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Error 944 Missing SPAN Anchors

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Date: 9 Jan 2022
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Description of Error - 944: Missing SPAN Anchors

The profile is using links inpage that point to nonexistent HTML SPAN anchors.

Description of SPAN anchors and links to them: Span anchor is set by <span id='name'></span> and links to it are set by [[#name]] or [[#name|link text]]. That creates the inpage link to the anchor and clicking on that link scrolls the page to the anchor location where you usually read more about something. While such linking is not recommended on WikiTree, it is not forbidden, and the use is not a subject of suggestions. But there can be errors using such links and they are reported. Possible errors are: Duplicated span Anchors, where 2 anchors have the same name, Missing span Anchors where there is a link to a nonexistent anchor, Unused span Anchors that lists all anchors that are not used, and Too many inpage links where there are just way too many of them,

Content of info column: the link that is not found as a target on the page.

Possible Causes

  • Deletion of the target anchor.
  • Copy/Paste of text from another profile without also copying the target anchor.

Action Steps

Remove the problematic link. If the link is used for linking to sources, WikiTree recommends the use of inline citations using <ref> tags.

Error Status

For each Error you can set status. You can set it as Corrected, Not corrected, False Error, Proposed merge or just add a Comment.

If there are related errors for the profile, you will also see them on status page.

Full description is available on Status Help Page.

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Technical Stuff

The biography is checked for the presence of inpage links to HTML SPAN anchors or Headings that don't exist on the page. It reports them if there are 3 or more missing.

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I keep on getting this error. None of the examples that I can find has ever had an error; all the span anchors exist and the links all move the focus to them.

Please can someone look at this example William Brownlow (1591-1661) and tell me why the errors are there.

posted by Alan Watson
You are missing the close span tag on that profile.

I hope this is visible. <span id='name'></span>

posted by Aleš Trtnik
edited by Aleš Trtnik
Thanks. My mistake. I have corrected it.
posted by Alan Watson
I have corrected a great many of these SPAN anchor errors, some several times. However, the errors continue to show up in my suggestions list along with the date of correction even though the error no longer exists. Shouldn't these disappear from my Suggestions List?

Strother-136 is one example.

Thank you!

posted by Robert Moody
Hi Robert,

Lists are updated once a week. If they are not clearing then the system does not recognize your fix. Sometimes a space in the span anchor needs to be removed. Links may need to be updated as links change on websites you may need to be completely replaced the link with an alternative source.

William Strother many of the span anchors appear in the research section these do not lead to sources and should be replaced by a full source link and sub source links in order to be of value to reseachers of the family

I hope this information helps


posted by Janet (Langridge) Wild
Thanks for your quick reply Janet. My confusion is that the word "span" doesn't exist in those profiles. Apparently one needs to go much further to understand what the issue might be. I'll have to look into the additional possible sources of the error.
posted by Robert Moody
On Strother-136 the problem is in the first paragraph in Research notes. There are 6 expressions like [ [ #S469322680 ] ] that represent an inpage link to an anchor, but they are missing on a profile. And as a result, that produce a link, that jumps nowhere.


posted by Aleš Trtnik
I suspect my errors in this category are caused by having space around #name in the anchor link. I am clearing out the extra spaces now and will see if that helps with the error messages.
Hi, Rakelle

Do you need assistance with this suggestion? No one is notified of the comments on this page besides the Data Doctors Projecect management team.

If you have a question about a particular profile, you can comment on that profile page.

If we can assist for a certain profile, please send a profile link.

Take care, Sheryl

posted by Sheryl Moore
I left my comment here since I suspected that that was how to fix the error messages I got - and it turned out that it was. I removed all my superfluous spaces and the messages were all gone after the next update :)

In other words, the error can be resolved by checking the format of the link - and removing spaces around the #name bit, if there are any - rather than necessarily removing the entire link.

To fix this error, this page says to "Remove the problematic link". What is meant by that?
posted by S (Hill) Willson

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