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The Connectors Challenge will run every month EXCEPT when there is a Connect-A-Thon that same month.

Current Connectors Challenge: 2023 MAY

Connectors Project Members


Connectors Unite!

We invite you to take part in the Monthly Connectors Challenge. You can help the Connectors Project to link all the unconnected profiles on WikiTree into the main family tree.

Each month we'll open up a thread in G2G where you can take part by:

1. Pick any profile which is not connected to the main tree (the profile does not have a box at the bottom of the page, showing the degrees of separation from the "Example Profile of the Week" and has a puzzle piece icon which can be seen at the top of a profile page next to the name). (Note: The puzzle piece icon is only visible to those who have the Connectors badge. See here for more information.)

Places to look for profiles to work on:

2. Add profiles for first degree relatives (parent, spouse, sibling, or child) to that profile, new or existing. Continue in this manner until you connect to an existing WikiTree profile.

  1. Add a source to the profiles involved in the connection showing the relationship between the two profiles. Please be sure your source is cited in accordance with the style recommended on our Sources help page to count towards your tally. More than one source per profile is recommended.
  2. Answer the G2G post to signal that you will be participating in this month's challenge. Once you make a connection, connecting either an isolated profile or an unconnected branch to the main tree, please add "Connected!" at the end of the line which made the connection.
  3. The tally is of branches connected, not sources or profiles added. That said, if you can add a number of sources to a profile, all the better. (Note this is different than the Connect-a-Thon, if you participated in that.)
  4. If either or both profiles you connect did not have good sources before and already existed on WikiTree, then you can also count those sources towards the Sourcerers Challenge.


Anyone can participate! You do not have to be part of the Connectors Project to join in the fun of the monthly challenge. All you need to do is answer the original post of the call for the monthly challenge. It should be posted before the beginning of each month. You can add the tag "Connectors" to find the post in your daily feed. See below for a list of participants for this month. If you don't see your name, make sure you answered the post for this month: 2023 MAY.

2023 Aug Participants (20230801)

2023 Jun: This Month's Participants (20230601)

2023 May: Participants for (20230501)

2023 March: Participants for (20230301)

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Trying to find out if a merge can be submitted as part of a Connectors Challenge. Does anyone know? Example being Thelning-5 and Thelning-12, in the course of my attempts to connect I found her father but then found another profile for her already there.

I have come across a few of these.

posted by Kylie Fowler
edited by Kylie Fowler
When I propose a merge, I do not count the connection, but when I do the merge I do. You have to edit the profile to get the tracker-button. In your case, I would connect the father, creating a profile of two siblings that are the same.
posted by B. W. J. Molier
Answered the G2G post on 14 December, i.e. two weeks ago. Still not seen my name in the participants' list nor seen my connected profiles in the tracker. Not a good experience for my first challenge. :(

Or maybe, have I done anything wrong?

posted by Oliver Stegen
I realize the challenge has ended and I'm sorry no one answered you sooner, but after making a connection, did you check off the box on the challenge tracker at the top of the profile? During a Connect-A-Thon, your contributions are automatically tracked, but for this challenge you either need to list your connections in the original G2G thread where you signed up or use the challenge tracker.

I was looking for a tutorial for using the tracker and finally found one. Imagine my surprise that I created it, lol.

Thanks, Lucy, for your answer and linked advice. I actually did what you recommend, a) listing my connections as replies to my original answer of the G2G thread (cf., and when that didn't result in my contributions being shown in the Tracker, I b) added my connections to the Actions list under comment hints (like I do when I correct something in my suggestions list, and change the suggestion's status or similar).

Don't know why neither of these worked. Well, I'm scheduled for the Connect-a-Thon Jan 13-16, so hopefully, that'll work better for me ...

Btw, no 2023 January Connectors Challenge seems to have been posted. And Jayme Arrington has been inactive since 2 December ... ?!?

Best wishes from Germany,

Oliver (Stegen-15)

posted by Oliver Stegen
Oliver, whenever there is a ConnectAthon such as Jan 13-18, 2023, there is no monthly Connectors Challenge. I think it is because they have opposite counting methods.

The ConnectAthon counts any NEW profiles that are created & added to pre-existing profiles that are either connected OR unconnected to the one global wikitree.

The Connectors Monthly Challenge only counts when an old unconnected BRANCH is added to a profile that is connected to the one global wikitree. While new profiles CAN be created in making this connection line, this challenge does NOT specifically count any NEWLY created profiles.

People very often confuse the two different types of challenges and I really wish they could change the name of one of them to avoid this confusion.

posted by N Gauthier
edited by N Gauthier
I am currently working on my Ancestral line SWART and created the "Familie Bond Swart Project and want to add all the descendants Of the Progenitor Jan Johannis Swart under this project which means I create a lot of new profiles that i connect to the Ancestral line.

I have created over 300 profiles this month and sourced +/-90% of these profiles from valid sources. the other is created through family trees on various platforms. which I believe is legit and only short sources.

Does these connections I make Count onder the connectors challenge. Every profile i create is directly attached to the global Family tree.

Please assist

I these counts please add me on the December challenge

posted by Peet Swart
edited by Peet Swart
I have the connectors badge

"Connector Helps connect the human family in the Connectors Project. 20 Sep 2021"

Also Not seeing anything on the monthly Participants lists and not seeing the puzzle piece emblem on any profiles.

posted by Gary Nevius
Guess I don't have the badge after all, but I'd like to get it so I can get the puzzle piece icon and find the unconnected profiles easier.

If there is anything I need to do first, please let me know. Thanks!

posted by Sally Kimbel
I have the badge, but I'm not seeing the puzzle piece emblem on any profiles. I think I found one to work on. Just want to be sure. Thanks!
posted by Sally Kimbel
Where do I add Connected! I connected James Wilson Hiers to Phillip Hiers. Please help Donna
posted by Donna Wiehaus
You can add your connected profiles as a comment under your answer on the Connectors Challenge for this month :)
I haven't seen anything in G2G yet but I'd like to sign up for October! :)
I added you to the list of this month's participants! The post is now up:
I'd like to join again this month.
posted by Dreama (Morgan) Brower
This may be a silly question (brand new Connector) but I've connected William Noah Shaw to the tree by adding his father and checked William off on the tracker, but they both still show puzzle pieces. I checked the missing link sheet and it didn't really shed any light on it.
posted by Melissa Gridley
edited by Melissa Gridley
The puzzle piece updates every 24 hours :) By tonight or tomorrow morning, the puzzle piece should go away if they've been connected to the main tree.
I spent a good half-day adding profiles and finally made a connection to the main tree. Quite a sense of happiness and accomplishment there, not gonna lie. I'm unclear how to log the connection, though. The instructions say "Once you make a connection, connecting either an isolated profile or an unconnected branch to the main tree, please add "Connected!" at the end of the line which made the connection." What line is that referring to? In my case, I connected a daughter on the main tree to her parents on the subtree I built out, and I just added her parents via their WikiTree indices. Sorry if it's a silly question but my brain is kind of foggy. I think I at least doubled the size of the subtree looking for a connection!
posted by Paul Harwood
Your best bet is to reply in G2G where you signed up and note the connection. That is where you add, connected!
Sign me up please! I would like to join.
posted by L Browne
i would like to join this challenge if its possible
posted by Missy Little
Could I please be added to the project so i can see the puzzle piece?
I'm not on listed under This Month's Participants (20210401) and I connected 49 people.
posted by Pam (Dale) Fraley
Is there a tutorial on using the tracker?
I made one for you. I had started a page for challenge tutorials months ago and never finished it. I was going to update it as the need arose. So thanks for the reminder.

Let me know if it is sufficient.

Can you please add my name to the list for October, since I've done a few already. And sign me up for November.
Hi Cathleen,

I've sent you a private message and responded to your post on this month's Connector's Challenge post. Can you let me know if you've seen them? Your numbers on the tracker are unfortunately incorrect and it makes it difficult to compare them to the other participants. You should only be tracking the profiles that were previously on Wikitree prior to this month and were not connected to the main tree. Once you've managed to connect a profile to the bigger tree, then you would track it. We do not count newly created profiles (like the Connect-a-thon) or sourcing the profile (although sources should support any connections made). Please let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you, Jayme Co-Leader Connector's Project

Please can you register me for the challenge for November.

Elsie Hagley/Olson Waitara, Taranaki, New Zealand

posted by Elsie (Olson) Hagley
Can my last name be corrected? I'm no longer Karen Tobo. Thanks!
posted by Karen Lowe
May you add me to the challenge ?
posted by Etienne Jacques
Please register me for the Challenge. I'm trying to get it done as fast as I can.
posted by Patricia Della Piana

You can manage the tables or do away with them-whatever you prefer. I've updated the instructions to reflect the new post instructions, as well.


posted by Abby (Brown) Glann
All participants of the Challenge get the Connectors Project badge. All Connectors Project badged members are not necessarily challenge participants.
posted by Abby (Brown) Glann
Hi :) Thanks for showing me that link for badged Connectors. I have removed that line.

I am the new host of the Connectors Challenge and had started trying to update this webpage. I obviously took that number from the wrong place (a spreadsheet).

This web page has other things that need to be updated which I will be working on. Thanks for your patience.

posted by N Gauthier
What is the difference between a "badged Connector" (Participants section of this page, count of 187) and the "members [who] have the Connector badge" as seen when clicking on the badge (count of 635)? ( I would have thought the numbers would be close to the same?
posted by Susan Keil
Please add me to the challenge. I'm working hard on mine and will help with others.
I can use the tracker now since Sunday when we had storms in upper East Tennessee and across the road some trees fell on the power line luckly my brother - in - law had a generator that kicked in so we had power but not internet and I did not have cable from 1:00 p.m and then the internet came in about 8:30 p.m. and then the cable came in about 9:30 p.m. I just tried the connector tracker and it came in no time at all so it is working for me now.
posted by [Living Barnett]
Can someone please share the address for the Connector Challenge Tracker ?
posted by N Gauthier
When someone has time, can we update the instructions in #5 to reflect tat we use the Challenge Tracker now? Thanks in advance!
posted by Star Kline