Comté de Nice, Sardinia One Place Study

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Date: 1388 to 1860
Location: Comté de Nice, Sardiniamap
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Comté de Nice (1388 to 1860)

This profile is part of the Comté de Nice, Sardinia One Place Study.

The goal of this project is to explore the ancestry and culture of individuals from the historic County of Nice (Comté de Nice) between 1388 and 1860, when it was annexed by France. Prior to its annexation, the Comté de Nice was tied to that of Italian Piedmont-Sardinia. Its historical capital city is Nice.

Right now this unofficial project just has one member, me. I am Duane Poncy.

Here are some of the tasks that I think need to be done. I'll be working on them, and could use your help.

  • developing more thorough guidelines for this project,
  • identifying resources for research,
  • historical research and development of freespace pages,
  • adding new individuals who lived here in this period of time,
  • making sure that place names are historically accurate for ancestors who were Niçards,
  • adding subcategories of communes that existed in the Comté -there are about 100 of them, so this may be a very gradual process,
  • translating this page into French.

This project could also use the help of some French speakers who can add information in French.

Will you join me? Please post a comment here on this page, in G2G using the project tag, or send me a private message. Thanks!


History: Wikipedia, Wikipedia (French)

Genealogy: Alpes-Maritimes Departmental Archives, Family Search

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Hi, Duane~

Great start on this One Place Study! Thank you for all your hard work.

Just want to check in with you about the name of the space page and the sticker that goes with it. I wanted to make sure you knew that there is a sticker for use on profiles. Here's an example: Arzolla-1

In order for the sticker to function (link back to the space page from the profile), the name of the page would need to be Comté de Nice, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur One Place Study (Space:Comté de Nice, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur One Place Study)

Let me know if you need help with this change!

Also, when you get a chance, please add the new One Place Studies Project account as a profile manager:

wtoneplacestudies <at>

Azure Rae Project Leader: Italy & One Place Studies

posted on Comté de Nice (merged) by Azure Robinson
Hi again, Duane~

Actually, it looks like this should be Comté de Nice, Sardinia One Place Study.

Let me know your thoughts so that the appropriate OPS category can be created and nested.

Thanks, Azure Rae

posted on Comté de Nice (merged) by Azure Robinson
Thank you, Azure. I have updated the page name to reflect the above. However I have 2 questions: at the time period of this study, the area was part of Sardinia, not France, so how should I deal with that? Also re adding the project as a profile manager — do I just send an email to that address requesting that I be added?
posted on Comté de Nice (merged) by Duane Poncy
Sorry, I missed your second post. Thank you! Yes, Sardinia is correct, but there is no category for it, so I don't know where my study should reside. Also the googlegroups link gets returned undeliverable.
posted on Comté de Nice (merged) by Duane Poncy
edited by Duane Poncy
Hi, Azure. I changed the page name, but it isn't reflected in the URL. Is that a problem, or do I need to create a new page?
posted on Comté de Nice (merged) by Duane Poncy
Hi, Duane!

Thank you! Yep, a new page needs created:

Comté de Nice, Sardinia One Place Study

Then you can merge this one into the new one using:

To add the project as a co-manager: go to the ‘Privacy’ tab, for the page, add the project account email to the trusted list, then scroll back down and click the ‘add as manager’ link next to the project account

Thanks again Azure Rae

posted on Comté de Nice (merged) by Azure Robinson
The French Projects category will be renamed French Roots Projects. It will remain red on this page until the bot can rename it. Thanks! Emma
posted on Comté de Nice (merged) by Emma (McBeth) MacBeath M.Ed MSM