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Suggestion 420 Unmarried parents with other marriages

Privacy Level: Public (Green)
Date: 16 Nov 2021
Location: Worldwidemap
Surnames/tags: data_doctors db_error_420
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Description of Suggestion - 420: Unmarried parents with other marriages

These parents have a common child, but no marriage between them is recorded, although other marriages are listed.

Content of info column: Empty.

Possible Causes

Faulty old GEDCOM imports. It is also possible that there was no marriage between the parents.

  1. the parents were not in fact married to each other
  2. the parents were married to each other but the marriage is not entered

Action Steps

Try to find a marriage record and enter the marriage. If one can't be found, or if the parents were not married, note that in the Research Notes section.

  1. Mark the suggastion as a false suggestion
  2. Enter the marriage between parents.

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Technical Stuff

The presence of marriage is checked for all children with both parents set. Both parents must have Open or Public privacy. This suggestion is created for parents that have other marriages.

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Several of my profiles are of people who were born of unmarried parents, usually I have no idea who the father of the child is but I know he is not the subsequent husband. In this case while the statement is true, it is not an error but a fact.
Hi, Christine,

If you post on the suggestion page, only the DDP Management Team is notified. Can you send the profile link so we can check it?

posted by Sheryl Moore
Thank you for the link. The profile has a lot of misplaced information between the ref tags, which is making it difficult to check Suggestion 740. I am on Ranger Duty and sleep-deprived; I will look at this tomorrow, and get back to you. I appreciate your patience.


posted by Sheryl Moore
This "suggestion" was created to catch situations when parents of a child are not connected by a marriage, although they actually were married. This "suggestion" is for the subset where one or both parents are connected by marriage to a third party. There is another "suggestion" for cases where there is no marriage listed for either parent.

One possible cause for a missing marriage connection is, as said, theexistence of old faulty GEDCOMS where marriage connections did not come through at import. This is probably more relevant for the cases where no marriage is listed for any of the partners.

Another possible cause for a missing marriage connection between partners that were actually married is that a duplicate has been created for one of the partners by mistake, as may happen before you get the hang of how to connect already existing profiles as family. Similarly there are situations where you may miss ticking the box for parents being married when you create a family. Or the profile creator has not been able to figure out where to find the link for creating a second marriage.

There are numerous cases when parents actually did not marry each other. These will cause a suggestion to appear - but since it is True that the parents did not marry, the suggestion must be marked as False.

The first "action step" should be to look carefully at all three profiles involved. If the profiles are well made and well sourced there should be a mention on at least one of them that this was a child born out of wedlock or a mention of the fact that the parents did not marry.

If the profiles are not well sourced, the first thing to look for might be the birth record for the child, which might tell you that this was a child born out of wedlock. Unless it is apparent from other records for the involved persons, you should still look for in indication of marriage: parents of a child born out of wedlock may have married later, in which case they should of course be connected by marriage in WikiTree.

posted by Eva Ekeblad
This in a nice summary. There is another detail, that should be concidered. The wife's curent lastname. It can indicate that there was a marriage beween the parrents.
posted by Aleš Trtnik
That is true , it should be mentioned if and when the explanation of this "suggestion" is modified. It would certainly be a clue that the couple were actually married and the right path would be to start looking for a marriage record. I did not see it as relevant, because married names were very rare in the time and place I have been working with.

However, what I have been seeing while going through "suggestion" 420 for Sweden is a majority of cases where the parents were not married - the automated list for this week shows 135 hidden "suggestions" and 39 "suggestions" not yet processed. I may have corrected one or two of each of the four possible causes for a missing marriage connection, not more.

Swedish records may be less inclined to gloss over children born out of wedlock. The State Church kept tabs on people and was not very forgiving.

posted by Eva Ekeblad

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