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Tags in the G2G Forum

Each question in G2G can have up to 6 tags to identify the topic(s) of the question. Members who follow a particular tag will see activity in that tag in the G2G activity feeds they receive (see Special:Following to add or remove a followed tag).

Surnames are always good tags to use for a question that seeks or offers information on a particular family name. This page describes recommendations regarding use of other types of tags in G2G.

Proper G2G Tags

These Tags listed are endorsed for use in G2G and should not be changed or removed if they are used appropriately. These Tags should be added to relevant posts that lack appropriate tags. Listing here is intended to clarify the preferred spelling and intended purposes and uses of each tag.

"Official" WikiTree Tags

These tags that have been identified by the WikiTree Team or Project Leaders for use in WikiTree administration or in WikiTree-wide initiatives.

Announcements - Reserved for use by Project Leaders and the WikiTree Team - used to indicate an announcement to the WikiTree community - Eliminate or replace: Announcement, Announcing, etc.

Bugs - Used for reporting bugs in WikiTree. Use in place of Bug, Glitch, Tech, etc.

Challenges - used for challenges on WikiTree

Closed_Bug - Reserved for use by the WikiTree Team.

GedCompare - For discussion, improvement requests, and bug reports related to the WikiTree GedCompare tool. Be careful to distinguish: GedMatch

how_to_wikitree - Reserved for use by Mentors, Project Leaders, Project Coordinators, and the Team - indicates a post about how to use WikiTree correctly. Most other posts on the general subject of "how to wikitree" should be placed in the WikiTree Help category in G2G; with tags related to the specific subject(s) of the post or Tips, as appropriate.

Improvements - referring to suggestions or requests for improvements to WikiTree - Eliminate or replace: Improvement, Improvements, Suggestion, Suggestions, Ideas, etc.

Introduction - Reserved for members to introduce themselves on G2G.

Livecast - Used for announcements and discussions of WikiTree weekly livecasts.

Meet_our_Members - referring to the Meet our Members interviews in G2G.

Mentor_Tips - Reserved for use by Mentors and Project Leaders - indicates a post with advice to help new members. Eliminate or replace: Tips, Mentors_Tips

Milestones - Reserved for use mostly by Project Leaders to track major WikiTree milestones.

Project_Leaders - Referring to WikiTree Project Leaders; typically used to get Project Leaders' attention to an item in G2G.

Proposals - Reserved for official proposals to [Help:Developing_New_Rules develop new rules]

Research_Assistance - Reserved for posts offering research assistance to others.

SysOps - Referring to WikiTree System Operators - Replace: Sysop, Team, Admin. Remind members that the best way to get sysop assistance is to contact by email.

Tracked_Bug - Reserved for use by the WikiTree Team.

Tracked_Gedcompare - Reserved for use by the WikiTree Team.

Tracked_Improvements - Reserved for use by the WikiTree Team.

Weekend_Chat - referring to a weekly "Chat" post in G2G where members communicate and express themselves.

wikitree_calendar - About the Wikitree Calendar of Events.

Wonderful_Wikitreers - used by the Appreciation Team and others to recognize those doing awesome things for others or achieved a certain goal for themselves. These would go in the new "Appreciation" category!

Tags Used by WikiTree Projects

These tags have been identified by WikiTree Projects for use in connection with project-related topics. Because Project Leaders and Coordinators are following these tags, and it is recommended that project members follow them, consistent use of these tags promotes project effectiveness.

1776 - used by the 1776 Project. Use for people involved in the early history of the United States of America, circa 1773 through 1789 (from the Boston Tea Party to the ratification of the U.S. Constitution), including but not limited to American Founding Fathers and people with military service with any party to the American Revolutionary War. This is the primary tag for G2G items related to these events.

Acadia - used by the Acadians Project. Replace: Acadian, Acadians.

adoption_angels - Used by Project: Adoption Angels. Adoption Angels are volunteers who have taken on the mission of helping adoptees look for and connect with their biological families.

African-American - used by the African-American Project, a sub-project of the United States Project.

Alberta - Used by Project: Alberta, a sub-project of the Canada Project.

Anglo_Boer_War - Used by Project: Anglo Boer War-Anglo Boere Oorlog 1899-1902, a subproject of the South African Roots Project.

Anzacs - used by the Anzacs Project.

Ambassadors - used by the Ambassadors Project. Use instead of social_media when the topic is about interfaces between WikiTree on social media.

Arborists - used by the Arborists Project - Eliminate or replace: Arborist

Australia - used by the Australia Project

Australian_Convicts - used by the Australian Convicts and First Settlers Project

Bahamas - used by the Bahamas Project

Bermuda - Used by the Bermuda Project.

Biobuilders - Used by the monthly Biography Builders challenge in G2G.

Black_Sheep - used by the Black Sheep Project

Bootleggers_and_Moonshiners - Used by Project: Bootleggers and Moonshiners, a subproject of the Black Sheep Project.

British_Columbia - Used by Project: British Columbia, a subproject of the Canada Project.

British_Home_Children - Used by Project: British Home Children.

British_Indentured_Servitude - Used by Project:British Indentured Servitude, a subproject of the United Kingdom Project.

Bushrangers - used by Project: Bushrangers, a subproject of Project: Australia

California - Used by the California Project, a subproject of the United States Project.

Canada - used by the Canada Project. (This replaces Canadian_History.)

Categorization - by the Categorization Project. This the tag to use for discussions of categories and categorization in WikiTree. Replace: Categories

Cemeteries - used by the Global Cemeteries Project - Replace: Cemetery, Graveyard, Cemeterists, etc.

Cemetery_Challenge - used by the Global Cemeteries Project for the Cemetery Connection Challenge

Cherokee_Tribe is identified by the Project: Cherokee Tribe as its project tag, but many more members are following and using Cherokee. (Cherokee has 68 followers and almost 50 posts; Cherokee_Tribe has 17 followers and 4 posts.)

Chile - Used by Project: Chile, a sub-project of the Latin American project.

Connectors - used by Project: Connectors

County_Cork - Used by the County Cork Project, a subproject of the Irish Roots Project.

County_Kerry - Used by the County Kerry Project, a subproject of the Irish Roots Project.

Cowboys_and_Cowgirls - Used by Cowboys and Cowgirls Project, a subproject of the Westward Ho Project.

Croatian_Roots - Used by the Croatian Roots Project.

Cymru - Used by Project: Cymru Welsh Royals and Aristocrats 742-1535, related to the Euroaristo and United Kingdom projects.

Czech_Roots - used by the Czech Roots Project

Danish - Used by Project: Denmark

data_doctors - Used by Project: Data Doctors, appropriate for all posts about the Suggestions reports (a.k.a. Errors reports) and WikiTree+ features. Replace: db_errors

Disasters - Used by the Worldwide Disasters Project.

DNA - The principal tag of the DNA Project. Should be used on all DNA-related items in G2G. May be accompanied by other tags for more specific DNA topics, including Autosomal, Mitochondrial, X-chromosome, Y-chromosome, DNA_Confirmation, Gedmatch, Triangulation, tags for specific testing companies, etc.

Dutch_Cape_Colony - used by the Cape of Good Hope Project

Dutch_Roots - used by the Dutch Roots Project

earl_grey - Used by Project: Earl Grey’s Famine Orphan Scheme 1848-1850, a subproject of the Australia Project.

Empress_Ireland - Used by Project: Empress of Ireland, a sub-project of the Canada Project.

Euroaristo - used by the European Aristocrats Project. Applied to content related to the noble families of Europe, including royalty, from as far back as there are reliable records, to the present day.

explorers_of_australia - Used by Project: Explorers of Australia, a sub-project of the Australia Project.

Filles_du_Roi - used by the Filles du Roi Project, one of the Québec Projects.

First_Peoples - Used by Project: First Peoples (global umbrella project related the world's indigenous peoples) and also specified for used by Project: First Peoples Canada. Be careful not to confuse topics for First Peoples Canada with topics for Project: Native Americans.

French_and_Indian_War - Used by the French and Indian War Project

France - Used by the France Project.

G2G - Used by the WikiTree Integrators Project. for posts pertaining to specifically to G2G activity; procedures, how to use, comments and suggestions about, etc.

Gangsters - Used by the Gangsters Project, a subproject of Project: Black Sheep.

Germany - Primary tag used by the Germany Project

Global_Outreach - used by the Global Outreach Project.

Global_Reunion - used by the Global Family Reunion Project, a subproject of the Connectors Project. Eliminate or replace: Global_Family_Reunion, AJ, GFR, etc.

Great_War - used by The Great War 1914-1918 Project - Replace: WWi, World_War_I, etc.

Greeters - used by the Greeters Project

Grosse_Ile - Used by Project: Grosse Île, Québec, a subproject of the Canada Project.

Hatfield_McCoy - Used by the Hatfield and McCoy Project, a subproject of Project: Black Sheep.

Help_Pages - used by the Help Pages Committee

Holocaust - used by the Holocaust Project

Homesteaders - Used by Project:Homesteaders, a subproject of the Westward Ho Project.

Huguenot - used by the Huguenot Migration Project

Immigrant_Pioneers - Used by the Immigrant Pioneers Project, a subproject of the Westward Ho Project.

India - used by the India Project

indigenas_mexico - Used by Project: Indígenas Mexico. Be mindful of the potential for overlap with topics for Project: Native Americans.

indigenous_Australians - used by Project:Indigenous_Australians, a subproject of the Australia Project and the First Peoples project.

Indonesia - Used by the Indonesia Project.

Integrators - used by the Integrators Project

Iowa_Tribe - Used by the Iowa Tribe Project, associated with the Native Americans Project.

Iraya - Used by the Iraya_of_Mindoro project, a subproject of the First Peoples project.

Ireland - used by the Ireland Project

Irish_Roots - used by the Irish Roots Project.

Italian_Roots - used by the Italian Roots Project.

Jewish_Roots - used by the Jewish Roots Project.

Korean_War - Used by Project: Korean War.

Language - For discussion of topics related to world languages, including ways to make WikiTree more friendly to non-English speakers. Related tag: Translation. Used by the Language Project. Eliminate or replace: Languages

latin_american - used by the Latin American Roots Project

LDS - used by the LDS Project. Use instead of Mormon, Mormons, Latter-Day Saints.

Lewis_and_Clark - Used by the Lewis and Clark Expedition Project, a subproject of the Westward Ho Project.

Lost_Photos - used by the Lost Family Photos Project

Louisiana_Families - used by the Louisiana Families Project

Magna_Carta - used by the Magna Carta Project, which focuses on the twenty-five barons who were surety for Magna Carta, the "illustrious men" named in the preamble, and their immediate families and descendants.

Matchbot - Used by the MatchBot Monitors Project, a subproject of the Connectors Project. Appropriate for discussions of Matchbot, an automated utility to find possible duplicate profiles and suggest matches. Bots is a related tag.

Mayflower - used by the Mayflower Project.

Mediator -

Medieval - referring to the middle ages [1]. Related tag: Pre-1500

Melungeon - Used by the Melungeon Roots project.

Mentors - used by the Mentors Project. Replace: Mentor

Mexican_American_War - Used by Project: Mexican American War

Mexican_Roots - used by the Mexican Roots Project

Mexico_Project - pertaining to the Mexico Project

Michigan - used by the Michigan Settlers Project

Military - Tags such as Army, Navy, Royal Navy, Air_Force, Marines, etc. can be used in addition to the Military Tag.

Military_and_War - Used by the Military and War Project. This is the main tag to use for military or war topics.

Military_Musicians - Used by the Military Musicians Project.

Mining_Disasters - Used by the Mining Disasters Project, a subproject of the Worldwide Disasters Project.

Multimedia - used by the Multimedia Project, which aims to grow WikiTree through multimedia outreach.

Nantucket - used by the Nantucket Founders and Descendants Project"

Native_Americans - used by the Native Americans Project. Be careful not to confuse topics for Project: First Peoples Canada and Project: Indígenas Mexico with topics for Project: Native Americans. Eliminate or replace: Indians, American_Indians, Native_American, etc.

New_Brunswick - Used by Project: New Brunswick, a sub-project of the Canada Project.

New_Netherland - used by the New Netherland Settlers Project. Applied to settlers and their descendants in New Netherland through 1776. Eliminate or replace: New_Netherlands, NNS

Newsletter - Used by multiple projects to tag posts that function as newsletters for their project.

New_Sweden - Used by the New Sweden Project, a subject of both the Sweden Project and the New Netherland Settlers Project.

New_Zealand - used by the New Zealand Project

Nominated - referring to the nomination [2] or a profile, photo, or person - used by the Photo of the Week Project and for "Profile of the Week"

Norway - Used by the Norway Project.

Notables - Refers to prominent, important, or otherwise noteworthy people in the scope of the Notables Project.

Notifications - referring to WikiTree E-Mail Notifications

Nova_Scotia - Used by Project: Nova Scotia, a sub-project of the Canada Project.

One_Name_Studies - used by the One Name Studies Project. Replace: ONS, one_name_study

One_Place_Studies - used by the One Place Studies Project

Ontario - Used by Project: Ontario, a subproject of the Canada Project.

Outlaws - Used by Project:Outlaws, a subproject of Project: Black Sheep.

Palatine_Migration - Used by the Palatine Migration Project.

Penn - used by the William Penn and Early Pennsylvania Settlers Project

PGM - used by the Puritan Great Migration Project

Photos - used by WikiTree members to share their favorite photos, some in hopes the photo will be seen by the Photo of the Week Project which would go into the new "Photos" category. Title of post is usually "Shared Photo: with a title".

Photo_of_the_Week - used by the Photo of the Week Project

Pocahontas - For topics related to the Native American woman Pocahontas and her family and descendants. Used by the Descendants of Pocahontas Project.

Poland and Polish_Roots - Used by the Poland Project and Polish Roots Project.

Pony_Express - Used by the Pony Express Project, a subproject of the Westward Ho Project.

Presidents - used by the US Presidents Project

Profile_of_the_Week - used by the Collaborative Profile of the Week Project

Profiles - used by the Profile Improvement Project. This is one of the most frequently misused Tags; it should be removed from most posts. - Replace: Profile, Profile_Improvement

Projects - referring to WikiTree Projects - Eliminate or replace: Project

Prussia - Used by the Prussia Project, a sub-project of the Germany Project.

Pueblo_Tribe - Used by the Pueblo Tribe Project.

Puerto_Rico - used by the Puerto Rico Project

Pirates - Used by Project: Pirates, a subproject of Project: Black Sheep.

Quakers - used by the Quakers Project. Replace: Quaker

Quebecois - used by the Quebecois Project, one of the Québec Projects.

Rangers - used by the Rangers Project

Roll_of_Honor - used by the Roll of Honor Project

Romanian_Roots - Used by the Romanian Roots Project.

Russian_Roots - Used by the Russian Roots Project.

Saponi Tribe - Used by Saponi Tribe Project.

Scotland - used by the Scotland Project

scots_in_foreign_service - Used by the Scots in Foreign Service subproject of the Scotland Project.

Scots-Irish - Used by Project: Scots-Irish and Ulster Scots, a subproject of the United Kingdom Project.

Scottish_Clans - used by the Scottish Clans Project, a subproject of the Scotland Project.

Shoshone_Tribe - Used by Project: Shoshone Tribe, associated with the Native Americans Project.

Slavic_Roots - Used by the Slavic Roots Project.

South_African_Roots - Used by the South African Roots Project.

Southern_Colonies - used by the US Southern Colonies Project

Southern_Pioneers - Used by the Southern Pioneers Project, a subproject of the US Southern Colonies Project.

Spanish_American_War - Used by Project: Spanish-American War. Replace: Spanish-American_War

Spies_and_Traitors - Used by the Spies and Traitors Project, a subproject of the Black Sheep Project.

Style - used by the Style Committee, and the Styles and Standards Category

suid_afrikaanse_portaal - Used by Suid Afrikaanse Portaal (WikiTree in Afrikaans), a subproject of the South African Roots project.

Sweden - used by the Sweden Project

Templates - Related to templates in WikiTree and their uses. Used by the Templates Project. Eliminate or replace: Template

The_Way_West - Used by The Way West Project, a subproject of the Westward Ho Project.

Titanic - used by the Titanic Project, a subproject of the Worldwide Disasters project.

Trove - Referring to the online research resource of the National Library of Australia, found at

Ukrainian_Roots - Used by the Ukrainian Roots Project.

Unconnected - Refers to profiles that are not connected to the "main" WikiTree "family tree." Used by The Lost and Found Project, a subproject of the Connectors project. Related tags include Connectors, Connection_Finder, and Global_Reunion.

United Empire Loyalists - Used by Project: United Empire Loyalist, a sub-project of the Canada Project. (This replaces UEL.)

United_Kingdom - used by the United Kingdom Project.

US_Civil_War' - used by the US Civil War: War Between the States Project - Eliminate or replace: Civil_War

United States - Used by the United States Project (formerly US History Project)

Vietnam_War - Used by Vietnam War Project.

Volga_German - Used by the Volga German Project, a subproject of the Germany Project. Replace: Volga_Germans

Volunteer - used by the Volunteer Coordinators Project - This Tag indicates that the poster is volunteering to do something for others, or is seeking a volunteer, For posts related to the WikiTree membership status called "Volunteer," consider using Greeters or Member_Types (or both).

Voting - referring to the collection of opinions to make a decision [3] - used by the Photo of the Week Project and for "Profile of the Week"

wagon_trains_and_trails - Used by the Trails and Wagon Trains Project, a subproject of the Westward Ho Project.

Wales - Used by the Wales Project, a subproject of the United Kingdom Project.

Wampanoag_Tribe - Used by the Wampanoag Tribe Project.

War_of_1812 - used by the 'War of 1812 Project

Westward_Ho - used by the Westward Ho Project

Wild_Wild_West - Used by the Wild Wild West Project, a subproject of the Westward Ho Project.

Witch_Trials - Used by Project: Witch Trials, a subproject of the Black Sheep Project.

world_war_ii - Used by Project:World War II.

WT_Academy - used by the WikiTree Academy Project - Replace: WikiTree_Academy, Academy

WT_Apps - used by the WikiTree Apps Project - Replace: WikiTree_Apps, Apps, Applications, Application

Other Endorsed Tags

These tags have not been designated by WikiTree Projects or the WikiTree Team, and typically are followed by no more than a few (if any) members. They are endorsed as standard tags to identify recurring topics of discussion in G2G. Using these tags helps forum users find discussions that are relevant to their interests and needs.

23_and_Me - Referring to the DNA testing service

52_Ancestors - Tag used by a weekly challenge in 2018.

Accessibility - For the topic of accessibility of the WikiTree website for people with visual, physical, or other impairments.

Account - referring to WikiTree Accounts

Acknowledgements - referring to Acknowledgements

Adoption - referring to adopted children, not Orphaned Profiles - Eliminate or replace: Adoptions, Adopted, etc. For orphaned profiles, use orphaned_profiles.

Ancestry - referring only to the website and its other national brands, such as

AncestryDNA - Referring to the DNA testing service affiliated with

Android - Referring to a mobile device that uses the Android operating system.

Anonymous - referring to profiles with Anonymous in one or more of the name fields. Related tags include Privacy, Unknown, and Unlisted

Autosomal - DNA related term; refers to DNA in chromosomes 1 through 22 (all of the human chromosomes except the X and Y chromosomes) and to most of the DNA tests used in genealogy, including FTDNA Family Finder, AncestryDNA, 23andMe, Living DNA, and MyHeritage DNA. Distinguish from y-chromosome (also called y-dna), x-chromosome, and mitochondrial DNA. Use instead of audna.

Badges - referring to WikiTree Badges

Baptism - referring to baptisms and baptismal records [4]. Use in place of christening.

Biographies - referring to Biographies on WikiTree profiles

Bots - About the use of bots (automated editing tools) on Wikitree. Related tags for specific bots: Editbot and Matchbot.

Brickwall - indicating a hindrance in progressing further [5]. Also see Family_Mysteries.

Browsers - Use instead of Browser, Web_Browsers, etc.

Calendars - referring to different calendar systems used in different places and different time periods. Not to be confused with wikitree_calendar.




Closing_an_Account - A related tag is Account

Coats_of_Arms - Replace Coat_of_arms, Family_Crest, etc.

Collaboration - referring to working with others to do a task and to achieve shared goals [6]. See also Collaborative Family Tree

Conferences -

Contributions - referring to WikiTree Contributions

Copyright - referring to Copying Text

Cousin_Bait - referring to Cousin Bait

DAR - referring to the organization Daughters of the American Revolution. Replace: NSDAR

Dates - referring to Calendar Dates - Replace: Date

Descendants_List - Referring to the Descendants List on the Family Tree and Tools page.

Delete - referring to deletion or removal

Died_at_Sea -

DNA_Painter - Topics related to the website

Dropbox - Referring to the Dropbox online file storage and sharing service.

Duplicates - Referring to duplicate WikiTree profiles

Dynamic_Tree - referring to the Dynamic Tree widget on WikiTree -- e.g., . Related tags: Tools, Widgets.

Editing - For questions related to aspects of editing in WikiTree.

Editing_Relationships - Referring to questions about adding, removing, or revising family connections. Related tag: Marriages.

Education - Referring to education about topics related to genealogy.

Email - referring to "e-mail" questions

Facebook - Referring to the social media website

Family_Mysteries - Related to Category: Family Mysteries. Also see Brickwall.

Family_Search - Referring to Replace: Familysearch.

FamilySearch_App - Referring to the WikiTree FamilySearch Connections App.

Family_Tree_DNA (also tagged as FTDNA - Referring to the Family Tree DNA DNA testing service and its website. Let's try to be consistent in using Family_Tree_DNA as the tag.

Family_Tree_View - Referring to the WikiTree Tool of this name.

FindAGrave - Referring to the website Cemeteries is a related tag.

Find_My_Past - Referring to the genealogy website (also its American cousin

Flags - May refer to either (1) flags of nations, states, etc., and images of flags, or (2) the use of "flagging" in the G2G forum (G2G flags are intended to identify abusive posts).

Fold3 - Referring to the genealogical website Fold3.

Formatting - Referring to formatting in WikiTree, not specific to the type of format. Also see Wiki_Markup.

Fraud - Referring to frauds and fabrications in genealogy (related to Category:Frauds_ and Fabrications).

Freemasonry - For discussions of Masons, Masonic orders, Freemasons, etc.

Free-Space_Profiles - referring to WikiTree Free-Space pages

Gateway - Referring to "gateway ancestors." Gateway ancestor is a broad term, but is most commonly applied to immigrants who provide descendants in the New World with traceable aristocratic ancestry in the Old World. The WikiTree Magna Carta Project uses the term to refer to Colonial immigrants descended from Magna Carta surety barons.

Gedcom - referring to Genealogical Data Communication [7] - Eliminate or replace: Gedcoms, Uploading, Import, Importing, Exporting, Gedcon, etc.

GedMatch - For discussions of the website and use of Gedmatch as a genealogical tool in association with WikiTree. Be careful to distinguish: GedCom, GedCompare

gedmatch_genesis - For discussions of a special component of Gedmatch launched in 2017.

Gender - Tag used on discussions about documenting gender in WikiTree biographies and in the gender data field on WikiTree, including the topics of unknown gender, ambiguous gender, and transgender.

Genealogy_Events -

Geni - Referring to the genealogy website

Google - Referring to the website and its associated tools and services.

Halloween - It happens once a year.

Handwriting - For discussions of handwritten script.

Help - indicating the person needs assistance [8]" "used in conjunction with our How To pages". Now has its own category: WikiTree Help, not to be confused with WikiTree Tech.

hereditary_condition - Referring to inherited conditions, traits, and diseases.

Honor_Code - Referring to the WikiTree Honor Code.

HTML - Referring to HyperText Markup Language (HTML) coding, which can be used to a limited extent in WikiTree. Related tag is Wiki_Markup

ID# - referring to WikiTree identification (ID) numbers

Illegitimate - For topics related to illegitimate birth., Replace: Illegitimacy,

Images - For technical, policy, and how-to questions related to images and the use of images in WikiTree. For sharing of photographs, see Photos. Replace: Image, Picture, Pictures, or Photo.

Invitations - referring to invitations to join WikiTree

ipad - Referring to the iPad device.

iphone - Referring to the iPhone device.


Legacy - Referring to the Legacy genealogy software package

Links - referring to Links

Living_DNA - referring to a particular DNA testing company

LNAB - referring to Last Name at Birth.

Locations -

Login - Topics related to logging in and logging out of WikiTree.

Maintenance - Has been used for discussions of Maintenance Categories and the profiles they contain.

Maps -

Marriages -Used for discussions of marriage customs, WikiTree policy on documenting marriage, and technical aspects of documenting marriages within WikiTree. The Help page Multiple Marriages is often relevant.

Matches - Refers to Unmerged Matches, Rejected Matches, and suggested matches within Gedcompare. For matches within Gedcompare, be sure to include the tag Gedcompare.

Member_Types referring to our three Member Types

Memories - referring to Memories messages on WikiTree profiles

Merges - referring to WikiTree profile Merges - Eliminate or replace: Merge, Merging, Mergers, etc.

Migration - Replace: Emigration, Immigration

Mitochondrial - DNA-related term; refers to the DNA in an organelle that is internal to everyone's cells and is passed from mother to child. Use instead of MTDNA. Sometimes confused with Autosomal or X-Chromosome, but these are different types of DNA.

My_Heritage - Referring to the genealogy website and its associated services and tools.

Names - referring to Name Displays

Naming_Conventions - referring to Name Fields

Nationality -

Nav_Home_Page -

NEHGS - Referring to the New England Historic Genealogical Society

NGS - Referring to the National Genealogical Society


Patronymics - Referring to patronymic names (names derived from the father's first name).


Pedigree - Referring to a documented ancestral (such as a royal pedigree); some posts with this tag are about the phenomenon of pedigree collapse

Pinterest - Referring to the Pinterest social media website.

Policy - referring to WikiTree policies - Eliminate or replace: Policies

PPP - referring to Project Protected Profiles - Eliminate or replace: Project_Protected, project_protection

Pre-1500 - referring to Pre-1500 Profiles

Pre-1700 - referring to Pre-1700 Profiles and Pre-1700 Projects

Profile_Pride - used by members who are proud of a particular profile and want to share it.

Messages - referring to the WikiTree Private Messages and Public Posts on profiles.

Milestones - Referring to noteworthy statistics for WikiTree, such as the website passing a major round-number threshold in number of profiles.

Open_Profile_Request - Refers to the process for requesting changes in privacy settings of a Private or Public profile that should have Open privacy according to WikiTree policy.

Orphaned_Profiles - referring to Orphaned WikiTree Profiles

Orphans - Referring to orphaned children. If discussion is of an orphaned child who was adopted, then Adoption is a better choice for tag.

Printing - Questions about printing reports and other content from the WikiTree website; may be related to Help: Printing.

Privacy - referring to Privacy in all forms - Eliminate or replace: Private, Locked


Profile_Managers - referring to WikiTree Profile_Managers

Records - referring to the preservation of information or knowledge [9]

Relationship_Finder - referring to the WikiTree Relationship Finder tool - Replace: Relationship_Calculator


Research - referring to the collecting of information [10]

Resources - referring to a source of supply, support, or aid [11]

RootsMagic - Referring to the RootsMagic genealogy software package.

RootsSearch - Referring to the RootsSearch research utility available to WikiTree members.

RootsTech - referring to an annual genealogy conference called RootsTech

SAR - referring to the society Sons of the American Revolution. Replace: NSSAR

Searches - referring to the WikiTree Name Search tool and other search methods - Eliminate or replace: Search

Slavery - referring to the topic of human slavery [12]. The US Black Heritage Slavery Project is related, but the scope of this tag is much broader than the scope of that project. Eliminate or replace: Slaves, Slave, etc.

Software - Referring to computer software and software packages, most commonly used for genealogy software.

Sorting - Referring to the ways that search results, categories, and other WikiTree lists are sorted or sequenced.


Sourcerers - Used for the monthly Sourcerers challenge.

Sources - referring to Sources, the origin from where something came [13] - Eliminate or replace: Source, Sourcing, etc.

Standardization -

Statistics - Discussions with this tag have typically been about WikiTree statistics (number of profiles, numbers and characteristics of members and site visitors, rate of growth, etc.). Related tag: Milestones.

Stickers - Referring to stickers in WikiTree, including proposals for new stickers. Items using this tag should also be tagged Templates, except for simple newbie-type questions about stickers.

Suffix - referring to Suffix- Preferably, this should only be used for the Suffix at Birth.

Surnames - referring to Surnames, a name that someone has in common with their family [14] - Eliminate or replace: Surname, Name

Tables - Applied to discussions about the use of various types tables to display information on WikiTree pages and in WikiTree-generated reports.

Tags - referring to G2G Tags.

Thank-Yous - Discussion of WikiTree Thank-Yous (members thanking others on WikiTree). - Eliminate or replace: Thank_You, Thank_Yous, Thank-You, Thanks

Tips - Used for posts by any member that provide practical advice (one definition of "tip" is "a small but useful piece of practical advice"), particularly advice on using the website.

To-Do_List - refers to To Do Lists.


Transcription -

Translation - For requests for assistance in translating documents between languages, as well as offers of assistance in language translation. Related tag: Language

Trusted_List - referring to Trusted Lists of profiles on WikiTree.

Unknown - referring to the use of "Unknown" in a Name Field, particularly to profiles with "Unknown" as the LNAB.

Unresponsive - referring to Unresponsive Profile Managers of WikiTree profiles

US_National_Archives -

Veterans - referring to someone who has served in a military force [15] - Eliminate or replace: Veteran, Vetran, etc.

Watchlist- referring to members' Watchlists on WikiTree.

Websites -

Widgets - referring to questions about Widgets

Wiki_Markup - referring to Wiki Markup coding, which is used on most WikiTree pages.

Wikipedia - Referring to the free encyclopedia Wikipedia.

WikiTree - referring specifically to the WikiTree website or community.

WikiTree_Love - referring to a Love for something WikiTree [16]

Wild_Cards - Referring to the use of wild-card characters in name searches. Use instead of wildcard, wildcards, wild-card, etc.

Winner - used by the Photo of the Week Project, for "Profile of the Week", and for various challenges and competitions.

Y-Chromosome - DNA-related term; refers to the male sex chromosome

YouTube - Referring to the Internet video hosting service

Tags for Places and Locations

Place names can be used as Tags. The most useful geographic tags are names of countries, states, provinces, and other large defined areas. Examples: Ontario, France. Many such names are also followed by WikiTree Projects or subprojects.

Names of cities, towns, or counties also can be used as tags. These are less likely to be a followed by other members, but may attract the attention of a person looking for that specific place. When possible, these should be accompanied by a Tag for a larger geographic area. Example: Marquette_County accompanied by Michigan. Avoid abbreviations: Franklin_County is preferable to Franklin_Co, and is even better when used in conjunction with a tag such as Vermont (don't use VT for the state).

Place names that include multiple words must be connected with an underscore (i.e., _) , such as "St_Paul" or "North_Carolina".

Tags for Wars and Battles

Names of wars and battles can be useful as tags. There are Projects for a number of specific wars, with designated tags (see above). For wars or battles without Projects, see Project: Military and War to identify the name preferred by the Military and War project for the particular war or battle. The tag Military_and_War is a good all-purpose tag for wars and battles, since this project tag is followed by project leaders. Military and Veterans also may be appropriate as tags.

Formerly Endorsed Tags, Now Disused

These tags were endorsed at one time in the past and are no longer in active use. In most cases, these should not be removed or replaced on posts where they were used, but they aren't appropriate for addition to new posts.

  • HSA - Historically Significant Ancestors. This was an early name for what are now Project-Protected Profiles (PPP).
  • Stars - Referring to WikiTree's "Star" badges. No longer identifiable as a topic, with the availability of several more categories of badges, as well as other forms of recognition and appreciation.
  • Tech - Has been used to refer to technical questions or issues. If these are posted in the WikiTree Tech section of G2G, this tag is not needed. - Instead of this tag, consider using Bugs or Improvements or Sysops, as appropriate.
  • Text - Intent for this tag is not apparent.

Tags to Replace

Sometimes the following tags may refer to a family name or a specific topic, but in most cases they should be replaced.

  • and - If this was intended to be part of a compound name or term (such as Newfoundland_and_Labrador or military_and_war), combine it with the associated tag words using underscores. In many instances the "and" should simply be deleted.
  • County - In most instances, this was intended to be part of a name such as "County Cork" or "Franklin County." Use an underscore to combine it with the associated tag.
  • De - Could be an abbreviation (for Delaware or Deutschland) or a name particle in a name such as De_France. Replace abbreviations with the full name and combine name particles with the associated tags using an underscore.
  • Name particles such as Du and St - In many cases these should be combined with another Tag using an underscore, such as "Du_Bois" or "St_John". Other name particles commonly encountered include de, der, la, le, los, van, and von.
  • New - This is a surname, but in many instances, the tag was intended to be part of a name such as New York, New England, New South Wales, or New Netherland. In these cases, The separate words should be connected into a single tag (such as new_york) by adding underscores. In other instances it should be removed or replaced with Introduction, improvements, or Announcements.
  • North, South, East, West, Upper, Lower, etc., when these words were intended to be part of a compound place name. Use an underscore to combine it with the associated tag.
  • Single characters (letters, numbers, or symbols) - Sometimes these are appropriately used to designate the "family name" of a member who uses an initial here, but other instances should be replaced. Note that x might refer to wikitree_x or x-chromosome and y might refer to y-chromosome (or y-dna).
  • Suggestions - Instead of this tag, please use Improvements (for suggested improvements to WikiTree) or Data_Doctors (for topics related to the "Suggestions" report from WikiTree+).
  • Two-letter abbreviations for countries, states, or provinces, such as CA, NH, and UK. Replace with the full name of the place.

The Importance of Proper Tagging

Only the posts with Tags a member has chosen to follow will show on their G2G Feed, in auto-generated reports, and when they click "Feed" from G2G. Posts must be tagged correctly to reach the right people.

Tags such as Mentors, Greeters, Arborists, and Project_Leaders can be used to bring posts to the attention of those most able to assist.

Only 20 Tags can be followed. Combining similar Tags and reducing Tag-clutter makes better use of watchlists and allows members to follow more subjects, rather than more Tags.

When a question is displayed, the posts with the most relevant Tags are also displayed below that question. Correct Tagging ensures that the most related topics are grouped together and easy to find.

Project members use Tags to get questions and announcements onto the Feeds of other project participants and interested members, and to identify other members that might be of interest or interested in the project. Each project uses a specific Tag.

Consolidating Tags such as "Categories" and "Category" into one called "Categorization" means that better use can be made of the 6-Tag limit when posting questions.

Facts about Tags

Tags must be spelled correctly for maximum effect. Allowing Tags such as "Merges" and "Merging" to occur at the same time reduces all desirable results. Integrators work to consolidate the Tags used in current and past G2G posts using the list provided on this page.

Tags are not case-sensitive.

No more than 6 Tags can be added to a single post.

The most commonly used G2G tags are listed on the Most popular tags page. They are sorted by how many questions have each Tag attached, not necessarily by which are best or correct. To see how many members are following a particular tag, look on the Genealogists page for that tag. For example, lists the members who are following Cemeteries.

Notes for Project Coordinators and Project Leaders

Please double or triple-check that the Tag for your Project is correct and that any links provided with it go to the right place! Contact David Selman and Dorothy Barry with any updates or suggested corrections.

When you choose a specific Tag for members of your Project to follow, keep in mind that new people who do not know of your Project will still tend to use words that make sense to them. Common words like "Style" or "Profiles" are going to be applied to posts having to do with those subjects. If you wish for posts related to the general topic to display in the Feeds of your Project members use a general name for the Tag. For example: If "Profiles" is your Tag, then not only will posts related directly to your project appear on you Feeds, but so will other questions related to profiles. If you wish for only posts specific to your Project to appear in Feeds, use a more specific Tag. For example: "Mexico_Project".

Note that if your Project chooses a tag that happens to be a family surname, people who follow that surname will receive notifications of posts related to your Project, and members of your Project will receive notifications of WikiTree edits and G2G posts for that surname.

Tags will be added to posts where it should be of interest to members of that group or if their help is requested. For example: If a new person is asking for general guidance it will be Tagged "Mentors". If they post information about their ancestor it will be Tagged "Integrators". If they provide information about their ancestor and are asking for general guidance it will be Tagged with both "Mentors" and "Integrators".

If you start a new Project with a new Tag, please notify us at the Integrators Project or post a message explaining the change on this page.

Tag Synonyms List

23andme, 23_and_me
acadian, acadia
acadians, acadia
adoption angels, adoption_angels
adoption angel, adoption_angels
adoptionangels, adoption_angels
adoptionangel, adoption_angels
african_american, african-american
african-americans, african-american
ancestry_dna, ancestrydna
announcement, announcements
anzac, anzacs
ambassador, ambassadors
arborist, arborists
australian convict, australian_convicts
australian convicts, australian_convicts
australianconvicts, australian_convicts
bavarian, bavaria
biobuilder, biobuilders
bio_builders, biobuilders
black sheep, black_sheep
blacksheep, black_sheep
bootleggers and moonshiners, bootleggers_and_moonshiners
glitch, bugs
bug, bugs
bushranger, bushrangers
canadian history, canadian_history
categories, categorization
categorize, categorization
cemetery, cemeteries
challenge, challenges
cherokees, cherokee
de bruyn, de_bruyn
connector, connectors
data doctor, data_doctors
data doctors, data_doctors
datadoctor, data_doctors
datadoctors, data_doctors
disaster, disasters
dnapainter, dna_painter
e-mail, email
familysearch, family_search
familytreedna, family_tree_dna
ftdna, family_tree_dna
find_a_grave, findagrave
find-a-grave, findagrave
fold_3, fold3
free_space_page, free-space_profiles
free_space_pages, free-space_profiles
free-space_page, free-space_profiles
free-space_pages, free-space_profiles
free_space_profile, free-space_profiles
free-space_profile, free-space_profiles
forum, g2g
gangster, gangsters
ged_compare, gedcompare
ged compare, gedcompare
GFR, global_reunion
greeter, greeters
hatfield-mcoy, hatfield_mcoy
hatfield and mcoy, hatfield_mcoy
help pages, help_pages
help page, help_pages
homesteader, homesteaders
how to wikitree, how_to_wikitree
howtowikitree, how_to_wikitree
bastardy, illegitimate
illegitimacy, illegitimate
improvement, improvements
integrator, integrators
introductions, introduction
jewish, jewish_roots
mormon, lds
mormons, lds
latter-day saints, lds
latter day saints, lds
leader, leaders
supervisors, leaders
livingdna, living_dna
lost photos, lost_photos
marriage, marriages
match bot, matchbot
meet our members, meet_our_members
meetourmembers, meet_our_members
mentor, mentors
mentor tip, mentor_tips
mentor tips, mentor_tips
milestone, milestones
mining disaster, mining_disasters
myheritage, my_heritage
native american, native_americans
native americans, native_americans
native-american, native_americans
native-americans, native_americans
new hampshire, new_hampshire
new jersey, new_jersey
new_netherlands, new_netherland
NNS, new_netherland
newsletters, newsletter
new york, new_york
north carolina, north_carolina
notable, notables
notification, notifications
one-name study, one_name_studies
one name study, one_name_studies
one-name studies, one_name_studies
one name studies, one_name_studies
onenamestudy, one_name_studies
onenamestudies, one_name_studies
one-place study, one_place_studies
one place study, one_place_studies
one-place studies, one_place_studies
one place studies, one_place_studies
puritan_great_migration, pgm
great_puritan_migration, pgm
great puritan migration, pgm
photo, photos
photo of the week, photo_of_the_week
pirate, pirates
prefixes, prefix
president, presidents
us presidents, presidents
us_presidents, presidents
profile of the week, profile_of_the_week
profile, profiles
project, projects
quaker, quakers
ranger, rangers
research assistance, research_assistance
researchassistance, research_assistance
roll of honor, roll_of_honor
sa, south_african_roots
scottish clan, scottish_clans
scottish clans, scottish_clans
south carolina, south_carolina
suffixes, suffix
sysop, sysops
team, sysops
management, sysops
template, templates
to_do_list, to-do_list
to_do_lists, to-do_list
to-do_lists, to-do_list
tracked bug, tracked_bug
tracked gedcompare, tracked_gedcompare
tracked improvements, tracked_improvements
uk, united_kingdom
unresponsive_manager, unresponsive
unresponsive_profile_manager, unresponsive
unresponsive_profile_managers, unresponsive
van der walt, van_der_walt
wild wild west, wild_wild_west
weekend chat, weekend_chat
weekendchat, weekend_chat
wikitree calendar, wikitree_calendar
wikitreecalendar, wikitree_calendar
wonderful wikitreers, wonderful_wikitreers
wonderful wikitreer, wonderful_wikitreers
wonderful_wikitreer, wonderful_wikitreers
wonderfulwikitreers, wonderful_wikitreers
wwii, world_war_ii
apps, wt_apps
tech, please_choose_different_tag
outlaw, outlaw
search, searches
styles, styles
calendar, calendar

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When you get a chance, can you update the link to the Southern Colonies Slavery project which no longer exists and is now the US Black Heritage Slavery Project: However, like you mentioned, this is now spreading to worldwide use. thanks! Emma
Is Richard Robinson an ancestor of mine. Born in Thomaston, ME 1817 Died Ventura, CA 2/6/1896
posted by Tom Russell