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Copy of Descendants of Samuel Arbuthnot's son, Alexander Arbuthnot.

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TABLE 1_Alexander. © Arbuthnott Family Association 1976 - 2006

01 October 2008

Descendants of Samuel Arbuthnot's son, Alexander Arbuthnot.

Samuel Arbuthnot Born 20 February 1758/9 Northern Ireland Died 20 February 1844 in Gibsonia, PA Immigration: before 1790 From County Cork to Pine Township, PA Military service: Bet. 15 May - 14 December 1793 PA Militia from Westmoreland County, PA Occupation: Farmer, Pine Township, nr. Wexford, PA. Married first ______ ______

A. William Arbuthnot Born 1781 Northern Ireland Died 30 December 1852 in Caldwell, Essex County, NJ. Married Mary Howell Born 19 February 1782 Kingston, Somerset County, NJ Died 07 April 1854 in Caldwell, Essex County, NJ Father: Stephen Howell Mother: Mary Stout (see Table 1 William)

Samuel Arbuthnot married second Esther McMarlin 1779 - 1852 Born 21 March 1779 Ireland Died 28 September 1852 Burial: Unknown United Presbyterian Churchyard, Gibsonia Father: John McMarlin

B. Alexander Arbuthnot Born 01 September 1798 Pennsylvania Married 20 June 1826 Mary Jane Evins Born 26 August 1796 Died 01 July 1862
1. Mary Ann Arbuthnot Born Pennsylvania 1828 Died Pennsylvania 06 August 1829 Buried Presbyterian Cemetery, Hampton Township, PA
2. Cochran Evins Arbuthnot Born 02 July 1829 Pennsylvania Died 26 December 1913 in Liberty Prairie, IL Buried in the family plot, Liberty Prairie Cemetery Military service: Bet. 1862 - 1865 U.S.Navy, acting heat engineer, #18174 Occupation: Machinist and farmer. Married first 28 February 1856 Margaret Morrison Born 17 April 1838 Died 07 March 1875 Father: Samuel Morrison
a. Samuel Alexander Arbuthnot Born 10 May 1859 Missouri Died 18 June 1923 in Bethalto, IL Married first Emma Evins Born Bethalto, IL Died in Alton, IL Father: William Evins Mother: Emma Culp
I. William Conrad Arbuthnot Born 21 January 1888 Bethalto, IL Died July 1963 in Alton, IL Married in Dorsey, Illinois 10 November 1915 Esther Cooper Born 19 May 1894 Moro, IL Died 14 February 1982 in Alton, IL Father: George Cooper Mother: Anna Harms
i. Charles Samuel Arbuthnot Born 22 December 1916 Bethalto, IL Died 26 September 1998 in Cottage Hills, IL

Married in Cottage Hills, Illinois 10 May 19?? Betty Marie Caffery Born Brighton, Illinois 13 July 1934 Father: Joseph Caffery Mother: Ruth Viola Mellenthin

(A) Janetta Ruth Arbuthnot Born Alton, Illinois 23 February 1961 Married in Alton 14 March 1979 Christopher Frederick Wellhausen Born Carlinville, Illinois 25 March 1959 Father: John Robert Wellhausen, Sr. Mother: Janice Lee Yard
(1) Shaun Michael Wellhausen Born 13 July 1979 Alton, IL
(2) Ashley Nichole Wellhausen Born 24 September 1981 Alton, IL
(B) Charles William Arbuthnot Born in Alton, Illinois 07 October 1962 Married in San Francisco, CA 04 December 1984 Stephanie Christian DeBarreto d'Andalusia Born in Berkeley, CA 25 February 1964 Divorced 1991

ii. (Eldon) Conrad Arbuthnot Born Moro, Illinois 21 October 1918 Died in Alton, Illinois 26 August 1996 Occupation: Purchasing agent, Olin, maker of guns and shell. Married in Wood River, Illinois 27 June 1942 Jacquelyn R Moran Born Wood River, Illinois 19 January 1924 Died 22 October 2002 Father: J. William Moran Mother: Blanch Ventress

(A) James Charles Arbuthnot Born in Alton, Illlinois 10 January 1944 Police Sergeant in Alton (ret'd). Married in Godfrey, Illinois 22 December 1962 Sally Beiser (born Alton, Illinois 16 July 1944) Father: William Conrad Beiser Mother: Virginia Stewart
(1) Sally Jane Arbuthnot Born: 13 April 1964 Tacoma, WA Married 3 July 1981 Leon Trask. Divorced 13 April 1982.
(a) Abigail Trask Born 13 June 1981. She had a daughter by Mark Caruthers.
a. Savannah Caruthers. Born Alton, Illinois 9 May 1998.

Abigail married 29 August 2006 Jerry Tandy. Sally married 21 December 1984 Ogden, UT Henry W Hersman They were married until December 2002. He is now serving just under 30 years in prison for 5 counts of attempted murder, aggravated arson and killing the family dog. After the divorce they all took the name of Arbuthnot back.

(b) Sally Christine Hersman, later Arbuthnot. Born St Louis, MO 20 July 1996.
(c) James ("Jimi") Conrad Hersman, later Arbuthnot. Born Alton, Illinois 1 June 2002.

(2) Betty Lynn Arbuthnot Born Tacoma, WA 25 June 1965 Died 16 January 2002 Married in Alton, Illinois, 12 February 1983, Ted Kochanski. Divorced.

(a) Alison Marie Kochanski. Married Bethalto, IL 2 July 2005 Justin Hodge.
A. Madison Elizabeth Hodge. Born Alton, Illinois 6 December 2006.
(3) Mary Beiser Arbuthnot Born Alton, Illinois 29 January 1972 Married Tom Maupin (born 18 September 1969).
(a) Jacob James Maupin.

A. Olivia Michelle Maupin. Born Jerseyville, Illinois 18 December 2007.

(4) Amy Jacquelyn Arbuthnot Born Alton 3 August 1973 Married Medora, IL 16 April 1994 Curt Cochran
(a) Magen Mary Cochran. Born Alton 21 March 1996.
(b) Jared Dean Cochran. Born Alton 20 March 2001.
(B) Jacquelyn ("Jackie") Moran Arbuthnot Born Alton 3 July 1954 Married Clayton, MO 1 June 1981 Kenneth Marion Fields (born Alton 2 March 1949), son of Raymond Fields and Margaret nee Fennell. He works for the news organization The Associated Press and manages the sates of Washington , Oregon and Alaska. They live in Seattle, WA.
(1) Ryan Christopher Fields Born 05 June 1984 St. Louis, MO
(2) Robyn Courtney Fields. Born St Louis, MO 11 November 1987.
(3) Andrew Patrick Fields. Born St Louis 11 March 1989.

iii. Homer Edward Arbuthnot Born 09 November 1921 Moro, IL Died 13 January 1994 in Alton, IL Married 06 September 1955 Charlotte Lou Winters Born 16 December 1925 Alton, IL Died 30 October 1991 in Alton, IL Father: James Winters Mother: Anna Bell Fischer

(A) Steven Wayne Arbuthnot Born: 01 November 1951 Alton, IL Married in Alton, IL 20 September 1975 Linda Fowler Born: 22 January 1953 Wood River, IL Alton, IL Father: Judge Cletus Fowler Mother: Velda L. Johnson
(1) Sarah Rochelle Arbuthnot Born 23 July 1977 Alton, IL
(B) Patricia Ann Arbuthnot Born 04 October 1957 Wood River, IL Married in Granite City, Illinois 1 September 1956 Thomas Edward Jenkins Born in Alton 7 September 1979
(1) Jill Katherine Jenkins Born 27 April 1983 Alton, IL

(2) Matthew Stephen Jenkins Born 25 November 1985 Alton, IL

(C) Robert Michael Arbuthnot Born Alton, IL 05 July 1960 Married in Worden, IL 02 June 1984 Kelly Ann Miller Born 16 July 1960 Worden, IL, dau of Richard Francis Miller and Carolyn Mae nee Emrich
(1) Kayla Mae Arbuthnot Born Alton, Illinois 28 October 1988
(2) Aaron Michael Arbuthnot Born Alton 18 September 1990
II. Emma Viola Arbuthnot Born Illinois 23 November 1889 Died 1970 Buried Short Cemetery, west of Bethalto, IL Married 15 January (24 June?) 1915 Arthur Brown Culp (Born March 1884 Died 31 December 1968) son of Samuel Henry ("Tine") Culp and Mary Maria Brown

Samuel Alexander Arbuthnot married second 1885 Ella Evins Born Bethalto, Illinois August 1860 Died Bethalto July 1915 Father: William Evins Mother: Emma Culp

III. Charles Walter Arbuthnot Born 09 August 1886 Bethalto, IL Died October 1962 Married 6 January 1915 Julia Walters Born 13 August 1893 Alton, IL Died 16 March 1966 in Alton, IL Father: George Walters Mother: Augusta Ingham

i. Josephine Arbuthnot Born 11 December 1915 Alton, IL Died Valencia, CA 15 December 1990 Buried Inglewood Cemetery, Inglewood, CA 18 December 1990 Married 3 June 1940 Byron Sumpter Born 02 May 1914 Meredosia, Morgan, IL Died 11 September 1979 in Inglewood, CA Buried Inglewood Cemetery 14 September 1979 Father: Frank Sumpter Mother: Eva Coy (A) George Sumpter Born Los Angeles, California 28 July 1949 Married first Kathy Scott Married second 28 August 1970 Diana Bishop Born Torrance, CA 20 March 1953 Father: James Bishop Mother: Gabrielle (1) Daniel Sumpter Born 25 December 1979 Newhall, CA (2) David Sumpter Born 01 January 1983 Newhall, CA (B) (Eva) Christine Sumpter Born 20 March 1953 Los Angeles, CA Married 26 August 1978 Dennis Voeltner Born 08 November 1949 Wisconsin Father: Charles Voeltner Mother: Penny _____ (1) Gonatha Voeltner Born 15 June 1982 Long Beach, CA (2) Ryan Voeltner Born 30 August 1985 Long Beach, CA ii. Lester Arbuthnot. Born Bethallto, IL 21 September 1917. Died Alton, IL 16 January 1971. Married 20 June 1940 Doris Scoggins, daughter of John Scoggins. Divorced. He adopted Doris's daughter, Lois Jean Widaman (born 12 February 1938). (A) John Lester Arbuthnot. Born 17 July 1943 Alton, IL. Asssociate Dean, Eastern Arizona College (retired). Married 15 January 1966 Susan Kelly Richardson (born 19 January 1946), social worker eho works for the State of Arizona, daughter of William Foster Richardson and Margaret née Cannon. (1) Robert John Arbuthnot. Born 19 June 1966. An ironworker who is foreman at his company, MW Erectors, Inc. Married 15 February 1989 Shannon Leigh Gambill (born 17 March 1970), student, daughter of Ronald Gambill and Lynn, née Schroeder who is now Mrs Burt Collins. (a) Alana Kelyn Arbuthnot. Born 17 October 1988. (b) Devin John Arbuthnot. Born 7 September 1989. (c) Dylan Robert Arbuthnot. Born 21 April 1991. (d) Cheylee Shannon Arbuthnot. Born 5 January 1992. (e) Sheridan Leigh Arbuthnot. Born 24 August 1995. (f) Cianna Kelyn Arbuthnot. Born 31 October 2000. (2) Mark Joseph Arbuthnot. Born 12 September 1969, a twin. An Application Associate for Safeway Corp. Married 24 May 1998 Catherine ("Cathy") Wojick (born 22 July 1972), daughter of Patrick and JoAnn Wojick. (a) Brittany Shay Arbuthnot. Born 13 October 1998. (3) David Foster Arbuthnot. Born 12 September 1969, a twin. Unmarried. a produce clerk for Safeway Corp. b. William Evert Arbuthnot Born 22 September 1861 Edwardsville, IL Died 08 July 1918 in Mine La Motte, MO Occupation: President, Lead Mining Company. Married 1876 Ella Edith Waters Born 29 December 1861 Ashmore, IL Died June 1939 in Fredericktown, MO I. Lillian Arbuthnot Born October 1878 Mine La Motte, MO Died Unknown Married first William Wilkerson, master machinist, Cotton Belt Railroad. i. Bill Wilkerson ii. Elmo Wilkerson Lillian Arbuthnot married second c.1898 William Fiesler (born Edwardsville, IL; died Mine La Motte, MO 1910) iii. Neil Fiesler. iv. Buddie Fiesler II. Gladys Arbuthnot Born ca. 1889 Edwardsville, IL Died 1896 in Edwardsville, IL III. William Austin Arbuthnot Born Mine La Motte, MO 20 March 1896. Died Victoria, TX 10 April 1988 Served World War I. Vice president, Central Power & Light, San Antonio, TX Married in St Louis, MO 21 July 1920 Elizabeth ("Bess") Frances Henson (born Fredericktown, MO 06 August 1898 Died Victoria, TX 27 January 1993) daughter of George Henson and Emma nee Biffel i. Billie Jean ("Jeannie") Arbuthnot Born Flat River, MO 11 February 1922 Died 1 February 1993. She was a respected travel agent in Austin, Texas. Married Robert Charles Farmer, Sr. Born 10 October 1921 Gonzalex, TX Killed in action when shot down over the English Channel near Brest, France, W.W. II Military service: pilot. Father: Alfred Farmer Mother: Sue Mae Schultz (A) Robert Charles Farmer, Jr. Born 13 June 1943. Married first June 1966 Carolyn Louise Poole (born 8 May 1943). Divorced c.1973. (1) William Austin Farmer. Born Mineral Wells, TX 9 July 1968. (2) Elisabeth Louise ("Lisa") Farmer. Born Victoria, TX 3 August 1971. Robert Charles Farmer, Jr. Married second in South Korea Mo Kyu-Suk, a South Korean. Divorced 1987/8. (3) Charles ("Charlie") One-Ki Farmer. Born Korea 17 December 1983. Following the divorce, the court awarded custody of Charles to his father. He and his sister were raised separately and did not meet until July 2006. (4) Rebecca Yun-Chong Farmer. Born Fort Campbell, Kentucky 19 May 1986. Following the divorce, the court awarded custody of Rebecca to her mother. She and Charlie were raised separately and did not meet until July 2006. She has yet to meet her father. Jeannie Arbuthnot married second in San Antonio 3 February 1951 Willoughby Earl ("Bill") Schott Born 08 January 1919 Smithville, TX Died 26 February 1993 Served his country in WW II. Went on to be a well-regarded civil enginer serving communities across the state of Texas. Father: Earle Schott Mother: Bazie Butz (B) Willoughby ("Billy") Benson Schott Born Austin, TX 14 October 1952. He is a school teacher at Devine High School. He is a former football player for The University of Texas at Austin, former coach in the USFL and World League, & currently serves as a high school and college football official, in addition to his teaching duties. Married first Charleah Gaye Whitley. Divorced 1990. (1) Chelsea Elizabeth Schott Born 13 March 1989 Billy married second in Austin, Texas 19 September 1992 Lou Alice Brown (27 November 1955), school teacher at Burbank High School, San Antonio, dau of Rex Coulter Brown and Alice Josephine née Haynes. They live in Castroville, Texas. (C) Susan Elizabeth Schott Born Austin, TX 18 May 1954 Married first 21 August 1976 Douglas Cornelius Cannon, IV (born 23 March 1955), son of Douglas Cornelius Cannon, III. Divorced April 1986 (1) Douglas Cornelius Cannon, V. Born Maryland 19 February 1979 (2) Stephen Benson Cannon Born Austin TX 9 October 1980. Married 6 February 2001 Jennifer Snyder (born 29 December 1980). Susan Elizabeth Schott married second 4 March 1988 Robert E Ilkenhans Sr (born 16 August 1947). (3) Sarah Elizabeth ("SaraBeth") Ilkenhans Born 26 March 1989 Austin, TX (4) Daniel Ryan Ilkenhans Born 21 October 1990 Austin, TX (D) Sandra ("Sandy") Jean Schott Born Austin, TX 07 March 1958 Married 30 June 1979 Daniel Ray Elzner (1) Mary Elizabeth Elzner Born Austin 03 May 1985. Educated John Tyler HS (valedictorian); the University of Texas. (2) David Austin Elzner Born Austin 18 May 1989 ii. Robert Austin Arbuthnot Born 27 November 1928 San Antonio, TX Married 24 June 1950 Betty Jane Glascock Born 6 March 1930 Father: Harold Glascock Mother: Alvera Schultz. Divorced 1967. Robert lives in Victoria, Texas. (A) Kathy Arbuthnot Born 5 July 1953. Married Robert Wilkinson, a detective in the Houston Police Dept. IV. (Francis) Donald Arbuthnot Born 30 March 1898 Mine La Motte, MO Died August 1967 in Overland, MO Occupation: Automobile business Married in Missouri 19 July 1921 Gladys Wilson Born 23 February 1906 Died December 1983 in Missouri i. Donald Junior Arbuthnot Born 09 April 1922 Died Glencoe, MO 25 June 1997 Military service: U.S.Air Force, World War II Occupation: Manager, director, McDonnell Douglas Corp, St. Louis Married first George Bernice Bowman Born Sacramento, CA 13 February 1924 Donald Junior Arbuthnot married second 1948 Rosalie Clara Thomure Born 02 December 1929 Died 04 December 1974 (A) Donald ("Don") Allan Arbuthnot Born 1 May 1949 Married 9 May 1969 Karen Marie Schmidt Born 6 July 1949 (educ Holy Ghost, Berkeley, Mo 1963, Berkeley Senior High Berkeley, Mo 1967) She breeds and shows Golden retrievers. They live in St. Louis, MO 63138-3135 (1) Brian Douglas Arbuthnot Born 22 July 1970 (2) Leslie Renee Arbuthnot Born 21 October 1976 Married 21 April 2001 Michael D Baird. (B) Barbara ("Barb") Rose Arbuthnot Born 6 October 1950 Married 2 September 1980 Joe Piccolomini. They changed their name to Piccolo. (C) Mark Elmo Arbuthnot Born 6 March 1955 Married Denise _____ Born 28 June 1958 Separated. (1) Jason Arbuthnot Born 25 August 1976 (2) Jeromy Arbuthnot Born 16 November 1978 Mark then had a daughter by Theresa ______: (3) Hailey Arbuthnot Born ca 1997 ii. Gerald Arbuthnot V. Elmo Isaac Arbuthnot Born 28 April 1902 Mine La Motte, MO Died 20 July 1978 in Fredericktown, MO Occupation: Master electrician Married in Fredericktown, July 1943, Carrie Collier Born 03 June 1908 Fredericktown, MO Died 27 May 1981 in Fredericktown, MO VI. Vivian Lee Arbuthnot Born 24 January 1905 Mine La Motte, MO Died 01 December 1970 in Farmington, MO Married in Farmington, MO, 12 June 1928, Milton Calvin Simms Born 12 April 1900 Farmington, MO Died October 1985 Father: Calvin L. Simms Mother: Martha Jane Layne i. Barbara Simms Born Bonne Terre, MO 30 July 1930. Married in Farmington 23 June 1951 John Hartshorn Born Farmington 8 December 1931. (A) John David Hartshorn Born: 13 March 1953 Bonne Terre, MO Married in Doe Run, MO 10 December 1977 Mary Ann Horn (Born: 06 November 19??) Father: Marion Horn Mother: Grace _____ (1) Jessica Diane Hartshorn Born 22 March 1979 (2) Jonathan David Hartshorn Born 11 August 1981 (B) Milton Denman Hartshorn Born Bonne Terre 13 March 1953. Married in Ste Genevieve, MO, 19 April 1974, Gloria Otte Born Perryville, MO 6 November 1952 Father: Alvin Otte Mother: Rose Marie Bahr (C) Nancy Lynn Hartshorn Born St Louis, MO 17 May 1955 Married in Farmington, MO, 17 December 1977, Robert Allen Johnson Born 3 April 1949 Father: Roger Johnson Mother: Imogene Schmidt

(1) Allison Rae Johnson Born 23 January 1980

(2) Roger Lee Johnson Born 16 June 1982

(D) Susan Jo Hartshorn Born 31 October 1962 Bonne Terre, MO

c. Jennie M. Arbuthnot Born 01 June 1866 Liberty Prairie, IL Died 19 May 1871 per Bible record from Cliff Arbuthnot and per Gravestone gives death as 19 May 1871. Other statistics give date of death as 19 March 1896.

d. Cochran Austin Arbuthnot Born 06 June 1868 Liberty Prairie, IL Died 22 January 1869 in Liberty Prairie, IL
e. Isaac White Arbuthnot Born 06 June 1868 Liberty Prairie, IL Died 21 December 1954 in Wood River, IL Occupation: Farm laborer Married in Wood River, IL 12 October 1900 Loula Marie Kayser Born 09 November 1879 Liberty Prairie, IL Died 26 May 1964 in Wood River, IL Father: Charles Frederick Kayser Mother: Sophie Christine Blume
I. Birdie Viola Arbuthnot Born 25 April 1902 Liberty Prairie, IL Died 06 December 1976 in Wilmington, DE Educ: Univ of Illinois (BA) Occupation: Teacher Married in Wood River 22 June 1931 Gustav Adolph Papperman Born 22 October 1882 Baltimore, MD Died 15 September 1968 in Chestertown, MD educ: Univ of Delaware (BA); McCormick Coll., Chicago (MA) Occupation: Clergyman Father: Ernest Charles Papperman Mother: Emma Pauline Pfeiffer
i. Viola Pauline Papperman Born: 03 April 1933 Chicago, IL Degree 1: B.A., Wilson College, Chambersburg, PA Degree 2: M.A., Union Theological Seminary, NY Married William Louis Wipfler Born: 19 May 1932 Astoria, NY Degree: Ph.D., Union Theological Seminary, NY Married: 09 July 1955 Kennedyville, MD Father: William Edward Wipfler Mother: Eleanora Marguerite Hoffman
(A) William John Wipfler Born Ponce, Puerto Rico 26 March 1956 Educ: Antioch College, Yellow Springs, OH (PA, psychology); Boston College Law School (JD); Boston College Graduate School of Management (MBA) Married 10 August 1985 Hobart, NY Valerie Suzanne Libby Born: Natick, MA 04 July 1953 Educ: Fitchburg State College, (MA); Boston College Law School (JD), dau of Leland Westworth Libby and Barbara Louise nee Martin
(1) Ashley Paul Sollima Wipfler
(2) Michaela Pauline Wipfler Born 27 February 1986 Natick, MA
(3) Vanessa Libby Wipfler Born 16 November 1989 Portland, ME
(4) Isaac Leland Wipfler Born 29 October 1992 Portland, ME
(B) Ann Margaret Wipfler Born 13 July 1957 Ciudad Trujillo, Dominican Republic Degree: B.A., William Smith College, Geneva, NY Married in Freeport, NY 20 April 1980 Wesley Dakin Van DeWater Born 03 May 1956 Southington, CT Father: Livingston Van DeWater, Jr. Mother: Mary Ellen Chamberlain
(1) Scott Wesley Van DeWater Born 26 August 1984 Hamburg, NY
(2) Mark Daniel Van DeWater Born 01 June 1986 Hamburg, NY
(3) Benjamin David Van DeWater Born 19 November 1991 Hamburg, NY
(C) Sarah Pauline Wipfler Born Ciudad Trujillo, Dominican Republic 4 April 1959 educ: Univ of Vermont (BS). Married in Freeport, NY, 30 June 1984, William Robert Pictor, Jr. Born 8 June 1956 educ Hobart College, Geneva, NY. Father: William Robert Pictor, Sr. Mother: Ann Elizabeth Grainge

(1) Geoffrey William Sharpe Pictor Born Buffalo, NY 22 October 1989 (2) David Robert Arbuthnot Pictor Born Buffalo 13 June 1992

(D) Mark Gustav Wipfler Born: Ciudad Trujillo, Dominican Republic 10 November 1960 Clark University, Worcestor, MA (BS); New York Medical College, Valhalla, NY (MD) Married Kathleen ("Kathy") Patricia Masterson (born: 20 September 1963 Queens, NY) educ: Binghamton University (BS, nursing); Adelphi University, (MS, nursing administration) Married: 03 March 1989 Queens, NY Father: James John Masterson Mother: Eileen Georgiana Burke
(1) Jillian Mary Wipfler Born Danbury, CT 19 April 1995
(2) Kimberly Ann Wipfler Born CT 5 January 1999
ii. Phyllis Ann Papperman Born 24 June 1934 Chicago, IL Degree: Washington College, Chestertown, MD (BA) Married Roy Richard Jones II Born: 05 May 1933 Alexandria, VA Degree 1: B.S., University of Iowa, Iowa City Degree 2: M.S., Washington State University, Pullman Married: 17 August 1957 Kennedyville, MD
(A) Victoria ("Vickie") Lynn Jones Born 28 June 1960 Baltimore, MD Educ: Western Washingtion University (BA); Seattle Central Community College, (AA, interpreter training).
(B) Roy Richard Jones III Born 29 November 1962 Baltimore, MD Educ: Whitworth College, Spokane, WA, (BA, fine arts) Married 28 January 1989 Lake Tahoe, NV Christie Ann Burchett Born 27 June 1964 Spokane, WA Degree: Whitworth College
iii. Mary Margaret Papperman Born 01 March 1940 Chicago, IL Educ: University of Delaware Married 24 June 1961 Kennedyville, MD Roger Lee Thorne II Born 12 June 1939 Easton, MD Father: Roger Lee Thorne I Mother: Margaret Virginia Haddaway
(A) (Jennifer) Nalani ("Lani") Thorne Born: 05 August 1966 Honolulu, HI Degree: University of Maryland, Baltimore Campus Married in Eagle River, AK 21 March 1998 Damian Curtis Erie (Born: 27 April 1974 Minot, ND) Father: Curtis Edward Erie Mother: Sandra Kay Samson
(1) Ian Curtis Erie Born Anchorage, AK 1 January 1998
(2) Jace Erie. Born Colorado Springs, CO 19 March 2001.
(B) Diana Marie Thorne Born Newark, NJ 6 May 1968. Married Columbia, MD 27 May 1989 Eric Stephen Engstrom Born St Louis, MO 22 July 1965 Father: Eric Roland Engstrom Mother: Joan Erna Swendelhurst
(1) Eric David Engstrom Born 29 May 1990 Columbia, MD
(C) Roger Scott Thorne Born 20 February 1970 Baltimore, MD Education: College in Maryland
II. Clifford Eugene Arbuthnot Born 15 May 1906 Liberty Prairie, IL Died 18 December 1991 in Nevada, MO Married in Staunton, IL 14 April 1933 Gladys Fern Valentine Born 23 February 1906 Staunton, IL Died 28 December 1983 in Kimberling City, MO Father: Benjamin George Valentine Mother: Charlotte Bertha Easley
i. Charlotte Louise Arbuthnot Born: 02 May 1935 Alton, IL Married Wood River, IL 19 December 1953 John Henry Baxter, Sr. (born: 24 January 1935 Rosemont, IL) Father: James Edward Baxter Mother: Jessie Ethyl Sanders
(A) Mary Louise Baxter Born: 13 June 1954 Alton, IL Married in Russellville, MO 10 July 1976 David James Tucker, Sr. Born 08 December 1954 Fulton, MO Father: Donald James Lorenzo Tucker Mother: Frances Jane Sartor
(1) Jennifer Louise Tucker Born 07 March 1978 Columbia, MO
(2) David James Tucker, Jr. Born: 10 March 1981 Columbia, MO
(B) John Henry Baxter, Jr. Born: 22 April 1955 Alton, IL Educ: University of Missouri Married in Russellville, MO 08 August 1976 Bunny Jean Ward Born: 13 May 1957 educ: University of Missouri
(C) Nola Ruth Baxter Born: 16 January 1957 Alton, IL Degree: B.S., Lincoln University, education and business administration Married 31 May 1980 Jefferson City, MO Tony Lee Townley Born: 13 June 1960 Jefferson City, MO Father: Clarence Monroe Townley Mother: Verda Mae Schowengerdt
(1) Christopher Bryan Townley Born: 30 April 1984 Jefferson City, MO
(D) Janice Eve Baxter Born: 03 March 1958 Alton, IL Married Jefferson City, MO 03 May 1981 Richard Allen Taylor Born: 18 February 1957 Jefferson City, MO Father: Richard Leon Taylor Mother: Geraldine Maude Bond
(E) Elizabeth Ann Baxter Born 23 April 1960 Alton, IL
(F) Carol Sue Baxter Born 17 January 1963 Alton, IL Education: School of the Ozarks, Point Lookout, MO
(G) James Clifford Baxter Born 29 January 1964 Alton, IL Education: University of Missouri, Columbia
(H) Susan Elaine Baxter Born 26 November 1965 Alton, IL Education: University of Missouri, Kirksville
(I) Mark Anthony Baxter Born 22 October 1973 Columbia, MO
(J) Jesse Fern Baxter Born 22 October 1973 Columbia, MO
ii. Nola Jean Arbuthnot Born: 11 November 1940 Alton, IL Degree 1: Central Missouri State University, marketing education Degree 2: Educational specialist degree in counseling Degree 3: M.A. Pittsburg, KS State University, human resource development Married Kenneth Ray Hartzfeld Born: 16 July 1938 Carthage, MO Died: 06 November 1982 Nevada, MO Married: 01 June 1959 Nevada, MO Father: James Edward Hartzfeld Mother: Frances Maxine Young
(A) James Eugene Hartzfeld Born: 04 November 1959 Nevada, MO Educ: University of Missouri, (BA, chemistry); Emory University, Atlanta, GA (MBA) Married in Kansas City, 24 October 1982, Jeanette Lynn Glover (born: 07 July 1961 Kansas City, KS, educ: University of Texas, nursing), dau of James Lawrence Glover and Julia Ruth nee Carlson
(1) Jillian Reid Hartzfeld Born: 05 October 1993 Alton, IL
(2) Kenneth James Hartzfeld Born: 02 September 1998 Atlanta, GA
(B) Kimberly Ann Hartzfeld Born: 06 August 1961 Nevada, MO Degree 1: Southwest Missouri State University, Springfield, counseling Degree 2: Northeast Texas University, Denton, counseling Married David Arthur McNeley Born: 03 February 1964 Everett, WA Degree: M.A. in accounting Married: 16 July 1990 Nevada, MO Father: Charles Arthur McNeley Mother: Elsie Mae Davison
(1) Grant Arthur McNeley Born: 18 February 1992 Kansas City, MO
(2) Carlin Elise McNeley Born: 11 January 1995 Kansas City, MO
(C) Kendall Ray Hartzfeld Born: 05 October 1964 Nevada, MO Education 1: Missouri State School for the Deaf Education 2: Hennipen Technical School, Brooklyn Park, MN

III. Charles Frederick Arbuthnot Born 21 September 1915 Liberty Prairie, IL Died 04 July 1996 in Bethalto, IL Occupation: Banker Married in Wood River, Illinois, 12 April 1947, Marie Putnam (born: 27 November 1926 Borger, TX) dau of ______ Putnam and Sarah Columbus nee Bragg

i. James Robert Arbuthnot Born Chicago, Illinois 25 December 1950
ii. Steven Charles Arbuthnot Born: 04 May 1953 Springfield, IL Degree: Eastern Illinois University, Charleston Married Jane Ruth Westerhold Born: 17 April 1953 Wood River, IL Degree 1: University of Northern Colorado, Greeley Degree 2: Southern Illinois University Medical School, Springfield Married: 19 June 1976 Wood River, IL Father: Frederick Thomas Westerhold Mother: Dorothy Patricia Kalista
(A) Lindsey Marie Arbuthnot Born Springfield, Illinois 10 April 1984
iii. Sarah Arbuthnot Born Wood River, Illinois 8 March 1960
f. Martha ("Mattie") Jane Arbuthnot Born 17 December 1870 Died 19 March 1947 Married Frank Bryan, Sr.
I. Frank Bryan, Jr.
II. Dorothy Bryan

Cochran Evins Arbuthnot married second 1875 his sister-in-law Jane Morrison Born 15 February 1834 Died 17 July 1896 Father: Samuel Morrison

3. Sarah Jane Arbuthnot Born September 1830 Pennsylvania Married 1855 Charles Pesquire (died before 1900)
4. Samuel Arbuthnot Born 24 January 1834 Pennsylvania Died 06 September 1838 in Pennsylvania Burial: Unknown Hampton Township Cemetery, PA
5. William Arbuthnot Born November 1834 Pennsylvania Died Unknown Married Julia _____ Born July 1841 Missouri
a. Jennie Arbuthnot Born Illlinois 1868 (per 1880 census).
C. David Arbuthnot Born 1799 Pennsylvania Died Unknown Occupation: Farmer. Married Eleanor Fowler Born ca. 1800 Died Unknown (see Table 1 David)
D. Jane Arbuthnot Born 1801 Pennsylvania Died 19 March 1883 in Pennsylvania Burial: Unknown United Presbyterian Church Cemetery, 2 miles northeast of Mars, PA Married William Forsythe Born 1798 Ireland Died Unknown Occupation: farmer
E. Carson William Arbuthnot Born ca. 03 May 1804 Jamestown, Pine Township, Allegheny County, PA Died 01 January 1873 in Boulder County, CO Married Mary Frances Jones Born June 1809 Ireland Died November 1870 in Boulder, CO (see Table 1 Carson)
F. Sarah Arbuthnot Born 1806 Pennsylvania Died Unknown (see Table 1 Samuel)
G. Samuel Arbuthnot Born 1808 Pennsylvania Died 08 January 1895 in Plattford, Sarpy County, NE Occupation: Farmer

Married Tryphena Toogood Born ca. 1820 England Died before 10 June 1880 in Plattford, Sarpy County, NE Burial: Unknown Near Plattford, NE Father: Christopher Toogood Mother: Mary _____ (see Table 1 Samuel)

H. Robert Arbuthnot Born 21 March 1810 Allegheny, PA Died 08 May 1856 in Plymouth County, IA Military service: Civil War Married Jane Holden Born 24 December 1813 Ireland Died 13 September 1898 Burial: Unknown Pomona Cemetery, CA (see Table 1 Robert)
I. Mary Arbuthnot Born 1812 Allegheny, PA Died 02 April 1889 Burial: Unknown Xenia, NE, in plot with her nephew Christopher T. Arbuthnot, her brother Samuel, and his wife Tryphena.
J. James Gibson Arbuthnot. Born 15 January 1816 Allegheny County, PA Died 05 August 1893 in Republic County, KS Burial: Unknown Farmington Township, Republic County, KS Education: Ohio University, Athens, mathematics and surveying Occupation: Stockman, county surveyor, teacher

Married Mary Catherine Vogel/Fogal. Born 24 August 1826 Mainzlar, Hessen, Darmst, Germany Died 08 November 1900 in Belleville, KS Burial: Unknown Farmington Township, Republic County, KS Education: Was a student of James Gibson Arbuthnot, whom she married Father: Daniel Vogel Mother: Anna Katharina Erkel (see Table 1 James)

K. Martha Arbuthnot Born 27 May 1818 Arlington, Pa Died 15 August 1879 in Tama County, IA

Married John Newton Born 28 April 1828 Leicestershire, England Died Unknown in Tama County, IA Occupation: Planted all the trees on George Keck's farm Father: Stephen Newton Mother: Lucy Ann Dawson (see Table 1 Martha)

L. Thomas Gibson Arbuthnot Born 26 April 1821 Pine Township, Allegheny County, PA Died 06 June 1903 Married Rhoda Orsborn Born 1810 Pennsylvania Died 21 September 1878 (see Table 1 Samuel)

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