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Cudgewa Cemetery, Victoria

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Cudgewa is situated in the Upper Murray River region in Victoria, Australia. Links to WikiTree profiles are provided (where known). If you know of any others that can be linked to please contact Paul Bech to have the link added. If you require a photo of a gravestone listed and there is no profile on WikiTree, please create a profile (WIkiTree is entirely free) and contact Paul Bech and one will be added to the new profile. WikiTree is a collaborative effort, so it is little to ask that you add a profile for a person that has not already been added. If you have found a profile then please consider helping others by adding the details of another profile to WikiTree that has not already been added.

Location and Map

Link to map of location of Cudgewa Cemetery


This project is to document the life and times of the people interred in Cudgewa Cemetery. Project members are needed to assist in the research and adding profiles and information to profiles.

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Sortable Table of graves

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name born died age notes photo #
?, Elizabeth53121658
?, William1921121802
Allen, Frank Michael 1939 Oct 1273H of Jessie 121790
Allen, Jessie1925 Dec 2256bur. At Berwick; W of Frank 121790
Anderson, Margaret 1832 Feb 041905 Apr 08W of William 122063
Anderson, William 1910 May 0787H of Margaret 122062
Atkins, Janet Dorothy19472009W of Ivor121977
Barber, Ellen Ann1891 Dec 2537W of John 121995
Barber, Ester Martha 1978 Apr 2890W of George 121994
Barber, George T 78 122048
Barber, John1934 Jan 2987H of Ellen 121995
Barber, Thelma Jean 1915 Oct 11Infant D of George & Esther Barber 122047
Barlow, Samuel 1904 Aug 1088 121800
Bear, Percival Pinney 1900 Jul 0732 121755
Beyer, Erna1917 Mar 052003 Aug 15W of Eric121971
Blair, Ada Isabel Madge 1990 Oct 0482D of Archibald & Fanny Blair; Sis of Mary & Norma 121887
Blair, Ada Maud 1901 Jan19D of William & E M Blair 121829
Blair, Allan McPherson 1982 Apr 16H of Dulcie; F of Grant (dec) & Delores 121886
Blair, Archibald Allan 1970 Jun 2092H of Fanny 121888
Blair, Dulcie Thelma1910 Jul 272006 May 01W of Allan 121886
Blair, Elizabeth Maud 1940 Sep 1287W of William 121832
Blair, Fanny 1959 Jan 1374W of Arch; M of Mary & Norma 121888
Blair, Jessie 1982 Apr 0588W of William; M of Betty, Ian, Mac 121828
Blair, John Fennell 1950 Sep 2170H of Mary; F of Allan 121870
Blair, Mary Sophia 1940 Feb 1252W of J F Blair; M of Allan 121871
Blair, William 1947 May 3095H of Elizabeth 121832
Blair, William Hamblin 1955 Jun 1078H of Jessie; F of Betty, Ian, Mac 121828
Boyd, Elizabeth 194078D of Alex & Ann BoydObituary
Boyd, John Fellows193886S of John & AgnesObituary
Bradney, William Nelson 1938 Jun 1476 121731
Bramley, Frederick Robert 1939 Feb 2077S of William & GeorgianaObituary
Briggs, Angus McI ?1929 Oct 25 121855
Briggs, Clement Ewin1962 Jun 2060H of Ellen 121896
Briggs, David James 1979 Dec 1956 121641
Briggs, Eleanor 1911 Jun 1578W of James 121858
Briggs, Eileen Catherine 1993 Jun 1288W of Clement Ewin; M of Vernon, Gloria, Percy, Rosalie, Janet 121898
Briggs, Ernest Angus 1965 Dec 1674AIF 121854
Briggs, J Jane121856
Briggs, James18301908 Jan 3077b. Reepham, Norwich, EnglandObituary
Briggs, James 1910 Jan 2077H of Eleanor 121858
Briggs, John Robert 18921978S of John & Mary; B of Robert, Eleanor (Nellie) & Eric 121853
Briggs, John Robert 1923 Jan 2068H of Mary 121895
Briggs, Leslie Neil 1950 May 0761H of Mary; F of Molly, David, Ella, Esme, Thomas 121639
Briggs, Mary Eileen1981 Oct 3087121640
Briggs, Mary Jane 1931 May 1670W of John 121894
Briggs, Robert Mansell 18971978S of John & Mary; B of John, Eleanor (Nellie) & Eric 121853
Briggs, Walter Francis 1982 Mar 0486 121900
Brown, Sarah Ann 1880 Feb 271945 Jul 26W of Albert Swanton Brown; M of Clara, Collis, Jack, Alice, Maisie 121683
Buckley, Alice1976 Jan 03W of Francis 121934
Buckley, Francis J 1969 Aug 07H of Alice 121934
Byatt, Andrew McKenzie 1914 Aug 161998 Jun 14H of Eunice; F of Ian, Ronald, Barry, Noel 121699
Byatt, Eunice Ethel 1920 Jul 101998 Jan 22W of Andrew; M of Ian, Ronald, Barry, Noel 121699
Byatt, Ian Maxwell (Tiny) 1940 Jul 292002 Oct 26Oldest S of Andrew & Eunice; B of Ronald, Barry, Noel; F of Debbie (dec), Kerrie, Tracey 121700
Byatt, Ronald John 1942 Feb 102016 May 31F of Gregory, Donna, Michelle, David, Scott 121702
Campbell, Dora Ellen 1964 Oct 27nee Gugger; W of John; M of Thomas, William, Margaret, James, Mary, Roy, Allan, Elvie 122055
Campbell, John Andrew 1964 Jan 2269H of Dora; F of Thomas, William, Margaret, James, Mary, Roy, Allan, Elvie 122055
Cardwell, Judeth Loraine122061
Carkeek, Agnes Carol 189929D of Josiah & Elizabeth ClimasObituary
Carkeek, Alison1940 Nov 282016 Sep 03W of Donald; M of Kelwyn, Tami, Paul121973
Carkeek, Amy 1992 Sep 1289W of Aubrey; M of Max, Allan, Bertie, Wallace, Nola, Rita, Donald, Murray, Russell, Maureen 122032
Carkeek, Arabella 1864 Mar 011932 Oct 0968mother 122004
Carkeek, Aubrey 1964 Dec 2963H of Amy; F of Max, Allan, Bertie, Wallace, Nola, Rita, Donald, Murray, Russell, Maureen 122032
Carkeek, Clara1861 Aug 121898 May 22W of J B Carkeek; 2nd D of Thomas Maddison 122005
Carkeek, Clara Maddison 1861 Aug 071898 May 22b. Morses Ck, Vic; d. Corryong; First W of John; M of James, Clara, Albert, Henry, May 122003
Carkeek, Clive Maxwell (Packa) 2009 Feb 2685H of Gloria; F of Sandra, Colin, Trevor, Neil (dec) 122030
Carkeek, Ellis Bertie 1988 Sep 0861H of Alison; F of Ewan & Penny 121729
Carkeek, Gloria Eileen1994 Jun 1168W of Clive; M of Sandra, Colin, Trevor, Neil (dec)122030
Carkeek, James 1948 Aug 0277 122064
Carkeek, Jane 1919 Oct 14W of T H Carkeek 122007
Carkeek, Jane 1895 Apr 3063W of John Bowden Carkeek 122010
Carkeek, Jane Adams 1832 Aug 101895 Apr 30b. Brague, Cornwall; d. Cudgewa; M of JB jnr, Josephine, Jane, Stephen, Alice, William, Mary, Thomas, James 122011
Carkeek, John Bowden 1858 Aug 091937 Jun 18b. Yackandandah; d. Corryong; H of Clara (first wife); F of James, Clara, Albert, Henry, May, Howard 122003
Carkeek, John Bowden (snr) 1829 Nov 051911 Aug 17b. Marmata, Sth America; d. Wabba, Vic; H of Jane Adams; F of JB Jnr, Josephine, Stephen, Alice, William, Mary, Thomas, James 122011
Carkeek, Keith 1924 Feb 1019S of T H (dec) & Jane Carkeek 122006
Carkeek, Kerry Allan1954 Sep 091956 Jul 31S of Carol & Pam121891
Carkeek, Lena 1935 Sep 2827 122013
Carkeek, Lydia Arabella 1864 Mar 011932 Oct 09b. Moonambel, Vic; d. Corryong; M of Howard 122003
Carkeek, Margaret 1937 Sep 1671W of Stephen 122013
Carkeek, Maria 1896 May 05W of T H Carkeek 122007
Carkeek, Neil Gregory1969 May 0317122029
Carkeek, Stephen 1932 Dec 2270H of Margaret 122013
Carkeek, Thomas Henry 1935 Oct 1565 122008
Carkeek, Timothy1959 Oct 291959 Oct 29S of Alison & Bert Carkeek121730
Carkeek, William 1923 Sep 0657S of John & JaneObituary
Carter, Arthur Henry 189533S of Reuben and JaneObituary
Chitty, Carmen 19151915D of Hebert & HarrietObituary
Chitty, Harriet 1941 Jan 0557mother 121724
Chitty, Herbert Charles 1974 Dec 1689 121723
Chitty, Norma Ann 1938 Aug 211Aged 18 mths; D of Lilian & Leslie 122060
Conway, Robert 1985 Jul 27 121648
Coulston, Dorothy Elspeth 1926 Aug 181927 Aug 01D of Bob & Ida 121738
Coulston, Dorothy Lilian 1959 Jan 2757 122059
Coulston, Elizabeth Ann 1858 Oct 101912 Jan 21W of William; M of Lal, Meg, Belle, Mark, Jim, Epp, Tom, Bob, Harry, Allan 121734
Coulston, James William 1945 Mar 1858F of Jack, Tom, Jim, Hughie, Bob, Mary, Fred, Judy, Ivan 121737
Coulston, Joleen Grace 1970 Oct 20W of William; M of Jennifer, Valerie, Trevor 121789
Coulston, Susan May1970 Aug 0378M of Jack, Tom, Jim, Hugh, Bob, Mary, Fred, Judy, Ivan 121736
Coulston, T 1950 Aug 1857AIF 3785 122058
Coulston, William 1848 Feb 291934 Jun 24H of Elizabeth Ann 121719
Coulston, William John 1976 Dec 21H of Joleen Grace; F of Jennifer, Valerie, Trevor 121789
Coysh, Annie 1926 May 2555W of George 121769
Coysh, Ernest 1964 Jan 0467AIF; H of Marie; F of Joyce & Fred 121682
Coysh, George 195? Feb 2888H of Annie 121769
Coysh, Marie Kathleen 1979 Sep 1583W of Ernest; M of Joyce & Fred 121682
Cummins, Henry30H of Grace Coulston; F of Mervyn121718
Cunningham, Grace Livingstone (Queenie) 1902 Jan 12<111 months 121943
Damm, Hilda Maud 2002 Feb 0392W of William; M of Ross, Peter, Alison 121962
Damm, William Percy 1966 Mar 1853H of Hilda; F of Ross, Peter, Alison 121963
Dobinson, Amy Florence 2001 Aug 2094W of James 121688
Dobinson, Cynthia Mae 1943 Jul 106D of J H & A F Dobinson 121689
Dobinson, Florence 1969 Aug 2298M of Jim & Dorrie 121685
Dobinson, Francis 1933 Nov 2567H of Sarah 121813
Dobinson, Henry 1932 Apr 0663 121811
Dobinson, Henry 1894 Dec 2869b. Appleby, England; d. Pine Mount; H of Margaret 121847
Dobinson, James Henry 1970 Jan 2664H of Amy; F of Maurice, Cynthia (dec), Sue 121686
Dobinson, Joseph 1920 Aug 1563 121812
Dobinson, Margaret 1900 Nov 1166W of Henry 121847
Dobinson, Sarah Ann 1940 Sep 0674W of Francis 121813
Downing, Mary Fennell 1951 Apr 0839W of George; M of Arch, Barbara, Graeme 121889
Downing, Michelle1966 Jul 23<16 mths; D of Lorraine & Archibald121890
Drage, Isaac Edward Mick 1973 Nov 2764H of Mary Ellen; F of Jean Lorraine & Stewart 121696
Drage, Jean Robyn2006 Aug 2854W of Stewart; M of Kaylene, Scott, Emily, Simone121701
Drage, Mary Ellen 1973 Nov 2760W of Isaac 121697
Dumbrell, James A 1965 May 3160H of Thelma; F of Dorothy 121674
Dumbrell, Thelma A 1915 Nov 261996 Feb 14W of Jim; M of Dorothy 121675
Eade, Bertha (Bertie)190? Mar 0682121990
Eade, Frank Alwyn 1908 Sep 201991 Dec 17H of Lillian Grace; F of John & Margaret 121993
Eade, infant son1893 JulS of James & M J Eade 121988
Eade, James 1887 Nov 1665with Jane Ann Eade, plus infant S of James & M J Eade 121988
Eade, James 1911 May 1944 121989
Eade, Jane Ann 189? Nov 1761with James Eade 121988
Eade, Mary Jane 1947 Mar 2275mother 121992
Edmondson, Alexander Boyd 1977 Jun 2491with Eliza Ann Edmondson 122066
Edmondson, Eliza Ann 1967 Apr 2181with Alexander Boyd Edmondson 122066
Emerson, Henry 1932 Jun 1467 121669
Evans, Albert 1952 May 2457H of Doris 121745
Evans, Arnold William Marston 1938 Dec 282016 May 02H of Lesley; Step-F of Richard, Sharon, Timothy, Marina, Belinda, Kirsten 121980
Evans, Doris Alice 1967 May 0174W of Albert 121746
Evans, Maurice 1969 Feb 1341H of Jean; F of Neil & Robyn 121698
Evans, Raymond Albert 1970 Aug 2854 121713
Fardon, Gladys Thyra1981 Apr 1190121824
Forrester, Shirley Margaret1926 Apr 142015 Apr 06W of William; M of Anne, Rex, David121960
German, Charlotte Doris 1985 Jan 2588W of Les; M of Frank Dalton 121984
German, Elizabeth A L 1926 Apr 1118 121981
German, John 1971 Jul 2890H of Rhoda 121983
German, Rhoda Louisa 1964 Oct 2188W of John; M of Jack, Leslie, Elizabeth (dec), Louisa, Fred, Arthur 121983
German, William Leslie (Les) 1903 Mar 081996 Oct 03b. Falmouth, Cornwall; H of Charlotte 121984
Goldspink, Elizabeth Ann 1925 Mar 0590 121784
Gordon, Evaline 1966 May 2968 121899
Hamilton, Alex 1958 Jun 3068AIF; H of Beatrice; F of Jean, Joyce, Betty, Daphne, Ruben 121750
Hamilton, Beatrice 1985 Jun 0589W of Alexander; M of Jean, Joyce, Betty, Daphne, Ruben 121751
Hamilton, Gavin Alexander 1958 Sep 132009 Jan 11H of Bridget; F of Sarah, Samantha (dec), Rebecca 121908
Hamilton, Robert Brookless 18931951 Sep 05AIF; Youngest S of William & Sarah Hamilton 121911
Hamilton, Roland Hubert 1954 May 1468H of Ella; F of Dorrie, Alick, Mollie, Pearl, Nola, Max, Val, Keith 121749
Hamilton, Samantha Alice 1988 Apr 14Infant D of Gavin & Bridget; Twin of Sarah Rose 121910
Hamilton, Sarah 1927 Jun 2180W of William 121913
Hamilton, William Charles 1910 Sep 1165H of Sarah 121912
Harris, Andrew Steele 1965 Jul 0372 121732
Harris, Ivan 1910 Oct 0613Youngest S of Thomas & M Harris 121842
Harris, Oliver H J 1891 Jan 111894 May 02 121840
Harris, Thomas 1908 Feb?8 121841
Hayes, Frances Rebecca 1984 Apr 0182 121932
Hill, Price Alexander 1906 Dec 192008 Aug 24H of Helga; F of Elaine, Ross, Gordon, Anne, Peter, James, Ruth 121948
Hillier, Anthony Eric 19361947S of Elsie & Henry; B of Jack, Max, Murray, Barry, Kevin, Leith 121652
Hillier, Elsie May 1899 Feb1986 SepW of Henry; M of Jack, Max, Murray, Eric, Barry, Kevin, Leith 121645
Hillier, Henry Francis 1879 Sep1961 AugH of Elsie; F of Jack, Max, Murray, Eric, Barry, Kevin, Leith 121645
Hillier, Wallace Murray 1934 Feb 282012 Apr 05F of Dallas & Murray 121653
Hilton, John James 1971 Aug 0622 121706
Hilton, Joseph Ronald 1978 May 2268H of Shiela 121704
Hilton, Raymond John 1969 Jan 0325 121707
Hilton, Sheila May1923 Dec 252008 Jun 14W of Joseph (Ron); M of Ray (dec), Jenny, John (dec), Kaye, Les, Judy, Trevor121705
Humphrey, Eric 1929 Apr 1628S of W J & I Humphrey 121715
Humphrey, Gordon James 1952 Jun 0465with Lillian Humphrey 121827
Humphrey, Irene 1958 Jun 15 121716
Humphrey, John 1918 Nov 1373H of Sarah 121740
Humphrey, Joseph 1944 Nov 2997 121739
Humphrey, Lillian Elizabeth 1975 May 2179with Gordon Humphrey 121827
Humphrey, Percival 1968 May 1184H of Olive 122065
Humphrey, Raymond John 1959 Feb 261999 Nov 29H of Helen; S of Jack & Mavis 121826
Humphrey, Sarah 1947 Oct 1788W of John 121740
Hunter, Donnie192 Feb 132015 Jun 16Partner of Keran Stewart121972
James, Merle Sydney Frederick 1919 Jan 032008 May 24H of Sheila 121965
James, Sheila Annie 1914 May 171982 Oct 04nee Muldoon; W of Merle; M of Carl, Glen, Tony, Jeanette, Donna 121965
Jarvis, Alfred 1927 Oct 1692H of Jane 121838
Jarvis, Annie 1884 Dec 311889 Feb 22 121839
Jarvis, Arthur J 1942 May 0182H of Emma 121818
Jarvis, Arthur L James 1897 Jul 274S of A J & E Jarvis 121817
Jarvis, Doris Irene 18991932M of Merle 121968
Jarvis, Ebenezer Augustus 1946 Apr 1164H of Matilda 121690
Jarvis, Elaine Elsie 1948 Aug 19<1Age 12 days 121754
Jarvis, Elsa Joan1929 Feb 092004 Apr 23W of Kenneth; M of Margot, Deb, Tony, Daryl 121714
Jarvis, Emma 1956 Oct 1991W of Arthur 121818
Jarvis, Gordon Alfred 1902 Jun 161990 Feb 09H of Mary; F of Delores, Beverley, Thomas, Pamela, Colin, Deirdre 121670
Jarvis, infant daughterD of Jean & George Jarvis121743
Jarvis, Irene Agnes1928 Nov 022013 Jul 1884with Lionel Jarvis 121692
Jarvis, Jane 1934 Sep 2486W of Alfred 121838
Jarvis, Kenneth Reuben 1925 Apr 032012 Dec 05H of Elsa; F of Margot, Deb, Tony, Daryl 121714
Jarvis, Lionel Alfred 1914 Jun 261987 Jan 0572with Irene Jarvis 121692
Jarvis, Margaret Hannah 1962 Aug 0278W of Reuben 121742
Jarvis, Mary Urquhart 1905 Mar 131983 Jul 19W of Gordon Alfred; M of Delores, Beverley, Thomas, Pamela, Colin, Deirdre 121670
Jarvis, Matilda Emma 1977 Apr 2993W of Ebenezer 121691
Jarvis, Norman Eldridge 1949 Aug 2429H of Gwen; F of Pam 121741
Jarvis, Norman R 1935 Sep 1172 121969
Jarvis, Pamela Florence 1938 Oct 12Infant D of Gordon & Mary Jarvis 121817
Jarvis, Reuben Thomas 1951 Jul 2573H of Margaret 121742
Jarvis, Robert Victor 19001978 121967
Jeffcott, Edith Sarah 1962 Mar 0191with Sydney Jeffcott 121781
Jeffcott, Sydney 1933 Sep 0668with Edith Sarah Jeffcott 121781
Jeffrey, Clifford Roy 1964 Jan 1362?H of Laura 121998
Jeffrey, Elizabeth May 19?? Aug57W of William 121997
Jeffrey, Joan E 1950 Aug 146 122046
Jeffrey, Laura Jean 1982 Sep 0568W of Roy; M of Jean, May, Dawn 121999
Jeffrey, William H of Elizabeth 121997
Kemp, Lillian 1981 May 2079with William Kemp 121708
Kemp, William 1964 Aug 0174with Lillian Kemp 121709
Kilippel, Catherine 1912 Oct 2673W of Conrad (went missing); M of Harry, Anna M, John, Agnes, William, Conrad, Anna E, Charles, Edwin, Joseph, Phillip 121903
Kron, Helga1930 Mar 212006 Jul 13with Allan Henry Sharp; M of Margaret, Gary, Cindy, Norman, April 121788
Land, ?with Arthur Land121807
Land, Ann1975 Jan 2686W of Stanley; M of Alec, Doreen, Mary 121684
Land, Arabella Sarah 1970 Jul 2989 121757
Land, Arabella Sarah 1896 Sep 2537b. Fakenham, Norfolk, England; W of Joseph 121846
Land, Arthur 121806
Land, Arthur 1982 Jul 2668H of Mavis; F of Kay, Ken 121987
Land, Arthur John 1954 Dec 0584H of Catherine 121766
Land, Caroline Murray 1950 Aug 1964 121803
Land, Catherine 1945 Nov 0775W of Arthur 121766
Land, Charles James 1963 Aug 2289 121758
Land, Dorothy 199782W of Richard; M of Paul & Robert 121679
Land, Douglas1950 Sep 1454H of Mary 121671
Land, Edward190679H of Emma 121792
Land, Edward John1958 Nov 1986with Elizabeth Ann Land 121764
Land, Elizabeth Anne1969 Mar 3016121649
Land, Elizabeth Anne1952 Nov 1480with Edward John Land 121764
Land, Iris May 1905 Jul 317D of E J & ? A Land 121797
Land, Mary G1883 Apr 242 With Edward & Emma Land 121792
Land, Ella 1940 Apr 1954W of Joseph Arthur; M of Edna, Arthur, Dorothy, Beryl 121717
Land, Emma1926 Apr76W of Edward 121792
Land, John 1918 Apr 0490 121791
Land, Joseph 1912 Nov 0380H of Arabella 121846
Land, Joseph Arthur 1958 Jan 0281H of Ella 121717
Land, Joseph 1939 Dec 1779 121759
Land, Mabel 1981 Sep 0587 121765
Land, Maggie1914 Jun 112002 Apr 3087W of Warwick 121661
Land, Mary A J 1948 Jul 0854W of Douglas 121671
Land, Mavis Lillian 2010 Oct 03100W of Arhtur (dec); M of Kay, Ken 121986
Land, Murray Winston 1916 Aug 292004 Jan 10AIF VX50431; Youngest S of Charles & Arabella; B of Richard 121756
Land, Percival William 1900 Sep 301958 Mar 03 121799
Land, Richard Huon 198772H of Dorothy; F of Paul & Robert 121679
Land, Robert Winston 1975 May 0423S of Dick & Dorothy; B of Paul; F of Jason & Shane 121680
Land, Stanley Bush1946 Jun 0368H of Ann; F of Alec, Doreen, Mary 121684
Land, Timothy Colin19701970121663
Land, Violet 1916 Sep 1223Eldest D of A J & G Land 121767
Land, Warwick Charles 1913 Apr 241999 Sep 1986H of Maggie 121661
Laverty, Hugh J 1971 Aug 1685 121949
Lloyd, Annie 1912 Nov 1470mother 121875
Lloyd, Arthur Kingsley 1944 Sep 03with Maud Lloyd 121876
Lloyd, Colin 1992 Mar 2881H of Mary 121880
Lloyd, John 1963 Oct 2319S of Colin & Mary 121884
Lloyd, Maud 1965 Dec 1484with Arthur Lloyd 121876
Lloyd, Mary 1989 Jul 22W of Colin; M of John 121880
Lowden, Ellen 1936 Apr 0882W of William Lowden 121834
Lowden, Grace 1894 Apr 1642W of Joseph 121835
Lowden, Joseph 1905 Nov 2338H of Grace 121835
Lowden, Joseph B 1919 Apr 0732 121821
Lowden, Joseph Benson 1927 Sep 0456H of Annie 121822
Lowden, Randall William 1951 Oct 0874 121823
Lowden, William 1926 Apr75H of Ellen Lowden 121834
Maclean, Angus Bruce19281991121726
Macvean, Gregory Hugh (Grimma)1994 Mar 0432S of Rodney & Joan; B of Peter & Carolyn121902
Macvean, Philip Peter1989 Mar 276S of Peter & Carmen; B of Narelle121901
Maddison, Francis Henry Joseph 18959S of James and AnnieObituary
Malcolm, John E M 1948 Jun 2486F of Jessie 121985
Mann, Elenor 1907 Feb 2873mother 121654
Mann, John James Stanley 191529S of John & SarahObituary
Mann, Maggie 191620D of John & SarahObituary
Mansell, Frances 1949 Nov 1575 122056
Mansell, Frederick Edward 1940 Feb 0377H of Frances; F of Harry 122054
Marshallsea, Agnes 1910 Oct 0948W of Thomas 121958
Marshallsea, Thomas 1921 Dec 1463H of Agnes 121958
Martin, Elizabeth1947 Sep 0682121874
McDonald, Albert Leslie 1903 Mar 201979 Sep 20H of Connie; F of June, Jeanette, John 121966
McEwan, Alexander 1874 Aug 3065 121867
McGillivray, James Alexander 1961 jul 3156H of Laura 121673
McGillivray, Laura Frances 1996 Mar 1490nee Land; W of James 121673
McKenzie, Francis Ellen 1948 Nov 2680W of George 121945
McKenzie, George Young 1946 Aug 0881H of Francis Ellen 121945
McNamara, A D Denis 1967 Jul 3072 121650
McNamara, Gertrude Rachel1916 Jul 012006 Oct 23W of John J Henry; M of Betty, Joan, John, Ken, Ian, Kaye, Christine, Robert, Brian121646
McNamara, John J Henry 1892 Mar 011979 Jun 0687H of Gertrude; F of Betty, Joan, John, Ken, Ian, Kaye, Christine, Robert, Brian 121647
McNamara, Margaret 1965 Oct 0376 121651
McPherson, Mary1899 Apr 2680mother; b. Inverness, Scotland 121873
Mildren, Charles 1929 Jul 2015S of Mary & George 122049
Mildren, Craven 1889 Nov 081945 Sep 09H of Elspeth; F of Thelma, Jim, Bob, Tom 121676
Mildren, David Joseph 1918 Sep 2449bachelorObituary
Mildren, Edith Annie 1938 Aug 1352mother 122053
Mildren, Edmund 190763b. St Herts, CornwallObituary
Mildren, Elizabeth Mary 1961 Dec 2580mother 122050
Mildren, Elspeth 1889 Nov 271925 Oct 11W of Craven; M of Thelma, Jim, Bob, Tom 121735
Mildren, George H 1975 Jul 2292 122051
Mildren, Henry 1909Obituary
Mildren, Jacob 1937 Feb 2271 122052
Mildren, Jacob Charles 19141989Oldest S of Thomas & Edith; B of Henery 122057
Murrell, George 1910 Mar 0849 122035
Murrell, Jane Ann 1893 Dec 121921 Oct 03nee Touzel; W of George (Les); M of Elvie 122033
Nankervis, Catherine 1926 FebW of John 122028
Nankervis, Dorothy May 1931 Nov 142016 Oct 20W of Maurice; M of Julie, Stephen, Noel, Suzanne, Maree, Greg 122022
Nankervis, Effie 1979 Dec 0489with Harry Nankervis 122024
Nankervis, Elizabeth 1945 Dec 1382W of Henry 122017
Nankervis, George Wesley 1952 Nov 1854H of Winnifred; F of Jeff & Maurice 122018
Nankervis, Grace 1907 Feb 0576W of Henry 122016
Nankervis, H J Bert 1895 Nov 0512 122015
Nankervis, Harry 1962 Mar 0269with Effie Nankervis 122024
Nankervis, Harry S 1892 Jan 024 122025
Nankervis, Henry 1891 May 0356H of Grace 122016
Nankervis, Henry 1924 Oct 1262?H of Elizabeth 122017
Nankervis, Jeffrey George1928 Jun 142011 Aug 11H of Ena; F of Bev 122020
Nankervis, John H of ...thern 122027
Nankervis, Julie Anne 1953 Mar 161954 May 25D of Dorothy & Maurice Nankervis 122023
Nankervis, Kenneth (Ken) 1925 Sep 292012 Feb 1486H of Shirley; F of Peter, Gary, Kaye 122067
Nankervis, Maurice 1930 Apr 031989 Nov 17H of Dorothy; F of Julie, Stephen, Noel, Suzanne, Maree, Greg 122022
Nankervis, Noel Maurice 1955 Jun 252013 Nov 11F of Noel (jnr) 122021
Nankervis, Shirley Evelyn1929 Mar 202015 Mar 3086W of Kenneth; M of Peter, Gary, Kaye 122067
Nankervis, Stephend. infant; S of Dorothy & Maurice Nankervis 122023
Nankervis, Suzanned. infant; D of Dorothy & Maurice Nankervis 122023
Nankervis, Thomas 1891 Nov 03<1Aged 9 mths; S of Henry & Elizabeth 122014
Nankervis, William C H 1891 May 1311 122015
Nankervis, Winnifred Anne 1981 Mar 2283W of George; M of Jeff & Maurice 122019
Nichol, Adeline 1918 Jul 2462W of John Nichol 121850
Nichol, John 1914? may 0478H of Adeline 121851
Nichol, John George1895 May 1016S of J & A Nichol 121852
Nichol, Joseph Henry 1946 Mar 1955B of William & Adeline 121637
Nugent, Elizabeth (Eliza) 1837192386nee Dunn; W of Thomas 121660
Nugent, Thomas 1820189070H of Elizabeth 121660
O’Donovan, Rose B 1962 Aug 31D of George & Annie Coysh 121768
Onley, Ethel 1929 Mar 2430W of Cleaver; M of Mary 121760
Owen, John Edward Henry 1903 Jul 111947 Jun 19H of Marion; F of Cynthia & Pauline 121728
Owen, Marion Isobel 1913 Apr 072008 Oct 12W of John; M of Cynthia & Pauline 121728
Paton, Robyn Frances1947Infant D of Tom & Coral Paton121944
Paton, Rosemary1947Infant D of Tom & Coral Paton121944
Patterson, Warwick Browne 1929 Jul 072007 Jan 02H of Hilary; F & F-in-L of Gail & Warren, Lrigh & Seane 121978
Phillips, Archibald 1943 SepH of Nellie 121825
Phillips, Nellie 1943 SepW of Archibald 121825
Post, Emma 1962 Aug 1885 121954
Post, George A 1927 Mar 0259 121953
Radford, Eliza May2006 May 2773M of Micheal, Elizabeth & Lynette; Sis of Allan, Ada, Val, Rosalie121725
Ross, Agnes Catherine 1972 Feb 1868W of David 121928
Ross, David Alexander 1961 Nov 2569H of Agnes 121928
Ross, David Henry192? Jan 1880H of Mary Ann121923
Ross, Ian Sutherland 1948 Mar 172009 May 17S of James & Lynda; B of Diana, Catherine, David, Bruce; Gt-GS of Alexander Ross (Macfarquar, Glenalvie 1817) 121936
Ross, J H 1955 Apr 0371AIF V8071 121938
Rowe, Jessie1967 Aug 28?with Jessie Rowe121879
Rowe, John1970 Aug 16?with Jessie121879
Rudd, Darryl Lenard 1996 Nov 1841S of Shirley & Len (dec); B of Gayle & Wayne, Sheryl, Robert & Debbie, 121783
Rudd, Leonard Bruce 19241991AIF; H of Shirley; F of Darryl, Gayle, Sheryl, Debbie 121782
Rudd, Shirley 19301998W of Leonard; M of Darryl, Gayle, Sheryl, Debbie 121782
Russell, Geordan William1994 Oct 12Infant S of Andrew & Lea121904
Saba, Aminn1961 Oct 0260H of Gladys; F of Mark, Margot, Paul, Farah, Jamie 121668
Saba, Gladys Daphne1998 Apr 2695M of Mark, Margot, Paul, Farah, Jamie121666
Sabah, Farah Amien 2014 Nov 2771with Gladys 121667
Scammell, Robert William (Bob) 1935 May 052011 Jun 03H of Betty; F of Daryl, Vikki, Jane 121974
Schafer, Ivy Pearl 1973 Feb 27 121779
Schryver, Hermanus Johannes Maria 1939 May 032010 Nov 30H of Joan; F of Anton, Patricia, Paula, Remmy, Bernadette 121975
Sharp, Allan Henry (Tex) 1930 Oct 052010 Jul 28with Helga Kron; F of Norman & April 121788
Sharp, Daniel Matthew 18151896H of Mary 121785
Sharp, Edward Arthur 1957 May 1771 121771
Sharp, Harriet 1900 Jan 0645W of James 121786
Sharp, James Henry 1959 Jul 0560 121733
Sharp, James Henry 1916 Nov 2069H of Harriet 121786
Sharp, Jean Boyd 1976 Sep 1177W of William 121720
Sharp, Mary 1956 Jan 2181 121772
Sharp, Mary Ann 18211896W of Daniel 121785
Sharp, Rosalie 1968 jul 1927 121770
Sharp, Thomas Sydney 1937 Apr 2941 121787
Sharp, William Benjamin 1976 Apr 1186H of Jean 121720
Sharp, William Thomas 1940 Dec 1912S of W B & J B Sharp 121722
Sharp, Elizabeth 1940 Jun 2763 121773
Sheather, James 1928 Mar 1562 121775
Simpson, Anna Calvert1939 Aug 1571W of John 122001
Simpson, Ann 1942 Jan 0387W of John; M of Florence, Annie, Janes(?), Eliza E, Eliza S, Jane, William, Lennox, Lucy, George 122038
Simpson, Charles 1913 Feb 1977W of Charles 122002
Simpson, Eliza 1894 Nov 2220D of John & Ann Simpson 122036
Simpson, Elizabeth 1892 Dec 1558 122002
Simpson, Ivy Davidson 1965 Mar 2986W of James; M of James, John 122042
Simpson, James Henry 1952 Nov 0582H of Ivy; F of John & James 122042
Simpson, James Orgill 1914 Oct 232012 May 26RAAF; S of Ivy & James; B of John 122045
Simpson, John 1913 Jan 0573H of Ann d. Nariel 122037
Simpson, John Henry 1912 Feb 062003 Feb 22S of Ivy & James; H of Marie (Mollie); F of Bernice & Robyn 122044
Simpson, John Thomas1939 Nov 1172H of Anna 122001
Simpson, Lucy Mabel 1929 Sep 0946 122039
Simpson, Myrtle Holly 1980 Jul 1880W of Sid; M of Joyce, Betty, Neville 122000
Simpson, Sidney Charles 1985 Apr 1784H of Myrtle 122000
Sloan, Clara Louise 1951 Jun 0590W of James 121951
Sloan, Ethel May 1950 Sep 1357W of Clif 121950
Sloan, James 1932 Jul 2576H of Clara 121952
Sloan, James Clifton1965 Dec 02H of Ethel 121950
Smedley, Adeline Jane 1961 Sep 0380W of Henry121748
Smedley, Barbara 1908 AugW of PeterObituary
Smedley, Cora Jane 1914 Sep 172008 Nov 02W of Ernest; M of Daphne, Graeme (dec), Dawn, Maureen, Thomas (dec), Brian 121678
Smedley, Ernest Henry 1911 Oct 111995 Dec 27H of Cora; F of Daphne, Graeme (dec), Dawn, Maureen, Thomas (dec), Brian 121678
Smedley, Henry 1948 Sep 2971H of Adeline121748
Smedley, James 18781949b. NSW; H of Jesse; F of Percy, Bertha, Girlie, Ernie, Tom, Shiela 121710
Smedley, Jesse McLean Gittens 18801949b. Tasmania; W of James; M of Percy, Bertha, Girlie, Ernie, Tom, Sheila 121710
Smedley, Thomas James 1975 May 0429S of Ernie & Cora; B of Daphne, Graeme, Dawn, Maureen, Brian 121681
Sokoloff, Alexander Dimitrovich 1977 Oct 0391 121964
Spiby, Ruby 1961 Oct 1664 121747
Squire, Sydney Owen 1975 Oct 0573AIF 121677
Stewart, John 1916 Aug 2072d. Cudgewa 121914
Thomas, Isabella 1927 Sep 0468W of Edward 121872
Thomas, Edward George 1935 Aug 0283H of Arabella 121872
Thorne, Mary Ann 1935 Apr 2291b. London; D of Alfred & Mary ChalkObituary
Touzel, Arthur A G 1960 Feb 0456 121776
Touzel, Doris 1982 Mar 2371W of Arthur; M of Nancy & Alan 121778
Touzel, Francis Giles s1922 Nov 1281 121819
Touzel, Francis Giles 18871967 122034
Touzel, Mary M M 1905 Aug 216 121820
Touzel, Sarah M1945 Mar 2582mother 121837
Unreadablepossibly Mary Ann Ross, W of David121925
Urquhart, Mary McNaib 1917 Nov93d. Cudgewa; W of Thomas 121869
Urquhart, Thomas1893 Jan 64d. Cudgewa; H of Mary 121868
Vogel, Alan Murray 1914 Jul 082002 Oct 29H of Gwen; F of Barbara, Brian (dec), Clive 121693
Vogel, Christian 1913 Nov 1776d. Tintaldra 121657
Vogel, Gwendoline Mavis (Gwen) 1914 Dec 092005 May 02W of Alan; M of Barbara, Brian (dec), Clive 121693
Vogel, Mary Jane 1968 Oct 1584 121694
Vogel, Thomas 1934 Mar 1460 121695
Wappet, Anthony 1895 Oct 0550with Elizabeth Wapping 121849
Wappet, Elizabeth 1912 Aug 2354with Anthony Wappet 121849
Wappet, Roma Hazel 1920 May 104D of Thomas & Cora Wappet 121810
Ward, William 1907 May 20 121801
Waters, Agnes June 1888 Nov 1220W of T B Waters; D of John & F A Whitehead 121864
Waugh, Agnes Jane 1963 Jan 0628 121942
Waugh, Alfred S 1916 Jul 2818KIA 121919
Waugh, Alice 19?? Oct 0257 121916
Waugh, Elliot Hall 1900 May 151982 Aug 14AIF VX76925 121915
Waugh, Geoffrey 1930 Mar 014with Ilma Jean Waugh 121917
Waugh, Henry 1922 Oct 1583H if Jean 121919
Waugh, Hubert Gordon 1898 Aug 191982 Feb 06AIF VX6496 121922
Waugh, Ilma Jean 1936 Apr 04Infant (with Geoffrey Waugh) 121917
Waugh, Jean 1923 Mar 1753W of Henry 121919
Waugh, William John Henry 1949 Nov 2362AIF 121941
Weir, James Alexander 1944 Mar 20AIF; H of Margaret; F of Pat, Molly, Dorothy, Wynne 121642
Weir, Margaret 1982 Jun 26W of James; M of Pat, Molly, Dorothy, Wynne 121643
Wheeler, Bruce James Ritchie 1933 May 042016 Oct 08H of Madge; F of David, Colin, Kaylene 121930
Wheeler, Clement Ashton 1964 Feb 0760H of Violet; F of Michael & Patricia 121711
Wheeler, Frank Edward 1950 Apr 26H of Mary 121762
Wheeler, J S 1949 Nov 1281 121815
Wheeler, James 1915 Jun 0184H of Mary 121814
Wheeler, Mary 1917 Sep 0484W of James 121814
Wheeler, Mary Elizabeth 1930 Mar 0463W of Frank Wheeler 121761
Wheeler, Mary Mabel 1898 Oct 192Age 2 yrs 5 mths 121816
Wheeler, Michael James 1931 jun 081984 Nov 18S of violet & Clement; B of Pat & Ray Koval 121763
Wheeler, Violet Elizabeth 1963 Aug 1158W of Clement; M of Michael & Patricia 121711
White, Clara Jane 193872D of John & Elizabeth GoldspinkObituary
White, Eden1926 May 09Obituary
Whitehead, Agnes (snr) 1892 Sep 2075nee Ritchie; W of Thomas (snr) 121861
Whitehead, Archibald Hamilton 1973 Nov 1493H of Jessie 121947
Whitehead, David 1912 Feb 1978H of Julia 121893
Whitehead, David Ritchie 1966 Mar 2791H of Rebecca Ellen 121933
Whitehead, Edna Isobel 1911 Nov 271997 Jun 21D of Joseph & Ella; M of May (dec), Ilma, Ray, Stuart, Elaine, Janess 121717
Whitehead, Frances Ann 1933 Oct 1698W of John 121866
Whitehead, Francis John 1953 Jan11 121905
Whitehead, Frederick Archibald 1899 Sep 011987 Nov83?S of David & Rebecca; Uncle of Fred 121931
Whitehead, Gordon S 1981 Nov 1181H of Myra; F of Inez, Norman, Annie, Joan 121892
Whitehead, Jane Casmar 1905 Mar 0362W of Thomas 121957
Whitehead, Jessie Louisa 1982 Jul 1692W of Archibald 121947
Whitehead, John 1929 Jan 3090H of Frances 121866
Whitehead, Julia 1913 Jun 1770W of David 121893
Whitehead, Margaret Amelia 1845 Mar 101924 Sep 13nee Dunn; b. Sydney; d. Wangaratta; W of Simon Whitehead; M of John, David, Agnes, Simon, Eliza, Thomas, William, Margaret, Herbert, Valentine, Madeline 121865
Whitehead, Myra W 1983 Mar 2881W of Gordon; M of Inez, Norman, Annie, Myra 121892
Whitehead, Rebecca Ellen 1967 Jun 90W of David Ritchie 121933
Whitehead, Simon 1888 Apr 2941 121862
Whitehead, Thomas 1918 Apr 2972death year might be 1913; H of Jane 121955
Whitehead, Thomas (snr) 1808 Nov 021887 Dec 18b. Dunfermline, Scotland 121860
Wickes, Eliza Jane 1959 May 0690with Louisa Wickes 121780
Wickes, Louisa1933 Dec 1193With Eliza Jane Wickes 121780
Wilkinson, Arthur John Leslie 1904 Jun 281971 May 22 121940
Wilkinson, Violet Dorothy 1947 Oct 0335 121939
Wilson, James Henry 189026S of RichardObituary
Wyatt, R C 121970
Ziemer, Sylvia Margaret 1932 Dec 171990 Oct 16nee Putting; W of Paul; M of Stephen, Robert, Trevor; G-D of Francis & Sarah Dobinson 121848

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