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1780 Cumberland Compact & Signers

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Date: 13 May 1780 [unknown]
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On May 13, 1780 the following pioneers signed the Cumberland Compact. The document provided guidelines for a constitutional government until North Carolina was formed in what was then Davidson County in 1783.

"The Cumberland Compact was both based on the earlier Articles of the Watauga Association composed at present day Elizabethton, Tennessee and is a foundation document of the Tennessee State Constitution. Signed on May 13, 1780, by early settlers led to the Cumberland River area by James Robertson and John Donelson, where they settled Fort Nashborough, which would later become Nashville, Tennessee.

The only surviving copy the Cumberland Compact was discovered in 1846 inside a trunk that once belonged to Samuel Barton. The copy in Tennessee State Archives is slightly damaged. Other than this the document is intact and legible.

The Cumberland Compact was composed and signed by 256 colonists. One colonist, James Patrick of Virginia, was illiterate and marked his name with an "X". This constitution called for a governing council of 12 judges who would be elected by the vote of free men 21 years of age or older. Unique to the times, the Compact included a clause that these judges could be removed from office by the people. Government salaries were to be paid in goods. Governors are paid 1,000 deer skins, secretaries are paid 450 otter skins, county clerks are paid 500 raccoon skins, and the constables are paid one mink skin for every warrant served. All males sixteen or older were subject to militia duty.

The compact did establish a contract and relationship between the settlers of the Cumberland region and limited the punishment that could be meted out by the judicial system. Serious capital crimes were to be settled by transporting the offending party to a location under the direct jurisdiction of the State of North Carolina for a proper trial. The compact remained in effect until Tennessee became a state." Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cumberland_Compact

The code is where the name can be found on the original document

Page 3 - Column 3 - Line 7
  1. Alloway, Archelaus P3-C3-L7
  2. Allstead, John P3-C2-L7
  3. Alston, Philip P4-C1-L18
  4. Alston, Tho's W. P3-C1-L3
  5. Anderson, John P2-C3-L9
  6. Anderson, Matthew P2-C3-L10
  7. Armstrong, Francis P1-C2-L7
  8. Barrett, Wm P3-C1-L4
  9. Barton, Sam'l P2-C1-L4
  10. Bidlack, Nathaniel P3-C3-L28
  11. Blakemore, John Sen'r P1-C1-L7
  12. Blakemore, John Jun'r P1-C1-L8
  13. Bledsoe, Isaac P4-C1-L12
  14. Boyd, John P2-C1-L11
  15. Bradley, Edward P1-C2-L1
  16. Bradley, Edw'd Jun'r P1-C2-L2
  17. Bradley, Ja's P1-C2-L3
  18. Buchanan, James Sr. P2-C1-L21
  19. Buchanane, James P1-C1-L12
  20. Burgess, Tho's P1-C2-L19
  21. Burgess, Wm P1-C2-L20
  22. Bushongs, Andrew P3-C1-L29
  23. Caffery, John P1-C1-L6
  24. Cain, James P2-C3-L3
  25. Callaway, John P3-C3-L19
  26. Calley, William P2-C3-L19
  27. Cameron, Cha's P2-C2-L20
  28. Campbill, Charles P3-C1-L17
  29. Cartwright, Robert P1-C1-L15
  30. Castleman, Jacob P4-C1-L13
  31. Catron, Francis P1-C2-L15
  32. Catron, Peter P1-C2-L13
  33. Catron, Philip P1-C2-L14
  34. Cimberlin, Jacob P3-C2-L31
  35. Coleman, Spill P1-C1-L21
  36. Condey, John P3-C3-L15
  37. Consellea, Harmon P3-C3-L24
  38. Cooke, James P3-C2-L26
  39. Counrod, Nicholas P3-C2-L8
  40. Cowan, John P2-C2-L3
  41. Cox, Thomas P4-C1-L16
  42. Crocket, Andrew P3-C2-L16
  43. Crocket, James P3-C2-L15
  44. Crow, John P3-C3-L1
  45. Daugherty, George P2-C2-L19
  46. Daugherty, Henry P2-C3-L16
  47. Daugherty, Joseph P2-C2-L18
  48. Denton, Joseph P2-C2-L24
  49. Denton, Thomas P2-C1-L6
  50. Deson, Samuel P1-C1-L10
  51. Dockerty, Robert P3-C2-L32
  52. Dodge, Rich'd P3-C2-L24
  53. Donelson, Jn'o C. P1-C1-L4
  54. Drake, Benjamin P3-C2-L21
  55. Drake, Isaac P1-C3-L3
  56. Drake, John P1-C3-L9
  57. Drake, John P3-C2-L22
  58. Drake, Johnathan P3-C2-L20
  59. Dunham, John P1-C2-L16
  60. Dunham, John P3-C3-L6
  61. Dunnigan, Joseph P3-C1-L27
  62. Edmeston, Thomas P3-C3-L11
  63. Espey, George P2-C1-L26
  64. Espey, James P2-C2-L01
  65. Espey, Robert P2-C1-L25
  66. Evans, John P2-C2-L28
  67. Evins, Evin P3-C2-L9
  68. Evins, Jonathan P3-C2-L10
  69. Ewin, Andrew P3-C1-L13
  70. Fleming, William P2-C2-L5
  71. Fletcher, Thomas P2-C1-L3
  72. Flynn, George P4-C1-L6
  73. Foster, James P3-C3-L26
  74. Freland, George P1-C2-L10
  75. Freland, James P1-C2-L11
  76. Freland, James P4-C1-L9
  77. Frize, Lesois P3-C3-L3
  78. Gamble, Josias P3-C1-L22
  79. Geioch, William P2-C1-L22
  80. Gibson, John P2-C1-L24
  81. Givens, James P2-C1-L18
  82. Givens, Robert P2-C1-L19
  83. Goodloe, Robert P3-C1-L2
  84. Gowen, William P2-C1-L27
  85. Gower, Russell P3-C2-L17
  86. Green, George P3-C2-L29
  87. Green, James P3-C2-L25
  88. Green, Jonathan P4-C1-L4
  89. Green, William P1-C2-L21
  90. Green, Zachariah P1-C3-L5
  91. Grimes, Perley P2-C3-L22
  92. Gross, Rich'd P1-C3-L8
  93. Guthrie, Henry P1-C2-L6
  94. Hainey, Barnet P2-C3-L12
  95. Hamilton, James P2-C3-L15
  96. Hardin, Henry P2-C1-L13
  97. Hardin, Martain P1-C2-L28
  98. Harlan, Silas P3-C3-L22
  99. Harrod, Ja's P2-C1-L20
  100. Hart, Nath'l P1-C1-L2
  101. Hawthorn, Noah P2-C3-L7
  102. Hayes, Nath'l P3-C3-L9
  103. Hayes, Sam'l P3-C3-L8
  104. Henderson, Nath'l P2-C2-L27
  105. Henderson, P. P1-C1-L23
  106. Henderson, Rich'd P1-C1-L1
  107. Hendricks, Thomas P2-C1-L7
  108. Hines, Tho's P3-C1-L1
  109. Hinson, William P4-C1-L2
  110. Hodge, Francis P2-C2-L4
  111. Hogan, Daniel P2-C3-L24
  112. Hogan, Humphrey P3-C3-L25
  113. Holloday, John P2-C1-L8
  114. Holson, John P2-C1-L16
  115. Hood, William P2-C1-L10
  116. Jackson, Joseph P2-C2-L13
  117. Jarrot, Dan'l P2-C3-L5
  118. Jarrott, Daniel P4-C1-L7
  119. Jefriss, Thos. P3-C1-L26
  120. Jenning, Jonathan P1-C3-L4
  121. Johnson, Isaac P1-C2-L17
  122. Johnson, Isaac P3-C3-L10
  123. Johnston, Daniel P3-C2-L27
  124. Johnston, Dan'l P2-C3-L4
  125. Kelar, Adam P1-C2-L18
  126. Kerbey, Henry P2-C2-L12
  127. Kimberlin, Michael P2-C2-L2
  128. King, Martin P3-C2-L5
  129. Leaton, William P1-C3-L1
  130. Leeper, George P2-C2-L7
  131. Leeper, Hugh P3-C3-L23
  132. Leeper, James P2-C2-L6
  133. Lefever, Isaac P2-C1-L2
  134. Lindsey, Isaac P4-C1-L11
  135. Logan, Wm P3-C2-L6
  136. Lucas, Andrew P1-C3-L6
  137. Lucas, Edward P4-C1-L17
  138. Lucas, Robert P1-C2-L8
  139. Luney, Jon P2-C3-L2[1]
  140. Luney, Peter P2-C3-L1[2]
  141. Lynn, James P4-C1-L15
  142. Mansker, Gasper P1-C1-L5
  143. Martin, Samuel P1-C1-L11
  144. Mauldin, Amb's P3-C3-L4
  145. Mauldin, Morton P3-C3-L05
  146. Maxey, Jesse P2-C3-L06
  147. Maxwell, David P3-C1-L25
  148. McAdams, John P3-C2-L2
  149. McAdoo, Arthur P2-C2-L25
  150. McAdoo, James P2-C2-L26
  151. McCartney, Charles P2-C3-L8
  152. McCutchan, Patrick P2-C2-L9
  153. McCutchan, Sam'l P2-C2-L10
  154. McMurray, Sam'l P1-C1-L22
  155. McMurrey, Wm P3-C3-L14
  156. McMyrty, Jn'o P3-C1-L31
  157. McVay, John P1-C2-L24
  158. McWhorter, William P2-C3-L11
  159. Mines, Geo. P3-C2-L28
  160. Mitchell, David P1-C1-L19
  161. Molloy, Tho's P4-C1-L10
  162. Montgomery, John P3-C1-L16
  163. Moore, Demsey P3-C1-L12
  164. Moore, Edward P3-C1-L7
  165. Moore, Elijah P3-C1-L10
  166. Moore, James P3-C1-L06
  167. Moore, John P3-C1-L11
  168. Moore, Rich'd P3-C1-L8
  169. Moore, Sam'l P3-C1-L9
  170. Moore, Samuel P2-C2-L23
  171. Moore, Wm H. P1-C1-L3
  172. More, William P3-C2-L30
  173. Morris, Wm P3-C3-L27
  174. Morton, Joseph P1-C1-L17
  175. Mosely, Joseph P1-C2-L5
  176. Mungle, Daniel P2-C2-L8
  177. Murray, Titus P2-C3-L14
  178. Newell, Sam'l P3-C1-L23
  179. Newton, Edmund P4-C1-L3
  180. Norris, Ezek'l P3-C3-L12
  181. Overall, Nathaniel P3-C1-L20
  182. Overall, William P3-C1-L18
  183. Owens, John P4-C1-L8
  184. Patrick, [X] James P1-C3-L7
  185. Phariss, Samuel P1-C1-L4
  186. Phelps, John P3-C1-L28
  187. Phillips, John P4-C1-L5
  188. Pleake, John P3-C3-L20
  189. Pope, Willis P3-C3-L21
  190. Power, George P4-C1-L14
  191. Price, Wm P2-C2-L11
  192. Purnell, William P3-C3-L13
  193. Quigley, Patrick P3-C1-L21
  194. Ragsdell, Daniel P3-C1-L30
  195. Ragsdil, Daniel P2-C2-L14
  196. Rains, Mereday P3-C2-L23
  197. Ratletf, Daniel P3-C3-L18
  198. Ray, James P2-C1-L5
  199. Ray, James P2-C3-L20
  200. Ray, William P2-C3-L21
  201. Read, Joseph P3-C1-L24
  202. Reid, John P2-C2-L17
  203. Rentfro, Isaac P1-C1-L14
  204. Robertson, J's P1-C2-L9
  205. Robertson, Mark P3-C1-L15
  206. Rogan, Hugh P1-C1-L16
  207. Rounsavall, David P3-C2-L13
  208. Rounsavall, Isaac P3-C2-L14
  209. Russell, James P4-C1-L19
  210. Russell, W. Jun'r P2-C2-L21
  211. Sawyers, Sampson P2-C1-L15
  212. Shannon, David P3-C2-L19
  213. Shannon, John P3-C2-L18
  214. Shannon, Thomas P3-C1-L5
  215. Shaver, Michael P2-C2-L15
  216. Shaw, James P1-C1-L9
  217. Shelton, David P1-C1-L20
  218. Shelton, Sam'l P2-C1-L23
  219. Simpson, Hugh P2-C2-L22
  220. Sims, Rich'd P2-C3-L13
  221. Smith, Wm. Bailey P2-C2-L29
  222. Stanton, Richard P2-C1-L14
  223. Stoner, Michael P1-C2-L04
  224. Stump, Frederick P2-C1-L9
  225. Stump, Jacob P2-C1-L12
  226. Summers, William P3-C3-L2
  227. Tatom, A. P4-C1-L1
  228. Terel, Timothy P2-C1-L1
  229. Thomas, Jn. P3-C2-L11
  230. Thomas, Joshua P3-C2-L12
  231. Thomelu, Edward P1-C3-L2
  232. Thompson, Absalom P1-C2-L23
  233. Thompson, Thomas P3-C2-L4
  234. Thomson, Andrew P1-C2-L30
  235. Thomson, Charles P1-C2-L26
  236. Thomson, Elijah P1-C2-L29
  237. Thomson, James P1-C2-L25
  238. Thomson, Robert P1-C2-L27
  239. Titus, Ebenezer P3-C1-L14
  240. Tramal, NiColas P3-C3-L16
  241. Tucker, John P1-C2-L12
  242. Turner, Daniel P1-C3-L10
  243. Turner, John P3-C1-L19
  244. Turpin, Solomon P1-C1-L13
  245. Webb, Moses P1-C2-L22
  246. Wells, Haydon P3-C3-L17
  247. White, Burgess P2-C3-L18
  248. White, Samuel P2-C3-L23
  249. White, Zach P2-C3-L17
  250. Williams, Da. P3-C2-L1
  251. Williams, Samson P3-C2-L3
  252. Willson, Samuel P2-C2-L16
  253. Wilson, John P2-C1-L28
  254. Wilson, Ralph P2-C1-L17
  255. Woods, William P1-C1-L18


CumberlandPioneers.com (source for names; includes images of the referenced pages)

See also:
  1. According to text on the profile of John Looney (Looney-9), uncle and nephew of the same name married Renfro sisters. The uncle and his wife Ester/Esther "Hettie" (Renfro) stayed in Botetourt. The nephew and his wife Elizabeth (Renfro) moved southwest. The Jon Luney who signed the Cumberland Compact is probably the nephew (John Looney-143). A family history includes one mention of the Cumberland Compact:
    John (3) (John2,Robert)Looney was born ca1757 in Augusta (now Botetourt) County, Virginia. It is here suggested that he may have been the man recommended for promotion to Ensign in the Washington County, Virginia, militia 25 February 1777 (Wash. Min. Book 1, 7); and/or he may have been with his first cousin, Peter (3) (Peter (2) Looney, and James Cain and John Crow when the three signed the Cumberland Pact on 1 May 1780 at the new settlement, Nashborough on the Cumberland River. (A John Looney, Ensign, is credited with being present at the Battle of King’s Mountain, which was fought on 7 October 1780.) It is assumed that the first John (3) (John (2) died before ca 1784 when an older brother was named John.
  2. Either Peter Looney-193 or Looney-128. Or maybe Looney-179. (All three are John Looney-143's first cousins.)

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