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If you are interested in helping out in Cumbria, Cumberland and Westmorland and not already a member of the England Project, please read the England Project Page to learn more about the project, what we do and how to join us.

Welcome to the Cumbria, Cumberland and Westmorland Team page!

Team Leader: Anon Cormack

Team Members: Anon Cormack | Chris Little|Nick Kennedy | JB Majors | Dwight Ray|John Machell


The goal of the Cumbria, Cumberland and Westmorland Team is to make all Cumbria, Cumberland and Westmorland profiles the best that they can be. It is our desire to leave a lasting legacy of work for future generations by sourcing, connecting and growing our County branches of the tree.

For the latest statistics, please see:


In order to achieve our goal, there are a number of things we are currently working on:

  • Cumbria, Cumberland and Westmorland notables

What to do

We handle the responsibility of improving the profiles of people from Cumbria, Cumberland and Westmorland along with several other tasks, which include:

  • Oversight of the Cumbria and the Westmorland Category Page's to ensure that our information is up to date and is consistent with the other England county pages.
    • This also includes the revision of our categories, adding correct categories and deleting incorrect or unnecessary categories as needed.
    • Monitoring the Cumbria and the Westmorland Category Page's to ensure that all profiles are placed into the most accurate sub-category possible and not into any of the parent categories.
  • Continual updating of the templates on Cumbria, Cumberland and Westmorland profiles such as "Unsourced" and "Estimated Date".
  • Focusing on the improvement of Cumbria, Cumberland and Westmorland profiles including sourcing, connecting, merging duplicates, correcting database errors, and writing biographies.
    • Creating profiles for prominent or notable Cumbria, Cumberland and Westmorland-based individuals and connecting them to our global trees.
    • Researching and updating profiles on WikiTree which are relevant to prominent Cumbria, Cumberland and Westmorland families.

County Resources

Communication and Collaboration

If you want to work together, go for it, amazing profiles can be sourced and written as a team! You can communicate with everyone by posting to this page, joining us on discord, through the Google groups: England Project, or by messaging individual members.

Keep in mind that we will largely be working on profiles that are managed by other people—always endeavour to discuss any major changes you may wish to make to a profile with the profile manager/s involved.

Team Member Specific Interests and what we're currently working on

Team Member Interests Currently working on
Chris Little

Stapleton Parish, Little ONS, Y-DNA & mtDNA

Scotland, Dumfriesshire and Cumberland Littles

Nick Kennedy

Sources, particularly early ones

Anon Cormack

Sourcing unsourced profiles particularly for Westmorland

JB Majors
John Machell

Machell One Name Study,

Creation of profiles for the Machell One Name Study unsourced profiles, profile improvements, and completing the England Orphan Trail

Dwight Ray

Team Challenges We have one Challenge team connected to the England Project. Members of the England Counties teams are encouraged to join as a member of The Mighty Oaks and participate from time to time in WikiTree challenges for England.

WikiTree Help Resources

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Hello Team

there will soon be a Source a Thon coming up at the end of September and it would be good if we could have a go at our unsourced profiles Cumberland or Westmorland perhaps listing on this team page as a comment which dates and areas we’ll be concentrating on

Good luck


I'll look at Westmorland from 1700 onwards

posted by Anon (Cormack) Sharkey
If I complete OT2 in time, I will help with these unsourced profiles, Chris.

I will choose them randomly from the lists.

posted by John Machell
Hi Cumbria team,

I was doing some connecting and came across some Cumbrian profiles added by someone whose first language is perhaps not english. This is a birth location: Egremont, Cumberland, Inglaterra, Reino Unidomap.

It occurred to me that it would ensure these are missed from the County stats as well. The family are all unsourced.

Here is one person: Jeremiah Gunson (1827-1912) but there is a whole tree.

Rather than marking them all unsourced I thought I'd just let you know. I sourced and changed the one I came across.

I'm in the middle of another project and was worried I'd have forgotten them by the time I finished so thought I'd let you know.

All the best, Alison

Does anyone know why one of the 50 odd Volumes of the magnificent "Transactions of the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archeological Society" is not available online in the UK. The Volume is New Series 14 (dated from 1914) and links for it from the UK are greeted with the message "Not available online due to copyright restrictions". It is however viewable without restriction in the USA. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get at it in the UK.
posted by Nick Kennedy
Hello NIck, I am quite new to the team and have just found this message/question.

"Access to volumes after 1897 may be restricted outside the United States."

If you have not resolved this access problem, you could try using a VPN connection, and connect via a US based server?

posted by John Machell
The new maintenance links are great, and having the WikiTree+ display of an unconnected tree (T) is really helpful in knowing where to focus!
posted by Chris Little
Perfect Peter, thank you :)


posted by Wendy (Ling) Sullivan
Peter the page name was changed when found to be incorrect, it is just the URL that is different, so you should be able to just use that and it should work.

I am pretty sure we can't change the URL without recreating and merging the page.

Wendy :)

posted by Wendy (Ling) Sullivan