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Welcome to the England Project Monthly Challenges Page!

May 2022 challenge: Members of Parliament

There are a large number of unlinked profiles for our Members of Parliament, they need family members added and then a connection found to our global tree.

The table below has been created showing their counties of birth, but most of the MP’s represented constituencies in different areas. So your investigation may lead you through many counties. Each MP has a link to Wikipedia, and very little else, so please spend a little time improving their bio before adding their family.

To get started: Simply add your name to the ‘Adding family’ column, and add some profiles for their parents, spouses, siblings or children. If you can find a connection, then also add your name to the ‘Getting Connected’ column, and mark it as Done when connected.

The most important part is adding the family members. Many of these MP’s came from wealthy and influential families, so there is a chance that close relatives already have profiles created.

This isn’t an easy challenge, but so worthwhile, as it will remove many profiles from our ‘unlinked’ reports, and both Fran, Carol and all our England connectors will be kept really busy helping with connections!

Most of these MP's were elected in the timeframe of 1885-1910. There were 8 general elections during this period, their unconnected lists can be found by selecting the links below. These figures are only for MP's who were born in England

1885 Election now has just 30 unconnected profiles remaining

1886 Election now has just 42 unconnected profiles remaining

1892 Election now has 73 unconnected profiles remaining

1895 Election now has 116 unconnected remaining

1900 Election now has 161 unconnected remaining

1906 Election now has 99 unconnected remaining

1910 January Election now has 73 unconnected remaining

1910 December Election now has 71 unconnected remaining

  • Update 4 May 2022 - Tidied the table and removed 17 MP's who had bios and were connected. An excellent start, well done everyone
  • Update 10 May 2022 - Tidied the table and removed another 18 MP's who had bios and were connected.
  • Update 15 May 2022 - Tidied the table and removed another 10 MP's who had bios and were connected. 45 have now been completed, just 30 left to be worked on.
  • Update 26 May 2022 - Tidied the table and removed another 9 MP's who had bios and were connected, just 21 left to be worked on.

Member of Parliament County of birth Adding Family Getting Connected
John Bamford SlackDerbyshire Dave
James RoundEssexWendy
George Edward BanesKentCarol K bio written, parents addedCarol K will connect 27 May 2022
Elliott LeesLancashireMaddy
Henry NormanLeicestershire
George DoughtyLincolnshireRoy
George WhiteLincolnshire
Arthur BignoldNorfolk
Louis John TillettNorfolk
Thomas BayleyNottinghamshire
James Alfred JacobyNottinghamshire
George RenwickNorthumberland
Batty LangleyRutland
Irwin Edward CoxSomerset
John JohnsonSomerset
Robert RatcliffStaffordshire
Daniel Ford GoddardSuffolkNeill RNeill R
Edward John MortonSurrey
Ernest Francis FlowerSurrey
Edward Marshall Hall SussexCorinaCorina
John William WilsonWarwickshireAdriana Adriana

March/April 2022 challenge: Where was I born?

There are still many thousands of profiles being added to WikiTree with no birth location, and this month we are looking at some of these profiles. So there's no connecting involved in this challenge.

Each of the individual surnames listed against a county has been taken from the 1881 census list of top surnames for that county. So there is a very good chance that they were born somewhere close to where they either married or died. We've kept it simple and only chosen 19th century profiles, so reliable free sources should be readily available.

To get started: Simply add your name to the last column, add a census source, (if there isn't one already) and if at all possible a birth or baptism source as well (one to corroborate the other), and most importantly, remember to update the birth location field, using the standard format of village/town, county, England. When you are finished, mark it as "done". Some of the profiles married after the 1911 census, in this case their entry on the 1939 register would give a date of birth.

If, after researching your chosen profile, you are unable to confirm their place of birth, then it's fine to make a calculated guess at a county of birth, based on their marriage, or the birth locations of their siblings or parents. In this instance please mark the birth location as 'uncertain', and add a small research note to explain why.

In column 2 we've included a full list and count of profiles from the 19th century who are missing birth locations. If you have time, why not work on a few more. They often don't take long to do.

Have fun everyone, and let's give these profiles a place of birth!

Update Week 1 We started with 115 profiles, there are now only 34 left. Some of these need sources added, some just need their birth location added. A big thank you to all taking part, especially those that are clearing the county profiles with no birth location. I've added updated totals where they have dropped this week.

Update Week 2. Just 16 left to do now.

Update Week 3. (data as at 20 March 2022) Just 4 left to do now.

Update Week 4. Just 1 left. So far, 3293 profiles have been given locations! GREAT WORK EVERYONE!!!

Update Week 6. All profiles are DONE! So far, 4277 profiles have been given locations! Huge THANKS to everyone working on these!

Update Final Week 8. In just two months, locations have been added to 4776 profiles! WELL DONE, TEAM!!

County All profiles missing Birth Location Link to profile Your ID
Bedfordshire346 profiles with No Birth Location wk1=341 wk2=270 wk3=49 wk4=3 wk6=6 wk8=2Chris DONE
Berkshire561 profiles with No Birth Location wk1=559 wk2=534 wk3=531 wk4=529 wk6=532 wk8=532Elaine
Buckinghamshire526 profiles with No Birth Location wk2=526 wk3=524 wk4=516 wk6=511 wk8=516
Cambridgeshire540 profiles with No Birth Location wk1=476 wk2=291 wk3=139 wk4=100 wk6=91 wk8=88Sue Done as many as I can
Cheshire1079 profiles with No Birth Location wk2=1069 wk3=1057 wk4=1051 wk6=1057 wk8=1070
Cornwall2018 profiles with No Birth Location wk1=1909 wk2=1813 wk3=1797 wk4=1744 wk6=1751 wk8=1743Fran working on A-C
Cumberland411 profiles with No Birth Location wk2=410 wk3=410 wk4=411 wk6=416 wk8=418
Derbyshire1011 profiles with No Birth Location wk2=1016 wk3=1012 wk4=1009 wk6=995 wk8=996
Devon1901 profiles with No Birth Location wk2=1912 wk3=1914 wk4=1915 wk6=1921 wk8=1929Ros - working on letter 'H'
Dorset857 profiles with No Birth Location wk1=775 wk2=528 wk3=214 wk4=193 wk6=190 wk8=191 Kaitlyn DONE
County Durham1255 profiles with No Birth Location wk2=1266 wk3=1220 wk4=1226 wk6=1164 wk8=1178Marjorie done what I can of Hs and Rs
Essex1438 profiles with No Birth Location wk2=1460 wk3=1461 wk4=1459 wk6=1462 wk8=1469
Gloucestershire1291 profiles with No Birth Location wk2=1262 wk3=1218 wk4=1171 wk6=874 wk8=599 Completed 'A's' Alison now working on 'B's Kaitlyn will start from end of list and work up
Hampshire1588 profiles with No Birth Location wk2-1578 wk3=1559 wk4=1543 wk6=1472 wk8=1460
Herefordshire180 profiles with No Birth Location wk2=183 wk3=182 wk4=167 wk8=134
Hertfordshire625 profiles with No Birth Location wk2=614 wk3=615 wk4=615 wk6=613 wk8=617
Huntingdonshire114 profiles with No Birth Location wk1=15 wk2=15 wk3=15 wk4=17 wk6=15 wk8=14Sue - DONE
Kent2751 profiles with No Birth Location wk2=2776 wk3=2788 wk4=2677 wk6=2628 wk8=2536Chris
Lancashire4451 profiles with No Birth Location wk2=4451 wk3=4395 wk4=4355 wk6=4341 wk8=4357W Robertson - working on some
Leicestershire539 profiles with No Birth Location wk2=548 wk3=542 wk4=528 wk6=519 wk8=511
Lincolnshire1011 profiles with No Birth Location wk2=1016 wk3=1009 wk4=998 wk6=991 wk8=1007
London7293 profiles with No Birth Location wk2=7349 wk3=7359 wk4=7356 wk6=7349 wk8=7359
Northamptonshire435 profiles with No Birth Location wk2-421 wk3=419 wk4=379 wk6=126 wk8=134Sue
Norfolk1362 profiles with No Birth Location wk1=1348 wk2=1313 wk3=1262 wk4=1223 wk6=1210 wk8=1221Laura D working on pg. 1
Nottinghamshire963 profiles with No Birth Location wk2=982 wk3=978 wk4=952 wk6=927 wk8=929
Northumberland867 profiles with No Birth Location wk2=841 wk3=826 wk4=829 wk6=810 wk8=764Marjorie working slowly through some
Oxfordshire414 profiles with No Birth Location wk1=387 wk2=380 wk3=366 wk4=337 wk6=319 wk8=319 Sarah Long Starting on orphans
Rutland52 profiles with No Birth Location wk1=46 wk2=46 wk3=13 wk4=12 wk6=12 wk8=16Hilary majority done
Shropshire429 profiles with No Birth Location wk2=422 wk3=419 wk4=419 wk6=419 wk8=419
Somerset1413 profiles with No Birth Location wk2=1406 wk3=1394 wk4=1396 wk6=1392 wk8=1408Cherryl - working from A-Z (slowly)
Staffordshire1581 profiles with No Birth Location wk2=1596 wk3=1593 wk4=1589 wk6=1603 wk8=1616
Suffolk911 profiles with No Birth Location wk1=899 wk2=890 wk3=884 wk4=862 wk6=869 wk8=842Wendy working from Z-A
Surrey2729 profiles with No Birth Location wk2=2759 wk3=2759 wk4=2760 wk6=2771 wk8=2783
Sussex1734 profiles with No Birth Location wk2=1727 wk3=1722 wk4=1721 wk6=1724 wk8=1724
Warwickshire1443 profiles with No Birth Location wk2=1460 wk3=1461 wk4=1459 wk6=1459 wk8=1475
Wiltshire786 profiles with No Birth Location wk2=616 wk3=535 wk4=470 wk6=427 wk8=429Elizabeth
Westmorland89 profiles with No Birth Location wk2=88 wk3=88 wk4=87 wk6=88 wk8=89
Worcestershire591 profiles with No Birth Location wk2=594 wk3=592 wk4=591 wk6=587 wk8=592
Yorkshire4766 profiles with No Birth Location wk2=4758 wk3=4749 wk4=4686 wk6=4641 wk8=4670Joan

February 2022 Challenge - Hendy Profiles

There are two parts to this challenge. The first table has links to all unlinked Hendy profiles, split by county. They need to be built into family groups where possible, by linking them to their parents. Some parents may need to be created, some may already have profiles on WikiTree. There are quite a few fairly early profiles, so this task is not as easy as it sounds. Once you’ve built a small group, then please feel free to orphan any profiles that you’ve created.

The second table shows the top unconnected trees that contain 1 or more Hendy profiles, again they are split by county. Can we get some of these connected? The numbers of profiles shown in the tree may include private profiles, so you may have to work from the profile manager's pedigree chart.

To get started just add your name to the end column against any entry on either table, and start to build, source and connect.

At the start of this challenge we had identified 1,145 open unconnected Hendy profiles, and included in this total are 509 Hendy, or Hendy family members which are unlinked.

Week 2 Update: (data as at 6 Feb) Now only 1,067 unconnected and just 414 unlinked, so we've nearly cleared 100 unlinked in the first week. Well done everyone.

Week 3 Update: (data as at 13 Feb) Now only 993 unconnected and just 356 unlinked, so another very successful week for this challenge.

Week 4 Update: (data as at 20 Feb) Now only 783 unconnected and just 335 . We've been able to play 'Happy Families' to a huge number of these lost and lonely profiles.

County Link to WikiTree+ Number of profiles Your ID
BedfordshireBedfordshire Unlinked2Enomoto-8
BerkshireBerkshire Unlinked1 One connected by Alison. The other is too early for me.
CornwallCornwall Unlinked92Fran
CumberlandCumberland Unlinked3
DerbyshireDerbyshire Unlinked0 Dave Linked but not connected to tree
DevonDevon Unlinked17Alison Breton Post 1700 only
DorsetDorset Unlinked4Kaitlyn
County DurhamCounty Durham Unlinked0Dobson-4936 2 merged, 2 linked
EssexEssex Unlinked1
GloucestershireGloucestershire Unlinked4Elizabeth
HampshireHampshire Unlinked88(please ignore any Isle of Wight profiles in this list) Hilary
HertfordshireHertfordshire Unlinked2 Dave Obvious duplicate. Merge proposed. Will attempt to connect
Isle of WightIsle of Wight Unlinked26Carol K
KentKent Unlinked18 Frances H Post 1700 only
LeicestershireLeicestershire Unlinked2
LincolnshireLincolnshire Unlinked1
LondonLondon Unlinked11
MiddlesexMiddlesex Unlinked4
NorfolkNorfolk Unlinked1
NottinghamshireNottinghamshire Unlinked1
SomersetSomerset Unlinked10Alison Breton Post 1700 completed. Still a few left.
StaffordshireStaffordshire Unlinked3have added sources and some relative but not found connections
SuffolkSuffolk Unlinked5
SurreySurrey Unlinked2
SussexSussex Unlinked1Carol K 1 connected as he linked to my IOW Hendy's. One pre-700 remaining Frances H
WiltshireWiltshire Unlinked68 Sarah Long Done about 25. Leaving the rest for someone else to pick up
YorkshireYorkshire Unlinked4

County Link to WikiTree+ Number of profiles Your ID
CornwallHendy-3214Fran Done; connected
DerbyshireHendy-9914 Dave
DevonHendy-76116Alison Completed.
Isle of WightHendy-12114
Isle of WightHendy-33117
Isle of WightHendy-32810 Jake Done. Proposed merges to PM.
KentHendy-95912 Frances H Done
WiltshireHendy-24323 Really early profiles

We welcome any and all ideas for future Challenges!

Is there any particular theme you have in mind? Let us know! Simply leave a comment on this page with what you have, or what you would like to see in future challenges. Every month we will hold a different challenge :)

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I've been continuing to work on Kent profiles without a location, but can't get the list up this morning - I just get a log-in box saying "SDMS mobile". Has something changed?
Me too. I thought maybe I could log in but no. It's on all the Wikitree+ pages.
Relieved it's not just me! Thank you for replying!
Sorry, I don't seem to be able to edit Annie <unknown> Dearlove's surname? but her info

Marriages Jun 1922 Napper Annie Elizabeth Wallingford 2

Event Type Birth Registration Name Annie Elizabeth Napper Event Date 1885 Event Place Wallingford, Berkshire, England


posted by S Brooks
Hi S,

For those with a profile manager, you can add the new name in the "other last name" field and leave a friendly note on the profile, asking the pm to change the name.

Regards Susie

posted by Susie (Potter) Officer
IDEAS for NEW CHALLENGES : Dear Wiki Friends could we consider a Challenge on improving New Zealand Maori profiles ?
posted by Shirley Blomfield
Hi Shirley,

I don't think many of our England Project members have much experience with New Zealand profiles, unless they tie back to England somehow. At least I don't. :) I think that might be a good question for the New Zealand team?

Thankyou Frances apologies I have posted to the wrong team I will do as recommended I appreciate your reply. Thankyou.
posted by Shirley Blomfield
I signed up to connect James George Ayers, but his profile already includes sources, parents, description of his service and connection to billion graves.

What more needs to be added?

posted by S Brooks
Hi S,

Some of these profiles are done and only need to be connected to our global tree. Feel free to choose a different profile if you'd like. We have many members on the Connectors team who will be more than happy to jump in :)

I have been working on profiles for Shropshire as part of the June challenge. It states in the challenge to add your name to the county you are working on and the name of the profiles. I’m really struggling on how to do this, I’ve now completed my initial work on the Watson family and all now have sources and updated profile and am about to start on the Littley family. Please can someone explain how to add my name to the county. Thanks
posted by Hazel (Ward) Archer
Hi Hazel,

I've added your name to Shropshire, and the surnames that you are working on. You should be able to edit the table and add your name. The 'edit' button is the second one in the green strip of six buttons that run across the middle almost at the top of the page. I'm not sure what to do if you can't see it. As nobody else is actively working on Shropshire, then just go ahead and work on whichever profiles you want. I don't think you'll get any edit conflicts.

posted by Carol (Winton) Keeling
116 profiles unconnected & aligned with https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Tucker-13306 are now connected - many thanks to Wiki members for their assistance
posted by Roger Davey
I have been trying to connect Ridley-636 - Arnold Ridley (Pvt Godfrey in Dad's Army) and have worked back three generations from him and his three wives, and I am drawing blank. I haven't as yet put all the unconnected ancestors onto WT. Should I do this before admitting defeat?
posted by Nick Kennedy
Hi Nick, thank you for working on Arnold and trying to connect him for us. He sounds as though he's going to be a tough one. I don't normally add any additional profiles until I've found a connection, so I'd say don't bother to add anyone else. I'll have a look at him later and see if I get any further. Some profiles just don't want to be connected!!
posted by Carol (Winton) Keeling
Ive tried doing Mary unknown Povey but am a bit stuck have done her LNAB is Shone don't know how to change that from Unknown and have done husband and 2 children but no connection yet?
posted by Anon (Cormack) Sharkey
I've sent a message to Chris explaining how to change the LNAB
posted by Carol (Winton) Keeling