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Suggestion 541 Wikidata - Clue for Father

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Date: 18 Aug 2019
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Description of Hint - 541: Wikidata - Clue for Father

Some WikiTree profiles are matched with a profile in WikiData. This suggestion indicates that there is a father on WikiData and the profile has no father connected on WikiTree profile. There is also a possibility of some error on either end that should be found and resolved.

To read more on Wikidata, see Help:Wikidata.

Content of info column: Empty.

Possible Causes

Missing link to Wikitree on Wikidata or missing profile on WikiTree

Action Steps

There are 2 possible scenarios:

  • There is a Father Profile on WikiTree. If an existing profile is found for the father on WikiTree, connect that profile as a father for the child.
  • There is no Father Profile on WikiTree. If an existing profile is not found for the father on WikiTree, create a new profile for the father of the child. While creating the father, be careful that the father's profile doesn't already exist on WikiTree. You can connect the new profile also in WikiData but that is not necessary. If all data fits, it will get connected automatically, otherwise it will generate a 541 suggestion. Of course, try to find sources for the father. Wikipedia and WikiData are not always correct.

Hint Status

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If there are related errors for the profile, you will also see them on status page.

Full description is available on Status Help Page.

Questions and Discussions on this Hint

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Technical Stuff

All father relations on WikiData are compared with missing father relation on Wikitree.

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I have read suggestions and will do further research to find verified source
posted by Norma (Pullum) Ray
Hi, Norma

This page notifies the Data Doctors Project Management Team; is there a profile you work on that has this suggestion? If so, the comment should be put on that profile.

I am not clear on what your message means. Is there something you need help with on a profile you manage with this suggestion?

Feel free to reply or send me a private message.

Take care, Sheryl Moore, Project Coordinator Data Doctors Project

posted by [Living Moore]

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