Crippens in Vermillion IN and Vermilion IL Counties

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The goal of this project is to research the Crippens who lived in the mid-19th century in Vermillion County, Indiana and the adjacent Vermilion County, Illinois, with an eye to determining their ancestors. This page collects related sources, conjectures, records for all the known family members. Note the slight difference in spelling of the two counties.

Right now this project just has two members: A. Hayes and Eric Weddington

Here are some of the tasks that I think need to be done. I'll be working on them, and could use your help.

  • Road trips to WI and maybe Vermillion/Vermilion area

Will you join me? Please post a comment here on this page, in G2G using the project tag, or send me a private message. Thanks!

Background & Crippen Family Members

This project started as independent Crippen family brick walls researched by A. Hayes and Eric Weddington. These brick walls went back to the area of Vermilion County, Illinois and to the adjacent, and nearly identically named, Vermillion County, Indiana. Were these Crippen family members from two family trees, part of the same family? The research outlined here (done by A. Hayes) points to a connection of the families. Research is being done to go further back on the Crippen family line. The eventual goal is to see if it can be connected to the larger Crippen family in the United States. See more at the Crippen Name Study.

Currently the matriarch of this family is Catherine Ruth (Cline) Crippen. Her husband, with the last name Crippen, is currently unknown. But research shown here is narrowing down the possibilities. See Catherine (Cline) Crippen's descendants for the family structure.

Vermillion County, Indiana, is a long narrow county that runs along part of the Indiana / Illinois border. It was founded in 1824 out of part of Parke County.[1] Parke and Fountain Counties, Indiana, lie to the East; Vermilion and Edgar Counties, Illinois, lie to the West. As the Crippens were located in Highland Township, Vermillion, Indiana, the next nearest county was Vermilion, Illinois. Starting with the 1840 United States Census, various Crippen family members lived in this area. They were all, except for the mother, Catherine, born in Ohio.

Crippens in Vermillion, Indiana or Vermilion, Illinois:

  • Catherine Ruth (Cline) Crippen, born in Maryland abt. 1785, died after 1850, probably in Vermilion, Illinois. FSFTID: LRSL-9LF
  • Peter Crippen , born in Ohio abt. 1810 , died in Vermillion, Indiana 1889. FSFTID: L6JD-Q97
  • Joseph Crippen, born in Ohio [2] between 1800 and 1812, died between 1860 and 1870, probably in Vermillion, Indiana. FSFTID: KZF3-5FS.
  • Samuel Crippen born in Ohio abt. 1811, died after 1870, probably in Vermillion, Indiana. FSFTID: LRSL-9LF
  • James Crippen, born in Ohio abt. 1813, died after 1850, possibly in Vermilion, Illinois. FSFTID: GMGW-5KC
  • Noah Crippen, born in Ohio abt. 1813, died after 1872, probably in Vermillion, Indiana
  • Jacob Crippen, born in Ohio abt. 1825, died after 1860, probably in Vermillion, Indiana. FSFTID: GMGW-RGQ
  • Jesse Crippen, born in Ohio abt. 1826, died after 1876, probably in Missouri. FSFTID: GMGW-TRK.
  • Josiah Crippen, born in Ohio abt. 1826, died after 1850, possibly in Vermilion, Illinois. FSFTID: GMGW-TRK
  • Margaret Lavina Crippen, later Weir, born in Ohio 1827, died 1910 in Vermillion, Indiana. FSFTID: L8BZ-6W4
  • Possibly another daughter. Her presence is suggested in the 1840 US Census Record. Unsourced family trees suggest her name was Catherine.



Catherine Cripon
her age between 50-60 (born between 1780-1790)
0003200000000 (3 males between 15-20; 2 males between 20-30)
0020000100000 (2 females between 10-15; one female between 50-60)
number of insane and idiots at private charge: 4 (see image 10)
1848 entry in Miami Township, Greene County, Ohio, United States
reference to purchase by Joseph Crippen from Burton(?) Ehler;
1849 entry in Miami Township, Greene County, Ohio, United States
Taxpayer: Joseph Crippen; property in N Corner


Jesse Crippen, age 33 [could be 23]; Farmer, born in Ohio; value of real estate owned: None
Sarah Ann Crippen, age 17, born “
Ruth/n or Kath/n, age 65, born in Maryland
Sam’l, age 39, farmer, born in Ohio, Idiot
James, age 37, "" (farmer, born in Ohio, idiot)
Jacob, age 25, "" (farmer, born in Ohio, idiot)
Josiah, age 23, "" (farmer, born in Ohio, idiot)
Ruth/Kath'n, James and Josiah Crippen are never seen again. There is a James Crippen, born 1823 in Ohio in [United States Census, 1860 (Peoria, Illinois), but he is married and a Miller by occupation -- I am doubtful that someone considered 'idiotic' in 1840 and 1850 would be able to pull together the capital to own a mill by 1860. The same goes for Jas. Crippen, born 1825 in Ohio, occupation: Merchant; who appears in United States Census, 1860 (Pulaski, Illinois)
Joseph Crippin Male 38 Ohio
Elizabeth Crippin Female 34 Ohio
Mary Crippin Female 13 Ohio
Sarah Crippin Female 11 Ohio
Catharine Crippin Female 9 Ohio
Robert Crippin Male 7 Ohio
Aaron Crippin Male 5 Ohio
1850 entry in Miami Township, Greene County, Ohio, United States
reference to sale by Joseph Crippen to George Allen
Peter Crippins Male 40 Ohio
Sarah Crippins Female 17 Illinois
Isabella Crippins Female 0 Indiana
Noah Crippen Male 37 Ohio
Sarah Crippen Female 27 Indiana
Sarah C Crippen Female 6 Indiana
William S Crippen Male 4 Indiana
Joseph R Crippen Male 0 Indiana
Living just next door were Jacob Weir and Lavina Crippen Weir


Joseph Crippen Male 60 Indiana
Elizabeth Crippen Female 44 Ohio
Sarah Crippen Female 21 Ohio
Catharine Crippen Female 19 Ohio
Robert Crippen Male 17 Ohio
Aaron Crippen Male 14 Ohio
Ann E Crippen Female 12 Ohio
Peter Crippen Male 53 Ohio
Sarah A Crippen Female 27 Indiana
Charles Crippen Male 7 Indiana
Barbara Crippen Female 4 Indiana
Rebecca Crippen Female 2 Indiana
Jacob Crippen Male 33 Ohio, 'idiot'
Next door to the Noah Crippen household. Two households away is the Jacob Weir household.
Noah Crippen Male 43 Ohio
Sarah Crippen Female 37 Indiana
Catharine Crippen Female 15 Indiana
William Crippen Male 14 Indiana
Resin J Crippen Male 9 Indiana ("Joseph R." in 1850)
Elizabeth Crippen Female 5 Indiana
Jessee Crippen Male 34 Ind
Sarah Crippen Female 23 Ind
Sarah Crippen Female 8 Ind
James Crippen Male 5 Ind
Joseph Crippen Male 5 Ind
Elizabeth Crippen Female 1 Ind
Jacob Weir Male 33 Pennsylvania
Levina Weir Female 31 Ohio
William H Weir Male 9 Indiana
John Weir Male 7 Indiana
Susan Weir Female 12 Indiana (gave surname as "Crippin" for marriage record)
Caroline Weir Female 5 Indiana
James M Weir Male 3 Indiana
Rebecca Weir Female 1 Indiana
  • Jesse Crippen registers for the Civil War Draft in Georgetown, Vermilion, Illinois, June, 1863 Ancestry Record 1666 #4099462. He is a 32 year old farmer, born in Ohio

1870s and beyond

  • United States Census, 1870 (Highland, Vermillion, Indiana): Samuel Crippen, age 70 (1800), born in Ohio, 'idiot' in household of Jacob and Lavina (Crippen) Weir. Margaret Lavina lived to 1910. Her death record states that her father's surname was Crippen and her mother's surname was Clines.
  • Noah Crippen remarried in 1866 after the death of Sarah Weer Crippen. He was a property owner in Vermillion, Indiana as of 1872, and afterwards disappears from view
  • Peter Crippen & his family were living next door to the Jacob and Margaret Lavina Crippen Weir in 1870. Peter died in Highland Township, Vermillion, Indiana in 1889. His will is in the Indiana Wills and Probate Records, 1798-1999 database Image

There is not agreement on what happened to Jesse Crippen. He disappears from Vermilion County, Illinois, after the 1865 Illinois State Census. This record United States Census, 1870 (Prairie Township, McDonald County, Missouri) shows a very similar looking man with a wife named Sarah, both born in Ohio, with twin sons of the same age as Joseph and James in the 1860 Census. BUT the names are very different and the children don't map perfectly.

Paternal Line: Crippen / Crippin

Who is the father of this Crippen family? We know that all the Crippens above, other than the materfamilias Catherine (Cline) Crippen, were born in Ohio. In order to discover who the father might be, we need to set some criteria for possible matches. We need to find a family in 1830 with:

  • A father with a Crippen / Crippin / Crepon / Grippen last name. Even Griffin if other points match.
  • If a father does not exist, then the household head should be Catherine Ruth Crippen/Crepon/Grippen (Criffen or Griffen also a possibility)
  • A mother, Catherine (Cline) Crippen, born about 1785 (40-49 years old in 1830).
  • An Ohio residence in 1830
  • Not in Ohio in 1840, because Catherine had moved to Indiana, living with some of her children.
  • At least 5 sons. Sons might get miscounted, or ages shift, but we should expect to see a fair number of boys. Ideally:
    • 2 will be under age 5 (Jesse and Josiah)
    • 1 of whom should be between 5-9 (Jacob)
    • 1 of whom should be 10-14 (James)
    • 1 of whom should be 15-19 (Samuel)
  • Probably 1 daughter
    • who should be under 5 (Margaret Lavina)
  • Possibly
    • 2 or 3 more sons around age 20 (either 15-19 or 20-29). these would be Peter, Noah, and (maybe?) Joseph Crippen
    • the other 15-20 year old Female in the 1840 census would also be under 5 as of 1830 and may be listed.

While census ages can slip around, the head count should be at least 8, and possibly more, with a number of young sons.

Candidates Considered and Ruled Out

The following census households in the 1830 Ohio census have been ruled out for not having enough sons:

  • Stephen Crippen of Oxford, Huron County, Ohio (2 boys)
  • Samuel Crippen of Perry, Muskingum County, Ohio [2] had only 2 sons
  • James Grippen of Millcreek, Hamilton County, Ohio (only 1 male under 20)
  • Jacob Crippen of Union, Ross County, Ohio (2 boys)
  • Abel Crispan of Knox, Columbiana County, Ohio (no young sons)
  • Joseph Crippen [3] of Sharon, Franklin County, Ohio (no children).

Another option is Amos Crippen of Athens, Athens, Ohio and his large family -- 2 boys 5-9 and 4 boys 15-19 as of 1830. BUT only 2 boys are under age 15 AND he is living there in Athens Ohio in 1840, with fewer children (some have presumably grown up and moved out of the house). Amos stays put in Athens County, where the 1850 census shows a wife named Amelia Stedman. He died there abt. 1856.

There are family trees that posit Jesse Crippen, b. 1778 in Sharon CT, d. 1878 in Green {sic}, Ohio as the father. The photograph used is from the Find A Grave memorial for Jesse Grippen, 1778-1868. Jesse Grippen died in Hillsdale County, Michigan, was married to a woman Rachel, and had children who don't overlap with the Vermillion/Vermilion Crippens. In addition, he was living in NY as of the 1850 Census, while his purported wife was in Indiana. This makes no sense. & seems like an illogical attempt to connect the family tree with Thankful Fuller Crippen.

Looking for Jesse Crippen in Ohio, I found Jesse Crippen in Cincinnati, Hamilton Ohio in 1820 Ancestry Record 7734 #44879. BUT this individual also seems to living in Cincinnati in 1850 and 1860 Ancestry Record 7667 #43760353

Another family tree approach is to assume that the elderly Samuel Crippen living with Margaret Lavina Crippen Weir in the 1870 Census was her father. But he is marked as an 'idiot' and is probably the same person living in Jesse Crippen's household in 1850, just with poor info as to his actual age.

Narrowing Down the Case

Below is a list of possibilities found in Ohio:

  1. Athens, Athens County, Ohio: Amos Crippen [4]. Man age 26-45, 3 young sons, one 16-26; 2 daughters under 10, wife 26-45
  2. Rome township, Athens County, Ohio: James Crippen [5], 1 man 26-45, 3 boys under 10, 2 boys 10-16, one female each in the -10,10-16,16-26, 26-45 category, But he dies in Rome Township abt. 1856.
  3. Rome township, Athens County, Ohio: Thaddeus Crippen [6], 1 man 26-45, 1 boy under 10, 1 girl under 10, woman 16-26. By 1830 [7], he had moved to Bern, Athens, OH and had 1 son under 1 and one 10-15
  4. Lee, Athens County, Ohio: Caney (Corney?) Crippen [8] 1 man 26-45, 3 boys under 10, 1 woman 26-45
  5. Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio: Jesse Crippen [9]; 3 boys under 10, 1 10-16, 1 man 26-45; 1 girl under 10, 1 woman 16-26
  6. Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio: William Crippen in 1820 [10], 1 man 26-45, 3 sons under 16, 3 girls under 6, one woman 16-26. In 1830 [11], William, age 50-60 had 1 son 5-10, 1 10-15, 1 25-20, 3 daughters, and a wife age 40-50
  7. Oxford, Huron County, Ohio: Stephen Crippen Oldest male over 45, 5 sons; 1 16-26 female, 1 woman +45.
  8. Oxford, Huron County, Ohio: Stephen Crippen Jr [12]. He is the son of Stephen Crippen above.
  9. Twin Township, Preble County: David Gripson [13]; 1 man 26-45, 4 boys under 10; 2 girls under 10

The Crippens of Huron county in northern Ohio are pretty well documented and not a match. They are descended from the New England -> NY family.

The Crippens of Cincinnati also need to be looked at.

Better options are the Crippens in Athens County in southeastern Ohio. In the list above, Amos Crippen was already ruled out, and we find that James Crippen and Thaddeus Crippen are his brothers. More of this family is discussed further below.

Possible Candidate: Joseph Crippen / Beavercreek Township, Greene County, Ohio

The best option is Joseph Crippen, born 1780-1790, who,

(a) had lots of sons in 1830,
(b) had a wife of the correct age, and
(c) does not seem to be living in Ohio (or elsewhere) as of the 1840 US Census.

Here we have Joseph Crippen in the 1830 US Census:

Free White Persons - Males - Under 5: 2, Free White Persons - Males - 5 thru 9: 2; Free White Persons - Males - 10 thru 14: 2; Free White Persons - Males - 15 thru 19: 2; Free White Persons - Males - 40 thru 49: 1; Free White Persons - Females - Under 5: 2; Free White Persons - Females - 15 thru 19: 1; Free White Persons - Females - 40 thru 49: 1; Free White Persons - Under 20: 11; Free White Persons - 20 thru 49: 2; Total Free White Persons: 13; Total - All Persons (Free White, Slaves, Free Colored): 13

What about 1820? Our info is that the Catherine Crippen and her mysterious husband were having children in Ohio starting about 1810. But of course there are no Joseph Crippens or Crippens living in Greene County.

Arguments for:

  • Joseph Crippen's 1830 Census record matches what we know of the Crippens in Indiana / Illinois
  • There are Clines in Greene County, Ohio; in fact there is a Cline family Cemetery
  • Peter Crippen is on the tax rolls in Beavercreek Township 1839-1841
  • In 1834, Joseph Crippen (Jr.) marries Elizabeth Mansur in Greene County. Later, Joseph and Elizabeth were living first in Ohio in 1850, then in Vermillion County, Indiana in 1860.

There is no Joseph Crippen (or variants) in Beavercreek Township in the 1820 Census, unless it is the "Joseph Climer," who had a large family. See Image.

Beavercreek lies just slightly to the west of the 1790 Virginia Military District, and within the "Land Between the Miami's". There is a lot of useful history in The Little Miami: Wild & Scenic River Ecology and History" [3]

Crippin's patent in Virginia Military District: Patent information from General Land Office Records, Bureau of Land Management [14] Document 5179; land office: Ohio; remarks: Mwn 5284 Patent, “in consideration of military service performed by John Nicholas (an Ensign for three years) and William Crippin (a private for three years) … there is granted by the United States unto James Galloway junior-- “-- certain tract of land, containing three hundred forty six and two thirds acres situate between the little Miami and Sciota Rivers, north-west of the River Ohio, as by survey (dated 7 June 1808), described as 346 2/3 acres on two Military Warrants to wit: On part of No 5179 and on 5284 whose rights have been severally assigned to the said James Galloway junior. On Todd’s fork… (handwritten note) “John Nicholas and William Crippins were originally entitled to the bounty land granted by the within patent to James Galloway jun’r, who claims under the said Nicholas & Crippin. War Office 4 Feb 1809/ H Dearborn, Secy of War.” Checked DAR's genealogy database [15] for William Crippin of VA - not in there. But see Revolutionary Soldiers of Virginia: Supplement, Report of the State Librarian. Available at GoogleBooks [16]. Page 80; Crippen, William (9 V.R.), W.D. 194,1. Also listed are two John Crippen’s, one of Rev. Army v. 4,10 and one o (9 V.R.), W.D. 194,1.

Another way to research this is from the top down. Where could a Joseph Crippen have come from around that same time period? It is a tempting possibility that Joseph Crippen was a son of Hosea Crippen and Comfort (Hatch) Crippen. Hosea Crippen died in 1801 in Washington County, New York. His widow and children went west:

The "Widow Crippen" arrived in Rome Township, Athens, Ohio, with six sons and three daughters.[4](emphasis added).

The known sons were: Martin, James, Amos, and Thaddeus. The known daughters were: Olive or Olivia, Priscilla and Orinda. See the descendant list of Hosea and Comfort (Hatch) Crippen.

Could they also have had a son named Joseph? Hosea's father is named Joseph Crippen. Hosea also had a brother named Joseph Crippen. So it is a possibility that they kept the name in the family.

In this family, both James and Thaddeus were known to have enlisted for the War of 1812. Below are service records for a Joseph Crippin, from Ohio, in the War of 1812. Could this perhaps belong to the same family?

Possible Candidate: Chauncy Crippen

Cheney or Chancy Crippen, born 1780-1790 is the other possibility. Again, he has the required 5 young sons and does not appear to be living in Ohio in 1840. There are Chancy/Chauncy Crippens elsewhere, but they all seem to have been born after 1800. Possibly a family name? However, there are no young daughters, no older sons (Peter, Noah, Joseph) and the wife was born 1790-1800, a little younger than Catherine. Again, ages can slip around in census records and children can be left out, so I do not feel he is ruled out. But see Chauncey Crippen, born 1790-1800 in McCracken, KY, 1840 US Census Ancestry Record 8057 #2115700 -- he may not have died, but have moved to Kentucky by 1840. Possibly Chauncy Crippen born 1824 in Ohio was his son.

  • Cheney Crippen in United States Census, 1830 (Howard, Knox, Ohio) :Free White Persons - Males - 5 thru 9: 3; Free White Persons - Males - 10 thru 14: 2; Free White Persons - Males - 40 thru 49: 1; Free White Persons - Females - 30 thru 39: 1

Maternal Line: Cline / Klein / Clyne

Possible christening record in Maryland Births and Christenings, 1650-1995

Name: Catharina Klein
Christening Date: 4 May 1788
Event Place: Middletown, Frederick, Maryland, United States
Event Place (Original): Lutheran Congregation of Zion Church, Middletown, Frederick, Maryland, United States
Birth Date: 25 Jan 1788
Father's Name: Peter Klein; Mother's Name: Anna Maria

1790: Peter Cline in the United States Census, 1790 (Frederick, Maryland) Ancestry Record 5058 #116676 : 1 male over 16, 4 under 16, 2 female.

1820: There is a Peter Cline in United States Census, 1820 (Beavercreek Township, Greene County, Ohio) (where I suspect the Crippens to have lived as of 1830)

010321 || 011010 || 04 || 02

Have checked listed memorials in Cline Cemetery, aka Indian Run Baptist Church Cemetery in Greene County, Ohio [17]. No Peter or Anna Maria, though there are a few later Clines. Earliest dob is Jacob (1792-1865). Have checked other Greene County cemeteries -- there are a number of Clines, especially in Beavercreek Township Cemetery, but no Crippens (etc.), Peter Cline or Anna Maria Cline.

1830. Peter Cline is not in Greene, Ohio in the 1830 Census, but there are in Beavercreek:

Abraham Cline, age 20-29
Adam Cline, one man 30-39, one 40-49 [could this be the father Peter, now living with the son, Adam?]
Other Clines in Greene County in different townships: Sarah, Jacob, Caleb, Christopher Cline (age 70-80)

1830: Peter Clyne, registered a patent on property "between the Miamis" -- which included Greene County Ancestry Record 2077 #12763

Name: Peter Clyne
Issue Date: 1 Nov 1830
Land Description: 1 WSE BETWEEN THE MIAMIS No 3 14 26
Total Acres: 77.52
Land Office: Cincinnati; Document Number: 1513; Signature: Yes; Canceled Document: No; Metes and Bounds: No; Statutory Reference: 3 Stat. 566; Multiple Warantee Names: No; Act or Treaty: 24 Apr 1820; Multiple Patentee Names: No; Entry Classification: Sale-Cash Entries

However Peter Cline does not appear in Greene county in the Bureau of Land Management historical record search.

1790: PETER CLINE in Frederick County, Maryland 1 male over 16, 4 under 16, 2 female.

?Peter Kline military service in War of 1812 BUT Peter Kline/Cline is not listed in Marine's The British Invasion of Maryland (

Clines in the Vermillion/Vermilion area:

  • Cynthia (Souders) Cline. she is a native of Pike county, Ohio, born April 11, 1823. She has also been twice married. Her first husband was Nathaniel Cline. He was a native of Gallatin, Tenn., and took part in the Rebellion, enlisting from Danville, Ill., in Company A, 125th Illinois Infantry. He died at Gallatin, Tenn. By that marriage Mrs. Vanvickle became the mother of eight children – Amanda, Martha, Mary, Benjamin F., John B., Charles, Luketta, and Emma. Amanda and Charles are deceased.”[5]
  • "…Elder Cosat was married July 15, 1869 to ‘’Miss Emma Cline,’’ whose birth occurred in this city (Danville) November 30, 1851, a daughter of Nathaniel and Cynthia (Sanders) Cline, the former a native of Virginia and the latter of Kentucky. The Cline family comes of German ancestry and the name was originally spelled Klein. The parents of Mrs. Cosat were married in Vermilion county, where Mr. Cline had located in 1826, doing gunsmith work for the Indians in early pioneer times. He was a Republican in politics and a member of the Baptist church and made his home in this county until his demise, owning a large tract of land at Coal Hollow, which he entered from the government” [6]
  • Profile of Spencer Cline [7], born in Kentucky, August 13 1812, and was of German and Scotch extraction. His parents, John D.C. and Catherine (Shumate) Cline, came to this county in 1829….and often would attend the Indian meetings here. The father was a potter by trade…”

Connections to Other Lines

Per this facebook post on the Indiana Genealogy page, there is not a link to the New York Crippen family:

Dawn Crippen-pinkham I have found the farm the Crippens farmed. Noah Crippen married Sarah Weir. There is a wonderful library in Perryville that has a great deal on the Crippens. The Illianna Genealogy Society wad doing research in Noah Crippen for someone trying to get into the Sons of American Revolution. Having trouble pinning down the parents. I think mother was Ruther Crippen. Census says mother was from PA and father from Kentucky. I have male cousin who did Y DNA on FTDNA and tried to link us to the group of Crippens from NY but we were not a match. All Crippens I have research[ed] on started in Ohio except Joseph Crippen who claims birth place was Indiana.

From's Crippen message board from Linda Conrad, who has not been active on Ancestry for 1+ years:

Crippen Message Board on Post from Linda Conrad (currently inactive on Jan 2011 post; I replied Dec 2011 but never heard further: :I looking for information on Joseph Crippen born 1780-85 maybe New York(no proof)died after 1830 in Greene co Ohio. Joseph (Croppen) Crippen is in the 1830 census of Greene co Ohio 8 boy-3 girl. I think he died in Greene co Ohio or on the way to Vermillion co Indiana. His widow Catherine is in the 1840 Census 7 boy--3 girl. Their children was Joseph married Elizabeth Manser (Mentzer) in 1834 in Greene co Ohio. Peter, Noah, Samuel, James, Jesse, Josiah, Jacob, Sarah, Margaret Lavina, girl unknown. I'd like to prove Joseph is the son of Hosea and Comfort Hatch.

and this post:

[18] 17 Nov 2000 post.
I have an Elizabeth Ann Crippen married Robert T. Burnett on 12/4/1873, in Vermillion Co., Indiana. Do you have a connection with this couple. Is there any information you can share. Any help would be appreciated. Email me anytime at []. Jenny
comment -- this may be the Elizabeth born ~1855, daughter of Noah Crippen.

Places for Further Research

  • Perryville, Vermillion, Indiana : "wonderful library in Perryville that has a great deal on the Crippens."
  • The Illianna Genealogy Society (Danville, Vermilion, IL) "was doing research in Noah Crippen for someone trying to get into the Sons of American Revolution. Having trouble pinning down the parents. I think mother was Ruther Crippen."
  • "Illinois, Macon County, Decatur Public Library Collections, 1879-2007", database with images, FamilySearch ( : 26 September 2019), Jesse Crispin, 1893. Try to get a copy of the original obituary
Name: Jesse Crispin
Event Type: Obituary
Event Date: 1 Dec 1893
Event Place: Macon, Illinois, United States
Newspaper: Decatur Daily Review
Page Number: 2
  • Wisconsin Historical Society
Greene county Ohio, births prior to 1869 by Arthur Kilner
History of Greene County (OH), by R.S. Dills
The Westward Trails of the Crippen Family by Stella Malinda Crippen Davis
  • The Illinois State Library holds plat books for Vermilion County. The earliest is from 1867, and there are two from 1875. [19]

Sources Checked

  • FamilySearch,, American Ancestors databases
  • 1820 and later census records (no 1810 records for Ohio)


  • Bureau of Land Management Historical Records Database
William Crippen of Athens, Ohio [20]
Only James Crippen, an appraiser, in Athens County (Vol I, pg 84) and the marriage of Thaddeus Crippen to Betsy Hatch (Vol I, pg 77). Also a few Crispens in Fulton County, none named Joseph (or Jesse, or Samuel)
Have read through all of the Greene County materials, starting on p 499/ image 513 Image and following. Nothing for Crippens or for Clines. Search for Cline turned up some in Ohio but not in Greene Co.
  • Greene County, OH Genealogy Trails. 1 Jul 2020. Incomplete info in each category. Checked for Crippens & Clines in Biographies, Cemeteries, 1840 Census of Rev War Pensioners, Early Marriages 1803-1805, Obits
  • Green {sic} County, 1803-1908, by Greene County home coming association. Aldine Publishing House, Xenia, Ohio, 1908. Digitizing sponsor: Sloan Foundation; Contributor: Library of Congress. Digital copy at ]. No Crippens or Clines.
  • Walker, Charles M., History of Athens County, Ohio,Robert Clarke & Co., Cincinnati, OH 1869. Available at No information on the other three sons of the Widow Crippen.
Comfort Crepin m. Alexander Steadman in Washington Co, OH, 1805; Henry Crippen m. Elizabeth Ingles in OH in 1815
  • Hildreth, Samuel P. (1783-1863) Checked his titles that are available at Pre 19th century focus is too early: no Crippens (& variations) or Clines
Pioneer History: being an account of the first examinations of the Ohio Valley…
Contributions to the Early History of the North-West including the Moravian Missions in Ohio
Biographical and Historical Memoirs of the Early Pioneer Settlers of Ohio
  • Roster of Ohio soldiers in the War of 1812, by Ohio Adjutant General’s Office, 1916. Available at This title has no Crippens, Crippins, Creppins, Crepons, etc. Not even James and Thaddeus of Athens, Ohio.
  • War of 1812 Pension Files (82% complete) at Fold3. Checked Ohio and Indiana. Ohio had files for James and Thaddeus Crippin, known individuals in the Athens, OH area.
  • U.S. Army Bounty Land Warrant Applications Index on Fold3 (checked spelling variations) is curiously devoid of any Crippens/Crippins in Ohio. Here is the List sorted by state, then conflict, then name.
Cpl James Crippen, 1846, Illinois; Military Unit: Capt. Corder; conflict: Mexican-American War; Warrant # 47-160-12028
Pvt William C. Crippen, 1846, Illinois; Military Unit: Capt. Corder; conflict: Mexican-American War; Warrant # 47-160-13475
Pvt Channcey Crippen, 1846, Louisiana; Military Unit: Capt James C Downer, Col Edward Featherstone; conflict: Mexican-American War; Warrant # 55-120-90323
Pvt Daniel Crippen, 1812, New York; Military Unit; Capt Sawyer, Col Farrington; conflict: War of 1812; Warrant # 55-160-39797
Pvt Elijah Crippen, 1812, New York; Military Unit: Capt Wilbur; conflict: War of 1812; Warrant # 55-238037
Pvt Jared Crippen, 1812, New York; Military Unit: Capt Winslow, Col McKinster; conflict: War of 1812; Warrant # 55-80-15761
Pvt John Crippen, 1812, United States (New York); Military Unit; Capt Gregory, Col Ferrington; conflict: War of 1812; Warrant # 44-123419. Note, although the record doesn’t provide state of service for this man, Col Ferrington was in the 13th NY Militia [21]
Pvt Peter Crippen, 1812, New York]; Military Unit: Capt Benjamin Rudd, Col Cleveland; conflict: Wara of 1812; Warrant #55-120-50706
Pvt James W. Crippen, 1850, Texas; Military Unit: Capt. McCulloch; conflict: Other; Warrant # 52-160-937
Wagon Master Asa Crippen, 1812, Unknown; Military Unit: Unknown; conflict: War of 1812; Warrant # 55-231213
Pvt George W Crippen, 1812, Unknown; Military Unit: Unknown; conflict: War of 1812; Warrant # 55-200488
There are many, many records for Clines in the Bounty Warrant file.[22] Have not looked them over. Checked under Adam Cline, as an Adam was in Beavercreek Township, Greene, Ohio; there is a record for a man serving in Ohio, one serving in Tennessee (both 1812) and an 1832 record for an Adam Cline serving in Illinois.


  • Bureau of Land Management Historical Records Database
Document Search By Name for Crippen and variants in Indiana turned up only John Crippen, of Onandaga County, New York, receiving a patent in DeKalb County, Indiana [23]
Hunt for the same thing in Ohio turned up William Crippen of Athens, Ohio [24]
In addition to the name search, checked a number of counties' complete lists of records for spelling variants.
  • Indiana State Archives [25] for evidence of one or more Crippens being admitted to Central State Hospital Index. Nothing turned up and I expect that the records are sketchy. Have searched [Central State Hospital Cemetery at Find A Grave memorials, and have not found a Crippen/Grippen/Griffen/etc. on the list.
  • War of 1812 Pension Files (82% complete) at Fold3. Checked Ohio and Indiana. Ohio had files for James and Thaddeus Crippin, known individuals in the Athens, OH area.


  • Bureau of Land Management Historical Records Database
Vermilion, Illinois. Scanned list [26] Stephen Griffith holds a number of patents, but that is not a given name associated with the Crippens, AFAIK.
Vermillion, Parke, Fountain Counties, Indiana. Scanned all records for variants of Crippen. Nothing found. Also scanned records for Greene County, OH
  • Portrait and biographical album of Vermilion County, Illinois : containing full page portraits and biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county / pub. by Chapman Brothers, Chicago, 1889. reprinted and indexed by Illiana Gene[a]logical and Historical Society. Published Owensboro, Ky. : McDowell Publications, [1981]. No Crippens/Crippins; Cline material added to section on Clines.

New York


  2. in 1850 US Census says Ohio; in 1860 US Census, Indiana
  3. Stanley Hedeen, The Little Miami...Ecology and History [1] published at the Little Miami Conservancy website, Virginia Military District material begins on p. 25
  4. History of Athens County, page 506
  5. Portrait…of Vermilion county, Illinois, page 336
  6. Past and Present of Vermilion County, page 776
  7. Past and Present of Vermilion County, page 1117

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