Data Error 409: Marriage to duplicate person

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Date: 15 May 2016
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Description of Error - 409: Marriage to duplicate person

This person is married twice to the same person. This could be an indication of an error.

Content of info column: Compare link, where you compare both profiles in question for differences.

Possible Causes

  • Incomplete merge: When merging two persons forgot to also merge duplicated spouse.

Action Steps

Check if spouses are really duplicates and merge them.

Error Status

For each Error you can set status. You can set it as Corrected, Not corrected, False Error, Proposed merge or just add a Comment.

If there are related errors for the profile, you will also see them on status page.

Full description is available on Status Help Page.

Questions and Discussions on this Error

You can read what other people have asked here db_error_409.

You can also share your best practices, experiences, problems about this Error by posting a questions in G2G. If you create a new G2G discussion for this Error add tag data_doctors and db_error_409.

Technical Stuff

This is checked only for marriages, where both spouses have public and open profiles, since marriages are known only for such profiles. It is checked only for persons with multiple spouses. It checks if two spouses have the same FullName.

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On 6 Jul 2017 at 20:18 GMT Emma (McBeth) MacBeath M.Ed MSM wrote:

I took care of Yo Hibbert merge request

On 6 Jul 2017 at 20:13 GMT Yo (Hibbert) Vosloo wrote:

Please can someone merge these two Martha Mc Gill -21 Mc Gill-22 I am not being able to do it have tried numerous times keeps coming with an error. Thank you

On 10 Jun 2016 at 07:25 GMT Donald Mackintosh II wrote:

This is a duplication, probably from an incomplete merge. The entry with the death of Emma Huso (nee Hoff) should show Fosston, MI.

Thank you, Mackintosh 209

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