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Welcome to the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Team page!

Team Leader: Sarah Grimaldi

Team members: Gillian Thomas | Lizzie Griffiths | Pip Sheppard | Nan Lambert | Sally Douglas | Kylie Haese | Ken McEvoy | Brad Cunningham | Darren Gladman | Martin Hobbs-Watson | Dave Roberts| Terry Conroy | Terry Poole | Carol Baldwin | Lawrie Bingham | Andrea Pack | John Spencer | Susie MacLeod | Duane Merritt | Ros Haywood |Fran Weidman | Sarah Grimaldi | M Rosewarne | Terry Conroy | Alison Moulden | Denise Peterson | Kai Schenck |Elizabeth Viney | Jean Hollis |Karyn Homburg | Anon Chizlett | Jerry Ellis | Irene Marlborough |Heather Lawn |Malcolm Rowlands | Susan Pearson | Sandra Williamson | Doug Warren


The Cornwall and Scilly Isles Team covers the county of Cornwall, England and the Scilly Isles. Our goal is to ensure that all Cornwall and Scilly Isles profiles are of a high standard, as complete as possible, and connected to the global tree.

All profiles where the person was born in Cornwall should have an England Sticker with Cornwall as the county. {{England Sticker|Cornwall}}


Team Member Specific Interests

  • Lawrie Bingham has a problem requiring fresh eyes research - Volunteers, One pace forward - march and private message Lawrie for queries/answers.
Two profiles for Walter Tresize being Tresize-45 and Tresize-22 both showing Margaret Old as the spouse
Were to be merged but, parents are different. Need to ascertain correct connection - both profiles have birth records showing different parents and the question is who married Margaret Old?
Believed the two Walters are related through their fathers being brothers. The marriage of Walter Tresize to Margaret Old was witnessed by Edward Tresize (brother, father, cousin?). One Walter would have been 36 and the other 28.
Complicated, as both names Tresise and Tresize are common (note the S and Z). Although not shown on the profile the missing Baptism may be at https://www.cornwall-opc-database.org/search-database/more-info/?t=baptisms&id=3511800
Confusing the issue, two separate DNA links have been traced to each Walter but they do not appear to have a strong connection.

  • Roger Davey - Davey family around Perranarworthal & Ponsanooth.
  • Nan Lambert One Place Study for the parish of Landulph
  • Sally Douglas Trethew(e)ys from the Roche and the other china clay areas of mid-Cornwall.
  • Ken McEvoy Treloar and Carkeek families, from Redruth and Wendron
  • Kylie Haese Is a transcriber for the OPC Cornwall website. Ancestors from St-stephen in Brannell, Roche and St Austell. A member of the Sourcerers Team so willing to add sources for Cornwall profiles that need them.
  • Brad Cunningham Maternal ancestors in Ladock, Truro, Probus, Redruth. Mother's family name is Juleff (Jolliffe)
  • Terry Poole Cornish miners that emigrated in the 1800’s to California, USA to work in the gold mines.
  • Ros Haywood - OPC for Maker and Rame; family surnames Haywood, Dunstone, Avery, Ley; family origins Maker, Rame, Millbrook, Cawsand, Kingsand, Mevagissey
  • Fran Weidman - Cornwall mining disasters and the St. Just area mining families
  • Elizabeth Viney - Greet One Name Study, families in the Roseland Peninsular
  • Doug Warren - Primary surnames: Warren, Paull, Noake, Common(s), James, Savage, Bullock, Oats Secondary surnames: Arundel, Curnow, Williams, Shakerley, Tonkin, Tresize, Michell, Treeves, Nicholas, Ellis, Matthew, Bennet, Pears, Cock, Langdon, Trethewy, Hender, Durant, Trevathion, Pellour, Plises, Wrotham, Bohun, Godolphin. Beauchamp, Killigrew, Trenouth, Tregarthen, Thomas Main places: Pendeen, Trewellard, Boscaswell, St Just in Penwith, St Column Major, Newlyn, Sennen, St Agnes, Towednack, Gulval

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Three more Cornish Notables added all Engineers and have never got the recognition they deserved

1. John Harvey -1759 Founded Harvey and Co of Hayle which was the largest Foundry and Engineering Works in the world they designed and built and supplied Beam Engines and Pumps throughout the world where there were mines and damns.

He was Richard Trevithick's father-in-law

2 .Henry Harvey-1700 John Harvey's son who took over Harvey and Co and improved and developed the business he played a large part in making Hayle in Cornwall as the largest Mining Port.as well as increasing exports of the various mining products

3. Arthur Woolf-901 Famous Cornish Engineer for inventing a high-pressure steam engine which was used all over the world where there was a mine

posted on England Cornwall County Team (merged) by Roger Churm
It's me again just to bore you a bit more this time it's concerning probably the most important Cornish Person ever--Richard Trevithick-6

Its common knowledge that he invented the first low pressure Steam Engine and also the worlds first Steam Locomotive but he also was an inventor as follows little known facts about him

1801 His Steam Powered Puffin Devil climbed a hill in Camborne making this the first successful steam locomotive

1803 He built and drove a Steam Bus in London carrying passengers

1804 He demonstrated a steam locomotive at Penydarren in Wales which reached eight and a half miles pulling 10 tonnes of iron with 70 passengers

He also designed a steam powered threshing machine which seperated grain from the stalks.

His high pressure boiler was used to improve James Watt's engines in factory's and ships and his Cornish engines was used all over the world to pump water from mines

1816 Whilst in Peru he joined the rebel of Simon Bolivar fighting for independence from Spain he invented a gun for Bolivar.

He also invented a indoor heater

He also planned to build a tower in London 300 meters high to celebrate the Reform Act this tower would have been as high as the Eiffel Tower but sadly he did not live long enough to begin the project

And he allegedly could throw a sledgehammer over the top of a Cornish Engine House

He died in Dartford, Kent whilst designing a refrigerator and was buried there.

There is a stain glass window in Westminster Abbey with him appearing as St Piran with a Cornish Flag

Truly a remarkable man

posted on England Cornwall County Team (merged) by Roger Churm
Hello Team Cornwall.

I just wanted to let you know that Roger Davey will be stepping down as Team Leader of Cornwall for the England Project. He has been an amazing TL and we are all very grateful for his enthusiasm for Cornwall and Cornish genealogy. A new TL will be appointed as soon as possible. Thank you Roger and all the best. Elizabeth :-)

posted on England Cornwall County Team (merged) by Elizabeth (Greet) Viney
I am now on the Computer rather than the mobile following my previous comments regarding the people who left Cornwall this is one of the main reasons why the burial and sometimes the marriage dates are not showing for the period also the following would add to the lack of information

The English Civil War 1642-1651

The resistance of some churches in allowing their records to be transcribed and it still happens in some parishes for the earlier records

posted on England Cornwall County Team (merged) by Roger Churm
edited by Roger Churm
Between 1850 and 1920 it is estimated that 250.000 people left Cornwall mostly miners but also people with other trades.

Also estimated to be six million people worldwide with Cornish Ancestry

posted on England Cornwall County Team (merged) by Roger Churm
Proud to be one of those 6 million as a descendent of Cornish miners that emigrated to the gold mines of California in the 1800’s. 25% Cornish.
posted on England Cornwall County Team (merged) by Terry Poole
Hello Everybody

I have been a member of the Cornwall team for a number of years, but have not exactly been proactive. Largely my fault, but I have not been inactive! My main interests are the Rashleigh family. This impacts also on notables, aristocracy and medieval. There are many less notable Rashleighs as well involved in mining, agriculture and fishing. There are spin off families as well, Bray, Jose and Trethowan.

posted on England Cornwall County Team (merged) by Martin (Watson) Hobbs-Watson
Hello all,

Just wanted to pop by and say I'm quite pleased to be a member of this team! My specific area of research has been St Just in Penwith, focusing on the Tresise, Trewren, and Tonkin surnames (so many T's!). Please let me know if I can be of assistance for anyone stuck there =)

Best, Sarah

posted on England Cornwall County Team (merged) by Sarah Grimaldi
Greetings all - I will be out of contact starting Monday 15 Feb for a minimum 3 weeks and possibly up to 2 months.

Regards to all

Roger Davey - Cornwall Team Leader

posted on England Cornwall County Team (merged) by Roger Davey
I hope all is well Roger. If you need any assistance while you are MIA, just let me know. -Brad
posted on England Cornwall County Team (merged) by Brad Cunningham
We welcome to the Cornwall Team, Fran Weidman - Fran works on Cornwall mining disasters and the St. Just area mining families.
posted on England Cornwall County Team (merged) by Roger Davey
Hi Guys

Could I have a little help I am working on a family group that appear to originate in a place call Polgrean in Cornwall I am not finding any links to the place, it is not in the category list for Cornwall and without place details reluctant to create a new category. Appreciate any assistance.

On another note the England challenge is now one team the Might Oaks see https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Mighty_Oaks

Also this link on your team page is non-functioning Cornwall Place Categories

Regards Janet

posted on England Cornwall County Team (merged) by Janet (Langridge) Wild
Would the location be Polbreen in St Agnes?
posted on England Cornwall County Team (merged) by [Living Ford]
Hi Leandra

The record has it listed as Polgrean, Cornwall, England so could be a transcription error thanks for the suggestion. It comes up as a surname in searches I have run so far. Birth place is only given as Cornwall in the 1841 census. Back to the research  :)

posted on England Cornwall County Team (merged) by Janet (Langridge) Wild
There is a Polgreen in Cury Parish. There was also a Polgreen manor in St Mawgan.
posted on England Cornwall County Team (merged) by Joe Farler
Just South of St Blazey, off the A390 is Polgrean Place, Saint Blazey

Also a Polgrean Farm South of Helston

posted on England Cornwall County Team (merged) by Roger Davey
Many thanks to the members of Team Cornwall who participated in the 2020 Source-a-Thon - your work is much appreciated
posted on England Cornwall County Team (merged) by Roger Davey
Many thanks to Steve Bartlett for creating a Category for Laneast, Cornwall.
posted on England Cornwall County Team (merged) by Roger Davey
My husband, Ronald Michael Ellis was born in St. Ives Cornwall in 1938. His father, Alfred Ellis was born there in 1902. His Ellis line is from Devon, but his grandmother, was Amelia Peters Stevens Ellis who was from St. Ives. My husband left St. Ives in 1957, but misses the town very much. So, I try to help him out with his St. Ives genealogy on his Stevens and Peters side. His grandparents are buried at the Barnoon Cemetery. My husband had two brother, Alfred N. and Daniel, now both deceased. The whole family moved to the Cleveland, Ohio area in 1957. Thank you.
posted on England Cornwall County Team (merged) by Linda Ellis
Do we have a category for shipping disasters off Cornwall coast - I am currently looking at the wreck of emigrant ship John in 1855 where 196 Cornish lives were lost on the Manacles - I note we have a category for mining disasters perhaps we should also have one for shipping disasters as there were a number off the coast.
posted on England Cornwall County Team (merged) by Lawrence Bingham
No reason why not - might depend on what numbers of wrecks.

Suggest you create one yourself - https://www.wikitree.com/contact/category/ OR contact the Categorization Project - https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Project:Categorization

posted on England Cornwall County Team (merged) by Roger Davey
We welcome to the team Ros Haywood - Ros is involved with various WT projects and is the Cornwall Online Parish Clerk for Maker & Rame.
posted on England Cornwall County Team (merged) by Roger Davey
Hello I'm new to wiki tree and was just having a look around , decided to look at the area for my mothers maternal side and have a couple of queries/ observations , firstly Lanteglos by Fowey is listed as Lanteglos by Fowley and I also noticed some surnames the same from the Polruan page which could give the impression that they are from two different areas but I was told by my mother that Polruan didn't have it's own parish so all christenings, marriages and deaths for Polruan took place in Lanteglos by Fowey which was then what was put on the certificates. I presume that this happened in many places and wonder if there is some way to connect them so people researching from abroad would understand the connection. Hope that made sense
posted on England Cornwall County Team (merged) by [Living Mills]
Hi Sue - Researching your thoughts I found the Category page Lanteglos by Fowley. https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Category:Lanteglos_by_Fowley%2C_Cornwall

Looks like this is maybe an error - I have put a question on G2G https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/1029233/lanteglos-by-fowey-category

For others reading this - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lanteglos-by-Fowey



Regarding Polruan - you will find birth, baptism, marriage, death sources will state a registration district name rather than a village/town/parish name - exceptions in some cases

posted on England Cornwall County Team (merged) by Roger Davey
edited by Roger Davey
The Category has now been changed to reflect the above sources.

See the answer here - https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/1029233/lanteglos-by-fowey-category?show=1030542#a1030542

posted on England Cornwall County Team (merged) by Roger Davey
We welcome to the team Duane Merritt - a recent Orphan Trail graduate

Cheers to all

Roger Davey, Cornwall Team Leader

posted on England Cornwall County Team (merged) by Roger Davey
Hullo all Cornwall team members - trust you are all keeping social distancing and maintaining contact with family & friends via phone, internet etc.

We welcome to the team Susie Macleod - many of you will know she stepped down as Leader of the England Project & will concentrate on her Cornwall connections. Cheers to all Roger Davey Cornwall Team Leader

posted on England Cornwall County Team (merged) by Roger Davey
Enough evidence to tie these two (three?) Cornish families together?

https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Game-159 Richard Game of Gulval and Penzance, Cornwall. https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Game-165 John Game of Penzance, Cornwall.

The only other persons of this surname that I can find in Cornwall in the late-1500s/early-1600s is a Christopher Game (only one source, his marriage in Penzance, and Christopher may be a brother to the two above listed profiles).

Just looking for some guidance on how to proceed. THANKS!

posted on England Cornwall County Team (merged) by Pip Sheppard
A new member to the Cornwall team - Maxx Martin.

New Zealand born - Maxx completed the Orphan Trail with flying colours. Welcome Maxx. Roger Davey Team leader

posted on England Cornwall County Team (merged) by Roger Davey
The Walter.that married Margaret Old the surname should be spelt Trezise

14/6/1791 From what I can see this is the correct one. The Walter Tresise probably married Ann Thomas in St Keverne 8/10/1795. Will check further and confirm As my great grandmothers is a Trezise I have had many problems with this family's surname


posted on England Cornwall County Team (merged) by Roger Churm
Need something to work on in your "spare time".

Under "Topics" are Cornwall profiles that are Unsourced, Unconnected or have 'suggestions/errors'

The County Statistics Page gives a weekly update on the 'improved' figures

posted on England Cornwall County Team (merged) by Roger Davey
The “Cornwall Emigrants” page is is now up & running.


Feel free to add your ancestors who emigrated to whatever country. If you are not comfortable making entries please put the Wiki ID in the public comment space.

The table is sortable on Surname or country

Kind Regards

Roger Davey Team Captain

posted on England Cornwall County Team (merged) by Roger Davey
The team welcome our latest new member to join.

Sharryn Nankervis - enjoy the ride Sharryn.

posted on England Cornwall County Team (merged) by Roger Davey
Please note a plea for assistance - see Team Member Specific Interests

Lawrie Bingham needs fresh eyes research assistance.

posted on England Cornwall County Team (merged) by Roger Davey
A warm welcome for Lawrence Bingham to the Cornwall & Isles of Scilly team.
posted on England Cornwall County Team (merged) by Roger Davey
Earlier this week I added Thomas Lower, https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Lower-1080, as a Cornish notable. I was working on him for the Quakers Project and found he was a true-born Cornishman. No Wikipedia page yet - I may well create one soon - but entries in the Dictionary of National Biography and Oxford Dictionary of National Biography so he is clearly notable. I have added him to the page containing the Cornwall Notables table (hope I did that right).
posted on England Cornwall County Team (merged) by Michael Cayley
Henry Trengouse already has a profile & is on our notables page https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Cornwall_Notables

I note William Bickford has a profile which needs some improvement with URL sources & a bio tidy up before we add him

posted on England Cornwall County Team (merged) by Roger Davey
I have had a go with the Cornish unsourced names with some success

But I noticed there are some with the wrong Cornwall eg US etc When the list is next issued could they ensure its Cornwall England Thanks

posted on England Cornwall County Team (merged) by Roger Churm