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Date: 17 Nov 2020
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Description of Error - 962: Domain name in the link is not resolved

The URL or domain name in the link is not resolved to any IP address. If the URL or domain name isn't resolved to an IP , the link can't work, since the computer to respond to the request doesn't exist.

Content of info column: Domain name, that was extracted from the link and can't be resolved.

Possible Causes

  • Typo.
  • Web server no longer exists or its URL or domain name was changed.

Action Steps

  • Correct the typo in the link.
  • Find the new URL or domain name for the link.

Error Status

For each Error you can set status. You can set it as Corrected, Not corrected, False Error, Proposed merge or just add a Comment.

If there are related errors for the profile, you will also see them on status page.

Full description is available on Status Help Page.

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Technical Stuff

All domains that don't make 961 Invalid domain name in link suggestion are checked against the URL or domain name server (DNS) to resolve the name to the actual IP and if there is no IP, the profile is listed in this suggestion.

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This page needs to instruct people to look at HTTP://Archive.org to see if the broken link is backed up there and can be replaced by a link to the archive.
posted by William Foster Jr
posted by Paul Masini
edited by Paul Masini
Thank you for the information, Paul. If this applies to specific profiles, you can correct the link on the profiles. We will make a note of this for future project reference.
posted by Sheryl Moore
Thanks Sheryl. According to the post that Aleš put on G2G it applies to 1,460 profiles. I'm not actually a Data Doctor, but since Godalming is only 25 miles from where I live I thought I would see if I could find the new domain name.
posted by Paul Masini
Hi, Paul,

How very thoughtful of you. You are welcome to join the Data Doctors Project if you wish. Have a very Merry Christmas and Boxing Day!

Stay safe, Sheryl

posted by Sheryl Moore
The fact that an online source has disappeared since it was cited does not invalidate the citation. It is still the original source of the information. That is why the date of access should be stated in all citations to online sources.

Error-962 should be at most a Warning because if the website no longer exists then the citation is correct as it stands.

posted by Chris Mann
It doesn't say anywhere, that source isn't valid. It says the link is dead. And the best solution is to find that source elsewhere on the internet. Often it is just a domain name change. It can also be a typo like a space in the URL.
posted by Aleš Trtnik
I am not sure that marking this error as "easy" is correct. I just spent 30 minutes finding a new URL for the changed URL.
posted by Robin Lee
I will check with Ales. We had a group rate the suggestions, and he is rating new ones. We prefer to err on the side of more difficult. Would you agree?
posted by Sheryl Moore
Many suggestions in this group are simple, like missing letter or space in the URL.

I agree that finding a new domain for a dead one can be complicated, but when you do, you can easily correct all other 962 suggestions related to the same domain.

posted by Aleš Trtnik
https://www.geni.com/discussions/150807 has the following about "histfam.familysearch.org", from a SGM discussion (I didn't find the SGM discussion Geni quotes):

histfam.familysearch.org is no more....

... but there is a way to find the very good trees they had contained.

A note from [email address removed]

The FHL's Community Trees databases (notably the Welsh Genealogy database) which used to be at histfam.familysearch.org is now available, in a different format, at familysearch.org. It's included in a larger platform which also encompasses (unfortunately, in my opinion) the Ancestral File, the Pedigree Resource File, and the IGI.

At familysearch.org, click on "Search", then "Genealogies", which will bring up a search page:


If you want to search only the Community Trees database (recommended, in my opinion), go to the bottom of the page next to the "Search" button, click on the "All" dropdown menu, and click "Community Trees". All the information in the Welsh Genealogy database is still there, but in a considerably different display format. It takes some time to get used to the changes, but it does work....

edit - updated a link

posted by Liz (Noland) Shifflett
edited by Liz (Noland) Shifflett

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