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Cross Reference between Hopkinton Seventh Day Baptist Church Membership Roll to Wikitree Profile

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Cross Reference: 1708-1785 Hopkinton, RI SDBC members to Wikitree Profiles

This free space profile cross references James Arnold's membership roll of the Hopkinton Rhode Island Seventh Day Baptist Church (SDBC) to corresponding Wikitree profiles. The Seventh Day Baptist Church was a strong and influential organization in the early development of the Westerly Rhode Island community and additional information on this church may be found here. [1]

Church Records

The foundational document for this cross Reference is the Hopkinton Rhode Island Seventh Day Baptist Church (SDBC) membership roll as recorded by James Arnold in Volume 10 of his Rhode Island Vital Records series:

  1. ) First Sabbatarian Church of Hopkinton ; Page 92 - 116: Membership Roll of the First Sabbatarian Church of Hopkinton, Rhode Island from 1708 to 1785.

A supplementary SDBC document of interest is the Dedication of Ministers' Monument, August 28, 1899, [3] in which the pastors or head elders of the Hopkinton SDBC church are defined as follows

  1. ) Pastors of the Hopkinton SDBC
    1. ) John Maxson (M4.3) pastor 12 years from 1708 to 1720.
      1. ) Mary (Mosher) Maxson
    2. ) John Maxson Jr. (M4.4) pastor 27 years from 1720 to 1747.
      1. ) Judith (Clarke) Maxson
    3. ) Joseph Maxson (M4.5) pastor 3 years from 1747 to 1750.
    4. ) Thomas Hiscox (H9.2) pastor 23 years from 1750 to 1773.
    5. ) Joshua Clarke (C7.38) pastor 20 years from 1773 to 1793.
    6. ) John R. Burdick (1759-1802) pastor 9 years from 1793 to 1802.
    7. ) Abram Coon (1763-1813) pastor 11 years from 1802 to 1813.
    8. ) Matthew Stillman (1770-1838)^ pastor 25 years from 1813 to 1838.
    9. ) Daniel Coon (1792-1858) pastor 14 years from 1838 to 1852.

Cross Reference Notes

  • Note: this cross reference has been executed on a best effort basis, that is to say the selection criteria used to associate a particular Wikitree profile to a Hopkinton SDBC membership entry has been made in accordance with the best available information. The selection criteria looks to correlate SDBC membership names, and dates of membership to the names and corresponding lifespans of people identified in Wikitree profiles; and emphasis is given to Wikitree identities having one or more links to family members who are also identified on the HSDBC membership roll. Sometimes there are at least two Wikitree profiles that conform to a particular membership entry, in this case both Wikitree identities are entered. The point of this comment is that there is no guarantee any particular cross reference association is correct, and the onus is on the user to evaluate the available information to assess the veracity of the association. In the event of a verifiable error, error feedback is welcomed.
  • Note any underlined text in green is an HTML hot-link, and has been embedded to provide supplementary information for the reader. These links may access external web pages or point to other text within this document. These links, operate as with all hot links, such that clicking on the back arrow of your browser will bring you back to your starting point.
  • A note about the numbering convention used in this document. Each surname in the membership roll is assigned a number according to the sequence that surname appears under the alphabetical listing of that surname. Thus, the surname Beebe is assigned the number (B9) because it is the ninth surname in the list starting with "B." Then each person each person appearing in Arnold surname list is assigned another index number behind a dot to indicate the sequence of the individual person on the surname list. Thus Samuel Beebe is (B9.3) because Beebe is the ninth surname under B, and Samuel is the third Beebe enumerated on the membership list under Beebe. This numbering system is an essential tool needed to cross-correlate related persons throughout the membership roll.
  • Family relationships cited in the following cross reference are not complete, and names of children are generally limited to family members who are also included in the membership roll. Family members included on the membership roll will be identified by the identity number noted above.
  • A word of caution on the information content in this membership roll. The early AamSeventh Day Baptists were not meticulous record keepers, i.e. the only information recorded were membership lists and while the information on these lists may considered to be generally accurate, unfortunately there are large time gaps between updates on the membership rolls. Furthermore, this record is missing key information essential to genealogists, such as date of birth, marriage, names and dates of children's births, and death dates. Nevertheless much can be learned and deduced by looking at relationships among the membership.
  • The term "alias" is used when a female member has been enrolled by her maiden name rather than her married surname. The term alias is then applied to her married surname. Example: see Rebecca (Beebe) Brown (B9.8, she was entered as Rebecca Beebe in 1712 and by marriage became "alias" Brown in 1713.
  • The term "original" in Arnolds Westerly SDBC membership account denotes a listing the charter members of the church established at an annual meeting dated 17 July 1708. John Maxson was ordained Head Elder for the new congregation on 20 July 1708. Thorngate: Page 104, 105.
  • The designation Jr. is used for both males and females, and is used to provide identity differentiation when the membership roll has a concurrent entry for a child and a parent having the same name.
    • Instances where the Arnold Jr designation appears to be inverted:
  • There are a few female members with a three-name identity on their membership entry. This entry structure is used to differentiate between members with otherwise duplicated names. The format for this three-name listing is as follows: first name - maiden surname - current married surname. See Rebecca (Brand) Church (C6.1); Elizabeth (Davis) Brand (B17.8) etc.
  • Symbols used in this study:
    • ^ Indicates a new Wikitree profile was created for the associated SDBC member as a direct result of this cross reference study.
    • + Indicates the information in this study has been attached to the associated Wikitree profile.
    • x Indicates the cited person is related to a SDBC member, but is not included on Arnold's HSDBC membership roll.
  • Many of the surnames of the era were spelled phonetically, and were evolving into new variants. A footnote at the bottom of the study has been provided to illustrate a listing of surname equivalencies.
  • Membership Roll includes disciples known to be residents of:
    • Westerly, RI.
    • New London, Connecticut. (Living in the area that became Waterford.) (Rogers, Beebe)
    • Orient, and Plum Island, Long Island, NY (King, Beebe, Brown)
  • South Kingston, RI: Wm and Benj. Tanner

Index to members by the first letter of the member's surname:
A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O P, Q R, S, T, U, V, W, XYZ










  • Irish (I10)
    • (I1.1) Margaret Irish, of Edward; 28 Dec 1785.
      • Not found














  • Young (Y1)
    • (Y1.1) Rebecca Young, of Long Island; July 1768.


  1. ) Footnote 1: Surname Equivalency
    1. ) Ailsworth, Aylesworth
    2. ) Babcock, Badcock
    3. ) Beebe, Bebee, Beebee, Bebe
    4. ) Bentley, Bently
    5. ) Coon, MacCoon, McCoone
    6. ) Chase, Case, Cass, Chees
    7. ) Clarke, Clark
    8. ) Cove, Covey
    9. ) Deake, Dake
    10. ) Davel, Duval, Duvall
    11. ) Gardiner, Gardner
    12. ) Geer, Geare
    13. ) Green, Greene
    14. ) Hall, Halls, Hull, Hill
    15. ) Lanphere, Lanphear
    16. ) Hiscox, Hiskox, Hiscox
    17. ) Kinyon, Kenyon
    18. ) Manering, Manwaring
    19. ) Merryott, Merriott, Maryott
    20. ) Newberry, Newbury
    21. ) Roades, Rhodes, Rhoades
    22. ) Ross, Rose
    23. ) Renals, Runals, Runnals, Reynolds
    24. ) Satterlee, Satterly
    25. ) Seers, Sears
    26. ) Steward, Stuart, Stuard, Stewart
    27. ) Thompson, Tomson, Thomson
    28. ) Tift, Tefft, Teft
    29. ) Treman, Tremaine, Truman
    30. ) Willette, Vitel, Violett, Vilate


  1. Eric Weddington, Seventh Day Baptist Church Project 2017-2022.
  2. Arnold, James A., Rhode Island, Vital Extracts, 1636-1899, Vol 10, Town and Church Published under the Auspices of the General Assembly, Providence, R.I., Narragansett Historical Publishing Co., 1898.
  3. Dedication of Ministers' Monument, August 28, 1899, Published for the Association by The American Sabbath Tract Society, Plainfield, NJ., 1899.


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