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This page is a sub-project of the Connectors Project. For more details about Connecting, please see the Connectors Project page.

  1. Connectors, please use this page to:
  2. Chat with other Connectors
  3. Let others know what locations you are working on
    1. It would be good to have at least one connector working on each country in the world, and at least one connector working on each subdivision of larger countries (states of Australia and the USA, counties of England and Ireland, provinces of Canada, parishes of Sweden, etc.). There is a list below, please enter your details and the locations that interest you. Further countries should be added where necessary.
  4. Let others know what surnames you are working on
    1. There is a surname list for those that work on particular names; please also add details of the locations covered.
  5. Ask for help, or offer to help others
  6. Share hints and tips to make connecting easier for us all
    1. If you have any good ideas to help other connectors, please share them with us all.

Chat with other Connectors

See the comments on this page for previous chats among Connectors.

Let others know what location(s) you are working on

(Note: Because the lists of unconnected branches in each country are so long, we have spun them out into a separate Let others know what locations you are working on page.)

It would be good to have at least one connector working on each country in the world, and at least one connector working on each subdivision of larger countries (states of Australia and the USA, counties of England and Ireland, provinces of Canada, parishes of Sweden, etc.). There are lists for different countries on the Let others know what locations you are working on page. Please enter your details and the locations that interest you. If you want to connect in a country which doesn't already have a section there, please post a message on this page, and we'll add a section for you.

Because the Let others know what locations you are working on page is so large, it's hard to maintain. You can help by checking the branches listed there to see if they have been connected since the last time they were checked, and add more unconnected branches to replace them so that each jurisdiction (country, county, department, land, province, state, territory, or whatever) has at least five unconnected branches for people to work on. There are tips on how to do that in the "Adding unconnected branches to the 'Let others know what locations you are working on' page" thread on the G2G forum.

Let others know what surname(s) you are working on

(Note: Because the list of names that people are interested in connecting has gotten long enough that we have spun it out into a separate Let others know what surnames you are working on page.) To see (and add to) the list of names that people are interested in, please go to the Let others know what surnames you are working on page.

If there is a "(Name Study)" link after a surname, that leads to the One Name Study project for that page. See the One Name Studies Project page for more details about One Name Studies.

To find unconnected branches which contain a particular surname, go to the Let others know what locations you are working on page, and search for that surname. (Not all of the branches have the surnames that they contain listed in the table yet, but we are working to add all surnames which occur at least four times in a branch to the table.)

Help Wanted

Here are several lists of unconnected branches or individuals. If you wish to adopt one of them, just add your name in the "Working On" column, and let us know when you connect that branch so we can celebrate with you.

Free space profiles (like this one) work pretty much the same way that profiles for people do, so all the same syntax applies. So to show that you are working on a branch, edit this page, scroll down to the listing you want work on, and replace the number at the end of the line with two opening square brackets ([), then your WikiTree ID, then a pipe (|), then your name, then two closing square brackets (]), like this: [[Example-123|Ferdinand Grubstake]].

Similarly, when you connect a branch (or discover one that's already connected), add Connected (or Found connected) and then the date. Put three single quotes (') before and after "connected" to put it into bold, like this: "'Connected'" February 29, 2016. One of the page pruners will then delete that entry in a couple of weeks, after everybody has had a chance to celebrate the new connection.

Largest Unconnected Branches

(Note: Because the list of the largest unconnected branches in each country is so long, we have spun it out into a separate Largest Unconnected Branches page.)

See the Largest Unconnected Branches page for a list of the largest branches on WikiTree which have not yet been connected to the main tree, sorted in descending order by size (although you can set it to sort by any of the column headers).

Because the Largest Unconnected Branches page is so big, it's hard to maintain. You can help by checking the branches listed there to see if they have been connected since the last time they were checked, and add more unconnected branches to replace them so that there are 100 unconnected branches for people to work on. (If you go over, that's fine, but we are trying to keep the list up to at least 100 branches.) There are tips on how to do that in the "Adding unconnected branches to the 'Let others know what locations you are working on' page" thread on the G2G forum. If you add a branch to the Largest Unconnected Branches page, please also make sure that that branch is also listed in the Let others know what locations you are working on page in the section(s) where it belongs.

And see Largest Unconnected Branches for the United States for those branches for the United States.

Unconnected Notables

Unconnected Notables need your help. Please try to connect them. There are thousands of notables whose profiles haven't been connected to the main tree yet, but we try to maintain the list so that there are always at least two unconnected notables listed on the Unconnected Notables page for each country in the world, and for each subdivision of larger countries (states of the USA, counties of England, landes of Germany, provinces of Canada, etc.). There are also pages and categories for specific groups of unconnected notables:

Because these lists are so large, they're also hard to maintain. You can help by checking the notables listed there to see if they have been connected since the last time they were checked, and add more unconnected notables to replace them so that each jurisdiction (country, county, department, land, province, state, territory, or whatever) has at least two unconnected notables for people to work on. There are tips on how to do that in the "Adding unconnected branches to the 'Let others know what locations you are working on' page" thread on the G2G forum. (These lists aren't formatted in exactly the same way, but the general principles still apply.)

There is also a Notables List which the Notables Project uses as a to-do list for keeping track of which profiles of notable people need what improvements. Many of those profiles are also unconnected. (See the "Notables Profiles in need of Improvement" section, and look for profiles which have "No" in the "Connected?" column.)

Other places to find unconnected profiles

The Places to find unconnected profiles page lists several places to find profiles which have not yet been connected to the main tree.

WikiTreers who can help

  • Abby Glann can help with Midwest US connections
  • Carol Keeling will help with any connection query, mainly England but happy to look at any problems you have. Just send me a private message. I'm also slowly working my way through the unconnected lists that were created for the Grand Reunion, (these start at births from 1810 and work backwards), adding the specific county/state tag to profiles so they are easier to identify. I can focus on a particular area if it would help anyone.
  • Bob Keniston can help with connections mainly in pre-1900 Massachusetts.
  • Debi Matlack can help with connections in Georgia, USA back to pre-Revolutionary times.
  • Greg Slade can help with Canadian connections, especially in British Columbia.
  • Isabelle Rassinot would be willing to help with French and Belgian (West Flanders) profiles.
  • Greg Lavoie can help with connections in Québec.
  • Tessa Hope can help with connections in Ontario.
  • Morgana Patrocinio Costa can help with connections in Brazil/Italy, and with records that may be in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian or German.

WikiTreers who need help

  • Theresa Ferracci Myers wants help connecting: John Robert Platt and other Platts he is connected to, starting with Joseph Platt and spouses Alice Kershaw with their connecting Kershaws.
  • Shae Simpson: I need someone with access to France source data to take on a couple of profiles I created André Burthe (1772-1830) and his wife Suzanne Marguerite Sarpy (1787-1863) but do not have the time to dedicate to giving them the profiles they deserve. I added the Notables Project as an additional PM but would like to ensure that someone has them on their radar before I remove myself completely. I linked the wikipedia profile of André and added his wikitree ID to wikipedia already. Suzanne does not have a wikipedia profile but deserves one in my opinion.

Hints and Tips

  • Here are Carol's tips:
    1. When adding new profiles to bridge a gap between a connected and unconnected profile, always start at the connected profile and work towards the unconnected. If you find that you can't complete the connection then you'll not be left with any unconnected on your watchlist.
    2. Looking for a profile to connect to:
      • Sort the relevant surname list by birth first, then (if over 1,000), select the 'show all' or up to 5,000 option
      • Search CTRL F, for the town, village, state, county you are looking for, check for profiles created by a different manager.
      • Sometimes doing a search within a surname list using the profile manager's name, might identify some of their profiles that are already connected, you then just need to join them up.
      • Find your unconnected person in another on-line tree. Make a note of the more unusual surnames that married siblings, cousins or children. Check for these names on WikiTree, remembering that all sources have to be verified.
    3. I run a query on Wikitree+ to get all unconnected profiles from a specific area. (e.g. just put 'unconnected kent maidstone') into the text search box. Once I've connected a branch, I run another text search to see if the profile manager has created any more unconnected profiles for the same area. To do this you enter their wiki-id with an underscore rather than a hyphen followed by unconnected and the location (e.g. for me it would be 'winton_239 unconnected kent maidstone'). (Maidstone is the county town of Kent in England)
  • Here are Greg's tips:
    • The first thing I'd do is look at your own profile. If the bottom of the page has a block of text which says something like: "Greg is 30 degrees from Rosa Parks, 19 degrees from Anne Tichborne and 18 degrees from Victoria of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland on our single family tree. Check your connections or find your genealogical relationship with Greg.", then you are connected to the main tree on WikiTree, and it's only isolated groups in your watchlist which need to be connected. If that block of text isn't there, then your branch isn't connected, so the first step would be to connect your branch, at which point most (if not all) of the entries should disappear from your unconnected list.
    • I have had unconnected profiles in my watch list for all three reasons:
      • First, I updated some GEDCOMs before the current GEDCOM importing system was put into place. At that time, we were told to skip importing profiles if a profile for the same person already existed on WikiTree. What I didn't realise until later was that, sometimes, the profile that I skipped was the only link between other profiles and the rest of the branch I was importing, so I ended up with lots of isolated profiles or small groups of profiles. Once I realised what had happened, it took me a few weeks to work through all the profiles I had imported, and search for the existing profile on WikiTree which had prompted me to skip importing the linking protocol. So, for instance, an unconnected profile might refer to a spouse, a parent, or a child, but there isn't a link to that person's profile from the profile on my watchlist. In that case, I'd search for the "missing" person on WikiTree, sort through the resulting hits and check to make sure that I had found the right one, and, once I did find the right one, I'd link my the profile in my watchlist to the profile I found. For example, if a wife had somehow gotten disconnected from her husband, then, once I found him again, I'd edit her profile to add a husband, put his WikiTree ID into the box that says, "If the spouse has an existing WikiTree profile Help enter their WikiTree ID here:", then click on the "Add Spouse of..." button. Once I do that, then she'd be connected.
      • Second, I have a bad habit of getting interested in notable people. I'll read about somebody in the news, or on Wikipedia, or wherever, get all interested in them, and create a profile for them. But then, it often takes me forever to build out their branch far enough that I make a connection to the main tree. Some people have memberships on paid sites which can help them trace out connections much faster, but I'm not on any paid sites, so I just end up following whatever leads I can turn up until I make a connection. (A couple of times, it has taken over a year of on-and-off effort to get a notable connected.) So these days, I try to restrain myself from creating profiles for notables anymore. (Not always successfully, I'm afraid.)
      • Third, there have also been times that I have come across abandoned profiles for people with a family name that's in my family tree, so I sometimes adopt those, try to source them, and see if they're related to the people in my family with the same name.
    • In each of those cases, I work out the branch, following leads as I find them. If I find a marriage record for somebody, and the person they married doesn't have a profile connected to theirs, I search WikiTree to see if they already have a profile, and create a new one if they don't. The same thing if I find a census record listing parents, a spouse, or children of that person. In some jurisdictions, death records include the names (and sometimes even place of birth) of the person's parents, the name of their spouse if they were married, and sometimes the name of a child if they were an "informant" for the death registration. (I love the death records in British Columbia: they contain so much useful information like that!)
    • Then, once I've add all the parents, siblings, spouses, and children of the person I started with, and see if I can work out farther still: parents and/or siblings of the parents, spouses and children of the siblings, parents and siblings of the spouses, spouses and children of the children, and outward in all directions. It's tedious, but every new sourced and documented profile added to WikiTree makes that whole tree better and more useful, and eventually, I find that final connection to connect the whole branch to the main tree. Then, I go try and find somebody to pat me on the back for my accomplishment.
    • If you want to work on a branch from one of the unconnected branches tables:
      1. The "Linked Profile" in the table is frequently (not always) for the WikiTreer who created that branch in the first place, and will therefore have a privacy setting of Public or higher. But that doesn't mean that none of the profiles in that branch are Open. To find the open profiles in a branch:
        1. Go to the Linked Profile for that branch.
        2. Click on the WikiTree ID for that profile in the upper right corner of the window.
        3. Select "Family List" from the drop-down menu.
        4. To see the maximum number of Open profiles, set the "Showing 10 generations of" picklist to 15, click on the "both" radio button, click on the "with" radio button, set the "sorted by" picklist to "Birth Date", and then click the "Go" button. The list will probably get longer, and will be sorted with the oldest profiles (and thus the ones most likely to be open) at the top.
    • If you are working on profiles from a GEDCOM upload which have become disconnected:
      1. Check the Lost and Found Project page to see if that GEDCOM is already listed (and add it if it isn't).
      2. For each profile in the GEDCOM, check the profiles before and after it to see if they came from the same GEDCOM, even if they're not connected. (So if you're looking at Example-137, check Example-136 and Example-138.) You may find that the GEDCOM extends to dozens of profiles with the same last name, and because they come from the same GEDCOM, they'll have consecutive numbers except for those which have been deleted or merged away.
        • You may also find that, while most other connections have been lost, at least some spouses from disconnected GEDCOMs are still connected to one another, so that can lead you to more last names that you can check for consecutive profiles.
      3. If you find multiple profiles with the same first and last names, and the same (or close) birth dates and places, you may be tempted to merge them, but check first to make sure that you aren't dealing with cousins who have been given the same name to honour a grandparent, or (at least in some places at some times) siblings where the older sibling died before the younger sibling was born, and then the younger sibling was given the same name.
        • The person who uploaded the GEDCOM may have been working on that tree for weeks, months, or even years before uploading it, and in my own reconnecting work, I have sometimes made changes on the basis of a first pass at the sources, and then had to go back and restore the original data after checking further.
  • Here are Abby's tips for working on Unconnected:
    1. Use other tree sites for hints (NOT AS A SOURCE!). I do this by either searching for unique names I might find in the branch I'm working on then trying to find another name that isn't too terribly common in WikiTree on the tree I find the first person on, then trying to figure out how they're connected. Then, I start to look into sources to see if I can connect them the same way on WikiTree.
    2. I make the bulk of my connections by working "sideways". If I'm lucky, I'll be able to trace a line straight back into Colonial America or something, but most of the time I use marriage records and birth records to find spouses then trace their family, adding all the siblings I can and their spouses and just keep following sources as I can find them, rather than dwelling too long on one, direct ancestry.
    3. This one is important-if you get stuck, ask for help! Enlist other projects. Did you work a line back to Scotland and cannot get any further? Post in G2G and tag the Scotland project. Same with if you find someone was Quaker (which would be lucky because they keep AMAZING records). Post in G2G and tag the Quakers project to see if they can help.
    4. Go back to the beginning. I often make so many additions and feel like I'm going nowhere that I get discouraged. I step back and go back to my starting person and start to look at whether I left a possible connection line unresearched. Sometimes that line produces just what I need in far less time than I spent looking at all the other lines I already built out.
  • Here are B.W.J.'s tips for working on Unconnected:
    1. Use marriage records of parents and siblings to find more surnames in the village/area they live
    2. Then I use WikiTreePlus to find all surnames in that village/area (sorting by surname), looking for profiles with a different manager and trying to connect to those profiles where the surname matches
    3. The period 1811-1917 can be searched with two surnames in a lot of Dutch archives, using "father & mother" for marriages, this results in a lot of possible names
    4. I keep track of name-combinations that I have looked into in a simple Notepad file


  • The Data Error 106: Duplicates between global tree and unconnected lists pairs of profiles which look like duplicate entries, one of which is in an unconnected branch and one of which is connected to the main tree. These may be useful in connecting unconnected branches.
  • The DBE Unconnected page lists reports for different countries in the world, showing unconnected branches with at least one profile which says that the person in the profile was born or died in that country.
  • If you are trying to connect a notable, there is a site called Ethnicity of Celebs which lists a bunch of celebrities, and then lists the name of their parents, grandparents, and sometimes great-grandparents. It mostly (but not exclusively) covers entertainers, and it often doesn't include dates or other critical information, but at least the names give you clues when searching for sources. (Some profiles do give pointers to the sites where the names came from, which can be helpful.)
  • The census records on the Library and Archives Canada web site are particularly useful if you're working on Canadian branches, because they can help you find links (parents, siblings, spouses, children, and sometimes in-laws).
  • The Needs Profiles Created category includes profiles which contain source information for people who don't (yet) have profiles created for them on WikiTree. You may be able to connect your branch by looking through the category for family names in the branch you're working on.
  • If you are trying to connect a notable, pay attention to the Wikipedia entry for that notable, in as many languages as you can access. Quite frequently, the entry in one language will contain information that the entry in another language lacks. You may also find that there is another notable with a Wikipedia entry only a step or two away from the notable you're working on. (It's amazing how much intermarriage there is between notables, children of notables, and grandchildren of notables.)

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I've started drastic changes at Largest Unconnected Branches by updating branch sizes using the "100 Circles" query, yielding actual size of branches including private profiles (like CC7 does).

I'm ready to update all the list, answers on my G2G post seem so far in favour of such a change, but of course I need the green light of people in charge of the page. Greg has asked a preliminary question to which I answered on the G2G post and privately. See

So ... I'm waiting, "l'arme au pied" :-)

posted by Bernard Vatant
edited by Bernard Vatant
Votre mission est claire. Continuez, capitaine.
posted by Greg Slade
Aleš taught me a cool new search syntax that gives a list of unconnected branches with a profiles with a given surname in them, so I'm in the process of adding that search for each surname listed on the page.
posted by Greg Slade
I posted a comment on G2G a few days ago asking to join the Connectors team but haven't seen any reply so I hope I'm accepted but if not would like to know. I am not terribly experienced but working on unconnected Nottinghamshire profiles at the moment.
posted by Jean Blane
The leadership seem to be really busy these days. I don't know what's going on, but responses have been really slow the past while. You might want to try again.
posted by Greg Slade
Oh, yes. I should have said to reply specifically to the post at Abby has responded there as recently as August 21.
posted by Greg Slade
Thank you very much, Greg, I'm sorry that I forgot to mark my question as answered.

I had a very kind email from Carol welcoming me to the team and explaining things. I've been beavering away in Nottinghamshire.😉

posted by Jean Blane
edited by Jean Blane
Oh, wow. I took me so long to get through that I can see that I need to start again at the top of the page and bring all the countries/counties/Landes back up to at least 5 unconnected branches each, but I need to go on to the next continent or I'll never get through all of them. So if you see that your location is short, I apologise. I'll get back to it eventually. At least I've added more counties in Scotland (although not all of them, yet). I also deleted some regions that didn't have any branches listed, to shorten the list.
posted by Greg Slade
I have added two more new sections:


In the former case, a number of the English counties that we've had sections for a while are pretty much connected. It's getting harder and harder to find unconnected branches with at least two people born in those counties (at least, if I stay above branch sizes of 50). But there are still more counties without sections, so I added one, and, sure enough, finding unconnected branches there was a lot easier.

In the later case, one branch I was adding included people who were born in the Dominican Republic, and when I checked, I found a bunch more, so I added the section.

I would also like to say that I have noticed that several of you have been marking connected branches as you find them, and even adding new branches. Thank you very much. I've been working through for what seems like weeks (probably because it's been so long since my last pass through, so there have been lots of connected branches [which is great] needing to be replaced [which is time-consuming]. The job of keeping these lists stocked is clearly way too big for one person, so I appreciate every one of you who have been helping with that.

posted by Greg Slade
will the monthly connectors challenge be returning for May 2023 ?
posted by N Gauthier
I don't know what's going on there. Maybe we need a new coordinator to set up the monthly challenges? (Not me.)
posted by Greg Slade
I added a Chile section to It's clearly long past time for that, since one of the branches is pretty close to making it onto the page.
posted by Greg Slade
I created a profile for Emma Greyland (abt.1865-) as she was a servant in my gradfather's household. As she is not related to me I have removed myself so she is orphaned. However she is connected to a family tree on Family search so there are opportunities for someone to score in the next Connect-a-Thon. I'd do it myself but I have lots to do on my own and wife's tree. JG.
posted by JG Weston
For those who only have access to sources from the United States of America, and have been frustrated looking through the sections for states and territories for the largest branches to work on, I have added a new section:
posted by Greg Slade
I have added a new Kenya section to the Unconnected profiles in Africa page:
posted by Greg Slade
I have just added another new sub-page to the Unconnected Notables page:
posted by Greg Slade
I have added a new sub-page to the Unconnected Notables page:
posted by Greg Slade
Okay, is finally up, so is now divided up by continent, and each continent page should be smaller and easier to work with.
posted by Greg Slade
I have just created so spinning out the unconnected branches lists by continent is nearly finished. Just South America to go.
posted by Greg Slade
I have found and used both:

1. and


Is there a way to merge these two items?

On my watchlist, I can see my profiles that are unconnected and how many others are connected.

If such functionality can be incorporated here, that would eliminate the manual work of updating how many other profiles are connected.

posted by Russell Butler
The first link is a category. It is built by adding the Category: Notables Project, Needs Connection tag (with double square brackets before and after) to a target profile. Since it is a Notables Project category, properly it should only be applied by a member of the Notables Project. (And it probably shouldn't be applied to profiles which aren't open, since people who aren't on the Trusted List for a profile can't work on it if it's not open.)

The second link is a free-space profile, like this one. To add profiles to the list (or remove them), you edit the page.

And, no, they can't be combined, because they're different kinds of pages. But note that both need to be maintained manually anyway: with the category, people have to add the category to the appropriate profile, and then remove it once that profile gets connected to the main tree. With the free-space profile, people have to edit the list. The only lists that don't have to maintained manually are the WikiTree+ reports, like

posted by Greg Slade
edited by Greg Slade
I have been thinking for some time that I needed to do something about the size of the page, since it's so long that it'd both hard to read and hard to edit. So today, I took the first step by creating Over time, I'll rework the Let others know what locations you are working on page to point to the new pages by continent, which should make it considerably smaller.

I also looked up projects for countries in Africa (all of which I had missed before), and added them into the new Africa page.

posted by Greg Slade
I should probably also say that I found a lot more country projects as I've been creating these pages. I don't know if they've been created since I created the country sections, or if I just missed them before, but if you see Country Project links in the country sections that you hadn't noticed before, that's probably because they weren't there before.
posted by Greg Slade
Clearly, it's been much too long since I worked on the page, because there have been tons of branches connected since the last time I looked. There are a bunch of jurisdictions which have no unconnected branches listed on that page (which is a very different thing from not having any unconnected branches at all). So, I hustled through from New Hampshire to the end of the list, topping up the list where I could. So I'll be starting from the top of the list yet again.
posted by Greg Slade
I have been meaning to get the Largest Unconnected Branches list back up to 100 in preparation for this month's Connect-A-Thon, and I finally got it done today.
posted by Greg Slade
I saw enough unconnected branches with Cambridgeshire included among the places listed that I added a new Cambridgeshire section to
posted by Greg Slade
edited by Greg Slade
Hi I'm new to the notables but I would like to know how to add someone as a notable. Jim Baker, the mountain man was a famous frontiersman. He is not listed as a notable. Baker-47439. How do I proceed? Thank you!
posted by Carol (Baker) Murray
Sorry for taking so long to reply, Carol. I have been insanely busy in real life, and haven't had time to get on WikiTree much.

As long as Jim Baker meets the qualifications for notability (which he does, since he has an entry in Wikipedia), you can add the Notables Sticker to his profile

There is a list of other ways to improve his profile on the Notables Project page

posted by Greg Slade
My main thing is orphans. I find that when I adopt, others of same surname/ area are most often connected to each other but not to the big tree. People abandon them along the road, one here, one there. Seems helpful to keep them together, so I tend to connect them, source them and look for spouses. Don't really know how to connect them to the big tree but maybe I'm learning. I do BioBuilders, Data Doctors, and a few other challenges, though I don't always track them.

Looks like I'm saying that I have several groups to work on, wouldn't mind help to prune the orchard.

posted by Sue Townsend
I Started working on Robert McClelland Governor 0f Michigan and added his father Dr Dr John McClelland
posted by Tara (Maier) Flack
I been helping in Rockingham, Windham, Vermont, United States. the Family I been helping Severens Family Pulsipher-194 Elizabeth Stowell Stoel Severens formerly Pulsipher aka Pulcipher, Pulcypher family connecting their children's Spouses and their children
posted by Tara (Maier) Flack
edited by Tara (Maier) Flack
I am trying to get the most unconnected profiles linked up. When the weekly update is done, does it provide a list of unconnected branches by SIZE meaning number of profiles (not by region - just exact size) ? Thanks
posted by N Gauthier
The report I use to build the list is: (I skip over the branches where there are no open profiles, and the ones that are from bogus genealogies.)
posted by Greg Slade
edited by Greg Slade
Yea I know about your list, but had done what I could with those. I was looking for a list that included branches with about 100-200 profiles.

I see that you have updated your list with a few new ones, so I will check those out now.

There are a lot on that Automated: DD Unconnected List All, so that will keep me busy for quite a while :) Thanks

posted by N Gauthier
edited by N Gauthier
I finally got around to working on and have gotten down the list as far as Essex, which has been "branchless" for months. This time, partly by way of apology, and partly in hopes of keeping it from running out again before I get back to it again, I have stocked up Essex with 10 unconnected branches.
posted by Greg Slade
I have been adding more 5 star profiles to and also added links to searches for 5 star unconnected notables and 5 star unlinked notables near the bottom of the page.
posted by Greg Slade
I have also moved a bunch of unconnected notables from the bottom of that page (where all the unlinked notables are) to higher in the page (some of them MUCH higher) because they are now linked to family members. Thank you to everybody who has added even on relative to an unlinked notable!
posted by Greg Slade
edited by Greg Slade
I can't remember whether I have ever listed the criteria I go by when adding unconnected branches to jurisdictions in the page. Before I add a new branch, it must be:
  • unconnected
  • have at least two open profiles where the people were born in a jurisdiction which I am trying to "top up". (My thinking there is that, if somebody's working to connect branches in a particular place, they're going to find it annoying to look through a whole branch and only find one profile. Although once I have selected a branch, I will list all the jurisdictions where even one person with an open profile was born, so I'm kind of inconsistent there.)
  • have at least 50 profiles (This is a change in thinking. I started out wanting to have sections for as many countries in the world as possible, as part of my general policy of trying to show that WikiTree is for everybody, not just Americans. But there are countries with very large populations, but almost no profiles on WikiTree, so it seems a bit silly to list branches with less than 50 people just to include a new country. So that means that, unless more profiles are added from certain countries, they may disappear from the list once all the profiles that are on the list now are connected.)
posted by Greg Slade
edited by Greg Slade
My criterias that I try to follow are:
  • Unconnected
  • Include atleast one open profile who is born or passed away in Kalmar county.
  • Prioritize profiles from specific parishes in Kalmar county (parishes I have ancestors in, mainly southern Öland) or profiles that someone points to in Kalmar county.

Saw that number of unconnected profiles in Kalmar increased from 1091 to 1099 between January 23rd and January 30th even if I connected several unconnected trees. Glad that so many profiles are created in Kalmar county.

posted by Axel Svensson
If you want to create a subsection for Kalmar county under the Sweden section of the locations page, go for it. I do plan to do sections for counties/departments/landes/provinces/states/territories, etc. for more countries eventually. It's just taking me a while to get things done.
posted by Greg Slade
edited by Greg Slade
In an effort to keep the Unconnected Notables page from getting too big to load (or edit) easily, I have spun off yet another new sub-page for heads of government and heads of state from different countries around the world:

While some countries have got good coverage of former leaders, with profiles, succession boxes, and everything, most countries have a good deal less coverage. In fact, for a lot of countries, I haven't been able to find a profile for a single deceased previous leader. (Although there may be profiles that I didn't find because I wasn't using the right name in the search box. So if you find (or create) unconnected profiles for other former world leaders, please add them to the new page.

posted by Greg Slade
edited by Greg Slade
Okay, the latest pass through the Let others know what locations you are working on page took four months. Four months is better than seven, but it's still too long between checks. Now, I'm starting from the top again, and adding in any surname I can find from those unconnected branches which was the Last Name At Birth for at least four open profiles in that branch. I've only made it through Argentina and Australia on this pass, but already I've encountered several branches with almost no surnames other than the surname on the starting profile. Apparently, at least some people are having trouble connecting their branch because they're not adding siblings, parents, or spouses of any of their female ancestors. That limits connection possibilities pretty severely.
posted by Greg Slade
Only a FEW months late for the Connect-a-Thon, I finally managed to get the list at up to 100 branches.
posted by Greg Slade
Oh, wow. As near as I can tell, I started the latest pass through the Let others know what locations you are working on page in July, and only finished it yesterday. Seven months is way too long between checks, so if anybody wants to check for and work newly connected branches, please go ahead. Also, please feel free to add new branches to a jurisdiction if it's running low. I posted a "How To" message telling how to do that in G2G:

In the meantime, my next pass is likely to take even longer, because I hope to add in family names from those unconnected branches which don't already list them on the Let others know what surnames you are working on page, to try to make it more useful. Up to now, we've been pointing people to the the Let others know what locations you are working on page to find surnames they want to work on, but if we break up the the Let others know what locations you are working on page (which is getting way too long), then that strategy is going to be a lot less helpful.

posted by Greg Slade
I believe I have connected Canfield-383, but must wait until a merge between Northrup-309 and Unknown-259794 is completed. But, Canfield-383 is a locked profile. How would I mark that profile connected, or add to my connection totals after the merge is complete? Thanks
posted by v. Wilson
Canfield-383 is showing connected now, but to be honest with you, I don't really understand how the connection tracker works. Sometimes, it lets me mark a connection, and sometimes it doesn't. But I'm so slow at getting people connected that I'm never going to win the challenge, so I don't worry about it.
posted by Greg Slade
The Largest Unconnected Branches list are all international profiles which I, at least, find harder to connect up because I have very limited accessibility to foreign sources. I totally agree that those in the know should work on these. But it may discourage some members from working on unconnected profiles.

Also since a large portion of Wikitree members have access to American sources, I would like to suggest adding another line underneath the above list, which will direct members to where Wikitree's Unconnected American list is. I know I would use such a link :) Thanks for your consideration of this suggestion.

posted by N Gauthier
I've added a link, under Unconnected branches for you, but am not sure people will find it. Is this what you had in mind? Maybe you could let me know exactly where you wanted the link if it's in the wrong place.
posted by Carol (Winton) Keeling
Yes, that is a problem with the Largest Unconnected Branches page, and it's only going to get worse. Since most WikiTreers are Americans, it tends to be American branches which get connected. I am trying to add more branches to the Largest Unconnected Branches page, but I'm not sure that I'll hit any unconnected branches which include people born in the United States before the page gets just too big and unwieldy. Carol has put up a link to the Let Others Know What Locations You're Working On Page, which I'm going through to add at least five unconnected branches per state or territory. (Although many states have more. The New York section is just bulging with unconnected branches.) You can also go straight to Aleš's reports, which is what I work from when I'm building these pages. The US report is at:
posted by Greg Slade
I should probably also say that there are sources for other countries. Actually, there's a whole category hierarchy under (It's a bit disorganised, and there are categories that seem like duplicates to me, but I'm no longer part of the Categorization Project, so I'm going to keep my hands off.)
posted by Greg Slade
Two sources that I love using for the United Kingdom are (which lists census results from 1841 to 1891) and (which lists births, marriages, and burials from church records), because both will generate an Evidence Explained citation for me with a couple of clicks. (I also use, which lists births, marriages and deaths from government records from the third quarter of 1837 to 1992, but in that case, I have to build my own citation.)
posted by Greg Slade
N, it turns out there are some USA branches on the Largest Unconnected Branches page: Balentine-8, Clough-2261, Azrilevich-1, Araneta-4, and González-4092.
posted by Greg Slade
I just added another American branch to the largest unconnected branches page: Richard-6670
posted by Greg Slade
So the end of the year is approaching and I recalled an aspirational goal I set for myself a couple of years ago to try and link up 12,000 unconnected profiles per year (average of 1000 per month). And I need about another 500 to meet my goal, so I worked on the large unconnected branch of Himmelberger-61 with 556 profiles. I finally was able to find a connection, but am waiting to get a profile (b: 1906) opened, so I can link the branch up.
posted by N Gauthier
edited by N Gauthier
Having seen what you accomplished in the "Can you help connect...?" challenges, I'm not at all surprised that you would set such an ambitious goal for yourself. Nor that it looks so likely that you're going to achieve it. Congratulations.
posted by Greg Slade
In case that private profile above does not get opened quickly, I started working on some other unconnected.

I can't find any more links for the current largest unconnected file list which are internationals. So I moved on the unconnected USA list and linked up Farrington-4391 in the branch called Pfister-198 with 737 profiles which should show connected on the morning of 2020/12/21.

edited: because I had taken the # of profiles from wikitree+ where I didn't have enough generations entered to provide the correct size of the branch

posted by N Gauthier
edited by N Gauthier
I see that Himmelberger-61 is connected now.
posted by Greg Slade
I just watched a great show about the song "We Three Kings" that allowed me to connect Hopkins-12916, Hopkins-9934, Mueller-5473, Mueller-5474, & Trance-2. I had to do it by connecting Hopkins-13050, who was connected to the tree to her unconnected parents: Hopkins-12916 and Mueller-5473. When I did this I was not able to select a Connector button to show that I had participated with the Connectors Project. I also could not find them in the Unconnected List. What do we do when we have to connect by way of the parents & there are no "challenger" buttons?
posted by Lucy (Wilson) Robinson
One just carries on being a happy connector and a conscientious Wikitreer. I spend my life identifying, sourcing and connecting in WT, and tell people it is simply more entertaining than playing bridge or doing jigsaw puzzles.
posted by Valerie Willis
I emailed you instead of putting in here & of course it came back. I'm not sure I was awaked yesterday lol. I'm of the same mind set as you. I'll leave my laptop open all week and not hit the save button on a profile until I'm completely finished. If you were to look at my numbers you'd think I didn't participate in much of anything. I really don't care. I was just worried that since I never work off the Connectors List or do challenges that the leaders would think I wasn't doing much. I normally only connect one to the tree. This was a fair number of collections but you know long as they're happy - I'm happy. It all comes out in the wash. Off to Wiki.
posted by Lucy (Wilson) Robinson
Love your comment. More fun than video games.
posted by Nancy (Cox) Wilson
Lucy, after you've connected the parents up, just add a source or two to the connected profile and you will then get the challenge button to click on. I normally add a census record which is the easiest to find. Here's a link to her entry on FAG, and to the 1850 census on familysearch
posted by Carol (Winton) Keeling
This is great advice Carol. Thank you. I was just put on the trusted list and I can't wait to work on these profiles. I ended up finding out I'm related to them. In a way this makes so much sense. My family is so involved in music as was theirs. I believe the genetic trait for being able to "just play" an instrument is handed down and their are many in my family who can do that. My grandmother used to hear a song on the radio then walk to the piano and play it. She never took a lesson and just "knew" what to do. What a gift! Off to Wiki and thanks again.
posted by Lucy (Wilson) Robinson
Hello! Just getting started connecting. I believe I connected Alexander Wallace Bonham-897 (36 connections) to Caleb Wood-26280. The mother of Alex, Martha Lumpkin, remarried George Thomas Wood, the son of Caleb Wood, both of their profiles needed to be built to finish the connection. Bonham is a family name so gave it a try, no connection found. The hints and tips were helpful.
posted by v. Wilson
Congratulations on making that connection!
posted by Greg Slade
I have now connected my second-largest group of 55 unconnected profiles, Robert Platts-1974's wife, Catherine Gray-834 was already on Wikitree as part of an old gedcom upload with scant info, so a merge was all that was needed. The orphaned profiles of her family contained a few errors and needed a bit of work, some of which I've done.
You appreciate more the huge scale of what is yet to be added to WikiTree ... when accessible records for the surname of Fenbow can be found going back to the early 1600's and whilst attempting to connect an unconnected branch Fenbow-1 has been created. ... should be connected soon :-)

posted by Lesley (Hobbs) Scott
Today I have connected my own largest group of 85 profiles to the main tree. Platts-344 created 27 Apr 2016 is the oldest of that group. Hopefully tomorrow that profile will show as connected. I have been working this week on my own unconnected profiles, updating, adding spouses and identifying likely relatives of those spouses with profiles already on Wikitree. I got lucky with some Leicestershire Rodwells who also went by the name Roddle, which made it harder for others not in the know to find a baptism source and therefore parents. Two of my Platts's, sisters from Ratby were married to two Rodwells, brothers born in Ashby Folville, one of whom moved to Queniborough, 5 miles away. I found a lone Rodwell who died in Queniborough a generation later and with knowing the name variation it was quite easy to establish she was the daughter of a third brother.

Update. I can confirm that these 85 profiles are now connected.

posted by Gillian (Platts) Causier
edited by Gillian (Platts) Causier
It must feel good to make that connection!
posted by Greg Slade
It sure does. I just looked at my Unconnected List. The next biggest is 55 people, no rest for the wicked!
The page is long enough that it's taking a while to load it to edit (or to save it), so I spun off the Canadian governors, lieutenant governors, premiers, and commissioners into a new page at: (And now to populate that page with more, since I only had two per jurisdiction aside from Yukon.)
posted by Greg Slade
I'm working on today. I finally figured out how to identify 5 Star notables (Go to WikiTree+ and enter "unconnected 5Stars notables" into the Text Search box), so I've been working through the list and flagging 5 Star profiles as I go. I've also been checking tree sizes (by clicking on the "tree####" link in the right-hand column of the WikiTree+ report), and I'm pleased to say that almost every unconnected notable has a bigger branch now than they did when I first added them to the page. (In one case, nearly 20 times as many profiles.) So clearly, a whole lot of WikiTreers have been adding profiles to these branches, and I'm hoping to see more of them connected to the main tree soon.
posted by Greg Slade
So, I have this idea:

SamePlaceSameTime - using only full degrees of lat/long based on occasional location updates, (Like the Ancestry Citer does with the quick list?) find profiles alive during focus profile's lifespan, within location +- one degree of lat/long (180 nautical miles(ish))

Seems like maybe this would be useful? Would this help you guys? Or maybe this is already something Ales has hiding in the WikiTree+ that I haven't figured out yet? (since he's now mapping)

posted by Jonathan Crawford
I've heard that WikiTree is moving towards implementing a Geographic Information System, and, yes, once that's done, we should be able to spot people who lived close enough to one another that they were at least likely to know one another, and possibly even be related.

Unfortunately, the location information we have on many profiles (I'm tempted to say "most profiles") is woefully inadequate. The number of profiles with no location information at all is shockingly large (the category is only scratching the surface), and there are a bunch more profiles which only have the name of the town or city, not the state, county, province, land, or whatever subdivision applies, still less the country. People don't seem to understand that there may be several towns or cities with the same name. (My personal favourite is "Richmond": I have long said that every state in the U.S. has at least one Richmond, and some probably have two, just to make sure. ;-) )

So I figure that eventually, we'll have a "Locators Project", including monthly challenges to complete locations out to the country name (like WikiTree policy calls for), and adding locations to profiles that have none.

posted by Greg Slade
Greg, I found another one of the largest unconnected branches that says found connected 11 Sep 2020, but when you look at the profile, it shows unconnected with 436 profiles which is Bassi-7 in Italy
posted by N Gauthier
Yes, when I was deleting connected branches, there were three branches (Granda-20, Górski-224, and Bassi-7) that still showed as unconnected. That made me wonder if the connection finder was broken, but I did find some that had been marked as connected and showed as connected, so then I didn't know what to think.
posted by Greg Slade
I'm trying to figure out what happened. We really need a report that shows recently edited profiles in an unconnected branch. :(
Hey Greg,

I had to click through almost all of them one by one (ahhhh), but I found where the disconnection happened on September 23rd (12 days after it was found connected).

The disconnection looks valid. It was disconnecting a female spouse who lived in a different country. I guess Bassi is back on the list.

Ah, okay. So I'm not crazy. (Or at least, if I am crazy, that's not why.) ;-)
posted by Greg Slade
Gorski-360 is also managed by the same manager of Granda-20 and you can see at the url below that she's been undoing some merging that connected the branches.

I'm not familiar with Austrian genealogy at all, so I can't tell if her disconnections are valid, but she seems to be concerned that Jan Granda is a very common name and these may be different people.

So your connection tracker was working, there's just been disconnecting of these branches happening. :(

Well, yes. We don't want to be making connections for the sake of everyone being connected. We want connections to be accurate, just like we want all the information on WikiTree to be accurate.
posted by Greg Slade
Granda-20 and Górski-224 are now showing as connected again.
posted by Greg Slade
Good job, Geoff! We're always happy to see branches connected!
posted by Greg Slade
I think that I am happy to report that I have connected my first group to the main tree, with very helpful pointers from Carol! I created a profile for Nat Lofthouse (footballer from quite a while back, played for Bolton Wanderers) and struggled for months to figure out how to get him connected. Over the last couple of weeks I've gathered together the details of about a dozen or so profiles bridging from Adam Partington to Andrew Lofthouse and I entered the last linking profile a short time ago.

Any comments will be appreciated---even ones like 'you shouldn't do it that way' [grin]

posted by Geoff Riley
Well done, Geoff. A brilliant set of profiles.
posted by Carol (Winton) Keeling
Today I added the connected parents of Kaduk-9 which will link up one of our second largest unconnected branches called Granda-20 with 2998 profiles. It will show connected to the global wikitree with tomorrow morning's update on 2020/09/12.
posted by N Gauthier
edited by N Gauthier
Woo! That is really exciting :D
I was so excited when I read this, N. Those big branches that have been sitting at the top of the list have really been bugging me. But when I went to confirm that Granda-20 was connected before deleting that branch from the list, it still showed as unconnected. Now I'm wondering if the Connection Finder isn't working, or if somebody's going around UNconnecting branches, or if Kaduk-9's parents were part of another unconnected branch or what. (I may be hallucinating. That happens when I'm low on sleep...)
posted by Greg Slade
That's so strange. I definitely checked it to make sure it was connected the day after, so it was good at one point. I think this may have happened with this branch once before, so I really want to figure out who might be disconnecting things, and if there's a valid reason they are doing so.

Edit: Yes, someone is disconnecting things. The profile manager (same person manages both) of Kaduk-9 and Kaduk-4 is not convinced they are the same person. The same thing goes for the attached spouses, Granda-15 and Granda-60. They look almost identical, so I really don't know what is causing the concern. She set Granda-15 and Granda-60 as unmerged matches, but not Kaduk-4 and Kaduk-9. We technically can merge Kaduk-4 and Kaduk-9 in 3-4 days when the 30 day merge period is up though.

posted by Jayme (Mullins) Arrington
edited by Jayme (Mullins) Arrington
I always check to make SURE they got connected ... so I will look into it.
posted by N Gauthier
edited by N Gauthier
I am having trouble with the wikitree plus results at

It is showing me that all profile numbers I enter only have one profile in the branch. Even when I type in my own profile number it is telling me that I have no ancestors ... but my profile does have ancestors connected to it.

I have always had to play around with the options on SDMS to get to unconnected branches ... so can you please remind me of what the exact web address is to get the number of profiles in a branch ? Thanks

posted by N Gauthier
She seems to be undoing your work. :(

And I honestly don't know how to get it to show on Wikitree+ in a straightforward way, but I usually use this link instead:

Greg, On 2020/10/11, I did a default merge of Kaduk-9 into Kaduk-4 which will connect the Granda-20 branch again, now with 3009 profiles. Should show connected on the 12th.
posted by N Gauthier
Hi there, just officially joining up. I'm happy to work on anything that needs doing. At the moment, I'm trying to get a new cluster of 88 connected. I built this tree ( from absolute scratch last week for a friend of mine. Some day there will be no unconnected profiles on my watchlist. Some day. Sigh.
posted by Kate (Gardner) Schmidt
On this page (

( "In progress B. Britain, also a McCoy." Is there a category or a sticker that goes on the page to show the profile manager why the page is being edited. "Unconnected Notables," for instance?

Worked on this family for 5 days? Wow.

posted by [Living Britain]
edited by [Living Britain]
I connected a tiny branch of Groombridges today, Groombridge-206, Groombridge-207 and Reading-751. They should be showing as connected after the next update. Not a big contribution but at least it's 2 surnames.

Also I connected a small branch of 9 (Beach-5793 and Ball-17388, from Coalville, Summit, Utah, and their offspring/spouses) to their Coalville, Leicestershire, England forebears (Allgood, Platts etc).

UPDATE - both sets are now showing as connected.

posted by Gillian (Platts) Causier
edited by Gillian (Platts) Causier
I have a thought niggling at the back of my mind that I've worked on one or more Groombridge profiles at some point. <voice="SillyOldBear">Think! Think! Think!</voice>
posted by Greg Slade
Okay, I have replaced the list of the largest unconnected branches on this page with a link to the new page. That should make this page load more quickly.
posted by Greg Slade

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