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Cork, Burke Name Study

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Location: County Cork, Irelandmap
Surnames/tags: Burke Bourke Burk
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The goals of the County Cork page in the BURKE NAME STUDY are:

  1. To find every non-living person with the Burke surname who lived in County Cork, Ireland. and make a wikitree profile for them.
  2. To make a family tree including all Burkes who ever lived in County Cork, and connect that tree to the Global family tree on Wikitree.
  3. To find the origins of the Burkes of County Cork, likely in County Galway, and connect our County Cork Burke families to any earlier Burkes in Galway or where ever they may have lived in Ireland
  4. To determine exactly when and why the Burkes came to County Cork.
  5. Help find Irish Roman Catholic and Protestant church records for the Burke, Bourke, or Burk Family. Many of these are already on wikitree, but probably only a small percentage of the total number of Burkes who have lived in County Cork over the past 400 years.
  6. Take pictures of gravestones in the County Cork cemeteries, especially for the Burke, Bourke, or Burk Families, and find records in burial registers, as many family members did not have headstones.
  7. Adding sources
  8. Adding categories
  9. Adding relevant templates
  10. Connecting family members to the global family tree.

We are especially interested in the Burke, Bourke, or Burk Families of County Cork, Ireland. There are large numbers of this family in County Cork and we would like to know if they are all related. We would like to find their spouses, siblings, cousins and ancestors. This will be a challenge, as many died in the Great Irish Famine. So we will need to find early Catholic church records, which didn't begin legally until about 1829. We are hoping to find all the Catholic and possibly even Protestant church records from the area that record the lives of the members of the Burke, Bourke, or Burk Family.

If you have information on this family, please join our project!

Oldest Burkes we have found and where they lived in County Cork


  1. Timothy Burke (1768) born about 1768 in Ballyoughtra, Creagh, Skibbereen, County Cork, Ireland
  2. Patrick Burke (abt. 1778 - 1864) who lived near Skibbereen
  3. Cornelius Burke (1785 - 1867) who lived on Hare Island. off the southwest coast of County Cork
  4. Daniel Burke (1790) born about 1790 who lived in or near "Ballyinthara" townland, which we can not find in the databases. This could be a misspelling of Ballyoughtra. More research is necessary.
  5. Randall Burke (1795) born before 1795 in or near Ballyoughtra townland on the northeast side of Lough Hyne.
  6. Ellen Burke (1795) born about 1795, who might be Ellen Collins Burke.
  7. John Burke (1795) born about 1795, who lived in Ballymacrown townland, and married Mary (Cullinane) Burke in 1840
  8. Timothy Burke (1799) was born about 1799 in or near Gunane, County Cork, Ireland
  9. Denis Burke (1799) was born about 1799 in Aughadown Parish.


  1. Timothy Burke (1800) born about 1800 in or near Pookeen Townland, northwest of Lough Hyne
  2. Michael Burke (1803) was born about 1803 in or near Skibbereen, County Cork, Ireland, and passed away in 1864 at the age of 61 years in or near Skibbereen.
  3. Joan Burke (1804) born before 1805 likey married to Patrick Burke by September 19, 1825, and they resided in Bridgetown, Skibbereen, County Cork, Ireland.
  4. Honora Burke, (1805) born about 1805 in the Diocese of Skibbereen and Rath, County Cork, Ireland
  5. Helena Burke (1807) born about 1807 in Inchireagh townland, Dunmanway North DED, County Cork, Ireland


  1. John Burke (1815) was born about 1815 in Inchireagh, Dunmanway, County Cork, Ireland.
  2. Mary Burke, (1815) born about 2 Apr 1815 in Ballyoughtera, County Cork, Ireland
  3. Honora Burke, (1818) born 1818 in Ballyoughtra, Creagh, Castlehaven South, Skibbereen, County Cork, Ireland.

Right now this project just has one member, me. I am Sharon Centanne.

Will you join me? Please post a comment here on this page, in G2G using the project tag, or [ send me a private message.

Sources for further research

  1. Church parish and Civil Registration online from -
  2. Church parish records from the National Library of Ireland -
  3. Griffith's Valuation of Ireland from the 1850s -
  4. Tithe Applotment Records of Ireland from the 1820s and 1830s -
  5. 1901 and 1911 Census of Ireland from the National Library of Ireland
  6. Skibbereen Heritage Centre in Skibbereen -
  7. West Cork Graveyard database, which has records for 137 Burkes, including 5 Burkes in the Creagh Old Graveyard, 1 Burke in the Upper Aughadown Graveyard, 15 Burkes in the Caheragh Old Graveyard, 15 Burkes in the Chapel Lane Graveyard, and 8 Burkes in the Abbeystrowry Graveyard Burial Register, 1 Burke in the Durrus Graveyard Burial Register, 1 Burke in the Kilbarry Graveyard Burial Register, 2 Burkes in the Kilmacabea Graveyard Burial Register, 1 Burke in the Tullagh Graveyard Burial Register, and 21 Burkes in the Skibbereen Funeral Register -
  8. Cobh Heritage Museum in Cobh, Ireland where the Titanic had it's last port of call in 1912, and where the bodies from the Lusitania were washing up on the shores in 1915. Cobh is also known as Queenstown because it was visited by Queen Victoria about 1850.

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My Burke Line hails from Cork too. I am unable to find its connections but I'll contribute what I currently know.

Michael Burke "Burke-6132" b. Unknown probably 1780-90's, m. Mary "Unknown" d. Unknown.

1. Michael Burke "Burke-3412" b. Abt. 1810 m. Catherine Keefe in 1842 Castlelyons, Co. Cork d. June 8, 1883 Boston, Massachusetts

a. John C. Burke "Burke-3550" b. Abt. 1843 m. Unknown d. Dec. 26, 1900 Manhattan, New York

b. Patrick F. Burke "Burke-3549" b. March 17, 1845 m. Assumed never married d. Aug. 6, 1905 Boston, Massachusetts

c. Thomas Francis Burke "Burke-3551" b. Dec. 6, 1847 Conna, Co. Cork m. Elizabeth J. Fielding Jun 28, 1886, Boston, MA. d. June 12, 1928 Boston, MA

d. Michael Burke "Burke-3405" b. Sept. 1850 Castlelyons, Co. Cork m. Christina DesChamps May 18,1882, Salem, MA. d. 1927, Danvers, MA

e. Cornelius J. Burke "Burke-3552" b. Aug. 10, 1857 Boston, MA. m. Assumed never married d. June 17, 1911Boston, MA

f. Mary J. Burke "Burke-3553" b. June 8, 1860 Boston, MA. m. Assumed never marred d. June 24, 1932 Boston, MA

g. James F. Burke "Burke-3554" b. July 14, 1863 Boston, MA. m. Assumed never married d. April 1, 1893, Boston, MA

h. Edward J. Burke "Burke-3555" b. Feb. 26, 1865 Boston, MA. m. Assumed never married. d. Feb. 26, 1943 Boston, MA

2. Patrick Burke (Possible brother, no info, listed as witness for marriage)

posted by Tim Burke Jr.
edited by Tim Burke Jr.