Crew Members of the Titanic

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Location: Atlantic Oceanmap
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Complete List of Crew Members who boarded the Titanic

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  • Date:15 Apr 1912
  • Location: Atlantic Ocean
  • Victims:
Name Age Class Bio Con nected to World Tree Titanic Project
on Trusted List
Ernest Abbott 21 Victualling Crew y
William Abrams 34 Engineering Crew
Robert Adams 26 Engineering Crew
Percy Ahier 20 Victualling Crew
Albert Akerman 31 Victualling Crew y
Joseph Akecorrman 37 Victualling Crew y
Battista Allaria 22 Restaurant Staff y
Ernest Allen 24 Engineering Crew y Survivor
George Allen 26 Victualling Crew
Henry Allen 30 Engineering Crew
Robert Allen 35 Victualling Crew
Alfred Allsop 36 Engineering Crew
Frank Allsop 43 Victualling Crew
John Anderson 42 Deck Crew Survivor
Walter Anderson 50 Victualling Crew
Archibald Andrews 38 Engineering Crew Delivered
ship and
Charles Andrews 19 Victualling Crew Yes Yes Yes Survivor
Ernest Archer 35 Deck Crew Survivor
James Armstrong 31 Engineering Crew Delivered
ship and
Austin Ashcroft 26 Victualling Crew
Henry Ashe 41 Victualling Crew
Georges Aspeslagh 26 Restaurant Staff
James Auld 32 Engineering Crew Delivered
ship and
James Avery 20 Engineering Crew Survivor
Edwin Ayling 23 Victualling Crew
Charles Back 37 Victualling Crew
Allen Baggott 28 Victualling Crew Survivor
Edward Bagley 33 Victualling Crew
George Bailey 44 Victualling Crew
George Frank Bailey 46 Engineering Crew
Henry Bailey 46 Deck Crew Y
William Bailey 30 Engineering Crew Delivered
ship and
David Bain 46 Engineering Crew Delivered
ship and
Richard Baines 58 Engineering Crew
John Baker Engineering Crew Delivered
ship and
Percy Ball 18 Victualling Crew Y N Pending Survivor
Ugo Banfi 24 Restaurant Staff
John Bannon 34 Engineering Crew Yes Yes Yes
Albert Barker 19 Victualling Crew
Ernest Barker 40 Victualling Crew
George Barker 46 Deck Crew (Delivery Trip only) Delivered
ship and
George Barker 56 Engineering Crew (Delivery Trip only) Delivered
ship and
Reginald Barker 42 Victualling Crew
Stokes Barker 26 Engineering Crew (Delivery Trip only) Delivered
ship and
Robert Barkley 39 Engineering Crew (Delivery Trip only) Delivered
ship and
Charles Barlow 30 Engineering Crew
George Barlow 39 Victualling Crew n
BARNES, Mr Charles 29 Engineering Crew
Frederick Barnes 40 Victualling Crew
John Barnes 39 Engineering Crew
William Barnes 32 Engineering Crew (Deliverytrip only) Delivered
ship and
Arthur Barratt 16 Victualling Crew
Frederick Barrett 29 Engineering Crew Survivor
Frederick Barrett 33 Engineering Crew
Arthur Barringer 34 Victualling Crew
Charles Barrow 35 Victualling Crew
Edward Barrows 32 Victualling Crew
James Barry 31 Engineering Crew (Delivery Trip only) Delivered
ship and
James John Bartley 32 Victualling Crew (Delivery Trip only) Delivered
ship and
Robert Bartley 32 Engineering Crew (Delivery Trip only) Delivered
ship and
Sidney Barton 26 Victualling Crew
Giovanni Basilico 27 Restaurant Staff
Harry Baxter 53 Victualling Crew
Thomas Baxter 55 Victualling Crew y
Narcisco Bazzi 33 Restaurant Staff
Francis Beattie 36 Engineering Crew (Delivery Trip only) Delivered
ship and
Joseph Beattie 40 Engineering Crew
George Beauchamp 24 Engineering Crew Survivor
William Bedford 31 Victualling Crew
George Beedem 35 Victualling Crew
William Beere 19 Victualling Crew
Joseph Bell 51 Engineering Crew y
Frank Bendell 23 Engineering Crew
Fred Benham 30 Victualling Crew
George Bennett 30 Engineering Crew
Mabel (Pilgrim) Bennett 33 Victualling Crew Yes Survivor
James Benson 50 Deck Crew (Delivery trip only) Delivered
ship and
John Benson 26 Deck Crew (Delivery Trip only) Delivered
ship and
William Benson 25 Engineering Crew (Delivery Trip only) Delivered
ship and
Edward Benville 47 Engineering Crew
BERNARDI, Sig. Battista 22 Restaurant Staff y
Edward Bessant 31 Victualling Crew
William Bessant 40 Engineering Crew
Edwin Best 40 Victualling Crew
David Beux 25 Restaurant Staff
Joseph Bevis 22 Engineering Crew
Reginald Biddlecombe 31 Engineering Crew
George Biétrix 28 Restaurant Staff
Edward Biggs 20 Engineering Crew
James Billows 20 Engineering Crew
Walter Binstead 20 Engineering Crew Survivor
Walter Bishop 34 Victualling Crew
Robert Bittle 37 Engineering Crew (Delivery Trip only) Delivered
ship and
Alexander Black 28 Engineering Crew
D Black 41 Engineering Crew Substitute Crew
James Black 38 Engineering Crew(Delivery Trip only) Delivered
ship and
Albert Blackman 23 Engineering Crew
Charles Blades 17 Victualling Crew
David Blair 37 Deck Crew Titanic Officers Survivor
BLAKE, Mr C. 36 Engineering Crew Failed to Join Ship
Stanley Blake 26 Engineering Crew
Percival Blake 22 Engineering Crew
Thomas Henry Blake 37 Engineering Crew Yes
James Blaney 32 Engineering Crew y n
Eustace Blann 21 Engineering Crew
Emma (Junod) Bliss 45 Victualling Crew Survivor
James Bloomer 40 Deck Crew (Delivery Trip only) Delivered
ship and
Jean Blumet 26 Restaurant Staff
John Boal 40 Engineering Crew (Delivery Trip only) ` Delivered
ship and
Alexis Bochatay 30 Victualling Crew
Pietro Bochet 43 Restaurant Staff
Norman Bogie 59 Victualling Crew
Hennie Bolhuis 27 Restaurant Staff
William Bond 45 Victualling Crew
Walter Boothby 37 Victualling Crew
William Boston 32 Victualling Crew
William Bott 46 Engineering Crew
Bernard Boughton 24 Victualling Crew
Ruth Bowker 31 Restaurant Staff Survivor
BOWMAN, Mr F. T. 38 Victualling Crew Failed to Join Ship
Joseph Boxhall 28 Deck Crew Survivor
Adam Boyd 38 Engineering Crew Delivered
ship and
John Boyd 37 Victualling Crew
John Boyes 36 Victualling Crew
Patrick Bradley 38 Engineering Crew
Thomas Bradley 28 Deck Crew
John Bradshaw 42 Victualling Crew
Thomas Brennan 39 Engineering Crew Delivered
ship and
Mr B. Brewer 24 Engineering Crew Y N Pending Did not board
Harry Brewer 30 Engineering Crew
George Brewster 52 Victualling Crew
Albert Briant 34 Engineering Crew
Arthur Briant 30 Engineering Crew
Walter Brice 42 Deck Crew Survivor
William Bridan 33 Engineering Crew (Delivery trip only) Delivered
ship and
Harold Bride 22 Victualling Crew y Survivor
Arthur Bright 42 Deck Crew y Survivor
Henry Bristow 38 Victualling Crew
Robert Bristow 38 Victualling Crew
John Brookman 28 Victualling Crew
J Brooks 25 Engineering Crew
Herbert Broom 33 Victualling Crew
Athol Broome 31 Victualling Crew
BROWN, Mr Edward 34 Victualling Crew
John Brown 28 Engineering Crew
BROWN, Mr Joseph 30 Engineering Crew
BROWN, Mr Walter James 41 Victualling Crew
John Bryan 22 Engineering Crew (Delivery trip only) Delivered
ship and
H Buckley 34 Victualling Crew
Edward Buley 26 Deck Crew Survivor
Walter Bull 36 Victualling Crew
Henry Bulley 21 Victualling Crew
Wilfred Bunnell 20 Victualling Crew
Charles Burgess 18 Victualling Crew Survivor
Richard Burke 29 Victualling Crew
William Burke 39 Victualling Crew Survivor
Frank Burness 43 Engineering Crew (Delivery trip only) Delivered
ship and
John Burns 32 Deck Crew (Delivery trip only) Delivered
ship and
William Burns 38 Engineering Crew Delivered
ship and
Ewart Burr 29 Victualling Crew
BURRAGE, Mr Arthur Victor Edwards 20 Victualling Crew Survivor
Arthur Burroughs 34 Engineering Crew
BURROWS, Mr W. 29 Engineering Crew
Edward Burton 35 Engineering Crew
Robert Butt 21 Victualling Crew Y
William Butt 30 Engineering Crew Y
Jack Butterworth 23 Victualling Crew
James Byrne 44 Victualling Crew
Robert Cairnes 50 Engineering Crew Survivor
Hugh Calderwood 33 Engineering Crew
Donald Campbell 28 Victualling Crew n
John Canner 40 Engineering Crew
John Cardwell 32 Engineering Crew Survivor
William Carney 31 Victualling Crew Yes Yes Yes
Richard Carr 27 Engineering Crew
James Carson 36 Engineering Crew Survivor
CARTER, Mr F. 27 Engineering Crew
CARTER, Mr James 46 Engineering Crew
James Cartwright 33 Victualling Crew
Giulio Casali 32 Restaurant Staff
Thomas Casey 44 Engineering Crew
William Cassidy Engineering Crew Survivor
Charles Casswill 34 Victualling Crew
Edward Castleman 37 Engineering Crew
CATON, Miss Annie 33 Victualling Crew
William Caunt 28 Victualling Crew
Herbert Cave 39 Victualling Crew
George Cavell 22 Engineering Crew Yes Yes Survivor
Charles Cecil 21 Victualling Crew Y
Adrien Chaboisson 25 Restaurant Staff
Joseph Chapman 32 Victualling Crew Survivor
John Charman 25 Victualling Crew
William Cherrett 24 Engineering Crew
William Chevers 28 Engineering Crew
William Cheverton 27 Victualling Crew
George Chisnall 36 Engineering Crew y
Archibald Chitty 28 Victualling Crew
George Chitty 50 Victualling Crew
John Chorley 25 Engineering Crew
Herbert Christmas 34 Victualling Crew
William Clarke 40 Engineering Crew Survivor
James Cleland 29 Engineering Crew
CLENCH, Mr Frederick Charles 33 Deck Crew
CLENCH, Mr George James 31 Deck Crew
COCHRANE, Mr Robert 40 Engineering Crew
COE, Mr Harry 21 Engineering Crew
John Coffey 23 Engineering Crew Disembarked
COLEMAN, Mr Albert Edward 28 Victualling Crew
COLEMAN, Mr John 57 Engineering Crew
COLGAN, Mr E. Joseph 33 Victualling Crew
COLLINS, Mr John 38 Engineering Crew
COLLINS, Mr John 17 Victualling Crew
COMBES, Mr George 34 Engineering Crew
CONNOR, Mr James 46 Engineering Crew
CONNOR, Mr Thomas 39 Engineering Crew
CONWAY, Mr PercYesWalter 25 Victualling Crew
COOK, Mr Gilbert William 32 Victualling Crew
Augustus Coombs 45 Victualling Crew n
Henry Cooper 25 Engineering Crew n
James Cooper 26 Engineering Crew n
Albert Copperthwaite 28 Engineering Crew Yes Yes Yes
CORBEN, Mr Ernest Theodore 27 Victualling Crew &
CORCORAN, Mr Dennis 33 Engineering Crew
Marcel Armand André Cornaire 19 Restaurant Staff
COSGROVE, Mr John 23 Engineering Crew
COSGROVE, Mr William 26 Engineering Crew
COTTON, Mr Alfred 35 Engineering Crew
COUCH, Mr Frank 27 Deck Crew
COUCH, Mr Joseph Henry 49 Engineering Crew
COUPER, Mr Robert Frederick William 30 Engineering Crew
Auguste Louis Coutin 28 Restaurant Staff
William Denton Cox 30 Victualling Crew Yes
COY, Mr Francis Ernest George 27 Engineering Crew
CRABB, Mr HenrYesJames 23 Engineering Crew
CRAFTER, Mr Frederick Horace 20 Victualling Crew
CRAIG, Mr David 33 Engineering Crew
CRAIG, Mr John 29 Engineering Crew
CRAWFORD, Mr Alfred George 43 Victualling Crew Yes Survivor
CREESE, Mr Henry Philip 45 Engineering Crew
CRIMMINS, Mr James 21 Engineering Crew
CRISP, Mr Albert Hector 39 Victualling Crew
CRISPIN, Mr William 33 Victualling Crew
CROSBIE, Mr John Borthwick 45 Victualling Crew
CROSKERY, Mr Thomas 38 Engineering Crew
CROSS, Mr William Alfred 44 Engineering Crew
CROSSLEY, Mr John 34 Engineering Crew
CROUGHANE, Mr Michael 45 Engineering Crew
CROVELLA, Sig. Paolo Luigi 16 Restaurant Staff
CROWE, Mr George Frederick 30 Victualling Crew y
CRUMPLIN, Mr Charles George Chandler 35 Victualling Crew
CULLEN, Mr Charles James 49 Victualling Crew
CULLEN, Mr John 43 Engineering Crew
CULLEN, Mr Patrick 36 Engineering Crew
CUNNINGHAM, Mr Andrew Orr 38 Victualling Crew
CUNNINGHAM, Mr Bernard 35 Engineering Crew
CURRAN, Mr Thomas 41 Engineering Crew
CURTIS, Mr Arthur 26 Engineering Crew
DANIELS, Mr SidneYesEdward 18 Victualling Crew
DASHWOOD, Mr William George 18 Victualling Crew
Gordon Davies 32 Victualling Crew n
Robert Davies 26 Victualling Crew n
Thomas Davies 33 Engineering Crew n
John Davis 27 Victualling Crew n
Stephen Davis 39 Deck Crew y n
DAWES, Mr W. W. 38 Victualling Crew
DAWKINS, Mr P. 24 Victualling Crew
Joseph Dawson 23 Engineering Crew y n
Gianni De Marsico 20 Restaurant Staff n
George Dean 19 Victualling Crew n
Maurice Debreucq 18 Restaurant Staff n
Charles Decker 47 Engineering Crew y
Alfred Deeble 34 Victualling Crew n
Charles Denmigan 42 Deck Crew y
John Denver 33 Engineering Crew y
Arthur Derrett 28 Victualling Crew
Percival Deslandes 38 Victualling Crew Yes Yes Yes
Louis Desvernine 20 Restaurant Staff n
E Di Napoli 24 Restaurant Staff
John Diaper 27 Engineering Crew y
DICKSON, Mr William 37 Engineering Crew
DILLON, Mr Thomas Patrick 33 Engineering Crew
DINENAGE, Mr James Richard 49 Victualling Crew
Edward Dodd 39 Engineering Crew y n
DODD, Mr George Charles 44 Victualling Crew
DODDS, Mr Henry Watson 26 Engineering Crew
Frederick Olive Doel 22 Engineering Crew Y N Pending Survivor
DOLBY, Mr Joseph 39 Victualling Crew
DONATI, Sig. Italo Francesco 17 Restaurant Staff
DONAUGHE, Mr Hugh 34 Deck Crew
DONOGHUE, Mr Florence Thomas 31 Victualling Crew
DORE, Mr Albert James 22 Engineering Crew
Louis Auguste Dornier 20 Restaurant Staff
DOUGHTY, Mr Walter Thomas 22 Victualling Crew
DOUGLASS, Mr William 31 Deck Crew
DOYLE, Mr Laurence 27 Engineering Crew
DUFFY, Mr William Luke 36 Engineering Crew
DUNFORD, Mr William 48 Victualling Crew
DUNLOP, Mr Joseph 47 Engineering Crew
DYER, Mr HenrYesRyland 24 Engineering Crew
DYER, Mr William Henry 33 Victualling Crew
DYMOND, Mr Frank 36 Engineering Crew
EAGLE, Mr Alfred James Jacob 27 Engineering Crew
EASTMAN, Mr Charles 44 Engineering Crew
EDBROOKE, Mr Francis Samuel Jacob 23 Victualling Crew
EDE, Mr George Bulkeley 23 Victualling Crew
EDGE, Mr Frederick William 39 Victualling Crew
EDWARDS, Mr Charles Essex 39 Victualling Crew
EGG, Mr William Henry 48 Victualling Crew
ELLIOTT, Mr Everett Edward 23 Engineering Crew
ELLIS, Mr John Bertie 28 Victualling Crew
ELLISON, Mr Joseph 29 Engineering Crew
ENNES, Mr William 28 Engineering Crew
ENNIS, Mr Walter 34 Victualling Crew
ERVINE, Mr Albert George 18 Engineering Crew
ETCHES, Mr HenrYesSamuel 43 Victualling Crew
ETTLINGER, Mr Peter 31 Victualling Crew
EVANS, Mr Alfred Frank 25 Deck Crew
EVANS, Mr Frank Oliver 27 Deck Crew
EVANS, Mr George Richard 27 Victualling Crew
EVANS, Mr William Thomas 33 Engineering Crew
FAIRALL, Mr HenrYesCharles 38 Victualling Crew
FARENDEN, Mr Ernest John 22 Victualling Crew
FARLEY, Mr John 31 Engineering Crew
William Farquharson 39 Engineering Crew y n
FAULKNER, Mr William Stephen 37 Victualling Crew
FAY, Mr Thomas Joseph 30 Engineering Crew
FEI, Sig. Carlo 19 Restaurant Staff
Alfred Fellowes 28 Victualling Crew y n
FELTHAM, Mr George William 41 Victualling Crew
FERRARY, Mr Antonio 33 Engineering Crew
George Ferris 34 Engineering Crew Delivered
ship and
William Ferris 39 Engineering Crew no
FERRON, Mr Nicholas 32 Engineering Crew
FINCH, Mr HenrYesHerman 18 Victualling Crew
FIORAVANTE, Sig. Giuseppe Bertoldo 23 Restaurant Staff
FISH, Mr B. 38 Victualling Crew
FISHER, Mr R. 24 Victualling Crew
FITZPATRICK, Mr Cecil William 21 Engineering Crew
FITZPATRICK, Mr Hugh Joseph 29 Engineering Crew
FLACK, Mr John 30 Engineering Crew
FLAHERTY, Mr Edward 52 Engineering Crew
Frederick Fleet 24 Deck Crew y y
FLEMMING, Mr William 32 Engineering Crew
FLETCHER, Mr PercYesWilliam 25 Victualling Crew
FLETCHER, Mr Robert 38 Engineering Crew
FLINN, Mr Michael 34 Engineering Crew
FOLEY, Mr John 46 Deck Crew
FOLEY, Mr Wilfred Cyril 21 Victualling Crew
FORD, Mr Ernest 33 Victualling Crew
FORD, Mr Francis 44 Victualling Crew
FORD, Mr H. 22 Engineering Crew
FORD, Mr Thomas 33 Engineering Crew Yes
FORWARD, Mr James 27 Deck Crew
FOSTER, Mr Alfred Charles 37 Engineering Crew
FOX, Mr William Thomas 27 Victualling Crew
FRANKLIN, Mr Alan Vincent 28 Victualling Crew
FRASER, Mr J. 30 Engineering Crew
FRASER, Mr James 30 Engineering Crew
FREDERICKS, Mr Walter Francis 21 Engineering Crew
Ernest Freeman 45 Victualling Crew y n
FRYER, Mr Albert Ernest 29 Engineering Crew
GAMBELL, Mr William 29 Engineering Crew
GASS, Mr David 45 Engineering Crew
GATTI, Sig. Gaspare Antonio Pietro 37 Restaurant Staff
GEDDES, Mr Richard Charles 32 Victualling Crew
GEER, Mr Alfred Emest 26 Engineering Crew
GIBBONS, Mr Jacob William 36 Victualling Crew
GIBSON, Mr Thomas 20 Engineering Crew
GIBSON, Mr William 43 Engineering Crew
GILARDINO, Sig. Vincenzo Pio 31 Restaurant Staff
GILES, Mr John Robert 32 Victualling Crew
GILL, Mr Joseph Stanley 38 Victualling Crew
GILL, Mr Patrick 38 Victualling Crew
GODLEY, Mr George Auguste 38 Engineering Crew
GODWIN, Mr Frederick Charles 36 Engineering Crew
GOLD, Mrs Jane Kate Coulson 45 Victualling Crew
GOLDER, Mr Martin William 35 Engineering Crew
GOLLOP, Mr Percival Salisbury 30 Victualling Crew
GORDON, Mr John 30 Engineering Crew
GOREE, Mr Frank 40 Engineering Crew
GORMAN, Mr David 33 Engineering Crew
GOSHAWK, Mr Alfred James 40 Victualling Crew
GOSLING, Mr Bertram James 22 Engineering Crew
GOSLING, Mr Frank Henry 25 Engineering Crew
GRACEY, Mr John 41 Deck Crew
Ernest Gradidge 22 Engineering Crew n
GRAHAM, Mr Thomas Gibson 28 Engineering Crew Yes Yes
GREEN, Mr George 20 Engineering Crew
GREGG, Mr William 43 Engineering Crew
GREGORY, Mr David 43 Engineering Crew
GREGSON, Miss Mary Josephine 45 Victualling Crew
GROSCLAUDE, Mr Gérald 24 Restaurant Staff
GUMERY, Mr George 24 Engineering Crew
GUNN, Mr Joseph Alfred 30 Victualling Crew
GUY, Mr Elgar John 29 Victualling Crew
William Gwynn 37 Victualling Crew y n
Herbert James Haddock (1861-1946) 51 Deck Crew Delivered the ship and handed over to Captain Smith transferring to the Olympic
HADLEY, Mr John 50 Engineering Crew
HAGGAN, Mr John 35 Engineering Crew
HAINES, Mr Albert 31 Deck Crew
HALE, Mr John 25 Engineering Crew
HALFORD, Mr Richard 27 Victualling Crew
HALL, Mr Frank Alfred James 40 Victualling Crew
HALL, Mr George 38 Engineering Crew
HALL, Mr J. 32 Engineering Crew
HALLETT, Mr George Alexander 23 Engineering Crew
HALPIN, Mr Joseph 24 Engineering Crew
HAMBLYN, Mr Ernest William 47 Victualling Crew
HAMILTON, Mr Ernest 25 Victualling Crew
HAMILTON, Mr William J. 24 Engineering Crew
HANDS, Mr Bernard 54 Engineering Crew
HANLEY, Mr William 25 Engineering Crew
HANNAM, Mr George 30 Engineering Crew
HARDER, Mr William 39 Deck Crew
HARDING, Mr Alfred John 21 Victualling Crew
HARDWICK, Mr Reginald 21 Victualling Crew
HARDY, Mr John 40 Victualling Crew
HARKIN, Mr Samuel 36 Engineering Crew
HARMES, Mr Robert 31 Deck Crew
HARRIS, Mr Amos 24 Engineering Crew
HARRIS, Mr Charles William 19 Victualling Crew
HARRIS, Mr Clifford Henry 17 Victualling Crew
HARRIS, Mr Edward John 29 Engineering Crew
HARRIS, Mr Edward Matthew 17 Victualling Crew
HARRIS, Mr Fred 39 Engineering Crew
HARRIS, Mr Joseph 32 Deck Crew
HARRISON, Mr Aragõa Drummond 40 Victualling Crew
Norman Harrison 38 Engineering Crew y n
HART, Mr James 54 Engineering Crew
John Edward Hart 31 Victualling Crew
HARTNELL, Mr Fred 21 Victualling Crew
Herbert Harvey 34 Engineering Crew y n
HARVEY, Mr John 26 Engineering Crew
HATCH, Mr Hugh 21 Victualling Crew
HAVELING, Mr A. 26 Engineering Crew
James Hawkesworth 52 Victualling Crew no
William Walter Hawkesworth 43 Victualling Crew no
HAYTER, Mr Arthur 44 Victualling Crew
HEAD, Mr Alfred 24 Engineering Crew
HEBB, Mr William Albert Thomas 22 Engineering Crew
HEDDLES, Mr William 39 Deck Crew
HEDLEY, Mr Robert 45 Victualling Crew
HEINEN, Mr Joseph Dominichus 30 Victualling Crew
HEMMING, Mr Samuel Ernest 43 Deck Crew
HENDRICKSON, Mr Charles Osker 28 Engineering Crew
Edward Hendy 39 Victualling Crew y y n
HENRY, Mr James 47 Engineering Crew
HENSFORD, Mr Herbert George Ernest 26 Victualling Crew
HEPBURN, Mr William 27 Engineering Crew
HERD, Mr Hugh 35 Engineering Crew
John Heskith 33 Engineering Crew y n
HESLIN, Mr James 51 Engineering Crew
HEWITT, Mr Thomas 37 Victualling Crew
HICHENS, Mr Robert 29 Deck Crew
HILL, Mr HenrYesParkinson 37 Victualling Crew
HILL, Mr James 25 Engineering Crew
HILL, Mr James Colston 43 Victualling Crew
George Hinckley 40 Victualling Crew n
HINDS, Mr Charles 42 Deck Crew
HINE, Mr William Edward 36 Victualling Crew
HINTON, Mr Stephen William 30 Engineering Crew
Sydney George Hiscock (1887-1912) 25 Victualling Crew Yes
HOARE, Mr Leonard James 18 Victualling Crew
HODGE, Mr Charley 29 Engineering Crew
HODGES, Mr W. 26 Engineering Crew
HODGKINSON, Mr Leonard 46 Engineering Crew
HOGAN, Mr Albert John 19 Victualling Crew
HOGG, Mr Charles William 43 Victualling Crew
HOGG, Mr George Alfred 29 Deck Crew
HOGUE, Mr E. 22 Victualling Crew
HOLDEN, Mr Frank 29 Engineering Crew
HOLLAND, Mr James 30 Engineering Crew
HOLLAND, Mr T. 28 Engineering Crew
HOLLAND, Mr Thomas 28 Victualling Crew
Sidney Holloway 24 Victualling Crew n
HOLMAN, Mr Harry 29 Deck Crew
HOLMAN, Mr Thomas 24 Engineering Crew
HOLME, Mr Nicholas 36 Engineering Crew
HOPGOOD, Mr Roland John C. 29 Engineering Crew
HOPKINS, Mr Frederick William 14 Victualling Crew
HOPKINS, Mr Robert John 43 Deck Crew
HORNER, Mr Alex 38 Engineering Crew
HORSWILL, Mr Albert Edward James 33 Deck Crew
Richard Hosgood 22 Engineering Crew n
George Hosking 36 Engineering Crew
HOUSE, Mr William John 38 Victualling Crew
HOWELL, Mr Arthur Albert 31 Victualling Crew
HUGHES, Mr William Thomas 34 Victualling Crew
HUMBY, Mr Frederick 17 Victualling Crew
HUMPHREYS, Mr Humphrey 31 Victualling Crew
HUMPHREYS, Mr Sidney 52 Deck Crew
HUNT, Mr Albert Sylvanus 23 Engineering Crew
HUNT, Mr Tom 27 Engineering Crew
HURST, Mr Charles John 40 Engineering Crew
HURST, Mr Walter 23 Engineering Crew
James Hutchison 31 Victualling Crew
John Hall Hutchinson 28 Deck Crew
HUTTON, Mr George 37 Engineering Crew
HYLAND, Mr Leo James 19 Victualling Crew
IDE, Mr HarrYesJohn 31 Victualling Crew
George Ingram 19 Engineering Crew y n
INGROUILLE, Mr Henry 21 Victualling Crew
INGS, Mr William Ernest 20 Victualling Crew
INSTANCE, Mr Thomas 31 Engineering Crew
JACKOPSON, Mr John Henry 30 Engineering Crew
JACKSON, Mr Cecil 22 Victualling Crew
JAGO, Mr Joseph 59 Engineering Crew
Henri Marie Jaillet 38 Restaurant Staff
JAMES, Mr Thomas 27 Engineering Crew
JAMES, Mr Thomas 36 Engineering Crew
JAMESON, Mr William 48 Engineering Crew
JANAWAY, Mr William Frank 35 Victualling Crew
Claude Marie Janin 29 Restaurant Staff
JEFFERY, Mr William Alfred 28 Restaurant Staff
JENNER, Mr F. 31 Deck Crew
JENNER, Mr Thomas HenrYes(Harry) 55 Victualling Crew
JENSEN, Mr Charles Valdemar 24 Victualling Crew
Violet Jessop 24 Victualling Crew Survivor
JEWELL, Mr Archie 23 Deck Crew Survivor
JOAS, Mr N. 39 Engineering Crew
JOHNSTONE, Mr James 52 Victualling Crew
JONES, Mr Albert Hugh Brabner 17 Victualling Crew
JONES, Mr Arthur Ernest 37 Victualling Crew
JONES, Mr HarrYesOwen Glendower 36 Victualling Crew
JONES, Mr Thomas William 34 Deck Crew
JONES, Mr Victor Reginald 20 Victualling Crew
JOSEPH, Mr Kirkpatrick 37 Engineering Crew
Georges Jules Jouannault 24 Restaurant Staff
JOUGHIN, Mr Charles John 33 Victualling Crew
JUDD, Mr Charles Edward 31 Engineering Crew
JUKES, Mr HenrYesJames 38 Engineering Crew
JUPE, Mr Boykett Herbert 30 Engineering Crew
KASPER, Mr F. 40 Engineering Crew
KAVANAGH, Mr William 27 Deck Crew
KEARL, Mr Charles Henry 44 Engineering Crew
KEARL, Mr George Edward 25 Engineering Crew
KEEGAN, Mr James 38 Engineering Crew
KEEN, Mr PercYesEdward 30 Victualling Crew
KEENAN, Mr John 58 Engineering Crew
KEENAN, Mr Patrick 35 Engineering Crew
KEENAN, Mr William 32 Engineering Crew
KEENAN, Mr William 43 Engineering Crew
KELLAND, Mr Thomas 19 Victualling Crew
KELLY, Mr James 44 Engineering Crew
KELLY, Mr William Patrick 23 Engineering Crew
KEMISH, Mr George 22 Engineering Crew
KEMP, Mr Thomas Hulman 43 Engineering Crew
KENNELL, Mr Charles 30 Victualling Crew
KENZLER, Mr August 44 Engineering Crew
KERLEY, Mr William Thomas 28 Victualling Crew
KERNAGHAN, Mr David 30 Engineering Crew
KERNEY, Mr William 39 Engineering Crew
KERR, Mr Thomas Russell 26 Engineering Crew
Henry Ketchley 36 Victualling Crew y y n
Edgar Michael Kieran 34 Victualling Crew
KIERAN, Mr James William 35 Victualling Crew
KILFORD, Mr P. 29 Victualling Crew
KINCHENTEN, Mr Frederick Charles 36 Engineering Crew
Alfred King 18 Victualling Crew y n
KING, Mr Ernest Waldron 28 Victualling Crew
KING, Mr Thomas Walter 42 Deck Crew
KINGSCOTE, Mr William Ford 48 Victualling Crew
KINSELLA, Mr Louis 30 Engineering Crew
KINSTRY, Mr Charles 30 Engineering Crew
KIRKALDY, Mr Thomas Benjamin 35 Victualling Crew
KIRKHAM, Mr James 43 Engineering Crew
KITCHING, Mr Arthur Alfred 31 Victualling Crew
KLEIN, Mr Herbert 34 Victualling Crew
KNIGHT, Mr George 46 Victualling Crew
KNIGHT, Mr Leonard George 21 Victualling Crew
KNOWLES, Mr Thomas 44 Engineering Crew
LACEY, Mr Bertie William 19 Victualling Crew
LAHY, Mr T. 41 Engineering Crew
LAKE, Mr William 46 Victualling Crew
LANE, Mr Albert Edward 33 Victualling Crew
LATIMER, Mr Andrew 55 Victualling Crew
LAVINGTON, Miss Elizabeth 40 Victualling Crew
LAWRANCE, Mr Arthur 36 Victualling Crew
LEADER, Mr Archibald 22 Victualling Crew
LEATHER, Mrs Elizabeth Mary 50 Victualling Crew
LEE, Mr HenrYesReginald 29 Victualling Crew
LEE, Mr Herbert Henry 17 Engineering Crew
LEE, Mr Reginald Robinson 41 Deck Crew
George Lefebvre 35 Victualling Crew n
LEONARD, Mr Matthew 25 Victualling Crew
LEVETT, Mr George Alfred 26 Victualling Crew
LEWIS, Mr Arthur Ernest Read 27 Victualling Crew
LEWIS, Mr James 34 Engineering Crew
LIGHT, Mr Charles Edward 24 Victualling Crew
LIGHT, Mr Christopher William 20 Engineering Crew
LIGHT, Mr W. 47 Engineering Crew
Charles Lightoller 38 Deck Crew
LINDSAY, Mr William Charles 30 Engineering Crew
LITTLE, Mr James 28 Engineering Crew
LITTLE, Mr James 49 Engineering Crew
LITTLEJOHN, Mr Alexander James 40 Victualling Crew
LLOYD, Mr Humphrey 41 Victualling Crew
LLOYD, Mr William 29 Engineering Crew
LOCKE, Mr Albert George 33 Victualling Crew
LONG, Mr Frank 31 Engineering Crew
LONG, Mr William 36 Engineering Crew
LONGMUIR, Mr John Dickson 20 Victualling Crew
LOUGHRAN, Mr Joseph 28 Engineering Crew
LOVELL, Mr John 37 Victualling Crew
LOWE, Mr Harold Godfrey 29 Deck Crew
LOWERY, Mr David 28 Engineering Crew
LUCAS, Mr William Arthur 25 Deck Crew
LUCAS, Mr William Watson 31 Victualling Crew
LYDIATT, Mr Charles 45 Victualling Crew
William Lyons 25 Deck Crew n
LYTLE, Mr Thomas 31 Engineering Crew
MABEY, Mr John Charles 23 Victualling Crew
MACKIE, Mr George William 34 Victualling Crew
MACKIE, Mr William Dickson 32 Engineering Crew
MAJOR, Mr Thomas Edgar 36 Victualling Crew
MAJOR, Mr William James 32 Engineering Crew
MANLY, Mr A. 23 Victualling Crew
MANN, Mr Joseph 26 Deck Crew
MANN, Mr Samuel 40 Engineering Crew
MANTLE, Mr Roland Frederick 40 Victualling Crew
John March 50 Victualling Crew y y n
MARETT, Mr George John 26 Engineering Crew
MARKS, Mr James 27 Victualling Crew
MARRIOTT, Mr John William 21 Victualling Crew
MARSDEN, Miss Evelyn 28 Victualling Crew y
Frederick Marsh 39 Engineering Crew n
MARTIN, Miss Mabel Elvina 20 Restaurant Staff
MARTIN, Mr John 33 Engineering Crew
MARTIN, Mrs Annie Martha 39 Victualling Crew
MASKELL, Mr Leopold Adolphus 25 Engineering Crew
MASON, Mr Frank Archibald Robert 32 Engineering Crew
MASON, Mr J. 39 Engineering Crew
MASSEY, Mr James 35 Engineering Crew
MATHERS, Mr John 26 Engineering Crew
MATHERSON, Mr David 33 Deck Crew
MATHIAS, Mr Montague Vincent 29 Deck Crew
MATTMANN, Sig. Adolf 20 Restaurant Staff
Paul Achille Maurice Germain Maugé 25 Restaurant Staff Survivor
MAWHINNEY, Mr John 45 Deck Crew
MAXWELL, Mr John 29 Deck Crew
MAXWELL, Mr William 39 Engineering Crew
MAY, Mr Arthur William 22 Engineering Crew
MAY, Mr Arthur William 59 Engineering Crew
MAYES, Mr William 29 Engineering Crew
MAYNARD, Mr Isaac Hiram 31 Victualling Crew
William Mayo 28 Engineering Crew y n
MAYTUM, Mr Alfred 53 Victualling Crew
Thomas Mayzes 25 Engineering Crew
MCALLISTER, Mr Hugh 34 Engineering Crew
MCALLISTOR, Mr Daniel 29 Engineering Crew
MCANDREW, Mr Thomas Patrick 38 Engineering Crew
MCANDREWS, Mr William 23 Engineering Crew
MCARTHUR, Mr James 29 Engineering Crew
MCBARTY, Mr Thomas Engineering Crew
MCCARRON, Mr David 32 Engineering Crew
MCCARTHY, Mr Frederick James 38 Victualling Crew
MCCARTHY, Mr William 48 Deck Crew y y n
MCCARTNEY, Mr John 49 Deck Crew
MCCASTLIN, Mr William 28 Engineering Crew
MCCAWLEY, Mr Thomas W. 36 Victualling Crew
MCDONALD, Mr Daniel 26 Engineering Crew
MCDONALD, Mr George 30 Engineering Crew
MCELROY, Mr Hugh Walter 37 Victualling Crew
MCENSPIE, Mr James 48 Deck Crew
MCENTEE, Mr Charles 37 Engineering Crew
MCERLINE, Mr John 49 Engineering Crew
MCGANN, Mr James 29 Engineering Crew
MCGARVEY, Mr Edward Joseph 34 Engineering Crew
MCGAW, Mr Erroll Victor 30 Engineering Crew
MCGAW, Mr Samuel 34 Engineering Crew
MCGEE, Mr Patrick 32 Engineering Crew
MCGEE, Mr Samuel 48 Engineering Crew
MCGILL, Mr John 36 Engineering Crew
MCGILL, Mr Thomas 29 Engineering Crew
MCGIVERN, Mr Henry 41 Engineering Crew
MCGIVERN, Mr Thomas 43 Engineering Crew
MCGONAGAL, Mr W. 49 Deck Crew
MCGOUGH, Mr Frank 25 Engineering Crew
MCGOUGH, Mr George Francis 'Paddy' 36 Deck Crew
MCGOWN, Mr Barney 43 Engineering Crew
James McGrady 27 Victualling Crew
MCGREEVY, Mr Richard 26 Engineering Crew
MCGROGAN, Mr John 45 Engineering Crew
MCILROY, Mr Barney 36 Engineering Crew
MCILROY, Mr James 40 Engineering Crew
MCILROY, Mr Robert 26 Engineering Crew
MCILROY, Mr William 40 Engineering Crew
MCILWAINE, Mr James 25 Engineering Crew
MCINERNEY, Mr Thomas 38 Engineering Crew
MCINTOSH, Mr Joseph 48 Deck Crew
MCINTYRE, Mr William 21 Engineering Crew
MCKAY, Mr Charles Donald 30 Victualling Crew
MCKENNA, Mr Barney 24 Engineering Crew
MCKENNA, Mr Patrick 40 Deck Crew
MCKINNEY, Mr Peter 40 Engineering Crew
MCLAREN, Mrs Hypatia 42 Victualling Crew
MCMICKEN, Mr Arthur 26 Victualling Crew
MCMICKEN, Mr Benjamin Tucker 21 Victualling Crew
MCMILLAN, Mr Samuel 29 Engineering Crew
MCMILLAN, Mr William 35 Engineering Crew
MCMILLEN, Mr Thomas 55 Engineering Crew
MCMULLAN, Mr Patrick 30 Engineering Crew
MCMULLAN, Mr William 40 Engineering Crew
MCMULLIN, Mr John Richard 36 Victualling Crew
MCMURRAY, Mr William 44 Victualling Crew
William McQuillan 26 Engineering Crew n
MCRAE, Mr William Alexander 32 Engineering Crew
MCREYNOLDS, Mr William Thomas Carson 22 Engineering Crew
MCTEER, Mr John 38 Engineering Crew
MECHAN, Mr William 38 Engineering Crew
MELLOR, Mr Arthur 34 Victualling Crew
MEWE, Mr W. J. 35 Victualling Crew
MIDDLETON, Mr Alfred Pirrie 27 Engineering Crew
MIDDLETON, Mr Mark Victor 24 Victualling Crew
MILFORD, Mr George 28 Engineering Crew
MILLAR, Mr Robert 26 Engineering Crew
Thomas Millar (1879-1912) 32 Engineering Crew
MILLER, Mr William 32 Engineering Crew (Delivery Trip only)
MILLFORD, Mr Daniel 26 Deck Crew
MILLS, Mr Christopher 51 Victualling Crew
MINTRAM, Mr William 46 Engineering Crew
Abraham Mish'alānī 53 Victualling Crew n
MITCHELL, Mr Lorenzo Horace 19 Engineering Crew
MONRÓS, Sr. Joan Javier 20 Restaurant Staff
MONTEVERDI, Sig. Giovanni 23 Restaurant Staff
James Moody 24 Deck Crew y n
MOORE, Mr Alfred Ernest 38 Victualling Crew
MOORE, Mr George Alfred 32 Deck Crew
MOORE, Mr J. 29 Engineering Crew
MOORE, Mr Ralph 22 Engineering Crew
MOORES, Mr Richard Henry 44 Engineering Crew
MORGAN (BIRD), Mr Charles Frederick 44 Victualling Crew
Arthur Morgan 27 Engineering Crew y y n
MORGAN, Mr Patrick 26 Engineering Crew
MORGAN, Mr Thomas A. 26 Engineering Crew
MORRELL, Mr James 24 Deck Crew
MORRIS, Mr Frank Herbert 28 Victualling Crew
MORRIS, Mr William Edward 23 Engineering Crew
MORRISON, Mr Thomas 26 Engineering Crew
MOSS, Mr William 35 Victualling Crew
MOYES, Mr William Young 24 Engineering Crew
MÜLLER, Mr Ludwig 37 Victualling Crew
MULLHOLLAND, Mr Daniel 48 Engineering Crew
MULLHOLLAND, Mr J. 45 Engineering Crew
MULLIN, Mr Thomas 20 Victualling Crew
William McMaster Murdoch (1873-1912) 39 Deck Crew
MURDOCK, Mr William John 37 Engineering Crew
MURPHY, Mr Thomas 35 Engineering Crew
NANNINI, Sig. Francesco Luigi Arcangelo 42 Restaurant Staff
NEAL, Mr Harold Bentley 25 Victualling Crew
NEILL, Mr Thomas 42 Engineering Crew
NETTLETON, Mr George Walter 30 Engineering Crew
NEWMAN, Mr Charles Thomas 32 Engineering Crew
NICHOLLS, Mr Sidney 39 Victualling Crew
Albert Nichols 47 Deck Crew y n
NICHOLS, Mr Arthur 45 Victualling Crew
NICHOLS, Mr Walter Henry 35 Victualling Crew
NIVEN, Mr John Brown 30 Engineering Crew
NOLAN, Mr Michael 31 Engineering Crew
NOON, Mr John Thomas 42 Engineering Crew
NORRIS, Mr James 22 Engineering Crew
NOSS, Mr Bertram Arthur 20 Engineering Crew
NOSS, Mr Henry 30 Engineering Crew
NUTBEAN, Mr William 30 Engineering Crew
O'CONNOR, Mr John 29 Engineering Crew
O'CONNOR, Mr Thomas Peter 44 Victualling Crew
O'FLANNIGAN, Mr Thomas 39 Engineering Crew
OLIVE, Mr Charles 31 Engineering Crew
OLIVE, Mr Ernest Roskelly 27 Victualling Crew
OLIVER, Mr Harry 41 Engineering Crew
OLLIVER, Mr Alfred John 27 Deck Crew
O'LOUGHLIN, Dr William Francis Norman 63 Deck Crew
ORPET, Mr Walter Hayward 31 Victualling Crew
ORR, Mr James 39 Victualling Crew
OSBORNE, Mr William Edward 33 Victualling Crew
OSMAN, Mr Frank 27 Deck Crew
OTHEN, Mr Charles Alfred 36 Engineering Crew
OWEN, Mr Lewis 49 Victualling Crew
PACEY, Mr Reginald lvan 17 Victualling Crew
Jean Baptiste Stanislas Pachera 19 Restaurant Staff
Richard Paice 32 Engineering Crew
PAINTER, Mr Charles 32 Engineering Crew
PAINTER, Mr Frank 29 Engineering Crew
James Arthur Paintin (1882-1912) 29 Victualling Crew Yes
PALLES, Mr Thomas HenrYesMichael 45 Engineering Crew
PARSONS, Mr Edward 37 Victualling Crew
Frank Alfred Parsons (1885-abt.1912) 26 Engineering Crew Yes
PARSONS, Mr Richard Henry 18 Victualling Crew
PASCOE, Mr Charles Henry 45 Deck Crew
PATON, Mr Matthew 26 Engineering Crew
PEARCE, Mr Alfred Ernest 24 Victualling Crew
PEARCE, Mr John 33 Engineering Crew
PEARCEY, Mr Albert Victor 25 Victualling Crew
PEDRINI, Sig. Alessandro 21 Restaurant Staff
PELHAM, Mr George 39 Engineering Crew
PENNAL, Mr Thomas Frederick Cohen 34 Victualling Crew
PENNEY, Mr Alfred 28 Engineering Crew
PENNY, Mr William Farr 31 Victualling Crew
PENROSE, Mr John Poole 49 Victualling Crew
PERACCHIO, Sig. Alberto 20 Restaurant Staff
PERACCHIO, Sig. Sebastiano 17 Restaurant Staff
PERKINS, Mr Laurence Alexander 22 Victualling Crew
PERKIS, Mr Walter John 37 Deck Crew
PEROTTI, Sig. Alfonso 20 Restaurant Staff
PERREN, Mr William Charles 47 Victualling Crew
PERRITON, Mr Hubert Prouse 32 Victualling Crew
PERRY, Mr Edgar Lionel 19 Engineering Crew
PERRY, Mr HenrYesFrederick 23 Engineering Crew
PETERS, Mr William Chapman 26 Deck Crew
PETTY, Mr Edwin Henry 25 Victualling Crew
PFROPPER, Mr Richard Paul Jozef 30 Victualling Crew
PHILLIMORE, Mr Harold Charles William 23 Victualling Crew
PHILLIPS, Mr George 27 Engineering Crew
PHILLIPS, Mr James 27 Engineering Crew
John Phillips 25 Victualling Crew y n
PHILLIPS, Mr Walter John 37 Restaurant Staff
PHILLIPS, Mr William 26 Engineering Crew
PIATTI, Sig. Louis 17 Restaurant Staff
Pompeo Piazza 33 Restaurant Staff n
PIDGEON, Mr William 39 Engineering Crew
PIERCE, Mr Robert 40 Engineering Crew
PITFIELD, Mr William James 25 Engineering Crew
PITMAN, Mr Herbert John 34 Deck Crew
PLATT, Mr Wilfred George 18 Victualling Crew
PODESTA, Mr Alfred John Alexander 24 Engineering Crew
POGGI, Sig. Emilio 28 Restaurant Staff
POINGDESTRE, Mr John Thomas 27 Deck Crew
POND, Mr George 32 Engineering Crew
POOK, Mr PercYesRobert 36 Victualling Crew
PORT, Mr Frank 22 Victualling Crew
PORTEUS, Mr Thomas Henry 33 Victualling Crew
PRANGNELL, Mr George Alexander 30 Engineering Crew
PRENTICE, Mr Frank Winnold 23 Victualling Crew
PRESTON, Mr Thomas Charles Alfred 20 Engineering Crew
PRICE, Mr Ernest Cyril 17 Restaurant Staff
PRICHARD, Mrs Alice Maud 36 Victualling Crew
PRIDEAUX, Mr John Arthur (Jack) 23 Victualling Crew
PRIEST, Mr Arthur John 24 Engineering Crew Survivor
PRIOR, Mr Harold John Arnold 20 Victualling Crew
PROCTOR, Mr Charles 45 Victualling Crew
PROUDFOOT, Mr Richard Royston 21 Engineering Crew
PRYCE, Mr Charles William 22 Victualling Crew
PUGH, Mr Alfred 20 Victualling Crew
PUGH, Mr Arthur Percy 31 Engineering Crew
PUSEY, Mr William Robert Holland 22 Engineering Crew
PUZEY, Mr John Edward 44 Victualling Crew
QUINN, Mr John 36 Engineering Crew
RANDALL, Mr Frank Henry 29 Victualling Crew
RANGER, Mr Thomas 29 Engineering Crew
RANSOM, Mr James Augustus 50 Victualling Crew
RATTENBURY, Mr William Henry 38 Victualling Crew
RATTI, Sig. Enrico 21 Restaurant Staff
RAY, Mr Frederick Dent 32 Victualling Crew
READ, Mr Joseph 20 Engineering Crew
REED, Mr Thomas Charles Prowse 54 Victualling Crew
REEVES, Mr Frederick Simms 34 Engineering Crew
REEVES, Mr Frederick Vernon Hilton 20 Victualling Crew
REID, Mr James 36 Engineering Crew
Robert Reid 31 Engineering Crew Yes Yes
RENTOWL, Mr Philip Charles Thomas 26 Engineering Crew
William Revell 31 Victualling Crew y n
RICALDONE, Sig. Rinaldo Renato 22 Restaurant Staff
RICE, Mr Charles John 32 Engineering Crew
RICE, Mr John Reginald 25 Victualling Crew
RICE, Mr Percy 19 Victualling Crew
RICHARD, Mr McMullan 23 Engineering Crew
RICHARDS, Mr Joseph James 30 Engineering Crew
RICKMAN, Mr George Albert 36 Engineering Crew
Cyril Ricks 22 Victualling Crew y n
RIDOUT, Mr Walter George 29 Victualling Crew
RIGOZZI, Mr Abele 22 Restaurant Staff
RIMMER, Mr Gilbert 29 Victualling Crew
George Edward Roberton 19 Victualling Crew Yes Yes Yes
Frank Roberts 36 Victualling Crew y n
ROBERTS, Mr Hugh H. 41 Victualling Crew
ROBERTS, Mr Robert George 35 Engineering Crew
ROBERTS, Mrs Mary Kezia 41 Victualling Crew
ROBINSON, Mr James William 30 Victualling Crew
ROBINSON, Mr Samuel 43 Deck Crew
ROBINSON, Mr Thomas 30 Engineering Crew
ROBINSON, Mrs Annie 47 Victualling Crew
ROGAN, Mr Patrick 43 Engineering Crew
Edward Rogers 31 Victualling Crew n
ROGERS, Mr Michael Joseph 26 Victualling Crew
ROSS, Mr Horace Leopold 36 Victualling Crew y y y
ROTTA, Sig. Angelo Mario 23 Restaurant Staff
ROUS, Mr Arthur John 26 Engineering Crew
Pierre Rousseau 48 Restaurant Staff
ROWE, Mr Edgar Maurice 31 Victualling Crew
ROWE, Mr George Thomas 31 Deck Crew
RUDD, Mr Henry 24 Engineering Crew
RULE, Mr Samuel James 58 Victualling Crew
RUSSELL, Mr Boysie Richard 17 Victualling Crew
RUTTER, Mr SidneYesFrank 26 Engineering Crew
RYAN, Mr Thomas 28 Victualling Crew
RYERSON, Mr William Edwy 33 Victualling Crew
SACCAGGI, Sig. Giovanni Giuseppe Emilio 24 Restaurant Staff
SALUSSOLIA, Sig. Govanni 25 Restaurant Staff
SAMUEL, Mr Owen Wilmore 47 Victualling Crew
SANGSTER, Mr Charles Edward 30 Engineering Crew
SARTORI, Sig. Lazar 24 Restaurant Staff
SAUNDERS, Mr F. 22 Engineering Crew
SAUNDERS, Mr Walter Ernest 25 Engineering Crew
SAUNDERS, Mr William Ernest 32 Victualling Crew
SAUNDERS, Mr William Henry 31 Engineering Crew
SAVAGE, Mr Charles James 23 Victualling Crew
SAWYER, Mr Robert James 31 Deck Crew
SCARROTT, Mr Joseph George 33 Deck Crew
SCAVINO, Sig. Candido 42 Restaurant Staff
SCOTT, Mr Archibald 42 Engineering Crew
SCOTT, Mr Frederick William 28 Engineering Crew
SCOTT, Mr John 20 Victualling Crew
SCOVELL, Mr Robert 55 Victualling Crew
SEDUNARY, Mr Samuel Francis 25 Victualling Crew
SELF, Mr Albert Charles Edward 24 Engineering Crew
SELF, Mr Alfred Henry 39 Engineering Crew
SENIOR, Mr Harry 31 Engineering Crew
SESIA, Sig. Giacomo 24 Restaurant Staff
SEWARD, Mr Wilfred Deable 25 Victualling Crew
SHANNON, Mr David 30 Engineering Crew
SHAW, Mr Andrew 37 Engineering Crew
SHAW, Mr Henry 41 Victualling Crew
SHAW, Mr James 40 Engineering Crew
SHEA, Mr John Joseph 40 Victualling Crew
SHEA, Mr Thomas 32 Engineering Crew
SHEATH, Mr Frederick 20 Engineering Crew
Jonathan Shepherd 32 Engineering Crew
SHIERS, Mr Alfred Charles 25 Engineering Crew
Charles Shillabeer 19 Engineering Crew y n
SHULVER, Mr Christopher Arthur 28 Engineering Crew
Sidney Siebert 29 Victualling Crew
SIMMONS, Mr Andrew George James 31 Victualling Crew
SIMMONS, Mr Frederick Charles 24 Victualling Crew
SIMMONS, Mr William Simon C. 37 Victualling Crew
SIMMS, Mr William 38 Engineering Crew
SIMPSON, Dr John Edward 37 Deck Crew
SIMS, Mr W. 30 Engineering Crew
SIVIER, Mr William 23 Victualling Crew
SKEATES, Mr William 23 Engineering Crew
Edward Skinner 41 Victualling Crew
SLADE, Mr Alfred Edward 25 Engineering Crew
SLADE, Mr Bertram 28 Engineering Crew
SLADE, Mr Thomas 28 Engineering Crew
SLIGHT, Mr HarrYesJohn 33 Victualling Crew
SLIGHT, Mr William HenrYesJames 36 Victualling Crew
SLOAN, Miss Mary Jane 45 Victualling Crew
SLOAN, Mr Peter 31 Engineering Crew
SLOAN, Mr Thomas Deck Crew
SLOCOMBE, Mrs Maude Louise 30 Victualling Crew
SMALL, Mr William McMillan 42 Engineering Crew
SMILLIE, Mr John Downing 28 Victualling Crew
Captain Edward John Smith 62 Deck Crew y n
SMITH, Miss Kate Elizabeth 44 Victualling Crew
SMITH, Mr Charles Edwin 39 Victualling Crew
SMITH, Mr Charles HenrYesJames 38 Victualling Crew
SMITH, Mr Ernest George 27 Engineering Crew
SMITH, Mr James Muil 39 Engineering Crew
SMITH, Mr James William 24 Victualling Crew
SMITH, Mr John Richard Jago 35 Victualling Crew
SMITH, Mr Joseph 25 Engineering Crew
SMITH, Mr Reginald George 33 Victualling Crew
SMITH, Mr Walter 44 Deck Crew
SMITH, Mr William 26 Deck Crew
SMITHER, Mr HarrYesJames 22 Engineering Crew
SMYTH, Mr John 33 Engineering Crew
SNAPE, Mrs LucYesViolet 22 Victualling Crew
SNELLGROVE, Mr George 41 Engineering Crew
SNOOK, Mr William Henry 25 Engineering Crew
SNOW, Mr Eustace Philip 21 Engineering Crew
SPARKMAN, Mr HenrYesWilliam 36 Engineering Crew
STAGG, Mr John Henry 38 Victualling Crew
STANBROOK, Mr Augustus George 31 Engineering Crew
STAP, Miss Sarah Agnes 47 Victualling Crew
STARKEY, Mr Henry 46 Deck Crew
STEBBINGS, Mr SydneYesFrederick 36 Victualling Crew
STEEL, Mr Robert Edward 30 Engineering Crew
STEVENSON, Mr Andrew 28 Engineering Crew
STEVENSON, Mr James 40 Engineering Crew
STEVENSON, Mr John 49 Engineering Crew
STEWART, Mr John 30 Engineering Crew
STEWART, Mr John 28 Victualling Crew
STEWART, Mr Matthew 25 Engineering Crew
STOCKER, Mr HenrYesDorey 20 Engineering Crew
STONE, Mr Edmund 33 Victualling Crew
STONE, Mr Edward Thomas 29 Victualling Crew
STRANGE, Mr Samuel 38 Engineering Crew
STREET, Mr Thomas Albert 25 Engineering Crew
STROUD, Mr Edward Alfred Orlando 19 Victualling Crew
STROUD, Mr HarrYesJohn 35 Victualling Crew
STRUGNELL, Mr John Herbert 34 Victualling Crew
STUBBINGS, Mr HarrYesRobert 31 Victualling Crew
James Henry Stubbs (abt.1883-1912) 28 Engineering Crew
SWAN, Mr William 48 Victualling Crew
SWARBRICK, Mr Joseph 22 Engineering Crew
SWARBRICK, Mr William J. 24 Engineering Crew
SYMONDS, Mr John Crane 44 Victualling Crew
SYMONS, Mr George Thomas Macdonald 24 Deck Crew
TAGGART, Mr William 23 Engineering Crew
TALBOT, Mr George Frederick Charles 20 Victualling Crew Yes
Frederick Tamlyn 23 Deck Crew y n
TAYLOR, Mr Bernard Cuthbert 22 Victualling Crew
TAYLOR, Mr Charles William Frederick 40 Deck Crew
TAYLOR, Mr George 23 Engineering Crew
TAYLOR, Mr J. 42 Engineering Crew
TAYLOR, Mr John Henry 49 Engineering Crew
TAYLOR, Mr Leonard 19 Victualling Crew
TAYLOR, Mr William Henry 28 Engineering Crew
TAYLOR, Mr William John 31 Victualling Crew
TERRELL, Mr Bertram 19 Deck Crew
TERRILL, Mr Frank 27 Victualling Crew
TESTONI, Sig. Ercole 23 Restaurant Staff
TEUTON, Mr Thomas Moore 35 Victualling Crew
THALER, Mr Montague Donald 17 Victualling Crew
THEISSINGER, Mr Alfred 46 Victualling Crew
THOMAS, Mr Albert Charles 23 Victualling Crew
THOMAS, Mr Benjamin James 30 Victualling Crew
THOMAS, Mr John 25 Deck Crew
THOMAS, Mr Joseph Wakefield 23 Engineering Crew
THOMAS, Mr William 49 Deck Crew
THOMPSON, Mr Herbert Henry 25 Victualling Crew
THOMPSON, Mr John William 36 Engineering Crew
THORLEY, Mr William Gordon 41 Victualling Crew
THORN, Mr Harry 25 Victualling Crew
THRELFALL, Mr Thomas 44 Engineering Crew
THRESHER, Mr George Terrill 25 Engineering Crew
TIETZ, Sig. Carlo/Karl 27 Restaurant Staff
TINSLEY, Mr Thomas 40 Engineering Crew
TIZARD, Mr Arthur Leopold 31 Engineering Crew
TOMS, Mr Fred 29 Victualling Crew
TOPP, Mr Thomas 28 Victualling Crew
TOSHACK, Mr James Adamson 30 Victualling Crew
TOZER, Mr James 32 Engineering Crew
TRIGGS, Mr Robert 41 Engineering Crew
TURLEY, Mr Richard 37 Engineering Crew
TURNER, Mr George Frederick 42 Victualling Crew
TURNER, Mr Leopold Olerenshaw 28 Victualling Crew
Charles Turvey 17 Restaurant Staff y y n
Roberto Urbini 20 Restaurant Staff no
VALLER, Mr Arthur 25 Engineering Crew
VALVASSORI, Sig. Ettore Luigi 35 Restaurant Staff
VAN DER BRUGGE, Mr Wessel Adrianus 38 Engineering Crew
VEAL, Mr Arthur 36 Engineering Crew
VEAL, Mr Thomas Henry Edom 38 Victualling Crew
VEAR, Mr Henry 33 Engineering Crew
VEAR, Mr William 34 Engineering Crew
Alphonse Jean Eugene Vicat 21 Restaurant Staff
VIGOTT, Mr Philip Francis 32 Deck Crew
Pierre Léon Gabriel Villvarlange 19 Restaurant Staff
VINE, Mr Herbert Thomas Gordon 17 Restaurant Staff
VIONI, Sig. Roberto 25 Restaurant Staff
VÖGELIN-DUBACH, Sig. Johannes 35 Restaurant Staff
WAKE, Mr Percy 37 Victualling Crew
WALKER, Mr Robert 43 Engineering Crew
WALLACE, Mr Robert 26 Engineering Crew
WALLIS, Mrs Catherine Jane 36 Victualling Crew
WALLS, Mr James 32 Engineering Crew
WALPOLE, Mr James 48 Victualling Crew
WALSH, Miss Catherine 42 Victualling Crew
Bob Ward 23 Engineering Crew y n
WARD, Mr Edward Bryon 34 Victualling Crew
WARD, Mr James William 31 Engineering Crew
WARD, Mr PercYesThomas 40 Victualling Crew
WARD, Mr William 24 Engineering Crew
WARD, Mr William 37 Victualling Crew
WARDNER, Mr Fred Albert 40 Engineering Crew
Robert Arthur Wareham (1874-1912) 37 Victualling Crew n
WARWICK, Mr Tom 25 Victualling Crew
WATERIDGE, Mr Edward Lewis 26 Engineering Crew
WATSON, Mr William 27 Engineering Crew y n
William Watson 14 Victualling Crew
WAUGH, Mr James 26 Engineering Crew
WEATHERSTON, Mr Thomas Herbert 25 Victualling Crew
WEBB, Mr Brook Holding 50 Victualling Crew
WEBB, Mr Samuel Francis 28 Engineering Crew
WEBBER, Mr Francis Albert 30 Engineering Crew
WEIKMAN, Mr Augustus Henry 52 Victualling Crew
WELCH, Mr William Harold 21 Victualling Crew
WELLER, Mr William Clifford 30 Deck Crew
WELSH, Mr Patrick 50 Engineering Crew
WHEAT, Mr Joseph Thomas 30 Victualling Crew
WHEELTON, Mr Edenser Edward 28 Victualling Crew
WHINNERY, Mr Hugh 41 Engineering Crew
WHITE, Mr Albert 17 Engineering Crew
WHITE, Mr Alfred 32 Engineering Crew
WHITE, Mr Arthur 37 Victualling Crew
Edward White 27 Victualling Crew n
WHITE, Mr Frank Leonard 27 Engineering Crew
Leonard White 32 Victualling Crew n
WHITE, Mr William George 23 Engineering Crew
WHITELEY, Mr Thomas Arthur 18 Victualling Crew
WHITFORD, Mr Alfred Henry 39 Victualling Crew
WIDGERY, Mr Isaac George 37 Victualling Crew
Henry Wilde 39 Deck Crew
WILLIAMS, Mr Arthur John 42 Victualling Crew
WILLIAMS, Mr Samuel Solomon 28 Engineering Crew
WILLIAMS, Mr Walter John 28 Victualling Crew
WILLIAMSON, Mr James Bertram 35 Victualling Crew
WILLIS, Mr William 59 Victualling Crew
WILLSHER, Mr William Aubrey 33 Victualling Crew
Bertie Wilson 28 Engineering Crew y n
WILTON, Mr William Edward 53 Engineering Crew
WINDEBANK, Mr Alfred Edgar 38 Victualling Crew
WINSER, Mr Rowland 36 Victualling Crew
WITCHER, Mr Albert Ernest 39 Engineering Crew
WITT, Mr HenrYesDennis 37 Engineering Crew
WITTER, Mr James William Cheetham 31 Victualling Crew
WITTMAN, Mr Henry 38 Victualling Crew
WITTS, Mr William Francis 35 Engineering Crew
WOOD, Mr Henry 31 Engineering Crew
WOOD, Mr James Thomas 49 Victualling Crew
Frederick Woodward 40 Engineering Crew n
WOODMEY, Mr Robert 41 Engineering Crew
WOODS, Mr Hugh 28 Engineering Crew
WOODY, Oscar Scott Woody 41 Victualling Crew
WORMALD, Mr HenrYesFrederick Charles 45 Victualling Crew
WORTHMAN, Mr William Henry 37 Engineering Crew
WRAPSON, Mr Frederick Bernard 18 Victualling Crew
WRIGHT, Mr Frederick 24 Victualling Crew
WRIGHT, Mr William 47 Victualling Crew Yes Survivor
WYETH, Mr James Robert 25 Engineering Crew
WYNN, Mr William 41 Deck Crew
Harry Yearsley 40 Victualling Crew y
Francis Young 32 Engineering Crew Yes Yes Yes
Minio Zanetti 20 Restaurant Staff n
L Zarracchi 26 Restaurant Staff n

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Herbert James Haddock was the captain who brought the Titanic to Southampton. I have a blog post about this and he is on Wikipedia.
posted by Hilary (Buckle) Gadsby

Categories: Crew of the Titanic