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Country Music Hall of Fame

Country Music Hall of Fame, 2003

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== Biography ==
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|work=Country Music Hall of Fame, 1964

Country music is a culturally significant American music genre enjoyed by millions of people around the world. The Country Music Halls Of Fame recognizes significant contributors to music.

The goal of this project is to create a WikiTree profile for all deceased members of the Country Music Halls Of Fame and connect them to the shared tree.

Right now this project just has one member, me. I am Matt Melcher.

This is a sub-project under the umbrella of the Notables Project and as such, all standards will be followed. Please review those standards prior to working on or creating profiles.

One point I want to make - there are very real and impactful privacy concerns with profiles of living people. As such, please avoid creating profiles of living inductees, or their family members, unless they meet the standards for profiles of living notables. If they do, be sure to Add as Profile Manager and set the privacy to Private with Public Biography and Family Tree. If not, we can get to them after they pass away. Besides, there is plenty of work to do on the profiles of those that have already died.

Here are some of the tasks that I think need to be done. I'll be working on them, and could use your help.

  • Identify all members that are deceased and need a WikiTree profile created (only create profiles for deceased members)
  • Make sure all profiles are identified with a Notable sticker or box, and include the Country Music Hall Of Fame category.
  • Add at least one photo to every profile
  • Create thorough biographies with proper sourcing per the Notables standards on WikiTree (see the Notables Project)
  • Create or add profiles of all deceased spouses, siblings, parents and grandparents for all Hall Of Fame members in order to create better connections to the shared tree.

As with any project, this is a fluid work in progress and I expect changes and surprises. But that's part of the fun.

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[[Category:County Music Hall of Fame]]

Will you join me? Please post a comment here on this page, in G2G using the project tag, or send me a private message. Thanks!


Some information regarding the table below.

  • If there is a star (*) before their first or last name that means they need a profile created.
  • If there is a star (*) before their Real Name that means they need connected to the tree.
  • If their photo is missing that means we need a copyright free or free-to-use photo
Sortable table
Year Inducted Occupation First/Middle Last Name Born Died Real Name Photo (click for larger)
1961Singer-Songwriter and musicianJimmieRodgers1897-09-081933-05-26Rodgers, James Charles
1961Songwriter and Music publisherFredRose1888-08-241954-12-01*Rose, Knowles Fred
1961Singer-SongwriterHankWilliams1923-09-171953-01-01Williams, Hiram
1962Singer-Songwriter and Music publisherRoyAcuff1903-09-151992-11-23Acuff, Roy Claxton
1964Singer and actorTexRitter1905-01-121974-01-02Ritter, Woodward Maurice
1965Singer-SongwriterErnestTubb1914-02-091984-09-06Tubb, Ernest Dale
1966Entertainer and Musician’Uncle’ Dave Macon1870-10-071952-03-22Macon, David Harrison
1966Inventor and PromoterGeorge D. Hay1895-11-091966-05-08*Hay, George Dewey
1966Music ExecutiveJimDenny1911-02-281963-08-27*Denney, James R.
1966Singer-Songwriter, Actor and TV HostEddy Arnold1918-05-152008-05-08*Arnold, Richard Edward
1967Music executiveStephenSholes1911-02-121968-04-22Sholes, Stephen H.
1967Singer-Songwriter, Actor and TV PersonalityJim Reeves1923-08-201964-07-31Reeves, James Travis
1967Singer, Musician, Actor, Radio and TV PersonalityRed Foley1910-06-171968-09-19Foley, Clyde Julian
1968Musician and SongwriterBob Wills1905-03-061975-05-13Wills, James Robert
1969Singer and ActorGeneAutry1907-09-291998-10-02Autry, Orvon Grover
1970Singer and pioneer of Bluegrass musicBill Monroe1911-09-131996-09-09Monroe, William Smith
1970SingerA PCarter1891-12-151960-11-07Carter, Alvin Pleasant Delaney
1970SingerSarah Carter1898-07-211979-01-08Dougherty, Sarah Elizabeth
1970SingerMother Maybelle Carter1909-05-101978-10-23Addington, Maybelle
1971Music executiveArtSatherley1889-10-191986-02-10*Satherley, Arthur Edward
1972Singer-Songwriter, Governor of LouisianaJimmieDavis1899-09-112000-11-05*Davis, James Houston
1973SingerPatsy Cline1932-09-081963-03-05Hensley, Virginia Patterson
1973Musician and record producerChet Atkins1924-06-202001-06-30Atkins, Chester Burton
1974Singer-SongwriterPee WeeKing1914-02-182000-03-07*Kuczynski, Julius Frank Anthony
1974Record Producer*Owen*Bradley1915-10-211998-01-07*Bradley, William Owen
1975ComedianMinnie Pearl1912-10-251996-03-04Colley (Cannon), Sarah Ophelia
1976SingerKittyWells1919-08-302012-07-16*Deason, Ellen Muriel
1976Record Producer*Paul*Cohen1908-11-101970-04-01*Cohen, Paul
1977Musician and songwriter*Merle*Travis1917-11-291983-10-20*Travis, Merle Robert
1978Musician and comedian*Grandpa*Jones1913-10-201998-02-19*Jones, Louis Marshall
1979Singer-Songwriter*Hank*Snow1914-05-091999-10-20*Snow, Clarence Eugene
1980Singer, Movie and Television personalityRoyRogers1911-11-051998-07-06Slye, Leonard Franklin
1980Singer-Songwriter*Bob*Nolan1908-04-131980-06-16*Nobles, Robert Charles
1980Music executive*Connie B.*Gay1914-07-221989-12-03*Gay, Connie Barriot
1980Singer, Songwriter and Television personalityJohnny Cash1932-02-262003-09-12Cash, John R,
1981Singer*Vernon*Dalhart1883-04-061948-09-14*Slaughter, Marion Try
1982Singer, SongwriterMarty Robins1925-09-261982-12-08*Robinson, Martin David
1982Singer-SongwriterLeftyFrizzell1928-03-311975-07-19*Frizzell, William Orville
1983SingerLittle Jimmie Dickens1920-12-192015-01-02*Dickens, James Cecil
1984Singer-SongwriterFloyd Tillman1914-10-082003-08-22*Tillman, Floyd
1984Music executiveRalph Peer1892-05-221960-01-19*Peer, Ralph
1985Singer MusicianLester Flatt1914-06-191979-05-11Flatt, Lester
1985Singer MusicianEarl Scruggs1924-01-062012-03-28Scruggs, Earl Eugene
1986Music executive*Wesley*Rose1918-02-111990-04-26*Rose, Wesley
1986Entertainer*The Duke of Paducah - Whitey*Ford1901-05-121986-06-20*Ford, Benjamin Francis
1987ComedianRod Brasfield1918-02-111990-04-26*Brasfield, Rodney Leon
1988Singer-SongwriterLorettaLynn1932-04-142022-10-04Webb, Loretta
1989Singer-Songwriter*Hank*Thompson1925-09-032007-11-06*Thompson, Henry William
1989Music Executive*Cliffie*Stone1917-03-011998-01-16*Snyder, Clifford Gilpin
1989Music Executive*Jack*Stapp1912-12-081980-12-20*Stapp, Jack
1990SingerTennessee Ernie Ford1919-02-131991-10-17Ford, Ernest Jennings
1991Songwriter*Felice*Bryant1925-08-072003-04-22*Scaduto, Matilda Genevieve
1991Songwriter*Boudleaux*Bryant1920-02-131987-06-25*Bryant, Diadorius Boudleaux
1992Music Executive*Frances*Preston1934-08-272012-06-13*Preston, Frances
1992Singer-SongwriterGeorge Jones1931-09-122013-04-26Jones, George Glenn
1993Singer-Songwriter, ActorWillieNelson1933-04-30LivingNelson, Willie Hugh (existing profile)
1994Singer-SongwriterMerle Haggard1937-04-062016-04-06Haggard, Merle Ronald
1995Music executive*Jo*Walker-Meador1924-02-162017-08-16*Walker-Meador, Jo
1985Singer SongwriterRoger Miller1936-01-021992-10-25Miller Sr., Roger Dean
1996SingerPatsyMontana1908-10-301996-05-03Blevins, Rubye Rose
1996Singer-Songwriter, TV PersonalityBuck Owens1929-08-122006-03-25Owens Jr., Alvis Edgar
1996SingerRay Price1926-01-122013-12-16Price, Noble Ray
1997SongwriterCindyWalker1918-07-202006-03-23Walker, Lucille
1997Singer-Songwriter, ActorBrendaLee1944-12-11LivingTarpley, Brenda Mae (existing profile)
1997Songwriter*Harlan*Howard1927-09-082002-03-03*Howard, Harlan Perry
1998Singer-SongwriterTammy Wynette1942-05-051998-04-06Richie (Pugh), Virginia Wynette
1998Music Executive*Bud*Wendell1927-08-17Living*Wendell, Earl Wade
1998Singer, TV and Movie personalityElvis Presley1935-01-081977-08-16Presley, Elvis Aaron
1998Singer*George*Morgan1925-06-281975-07-07*Morgan, George Thomas
1999Singer-Songwriter, ActorDollyParton1946-01-19LivingParton, Dolly Rebecca (existing profile)
1999Singer songwriterConway Twitty1933-09-011993-06-05Jenkins, Harold Lloyd
1999Singer songwriter*JohnnyBond1915-06-011978-06-12Bond, Cyrus Whitfield
2000SingerFaron Young1932-02-251996-12-10*Young, Faron
2000SingerCharleyPride1934-03-182020-12-12Pride, Charley Frank
2001Singer*Webb*Pierce1921-08-081991-02-24*Pierce, Michael Webb
2001Producer, Music Executive*Phillips*Sam1923-01-052003-07-30*Phillips, Samuel Cornelius
2001Producer*Nelson*Ken1911-01-192008-01-06*Nelson, Kenneth F.
2001PerformerCharlie Louvin1927-07-072011-01-26Loudermilk, Charles Elzer
2001PerformerIra Louvin1924-04-211965-06-20Loudermilk, Ira Lonnie
2001Music Executive*Law*Don1902-02-241982-12-20*Law, Donald Firth
2001Singer - Member of The Jordanaires*Matthews Jr.*Neal1929-10-262000-04-21*Matthews Jr. Neal
2001Singer-Songwriter, Outlaw Country pioneerWaylon Jennings1937-06-152002-02-13Jenning, Wayland Arnold
2001Performer – Homer & Jethro*Homer*Haynes1920-07-271971-08-07*Haynes, Henry Doyle
2001Performer – Homer & Jethro*Jethro*Burns1920-03-101989-02-04*Burns, Kenneth Charles
2001Performer*Don*Gibson1928-04-032003-11-17*Gibson, Donald Eugene – possible existing private profile
2001Performer – The Everly BrothersPhil Everly1939-01-192014-03-03Everly, Phillip Jason
2001Performer – The Everly BrothersDon Everly1937-02-01LivingEverly, Isaac DonaldImage:Everly-132.png
2001Performer – Delmore Brothers*Alton*Delmore1908-12-251964-06-08*Delmore, Alton
2001Performer – Delmore Brothers*Rabon*Delmore1916-12-31952-12-04*Delmore, Rabon
2001SingerWhisperin’ BillAnderson1937-11-01LivingAnderson III, James William
2002PerformerPorter Wagoner1927-08-122007-10-28*Wagoner, Porter Wayne
2002Singer*Bill*Carlisle1908-12-192003-03-17*Carlisle, William Toliver
2003SingerCarl Smith1927-03-152010-01-16Smith, Carl Milton
2003MusicianFloyd Cramer193-10-271997-12-31*Cramer, Floyd
2004Singer Songwriter, ActorKrisKristofferson1936-06-22LivingKristofferson. Kristoffer – existing profile
2004Music Executive*Jim*Foglesong1922-07-262013-07-09*Foglesong, James Station
2005Musician, Singer, Actor, TV PersonalityGlen Campbell1936-04-222017-08-08Campbell, Glen Travis
2005Musician, SingerDeFord Bailey1899-12-141982-07-02*Bailey Sr., DeFord
2005Musician - AlabamaRandyOwen1949-12-13LivingOwen, Randy Yeuell
2005Musician - AlabamaJeffCook1949-08-27LivingCook, Jeffery A.
2006SingerGeogreStrait1952-05-18LivingStrait Sr, George Harvey
2006Singer*Sonny*James1928-05-012016-02-22*Loden, Jimmie Hugh
2006Musician*Harold*Bradley1926-01-022019-01-31*Bradley, Harold ray
2007PerformerMel Tillis1932-08-082017-11-19*Tillis, Lonnie Melvin
2007SingerVinceGill1957-04-12LivingGill, Vincent Grant
2007Radio and TV PersonalityRalphEmery1933-03-10LivingEmery, Walter Ralph
2008PerformerErnest ‘Pop’ Stoneman1893-05-251968-0614*Stoneman, Ernest Van
2008Singer – member of The Statler BrothersHaroldReid1939-08-212020-04-24Reid, Harold
2008Singer – member of The Statler BrothersDonReid1945-06-05LivingRied, Don
2008Singer – member of The Statler BrothersPhilBalsley1939-08-08LivingBalsley, Phil
2008 Singer – member of The Statler Brothers *Lew*DeWitt1938-03-121990-08-15*DeWitt Jr., Lewis Calvin
2008 Singer – member of The Statler Brothers JimmyFortune1955-03-11LivingFortune, Jimmy
2008Singer-SongwriterEmmylouHarrisEmmylou Harris|Living|Harris, Emmylou - existing profile
2008Singer-SongwriterTom T.Hall1936-05-25LivingHall, Thomas T. - possible existing profile
2009SingerCharlieMcCoy1941-03-28LivingMcCoy, Charles Ray
2009 Musician, Singer, TV personality BarbaraMandrell1948-12-25LivingMandrell, Barbara Ann
2009Musician, Singer, TV personality Roy Clark 1933-04-152018-11-15*Clark, Roy Linwood
2010Singer-SongwriterDon Williams1939-05-272017-09-08*Williams, Donald Ray
2010 Record Producer *Billy*Sherrill1936-11-052015-04-04*Sherrill, Billy Norris
2010Singer-SongwriterFerlinHusky1925-12-032011-03-17*Husky, Ferlin Eugene – I believe that Ferlin Husky may be his profile
2010Singer, TV personalityJimmy Dean 1928-08-102010-06-13Dean, Jimmy Ray
2011SingerJean Shepard1933-11-212016-09-25*Shepard, Ollie Imogene
2011Singer, ActressRebaMcEntire1955-03-28LivingMcEntire, Reba Nell – existing profile
2011songwriterBobby Braddock1940-08-05LivingBraddock, Robert Valentine
2012SingerConnieSmith1941-08-14LivingMeador, Constance June
2012MusicianHargus ‘Pig’Robbins1938-01-18LivingRobbins, Hargus Melvin – existing profile
2012Singer, SongwriterGarthBrooks1962-02-07LivingBrooks, Troyal Garth – existing profile
2013Musician, songwriter producer’Cowboy’ Jack Clement1931-04-052013-08-08Clement, Jack Henderson
2013Singer, SongwriterBobbyBare1935-04-07LivingBare Sr., Robert Joseph
2013Singer, songwriter, actorKenny Rogers1938-08-212020-03-20Rogers, Kenneth Ray
2014SingerRonnieMilsap1943-01-16LivingMilsap, Ronnie Lee
2014Singer*Mac*Wiseman1925-05-232019-02-24*Wiseman, Malcolm bell
2014Singer, songwriterHank Cochran1935-08-022010-07-15Cochran, Garland Perry
2015MusicianGrady Grady Martin1929-01-172001-12-03*Martin, Thomas grady
2015Singer - Member of The Oak Ridge BoysDuaneAllen1943-04-29LivingAllen, Duane
2015Singer - Member of The Oak Ridge BoysJoeBonsall1948-05-18LivingBonsall, Joe
2015Singer - Member of The Oak Ridge BoysWilliam LeeGolden1939-01-12LivingGolden, William Allen
2015Singer - Member of The Oak Ridge BoysRichardSterban1943-04-24LivingSterban, Richard
2015Singer - Member of The The BrownsBonnieBrown1938-07-312016-07-16Brown, Bonnie Jean
2015Singer - Member of The The BrownsElla Brown1931-04-272019-01-21Brown, Ella Maxine
2015Singer - Member of The The BrownsJim EdBrown1931-04-012015-06-11Brown, James Edward
2016Singer RandyTravis1959-05-04LivingTraywick, Randy Bruce - existing profile.
2016Singer, songwriter, musician CharlieDaniels1936-10-282020-07-06Daniels, Charles Edward
2016Executive *Fred*Foster1931-07-262019-02-20*Foster, Fred Luther
2017SongwriterDonSchlitz1952-07-29LivingSchlitz Jr., Donald Allen
2017Singer, songwriter, musician, actorJerryReed1937-03-202008-09-01*Hubbard, Jerry Reed
2017Singer-SongwriterDonSchlitz1958-10-17LivingJackson, Allen Eugene
2018MusicianJohnnyGimble1926-05-302015-05-09*Gimble, John PaulImage:Gimble-9.jpg
2018Singer, Songwriter, musician, actorDottieWest1932-10-111991-09-04Marsh, Dorothy Marie
2018Singer-Songwriter-MusicianRickeySkaggs1954-07-18LivingSkaggs, Rickie Lee
2019ExecutiveJerryBradley1940-01-30LivingBradley, Jerry
2019SIngerRayStevens1939-01-24LivingRagsdale, Harold Ray - existing profile
2019Performer - Brooks & DunnRonnieDunn1953-06-01LivingDunn, Ronald Gene
2019Performer - Brooks & DunnKixBrooks1955-05-12LivingBrooks III, Leon Eric - existing profile
2020Songwriter - Dean DillonDeanDillon1955-03-26LivingFlynn, Larry Dean
2020Performer - Marty StuartMartyStuart1958-09-30LivingStuart, John Marty
2020Performer - Hank Williams Jr.HankWilliams Jr.1949-05-26LivingWilliams, Randall Hank
2020Performer - The JuddsNaomiJuddi1946-01-112022-04-30Judd, Diane Ellen
2020Performer - The JuddsWynonaJudd1964-05-30LivingCiminella, Christina Claire
2020Performer - Ray CharlesRayCharles1930-09-232004-06-10Robinson, Ray Charles

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This project is awesome, I hope it Is okay to help out!😍
posted by [Living Telles]
Yes, By all means we appreciate any help you may provide. There's plenty of work yet to be done!
posted by Matt Melcher
Yay, you just made my day 😊

I think my DNA is going to help ALOT!😍 I am so excited

posted by [Living Telles]
Matt, I've been looking at the list for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. You seem to be concentrating on Country. Would it help you if I provided a list of all the inductees in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame who are deceased, and of those, a link to their WT profile if there is one or to other resources if there isn't one yet so people can add them and build the profiles?
posted by Lin Wright
That’s awesome! I have been working more on the list for the country music side. I got that table created, and then life happened, and I never got the table made for the Rock and Roll HOF. Feel free to work on the table as needed. I know there are loads of profiles that need created and properly identified as notable.
posted by Matt Melcher
Hi, Lin!

We've got a page just for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, now! If you'd like to join, send in a request to join the trusted list, and I'll get you added!

Thanks, Azure Rae

posted by Azure Robinson

Donny Howard here. Thanks for the message and email. Also, for guiding me to this page. Very helpful. Was wondering... I have been working on some Gospel Music Hall of Fame inductee profiles. Is there a sub-category for that , that you know of? I have seen Gospel Singers as a '"category," but not sure about Gospel Music Hall of Fame.

posted by Donald Howard
Donny - This project is a sub-project of the Notable's Project. You are correct there is a category for 'Gospel Singers' but I cannot locate a project for the Gospel Music Hall Of Fame. Reach out to the folks that manage the Notables project for their thoughts on the best way to address identifying and connecting members of the Gospel Music Hall Of Fame. This project was created by accident (I meant it as a personal project for me but somehow I created a project anyone could work on). I worked with Scott Fulkerson of the Notables project to make this a subproject. There may be a better way than a project.
posted by Matt Melcher