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Suggestion: 885 - Using Top Level Category
Categorization, Top level categories, Landing level categories
Cause:Invalid category used
Solution:Find correct category


The profile is attached to a high-level category.

Note: Categories and categorization are complex topics. Before attempting to correct category related suggestions, you should be familiar with categorization and how to use categories. If you are not comfortable with categorization concepts please refrain from making corrections.

Information on categorization is available on the Categorization Project page and the Categorization Help page. You may also ask questions on using the categorization tag.

Possible Causes

Categories are grouped into collections in a cascading tree format from most general to most specific. For instance, the category Regions is a top-level category. The next level down includes sub-categories such as Africa and North America. These are high-level categories. This hierarchy continues down to the lowest or narrowest categories.

In general, individual profiles should be attached to the narrowest category possible, in other words the lowest, or most specific category. An example of the low-level category under the North America category is Fort Toulouse.

High-level categories may have a category information box at the top of the page similar to this one for the cemetery project:
Name: Category Name
Project / Team:Global Cemeteries
See also:Ask questions in G2G using the tags Categorization
This is a high level category. Please do not add individual profiles. Add
profiles to the narrowest category possible. See How to Categorize.
For help creating cemetery categories see How to Categorise Cemeteries
others may be simply tagged with different variations of:
This is a high level category. Please do not add individual profiles. Add profiles to the narrowest category possible. See How to Categorize.
Note that low-level categories may be reached from multiple high-level categories as well as other low-level categories. For instance the Fort Toulouse category is a sub-category of French Forts, Camps and_Bases, Alabama and Louisiana high-level categories as well as the Louisiana Warriors low level category.

How to Fix This


  • Correct Suggestion on profile
    Goal: To attach the profile to the correct category, either by reassigning it to a low-level category, or suggesting a new low-level category be added to the category tree.
    1. Determine the current category and project:
      1. The info column on the suggestion report will show the current category attached to the profile. The info column is one of:
        1. The second column on the Suggestions for 885 Using Top Level Category (if there are any open errors).
        2. The third column on your Personal Suggestions List (From any page you have edit rights to, click My Wiki Tree and then Suggestions).
        3. The third column on the suggestions list.
        Click on the category link in the info column to bring up the current category in a new browser tab.
      2. Determine Project responsible for the high-level category the profile is currently attached to. Many (but not all) high-level categories will have a link to the associated project somewhere on the page. If the project is not shown, you may have to move up the project tree by clicking on the higher level category at the top of the page until you find a page with the project identified.

        Many subcategories belong to more than one higher level category. To identify which higher level category is the correct one you must have some familiarity with both the Categorization project and the various Projects and the categories they are using. Information on WikiTree projects may be found on the Projects help page For a list of projects please refer to the Projects Page.

        If you cannot identify the project, you should ask about the category on using the Categorization and Projects tags.
    2. Determine if the appropriate low-level category exists:
      1. Click on successive subcategories until you find the lowest level one that fits the profile you are working on. Subcategories are listed under the Subcategories section on the category page. As you step down into narrower and narrower categories you should be careful that the sub-categories remain relevant to the project associated with the current category.
      2. If a low level category exists, check to make sure that it is the lowest level possible. For instance, if you are working with a cemeteries category, the lowest level should be an individual cemetery.
      3. Return to the profile you are working on and re-categorize the profile into the low-level profile that you have found. Proceed to step 4.

        If you cannot edit the profile, message the Profile Manager and either request to be put on the trusted list, or inform the Profile Manager of the changes needed. Proceed to step 6.
    3. If you cannot find an appropriate low-level category by searching or browsing then either:
      1. Contact the categorization project using the "Request a New Category" form.
      2. Consult the appropriate Project leaders about which category to use, or whether a new subcategory should be created...
      3. Message the Profile Manager that the current category is a high-level category and that the profile should be re-categorized into a lower one...
      and proceed to step 6.
    4. Review the profile to see if Sources exist.
      • When there are no Sources in the biography, copy and paste {{Unsourced}} above the == Biography == that should be near the top of the profile.
    5. Select Preview to make sure that biography and sources sections show that changes were made correctly and no errors are seen before continuing
    6. In the Explain your changes box above the biography section. copy and paste one of the suggested comments below, revise one. or write your own comment.
      • NOTE: Data Doctor's requirement: Be sure to add "Data Doctor" at the beginning of the comment you leave.

      Suggested comments for 885 Using Top Level Category:
      • Suggestion 885: Attached profile to appropriate low-level category.
      • Suggestion 885: Removed the category since lover level is already present.

    7. Click the Save Changes button after making the changes to the WikiTree profile.
    8. Check the Profile, as well as the Changes tab to verify your work was saved and updated

Suggestion Status

  • Correct Suggestion on Suggestion Status page (Review the Status Option Notes below)
    1. Make sure your WikiTreeID is filled in.
    2. In the Select a Status section, the following status options are valid for this Suggestion. Please ONLY select one of these:
      • Comment (no change in Status) - You did not make any corrections and want to leave a comment without changing the status, such as the profile is not open, left a message for the PM, etc.
      • Corrected (hide until next recheck) - You corrected this suggestion. If the suggestion was not corrected properly, it will appear on the suggestion report the following week.
    3. Leave a comment in the Comment box. (Pick one of the Comment Hints from the right or create your own)
    4. Click the Update Status button.
    5. Check the Status History below the Comment to verify your work was saved and updated

    Status Option Notes

      1. A full description of the Suggestion Status page is available here and
        Play the .
      2. It is important to set the suggestion status for two reasons:
        • The status determines how the suggestion is handled in the future by the tracking system
        • The status must be set to get credit for your work during a challenge
      3. At the top of the Suggestion Status page, the Selected Suggestion section shows all instances of the same suggestion for the Wiki Tree ID. The Info column shows the issue with each instance.

        If you do not correct all of these suggestions,
        • Select Not Corrected as the Status
        • Leave an appropriate comment. Doing this will let others, looking at the suggestion, know that work still needs to be done.
      4. At the bottom of the Suggestion Status page, the Related Suggestions section shows other suggestions for the profile.
        • If you can correct some of these related suggestions
          • Update the current suggestion 885 in the profile and on the Suggestion Status page
          • Then, select the Status box to the far right of one of the Related Suggestions
          • AND work on that suggestion, as needed.

    Questions & Best Practices

    Note: These notes apply to any WikiTree member working on this suggestion.
    • Data Doctors are required to make any profile changes that are consistent with the Data Doctor's Code of Conduct
    • All WikiTree Members should comply with WikiTree Styles and Standards and other Projects policies and procedures.
    • When in doubt either check the appropriate Suggestion Help Page or ask questions on before before you make any changes. Use the data_doctors and Suggestion_885 tags on
    • Read the questions and discussions other people have asked about this suggestion here Suggestion_885.
    • Please share your best practices, experiences, and issues with this suggestion by posting questions on . If you create a new G2G discussion for this suggestion please add the data_doctors and Suggestion_885 tags.

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