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Connecting Buddies

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Date: 14 Jul 2017 [unknown]
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A stopping off point for those wanting to help with the Connectors Project, and for those that need a little help in getting started with Connecting.



A Buddy is

someone who does an activity with you so that you can support and encourage each other

That definition is spot on, and I hope that those that drop by this page will feel welcome.

On Wikitree there are things that I work on that give me a real buzz, and there are other tasks that I find not quite so enjoyable. I really love working out connections, using mainly other on-line trees and good sources. But I often struggle when it comes to building the profiles to complete the connection. Can you help the Connectors Project by adding and sourcing some of the suggested profiles? You don't have to commit to doing the whole connection, just adding one or two steps will help enormously.

The connections listed below are only suggestions, they are built mainly from other on-line trees that can be notoriously fictional and inaccurate, so each step needs to be fully sourced before moving onto the next.

A few recommendations that may help

Number Suggestions for working
1Check first that the connection hasn't already been done via another route
2ALWAYS try and work from a connected profile towards an unconnected one
3Only create profiles that you are confident are correct, provide as many sources as possible.
4As well as birth, marriage and death details, try and add at least one census where relevant
5Find a Grave is good to use, but try and back it up with alternative sources
6Keep the comments column updated, add the date and your name when completed, report any problems to reduce others wasting time looking for the same thing

An example that has already been worked

Step Name approx. birth/death dates connecting hints comments
1 Olga Beatrice Veitch 1908-1993 already created and connected
2added her husband Charles E Turton 1916-2000 created 13 May 2017 Carol Keeling
3added Charles father Jonas Turton 1874-1947 created 13 May 2017 Carol Keeling
4added Charles mother Hannah Bird 1877-1926 created 13 May 2017 Carol Keeling
5attached Jonas's father John Turton 1846-1919 already created and unconnected
6attached Jonas's mother Martha Micklethwaite 1843-1894 already created and unconnected

Summary of Connections needing to be built

Number starting from ending at Starting location number of steps approx no. of profiles it will connect status
Connection No. 6 John Harold Boswell Charles Boswell New Zealand 6 14
Connection No. 7 Abraham Gregory Vera Blanche Henry Texas, USA 8 20
Connection No. 12 Joseph H Hatfield Florence L Farmer Pennsylvania, USA 9 12
Connection No. 13 John Winton Mary Hill Tennessee, USA 2 2
Connection No. 15 William Singleton Thomas Mort Lancashire, England 17 536 this connection is wrong
Connection No. 16 Joseph Barcroft Ralph Edward Keeling Staffordshire, England 12 30

Suggested Connection routes

Connection No. 6

Step Name approx. birth/death dates connecting hints comments
1 John Harold Boswell 1899-1978 followed Ancestry tree Clarkesampson already created and connected
2add his father James Boswell 1844-1918
3add his mother Laura Jane Avery 1858-1926
4add James's father, also James Boswell 1808-1889
5 add James seniors wife Mary McLaren 1816-1888
6attach Charles Boswell to his parents James and Mary 1846-1930 already created and unconnected

Connection No. 7

Step Name approx. birth/death dates connecting hints comments
1 Abraham Gregory 1822-1903 followed Ancestry trees Helmecke and Henry's Southern Branch already created and connected
2add his son Milton Gregory 1875-1954
3add Milton's wife Alice Leona Henry 1879-1962
4add Alice's father, William Lafayette Henry 1858-1929
5 add Alice's mother Julia Ann Wilson 1859-1949
6 add Wade Henry as son to William and Julia 1898-1981
7 add Susie Mable Brown as wife of Wade Henry 1905-1973
8attach Vera Blanche Henry to her parents Wade and Susie 1929-2008 already created and unconnected

Connection No. 12

Step Name approx. birth/death dates connecting hints comments
1 Joseph H Hatfield 1849-1926 already created and connected
2add his wife Phillipina Schmidt 1854-1945
3add their daughter Mercy B Hatfield 1872-1955
4add Mercy's husband Stephen P Farmer 1863-1939
5add Stephen's father, Joseph/Josiah Farmer 1823-1878
6add Stephen's mother Elizabeth Miller 1825-1871
7add their son Joseph Farmer 1861-1912
8add his wife Clara Bevins Taylor 1876-?
9attach their daughter Florence Leone Farmer 1902-1988 born Michiganalready created and unconnected

Connection No. 13

this just needs a source

Step Name approx. birth/death dates connecting hints comments
1 John Winton 1796-1867 Ancestry tree Fults Tate Payne already created and connected
2attach his first wife Mary Hill 1800-abt 1840 already created and unconnected

Connection No. 15 (this connection is wrong)

Step Name approx. birth/death dates connecting hints comments
1William Singleton 1837-? followed Ancestry tree RoNan II already created and connected, this William did NOT marry Sarah
2add his wife Sarah Bilsborough
3add their daughter Margaret Alice Singleton 1869-?
4add Margaret's husband John William Doyle 1864-1906
5add John's father John Doyle 1836-1867
6add John's mother Alice Tootell 1832-1906
7add Alice's son Thomas Tootell 1852-?
8add Thomas's wife Betsy Ann Openshaw 1861-?
9add Betsy's father Martin Openshaw 1825-1869
10add Betsy's mother Elizabeth Tonge 1828-?
11add Martin's father, Charles Openshaw 1784-1874
12add Martin's mother, Betty Lomax 1781-1853
13add James Philip Openshaw, a son of Charles and Betty 1817-1891
14add James's wife, Jane Mort1816-1881
15add Jane's father Richard Mort 1794-1866
16add Jane's mother Anne Hardman 1791-1848
17attach Thomas Mort as the son of Richard and Anne 1825-1899 already created and unconnected

Connection No. 16

Step Name approx. birth/death dates connecting hints comments
1 Joseph Barcroft 1859-? already created and connected
2add his father Charles Barcroft 1837-?
3add Joseph's mother Jane Birch 1835-?
4add Jane's father Joseph Birch 1807-?
5add Jane's mother Esther Keeling 1811-?
6add Esther's father Enoch Keeling 1791-?
7add Esther's mother Mary Leigh ?-?
8add Ralph Keeling as a son of Enoch and Mary 1795-?
9add Sarah Stamp as Ralph's wife 1799-?
10add Edward B Keeling as a son of Ralph and Sarah 1846-?
11add his wife Fanny Rawlins  ?-?
12attach their son Ralph Edward Keeling 1880-? already created and unconnected


On 1 Jan 2018 at 12:29 GMT Carol (Winton) Keeling wrote:

That's brilliant Wendy, will have to tidy this page soon, now that there are so many completed. Happy New Year to all.

On 1 Jan 2018 at 11:56 GMT Wendy (Ling) Sullivan wrote:

No 4 Clarson, finally showing all connected. A great start to 2018, Happy New Year everyone!!

On 28 Dec 2017 at 19:33 GMT Wendy (Ling) Sullivan wrote:

Thanks Carol, that's good to know on both counts :)

On 28 Dec 2017 at 10:40 GMT Carol (Winton) Keeling wrote:

Hi Wendy, a connection normally registers within 24 hours, but with time zones around the world, this can be up to 48 hours. All those profiles that you've created in connection 4 are showing as connected this morning.

On 27 Dec 2017 at 14:13 GMT Wendy (Ling) Sullivan wrote:

Working on no 4 Clarson.

How long does it normally take for a connection to register on the profile?

On 26 Nov 2017 at 20:27 GMT Carol (Winton) Keeling wrote:

Thank you Wendy for completing number 3, you found some excellent sources from familysearch, that joined it all together. Don't forget to add this to this month's Connector's Challenge (either use the tracker, or post in G2G).

On 20 Nov 2017 at 21:19 GMT Wendy (Ling) Sullivan wrote:

I will give no 3 a go, Agnes Wannell. Fingers crossed :)

Now completed 24/11/2017

On 3 Nov 2017 at 10:46 GMT Gillian Thomas wrote:

I'll do Connection 15. It would be great to see the Waltons all linked in.

On 28 Jul 2017 at 13:01 GMT Gillian Thomas wrote:

Nice work Carol! You are amazing.

On 27 Jul 2017 at 18:56 GMT Abby (Brown) Glann wrote:

As far as the page getting long, I am not sure how else you'd set it up. I think the best approach would be to just make sure to remove connections as they happen. Maybe post some big congratulatory on G2G when the connections happen, thanking those who helped make it.

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