Suggestion 210 Father was dead before birth

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Date: 1 May 2016
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Description of Error - 210: Father was dead before birth

The father died more than 10 months before the birth date shown, so most likely the birth date or the father's death date is incorrect.

Content of info column: Empty

Possible Causes

Typo in person's birth date and/or in father's death date, or incorrect date(s) entered.

Action Steps

Source and correct wrong date(s).

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Technical Stuff

The death date of a person's father can be at most 10 months before that person's birth date. It is checked for all profiles with public tree and defined father-child relation. Limit is set at 10 months.

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Wouldn't it be better to call the error dead before Conception? Just to avoid any confusion as fathers can be dead before birth....
Brungardt-195 Date of Death is: 5 Mar 1973 and

Brungardt-197 Date of Birth is: 18 Jan 1918.

The error report is saying the father was dead before birth. This error report is not correct. Can you remove the error report?

Thank you.

db error 210. There is more than one error.. The entry should read: James Wesley NORRED (DOB: 28 Feb., 1865), (DOD: 13 Feb., 1943): Wife. Hassie PARTRIDGE (DOB: 28 Sept., 1862), (DOD: 21 Feb., 1936)...Married in 1882.

How do I correct the Error(s)..??

posted by [Living Pollard]
Bob, difference is one year and 6 months.
posted by Aleš Trtnik
See Grönhagen-3 and Grönhagen-8. Father died less than 6 months before birth of youngest son. I think it's a false error, but there is no choice for that.
posted by Robert Hvitfeldt
Ask on G2G for someone to correct it for you.
posted by Aleš Trtnik
It is a typographical error that I am trying to fix. I am certified to make corrections on dates before 1700 but the system still won't let me. The number should have been a 1 instead of a 0.
posted by [Living Johnson]

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