Suggestion 845 Direct usage of base templates

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Date: 27 Aug 2017
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Description of Error - 845: Direct usage of base templates

Profile is using {{Project Box|etc}} or {{Sticker|etc}} instead of the correct project name for the project box, ie {{Roll of Honor|etc...}}.

Content of info column: Contains the template code.

Possible Causes

Incorrect directions setup for template initially. If you find more than One Name Studies, One Place Studies, or Roll of Honor profiles using the Project Box template, let the Templates Project know so a correct template can be developed.

Action Steps

  1. Correct the template by replacing {{Project Box| etc}} or {{Sticker| etc}} with the correct template. See Category:Project Boxes or Category:Stickers for the list of approved, active templates. Each template page, if you click through to it, should have instructions on how to use the template.

Error Status

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If there are related errors for the profile, you will also see them on status page.

Full description is available on Status Help Page.

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If you're on this page because of a DBE related to Template:United States Sticker - that's a problem with the template's documentation, not the use of the sticker on a profile.

Templates Project - Can I just delete "Base" as the subgroup?


posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
That is not controlled by the Base as a subgroup. United States Sticker is internal template for all state templates and shouldn't be used directly on profiles. Direct usage prevents additional changes to template, since nothing can be changed. Maybe it should be named differently, but we "inherited" it. This can be discussed further in Templates project.
posted by Aleš Trtnik
edited by Aleš Trtnik

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