Suggestion 931 ProjectBox Without Project Account

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Date: 21 Oct 2018
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Description of Error - 931: ProjectBox without Project Account

Profile isn't managed by a project and has that project's Project Box template.

Content of info column: Name of project template on the profile

Possible Causes

Project management was not assigned to the profile.

Action Steps

Add appropriate project account as a manager of the profile or replace the ProjectBox with the project sticker depending if the profile is project protected.

Error Status

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Technical Stuff

All profiles, that aren't managed by some Project Account and have a Project Box template in the bio.

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Under suggestions - Henry-14240 was listed as notable and on his page, the notable sticker is under his biography. What do I do to rid of this notification under suggestions?
posted by Joy Ulrickson
Hi, Joy

Comments on this suggestion page notify the project lead team only. I corrected Henry-14240 changing the project box to a sticker. To correct this suggestion, you need to be familiar with stickers, project boxes, etc.

Thank you for letting us know about the profile. Take care, Sheryl

posted by Sheryl Moore
I have this error on Mary (Barry) Moore. It appears to be a recommended template sticker so how does one fix it Thanks Beth.
posted by Beth (Jones) Gay
The template used on this profile is a Project Box (used on profiles managed by Project Accounts), and is not a sticker. You can change this to the US Southern Colonists Sticker.
posted by Steven Harris

I have added Project boxes to a few of my Ancestors Profiles. However, as I am not a manager of the profile , I am unable to add the Project as a manager. Some of the managers look as if they haven't touched the profiles for years. Is there any way to get the Project added as a Manager via some other process. For some reason the Profiles appear in my suggested list and I can't fix them.

posted by Jaulanne van der Bank
Jualanne, in many cases the sticker is the appropriate template to add to profiles, not the project box.

If needed, you can message the individual project who would typically manage the profile you are working on and see if they agree to add the project box and account (they can assist with this).

posted by Steven Harris
Thanks to all of you for responding to my comment. I guess I haven't been a very good 'boy scout' on this issue. Now that I have read the available info on project boxes and stickers and all of you responding with the same info, I can now go back to all of my 'notables' that I took the project box off of and add the sticker! Oh well, at least I am back on track and can go forward with my head held high! Now to tackle those profiles that are unconnected! Scott
posted by Scott Lee
So, I am a little confused so I nee some help. I am a member of the Notables project. I created a profile of a notable and added the project box. However the Data Doctors say that this profile cannot have a notable box because I am not approved to add it? Sure would like an answer on this before I go forward correcting the suggestions list. Thank you, Scott Lee-11043
posted by Scott Lee
Hi Scott,

Project boxes are used to identify profiles that are managed by a project. When a project box is added to a profile, you must also add a project account as a profile manager.

In this instance, you should be adding Template:Notables Sticker to the profile.

posted by Steven Harris

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