Suggestion 771 Separators in Last Name at Birth

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Date: 10 Jul 2016
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Description of Error - 771: Separators in Last Name at Birth

There is an incorrect separator in the Last Name at Birth (LNAB) field. The LNAB field should not contain separators except for: a space, a dash -, or a single quotation mark '

Content of info column: Empty

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Correct the content in the field see Name Field Guidelines

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So is the comma, for example, like in the Irish surname of O'Connell, considered a "separator" ?
posted by Maggie N.
It's actually an apostrophe. I cannot find anything on Wikitree that excludes the use of O'Flynn etc. as a surname (as opposed to OFlynn). I'm tempted to mark these as false suggestions.
posted by Andrew Hunter
edited by Andrew Hunter
Hi, Andrew,

I checked the 711 Suggestion List for this suggestion. The info column on the report gives the name that is creating this problem. As you show, O'Flynn is not an issue because it uses a straight single quote mark as the correct separator. The problem is where a curly single quote is used - the apostrophe as in O’Dell. It isn't easy to see here, but there is a slant. An example profile from the 711Suggestion List is https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/O%E2%80%99Neal-2293.

If this is the case for your comment, it is not a False Suggestion. The easiest way to correct it is to go to the edit screen, copy the name in the Last Name field, paste it into Notepad or a similar plain text tool, copy the name, and paste it back into the Last Name field and save.

This should resolve the issue, and if you are working from a Suggestion List, mark the Status Page for the profile as corrected with the comment: "Corrected format."

If you have any problems, please post again with the profile URL to take a look at it. Stay safe!

posted by [Living Moore]
edited by [Living Moore]
I have recently seen two of these errors in the system, even though the warning to never input space(s) (use underline instead) is clearly stated. These may be due to GED import processing.
posted by Donny Vaught

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