrs. Leadbetter's aunt by marriage, not her sister

Visitors from out of state, or otherwise not found in CA

Miss F. Comings, Miss G. S. Comings, Miss A. S. Comings of Brooklyn, NY, stayed at the Potter Hotel in Santa Barbara in August 1905. [109]

Frank Comings of Iowa registered at the Central in San Luis Obispo in November 1886. [110] A Frank A Comings was born in 1865 in Ohio, according to the Iowa state census of 1885. Nothing further on this Frank can be found.

Irving Comings - mentioned in company of movie "Everywoman," 1920, Colusa Daily Sun [111] Mentioned on Google in the Titusville (PA) Herald via Newspaperarchive.com is a movie (uncertain title) starting Irving Comings and Virginia Kirtley. Also listed in one Google source as directing "Springtime in the Rockies" starring Gene Autry.

"Miss Comings" from Brooklyn at the Vista Inn. Oceanside Register, 1915. [112] "Miss F. I. Comings" from Brooklyn was at the Van Nuys Hotel. Los Angeles Herald, Volume 37, Number 282, 10 July 1910]

J P Comings listed in 1867 newspaper article about pardoned rebels. Listed under Virginia, it is not clear beyond that what his role might have been. No further info can be found on this person. [113]

N. C. Comings from Richford, Vermont, visiting the Palace Hotel in SF for the Democratic convention in 1920 [114]

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. R. Comings of London, England were guests at the Ambassador Hotel in Santa Barbara in May 1920. [115]

A prosecution in Missouri conducted by Messrs. Comings and Sawyer, date not given, in the reminiscences of "the late Senator Vest." [116]

A "Mrs. Comings" is listed as attending a gathering of the Society of American Women in London (England) in February 1909. [117]

"Mr. Comings" on 15 Dec 1858 (35th congress) gave notice of a bill in Congress to modify a tariff. Nothing further can be found about this congressman. [118]

Place names Comings Ranch somewhere near Mariposa, Merced County Sun, Volume XLII, Number 20, 8 August 1913 [119]

False Alarms?

"Abram Comings," born 1820 in Kentucky, lived in Missouri, was elected to Congress, has about equal references between Comings and Comingo. He has a sparse profile on Familysearch under Comingo. One newspaper item under Abraham Comings is here. Another ("A. Comings") is here.

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