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Data Error 843: Missing template (spelling)

Privacy Level: Public (Green)
Date: 1 Jan 2017
Location: Worldwidemap
Surnames/tags: data_doctors db_error_843
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Categories: DD Suggestions Help.

Description of Error - 843: Missing template (spelling)

Template is missing.

Content of info column: Contains the beginning of template with a problem.

Possible Causes

  • There is a spelling error in template name
  • The template could have been deleted from WikiTree
  • The template never existed

Action Steps

  • Correct the template. If you are unsure ask a question in G2G

Error Status

For each Error you can set status. You can set it as Corrected, Not corrected, False Error, Proposed merge or just add a Comment.

If there are related errors for the profile, you will also see them on status page.

Full description is available on Status Help Page.

Questions and Discussions on this Error

You can read what other people have asked here db_error_843.

You can also share your best practices, experiences, problems about this Error by posting a questions in G2G. If you create a new G2G discussion for this Error add tag data_doctors and db_error_843.

Technical Stuff

Checks if template name exists predefined templates. Templates are checked according to template name definitions on Database Errors Definition: Templates.

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On 9 Jan 2019 at 04:38 GMT Paula (Hawkins) Reinke wrote:

This description of error page is confusing and in my opinion not helpful. Sorry, but can someone please explain what 843: Missing template (spelling) means?

On 20 Sep 2018 at 08:55 GMT Sal Davies wrote:

I don't understand the error 843 Missing template (spelling) referred to regarding Suggestions Report for Managed Profiles for Pond-1343 . Can anyone help me out here?

On 19 Mar 2018 at 05:21 GMT Jack Day wrote:

I get error 843 on my profile for the template
... ... ... is from or was associated with Indonesia
Join: Indonesia Project
. However, the template displays properly for the Indonesia Project. I don't understand what the problem is -- and therefore don't understand how to correct it.

On 29 Dec 2017 at 03:06 GMT Lianne (Irwin) Trevarthen wrote:

I am getting 843 Missing template (spelling) for all the Mining disaster project profiles. I am using this template as instructed by the Project manager, and as shows on the project page, so I don't know how to correct this.

On 10 Aug 2017 at 16:21 GMT Roberta (Hilse) Burnett wrote:

If I have a name on my error list that IS ACTUALLY an unusual spelling, would that be called an error by the program behind the error list?

On 25 Mar 2017 at 02:07 GMT Jacqueline Clark wrote:

I am getting 843 Missing template (spelling) for all my descendant templates

On 22 Mar 2017 at 14:16 GMT Joachim Hawn wrote:

Mary, I am only now returning to my WikiTree and in need of basis 'fresh-up' on guidelines. Thank you for the information and be patient as I reorient myself to the formats expectations, .... and always make any/all suggestions needed. Jlphawn

On 18 Jan 2017 at 14:49 GMT Mary Richardson wrote:

Hello, your errors project says I am missing the spelling for a template on my page. I was one of the founding members of the War of 1812, and when they had a template they told me to post it, I think your errors project is WRONG .

please reprogram it for actual errors.

and please do not keep sending on my list that a person is privacy green. That means the manager keeps it green.--- not myself. Mary Richardson-7161